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Blaisa Sarutobi
Blaisa Sarutobi
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The Senju Lumber Mill (E-Rank) Empty The Senju Lumber Mill (E-Rank)

Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:02 pm
Mission Name:Lumber
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location:Konoha, Forest
Word Count Requirements:500
Reward:500 Ryo

The village needs you to go out into the forest and collect some lumber for the village, get a decent amount but do not destroy the villages surroundings!

Walking through the streets of the Okinaga District, Blaisa was again in search of something to do.  It was a chill, sunny day, so the young shinobi knew that she could not stay cooped up inside the house for the time being.  Walking with a stride of eagerness, she was observing her surroundings as she noticed that parts of the village were finally on its way to being repaired.  Old buildings that were destroyed during the Kirigakure raid had finally started to be rebuilt, as workers could be found working high in the sky where once beautiful apartments, stores, and other buildings stood tall.  A soft smile began to grow on her face, as she began reminiscing a time in her childhood when everything was normal.  At peace. 

Continuing down her path, she began to make her way through the inner parts of Konoha on her way to the Mission Board closely located to the Academy.  Arriving at her destination, Blaisa approached the board as a rather peculiar, uncommon event was occurring in right before her eyes.  Upon closer inspection, she noticed that there was an abnormal amount of ninja gathered at the board, some grouped in teams, some alone.  An expression of shock overcame the young Sarutobi’s face, as it was exceedingly rare for her to see so many ninjas gathered here to assist the village.  ‘They’re smiling…’, Blaisa thought to herself with a blank expression on her face.  ‘They’re all… smiling…’, she continued as she saw a wide variety of faces filled with laughter, cheerfulness, and overall happiness. 
Blaisa closed her eyes and nodded her head down while composing a calm, smiling look on her face.  The sight of this interaction and companionship brought her more comfort and cheer than she had ever felt before.  Or at least she had not felt something this comforting in a long, long time.  After taking a second to be at peace in the moment, the young shinobi continued her way to the Mission Board to see what mission she would be taking today.  Taking a closer look at the board, Blaisa placed her finger on the board’s cold parchment paper and began tracing the different mission opportunities from top to bottom. 
Hmmm…’, she began to think to herself, ‘What would be something that would help the village?’.  Continuing down the list, she began to get slightly annoyed as she noticed the missions getting in lower and lower quality.  ‘Clean the Orphanage?  Gross!’, she continued, ‘And another puppy went missing? Wait…. It’s the SAME puppy I saved just yesterday!’.  Blaisa took a long sigh before slightly backing away from the board, placing her hand on the bottom of her chin in a now curious fashion.  ‘With all these other ninjas here right now, there’s no wonder today’s board has been so…. barebones.’, she silently continued to think, ‘It looks like I’ll just have to take something small today, as much as I hate small.’. 
Taking another quick look, Blaisa decided to make her final decision.  “Lumber it is.”, she quietly said under her breath as she reached her hand to the board, grabbing the mission slip.  The young Sarutobi turned around to walk on the path heading towards the outside of the village gates.  ‘I can’t damage the village surroundings…’, she began her thought process, ‘So that means I’ll have to go out in the forest.  I won’t venture far.’. 
Heading out of the village gates and further down the road, Blaisa looked to her left to find a lush, dense forest filled with trees and all the lumber she could have possibly hoped for.  “Perfect!”, she exclaimed before running deeper in the forest towards the group of trees that she had spotted out.  Stopping at a clear, open spot in the middle of the trees, she looked around her surroundings to make sure her location was safe enough to begin cutting.  After confirming her examination, she nodded her head before forming the clone seal with both hands.  “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!”, Blaisa exclaimed in a soft roar.  Instantaneously, a duo of shadow clones formed two meters from her left and right sides, both with the same expressions of determination as the original.
The trio of Blaisa all began to extend their right palms out before concentrating chakra to the vocal point of their hands.  Shortly after, a light blue hue of chakra began to form around their palm to provide them enough cutting power to cut down the trees.  The trio then launched in different cardinal directions, all of them getting solid cuts on three different trees causing them to fall in a slow but powerful fashion.  ‘I didn’t think we would be able to cut the whole tree down in a single blow…’, Blaisa thought to herself, impressed by her display of extremely fine chakra control.  The three of them then looked at each other with a smile, simultaneously itching the back of their heads with their right arms.  “Now, it’s time to cut them up and carry it back to….”, the young Sarutobi paused before pulling the mission slip out of her back pocket, “the Senju Lumber Mill?”, she finished with a confused tone. 
Shrugging it off and paying it no mind, the trio of them all contained their chakra palms and began to cut the trees to form them in to logs that would big, but small enough for them all to carry.  Due to not being immediately acclimated to her precise chakra control, it took the trio two hours of cutting and slicing until they deemed that the wood they had gathered was enough to be worthy of a mission’s success. 
With the hot sun beaming down on the trio’s faces, they all began pouring sweat and filled with exhaustion as they hauled the massive amount of lumber back to the Senju Lumber Mill.  Taking an hour to reach their destination, Blaisa realized that the place they were heading to, was the same building that she had passed on the way to the Mission Board.  “Oh, so this was the Lumber Mill?”, she asked herself as the trio looked up at the tall, beautifully wooden crafted building.  “Hey there lass!”, an unknown voice roared in to Blaisa’s ear – catching her off guard.  Blaisa’s attention turned to her right where she heard the voice coming from, only to be greeted by a tall, brown skinned man who looked to be a shinobi.  “Tai Senju.”, the man said before extending his hand out to Blaisa for a handshake. 
The trio all then simultaneously set their stacks of wood down before the two shadow clones dispersed in a cloudy puff of white smoke.  “Blaisa Sarutobi.”, the young shinobi said in response to Tai before extending her hand out to receive a handshake from the Senju.  “Wow!  Is that really you Blaisa!?”, he began to exclaim, “It is no surprise you learned the Shadow Clone Jutsu at such a young age.  The Sarutobi Clan raised you well!”, he finished in an ecstatic, upbeat tone.  Blaisa stayed quiet for a moment to retain the blush that began to overcome her face, looking down to the side in embarrassment.  “Looks like you brought over a hefty amount of lumber to the mill!  I’m grateful!”, Tai continued to say.  Blaisa looked back up to Tai before closing her eyes and smiling, “It’s no problem at all!  I hope it’s enough… The Senju Clan has been a huge part of the reconstruction of our village… and I’m incredibly grateful.”.  Tai grew a wide smile of his own, looking down at the young Sarutobi with a sense of high appraisal.  “Go on over back to the board, they’ll take care of ya over there in terms of compensation”, he began to say before turning away from Blaisa to head back inside the mill, “And don’t worry about it.  The Hokage is our own blood – you have him to thank for everything that’s been happening in terms of picking the village up from its’ feet.  As long as he is in power, the Senjus’ will do anything for this place.”, he finished before officially leaving Blaisa’s vision.
As Blaisa departed from the Senju Lumber Mill and headed back towards her own district, she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with this sensation of happiness.  This feeling of hope.  It was almost as if the Leaf Village was finally taking a turn in the right direction, and today was all about bearing witness. 
A new leaf.

Word Count:

End Topic Results:

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The Senju Lumber Mill (E-Rank) Empty Re: The Senju Lumber Mill (E-Rank)

Sat Nov 28, 2020 10:54 pm
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