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Uchiha Benji
Uchiha Benji
Stat Page : Uchiha Benji
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Clan Specialty : Sharingan
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 27000

Lumber [E rank] Empty Lumber [E rank]

Wed Dec 16, 2020 5:26 pm

It was Saturday morning. It was winter, but the weather was not cool. It was a pleasant, sunny weather. The noise of the village filtered through Benji's window from the street. The Uchiha district is already in full swing. People started working, or just for their own business. Some headed to the market with fresh delicious vegetables. Benji's house was located in a rather busy place. Benji loved the crowd except in the morning. Then he hated it. But otherwise, the boy can be said to be quite a social being. Benji was still asleep in full swing, of course. He planned nothing more for the day only relaxation. He was present in his most beautiful dreams, but then a strange sound began to be heard in his room. This sound was caused by a cat. This cat was Benji's sworn enemy. They kept annoying each other because the cat, although not stray, spent most of his time on the street. He kept wandering in the Uchiha district. It didn't happen any other way now. The cat saw that the boy was sleeping peacefully, so he thought he would wake him up. He started knocking on the window with his paws. The boy slowly began to wake up to the knocking sound. As soon as he realized it was a knocking sound, he immediately looked at his door. But that voice didn't come from there. Much more from the window. The boy was weird, but he turned. Then he saw the disgusting cat. The cat almost smiled, plus being pleased when the boy woke up. When the boy saw the cat, he became very angry. His head flushed, the blood vessels swollen around his neck. He immediately jumped out of bed and ran to the window yelling.
- You damn dirty cat! I'm gonna kill you now! - shouted the boy
As soon as he reached the window, he almost yanked it out. Of course, then the cat jumped quickly and began to escape. Near the boy in the window, there was a crumpled paper. The boy lit it with the help of the fire chakra and then threw it after the cat. The burned paper hit the cat's ass and burned it. The cat began to pull his butt across the ground and moaned nervously. The boy smiled contentedly, then closed the window and just headed back to his bed.
- It is done. Now you learned the lesson, damn cat. I hate you, but now you got what did you deserved. - said the boy proudly
The boy lay back in his bed and pulled the blanket over himself. He turned to the other side and was just in complete comfort. He had just closed his eyes, ready to go back to sleep, but then he heard a knock again. He thought the cat came back to further annoy. The boy looked up nervously at the window, but there was nothing there. Then he heard a knocking sound again and realized that it was now coming from the door. 
- Come in! - shouted the young boy
- Hi my son! - opened the door his mom - The Hokage is invited you, to his residence. He has a mission for you.
- Ohh cmon! Exactly now? I am so busy now! - complained the boy
- Are you busy? Why? What is your plan? Sleep over the day?
- Yes, I'm pretty tired.. 
- Lord Hokage is invited you. Get dressed and get going. - instructed strictly by his mother
- Ahhh okay...

Then the boy quickly gathered himself, skipping the bedding as well, as he thought it was a couple of hours and he was coming home. He was with him to complete the quest quickly and was already heading home. He said goodbye to his parents, left the house, and set out for the Hokage residence. After a 5 minute he arrived and they were already waiting for him there. The Hokage wasn't there, so another shinobi let him know about the mission. He was informed that the village needed some lumber from the forest. Half disappointed, half happy. He thought he was already entrusted with more serious tasks, but he was happy to do it soon. He immediately set off into the woods with his backpack. After 10-15 minutes, he reached the forest. He went a little deeper into the woods, but not too much. When he thought he was in the right place already, he took a saw from his bag. It was a long saw for two people. He focused his chakra, formed the hand seals: Ram → Rat → Bird → Boar → Tiger → Ox → Tiger, and created 6 saw with the Shuriken Shadow Clone v7. After that he formed the clone seal, focused his chakra to his chest, and created 12 shadow clone. It became a huge smoke and all 12 clones were created.
- What is our job? - asked all 12 at once
- Cut out a few trees with these saws and then chop them to fit in this big bag - answered the boy
- Got it! - answered all 12 at once
Then the boy sat down to rest and the clones saw him. They even cut down a few smaller trees pretty soon. They then cut it up and started stacking it in the bag. They did the task in about half an hour, so the boy recalled them. He grabbed the bag and headed back to the Hokage residence. He had a hard time carrying the bag, so he was moving slowly. After a 20 minute he arrived sweaty. He dropped the lumber. He said goodbye and then headed home. He ran into that disgusting cat on the go. He just sat on the side of the road and looked contemptuously at the boy.
- Don't watch me you damn cat! - shouted the boy
The cat moaned nervously and turned his back in offense. 

WC: 1004

Rewards from Mission:

Word Bank:

End of Topic:
Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Lumber [E rank] Empty Re: Lumber [E rank]

Wed Dec 16, 2020 6:27 pm
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