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Mukuro Ketsua
Mukuro Ketsua
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E Rank: Lumber Empty E Rank: Lumber

Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:10 am
Mission Specs::

An early morning in the village of Konoha marked the awakening of a certain individual. As a Genin his daily duty had been to guard and do missions. It was a simple existence as this person simply wanted to grow stronger in order to never let the damage of the past happen again. On this specific day Byakura awoke to the sun shining through his window and onto the soft features of his face, prompting him to wake with his right hand shading his face from the giant ball of gasses sweet, warm kiss. As they slowly rose from their slumber, the young Genin would look over to their dresser which had a singular scroll sitting upon it. The prior day he had picked up a mission slated for today, a simple E rank mission for some Ryo and maybe another notch in his belt to take on higher missions. For a genin of his age he should have had more missions under his belt, but with his prior cell being Chuunin he stopped so that he could get to the level they currently were if that wasn't obvious on his part.

As he stood from the bed he slowly began to put on his clothes opting for the comfortable embrace of the tracksuit. A nice black with yellow gold trimmed set was put on, pants followed by an undershirt, jacket and lastly shoes. His headband had been slowly nestled onto his right arm and the jacket was zipped up to about half way before he looked himself in the mirror. His hair had definitely been out of place yet after a simple flick of the wrists the pristine blue hair had been sitting neatly on top of the collar of the jacket. Dressed for the day he grabbed his kunai pouch and out he was. The young Hozuki had an inkling of an idea of what the mission was. Simply going out to get some lumber for the village to assist in the repairs or whatever else they would use it for. Of course he couldn't go out and just chop down any old trees. Specifics were put into the mission to assure that those involved only took from an area that wouldn't be a detriment to the village itself.

Because of this he followed a few other workers that were in the area and took himself to an area that were not in to assure that he wasn't taking their work. Quickly he got to work swinging the small axe that he had be given he chopped away rather easily at the wood since he had been watching how the others had done it. As the young shinobi had slowly finishing his workload, a few of the other workers came over to pick up the few remaining pieces of lumber that were laying about and took them back to the village rather cheerful over the work that he had done. Before he went home he would turn in the mission report and collect his rewards. One had to be paid for the work they did after all.

Mission complete

claiming 1 AP, 500 Ryo, 1 stat and learning
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
Stat Page : Hikari no Tenshi
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E Rank: Lumber Empty Re: E Rank: Lumber

Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:13 am
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