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Kiryu Hikari
Stat Page : Stats
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 3

Trafficking Empty Trafficking

Sun Mar 29, 2020 9:43 am

Now that Kiryu had finished his first task of manning the village gates, he made his way toward the palace that sat at the center of the village. Once the home of the royal family, now it served more as a symbol of the past than an actual seat of power. If anything, it seemed to be there mainly to keep the normal civilians of the village from thinking too much about the fact that they were ruled by shinobi now rather than by a Queen. It was also a hot spot for visitors, as it was the most notable landmark in the village and many people headed there to get more information about the village.
That was the Genin’s next task: directing foot traffic. Again, not the most glamorous of jobs, but somebody had to do it, and Genin were pretty much the bottom of the totem pole when it came to busy-work jobs like that. As he entered the palace plaza, he could already tell that there were multiple people who were in search of directions. He took a deep breath and put a smile on his face before walking up to a couple who appeared to be trying to figure out a map of the village.
”Good afternoon,” he said cheerfully. ”Is there anywhere in particular you’re looking for?”
The young woman looked relieved when she saw him. ”Yes, actually. We’re trying to find a nice restaurant for dinner this evening. Do you have any suggestions?” The man looked a little bit less pleased at having a random stranger give him directions, but he was still listening intently for whatever suggestion that Kiryu had to offer.
”Hmm,” Kiryu thought out loud. ”Well, there’s always  Starlight Shojin, if you’re looking for that. The Virtuous Village restaurant is also a good choice. They have excellent tempura there.”
”Perfect! I love tempura.” She glanced over at her partner for a moment before turning back to Kiryu. ”Thank you so much!”
Kiryu simply smiled and gave a slight nod of his head. ”Of course, it’s my pleasure.” Apparently, his helping out that one couple had started a chain reaction. Now there were a whole bunch of people who were calling out to try and get his attention.
”Hey, I’m looking for the Eastern Temple, can you show-“
”Do you know where the Water Gardens are?”

”I heard there was a fantastic wildlife reserve here, is that true?”
The voices began to blend together and Kiryu had a hard time separating them. ”Please, please, everyone!” he called out. ”One at a time.”
Thankfully, they nobody appeared to be in so much of a rush that they couldn’t wait their turn to ask for directions. A relatively orderly line was formed, and Kiryu simply took each person’s questions as they came. He had lived in the village for almost his entire life and he knew it like the back of his hand. One by one, each of the visitors walked away on their own path, satisfied with the advice that he had been able to give them.
By the time the plaza just outside the palace gates had been cleared out, the sun had just about set. Kiryu was actually somewhat proud of himself. Even if the missions hadn’t been the most glamorous, he had accomplished two out of his three missions in just a single day. Surely that would prove to the higher ranking shinobi that he was dedicated and capable of handling more important missions. As he made his way back to his house, he felt a powerful sense of purpose within him. Perhaps he would spend some time tomorrow training before tackling his final task.

4 stats (+4 Speed)
243 words towards Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings(1000/1000)
250 words towards Discipline(250/250)
135 words towards Fuuton: Buredokatta(135/500)
600 ryo (500 for E-rank base, 100 for Genin Bonus)
+1 Bonus AP
Kizmaru Senju
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
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Ryo : 0

Trafficking Empty Re: Trafficking

Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:22 pm
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