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Youta Shinkou
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Trafficking   Empty Trafficking

Mon May 11, 2020 10:48 am

Soma Shin woke up early today to get over to the palace gates for his mission today.  He was supposed to help people he meets there if they are lost or have any questions.  This kind of mission scared Soma Shin.  He was not the greatest at social interaction. He is a very reserved and shy kid.  So he gets out of bed and puts on his headband but decides not to put his hood up today. He thought that if he had his hood up it might scare away people and that might not look good if another shinobi passed by. They might think he is not trying at his mission.  Soma Shin wants to make a good impression and show the other shinobi, his family, and the village that he takes this seriously. So he eats his breakfast with haste and heads to the palace gates. 

He waits a little bit just looking around for people who are truly lost.  Waits a little while answering a few of the more basic questions about the city like where is this shop or that restaurant.  He guides a few people around to the specific place that they ask for and he thinks that this mission is going to be a breeze.  He starts to think that today is going to be a great day and it would allow him to learn a little more about the city.  

It is probably about noon maybe shortly after. The midday sun seems to be high in the sky so it is probably time to eat again soon.  He starts to pull out some of the food that he has packed for himself.  While eating he sees a man looking around clearly lost.  This would be a true test for Soma Shin.  He got up nervously and walked over to this man. “Excuse me sir, are you lost? Is there something I could help you with?”  The man looks at him with a little bit of a shocked expression.  Soma Shin thinks he might have scared him a little. “I am sorry to have frightened you.  You look a little lost, I grew up here and I can help you find something.”  The man looks back at Soma Shin “Do you know where the best place to buy my wife a gift would be? I leave back for my little village tomorrow and want to get her something.”  Soma Shin looks at the man and asks him “Do you know what kind of gift you want to get your wife?” He replies “Not really can you just show me around a few places?”  

“Of course I can. I have a few ideas of where we can go.” Soma Shin leads him down the main road back away from the palace towards the markets. They go to all these bigger stores with jewelry, books and a lot of other things. None of these items seem to excite him. The last place they stop at is a little stall that sells little statues and figurines of important places in Hoshigakure like the palace and a few temples. “How does a little wooden or marble figurine of the palace sound for your wife?” The man looks around the little stall and finds this little wooden statuette of a minor temple in town. “This is it, my wife would love this”. Soma Shin looks at him trying to understand but if it is, would this. He wanted to ask so badly why this man chose this little wooden statuette over something like jewelry or something more substantial. However Soma Shin did not want to be rude and then lead the man back to his inn for the evening and headed home for the evening after writing up his report of how the mission went. 

WC 636
Mission requirement 500

Mission rewards 500 ryu +100 for Genin bonus and +1 AP
Learn Headhunter Technique 500/500
Stats +3

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Mizuki Ohta
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Trafficking   Empty Re: Trafficking

Thu May 14, 2020 6:37 pm
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