Hanshi’s stomach began to roil once more when he gazed upon this fat woman she look…...for better lack of words almost inhuman. She was so fat that her nose looked more like a lump with slits. Her skin was shining in the light of the red flames unsure weather it was grease , dirt or sweat in her case it was probably all of the above in this case. Her face looked like she slammed it into brick walls as a hobby lucky for hanshi the rest of her was underneath a moth eaten cloak. He would poise his ear as the fat woman drank heavily from the flask “ heh yeah i heard about him not from him , same story about the wells and abandoned houses of nobles back in the farm country few people really know whats happening but i think this is a plot to kill all the low class of slowly” she would say in a rather amused tone.

She would then tilt her nose or what little of a nase she had twoard the sky , “but a dilcate flower such as myself would never be captured ..” she would chime in  causing the three men to break out into laughter , somthing that hanshi could appreciate as they looked so much less burdened when they smiled. “They’d have to be able o fit you down tat well first but even then i dont think they’d be able to drag you out of this alley!” one of the men would exclaim through his fits of laughter.