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The Round Up Empty The Round Up

Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:43 pm
- The round up

The day had started hours before Ryuuzaki awoke, the previous night’s training still weighing heavy on his body. Such a workout was not advisable before a mission, but Ryuuzaki had been restless and unable to find sleep. Nearing midday Ryuuzaki arrived at the village headquarters to receive his next mission, he was hoping for a challenge, perhaps his first C-rank mission.
Checking in Ryuuzaki was handed a scroll with a thin strap holding it shut, then the clerk went back to whatever work she was already doing. Ryuuzaki turned and took a few steps away from the desk, so as not to be in the way and opened his scroll. The first words that popped out were E-rank. "Tsk" an involuntary noise escaped Ryuuzakis lips. He was being requested to round up some of the stray dogs that were around the village. At least the task was something he would enjoy, with his love of dogs, although it would not be a test of his abilities.
Ryuuzaki returned to his home before setting out, he was going to use his own dog and a secret weapon to lure dogs to him. With his trusted friend Taco and a loaded backpack, Ryuuzaki set out back into the village. Ryuuzaki arrived at the pound just after midday as the sun had passed its highest point. Ryuuzaki turned to Taco "Go boy" he nodded off into the distance "Find some friends". Taco took off running and Ryuuzaki jogged along behind at a distance, the occasion howl would escape from Taco and would be returned from somewhere off in the distance. As the returning howls got closer Ryuuzaki took off from the street and climbed up on to the rooftops, aiming to not spook any of the more feral dogs. After a few more minutes of interaction, a group of dogs began to surround Taco,
Ryuuzaki's eyes scanned each of the dogs, they did not seem to be extremely dirty or have uneven fur. That said to him that they might be recently stray. Ryuuzaki put his plan into action, swinging the pack from his back and loosening the strap, he retrieves his first zip-locked secret weapon, a bag of freshly cut meat squares, Taco's favourite treat. releasing the seal on the bag Ryu tossed it down into the alley where the dogs had gathered. They all rushed towards the meat as it spilt from the end of the bag. Ryuuzaki fiddled around in his pockets until he thumbed out a small metal tube, placing it between his lips he swung down from the rooftop and began to blow through the tube, the silent dog whistle brought the attention of the dogs who had not been snacking on the meat cubes as he started to run, every so often letting loose a pile of meat cubes. He continues this routine of whistle and meat until they returned to the compound, dumping most of it in the centre of the communal cage, the dogs mostly ignorant of where they had been led. All together Ryuuzaki managed to bring in 12 strays.

WC: 516 Words towards +5 speed, 600 Ryo

350 words for basic medical jutsu, 150 / 1000 for shadow imitation
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