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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Deputy Kage
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Bottoms up! (Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Re: Bottoms up! (Kaito)

Tue May 05, 2020 7:27 pm
Soon after his fist had connected Ichigo noticed his opponent had remained unfazed by his punch. Was he simply lacking vigor or was Kaito too intoxicated to feel anything? Fact of the matter was the redhead still stood tall. "You wouldn't be able to call yourself my best friend if you weren't able to shrug that one off" the Drunk said while laughing out loud. Bonding over alcohol and fist fights, what more could two grown men ask for? "Alright, alright. Your turn, go ahead." The tattooed man would prepare himself for whatever his new companion decided to throw at him, expecting it to at least sting a little. 

Ichigo witnessed the interesting stance that had started to play off in front of him, his eyes carefully tracking the red haired man's movements. Not sure why but he began to feel almost as if he was being hypnotized by the way Kaito was moving. Fortunately for the Drunk they weren't on a boat or else he would have gotten seasick. Starting to wonder if it was all part of the redhead's fighting style Ichigo remained patient, wondering when he would strike. But then, there it was. Kaito suddenly started to casually swing his arm at the Drunk's forehead while at the same time using his right foot which caused him to lose his balance.

What followed were a couple of strikes aimed at Ichigo's neck, not that he would be able to keep track of them due to the speed they were executed with. He knew all too well that the red haired Jounin was holding back and it might have been for the best. Luckily his senses were dulled by the amount of alcohol. If not he wouldn't have been able to keep standing. Once the demonstration was over the redhead confirmed Ichigo's earlier thoughts of it indeed being some sort of fighting style. He'd listen attentively as Kaito explained it was called Drunken Fist and how it came into this world. "Interesting, I never could have guessed there existed something like that." The Drunk was indeed surprised there was a way to combine two of his favorite things, drinking and fighting.

It was then Ichigo's turn to try and master the art of Drunken Fist. He would shake his arms and legs, crack his neck a couple of times as a means to prepare himself. He was already well under the influence of alchohol so he got that part out of the way. Deciding to let it come naturally his body started to flow and move freely, his arms and legs going from side to side. Left, right, left, right, and so on. His wobbling had brought him closer to Kaito who was now only standing about a meter away from him. The Drunk's body moved on its own as he suddenly spinned around, almost as if he was performing a ballet dance. This unnatural movement, at least to him, caused his fist to be aimed at the red haired's face as he completed his turn. 

(WC: 508, TWC: 3058)
Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Ryo : 155

Bottoms up! (Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Re: Bottoms up! (Kaito)

Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:11 pm
The thought of friendship as invoked by the comment of his drinking partner rang a ping of pain within Kaito’s being, as though the emptiness he felt was reawakened by the offhand remark about how true friendship could be found both at the bottom of a glass still wet from the alcohol it had but just as well as between the tension of the impact of knuckles against soft flesh and hard bone. If his face betrayed any emotion he may have felt, he disguised it as soon as it was displayed by barking out a chuckle and waiting for Ichigo to do his part. He observed as the drunk doctor wobbled his arms, trancing himself into a drunken stupor capable of fighting in his stead, and from a pirouette came a backhanded fist meant to lop his head off; not to fear though, for his own body was beyond his control, and the pure fighting instinct within him had him take a step back, while his right hand came in fast to further push away the rotating fist, the added momentum hopefully throwing the other ninja out of balance.

Yet, Kaito felt his alcohol disagreeing with him, and urging his body to liberate it onto the open world. Kaito put his fingers against his mouth, and swallowed what tried to come up, even though his mouth and throat felt incredibly bitter and acidic, something he regretted immensely.

“Listen, I gotta go before I make a fool out of myself.” He beckoned the bartender for some water. “You got the jist of it, now you just gotta master it.” As the bartender brought the water, he dunked the glass like it was sake, the refreshing drink washing away his bile back to whence it came. “Just keep in mind that… if you do use this technique with alcohol, you’ll go berserk and attack anyone in range. Also, if anyone draws blood from you, the technique is dispelled. My advice is train at it hard enough that you’ll be able to commit the knowledge to your body, and you’ll be able to fight as if you were drunk while sober. That way you can choose who you attack, and you can't’ be interrupted by a mere wound.”

He dropped some ryo for the both of them to the barkeep, and turned around, extending his hand to the shinobi. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Ichigo Sato. We should meet again soon, talk about that bleak future of yours. See ya!” And with that, he was out.

wc: 426
twc: 2831
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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Deputy Kage
Deputy Kage
Ryo : 135650

Bottoms up! (Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Re: Bottoms up! (Kaito)

Tue Jun 16, 2020 5:00 pm
Ichigo noticed how Kaito suddenly took off, accompanied by a promise to meet again soon. "Thanks for all your help, I'll see you around." Ordering another bottle of sake to take home the Drunk left the building.


(TWC: 3095)
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- 30 stats
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Bottoms up! (Kaito) - Page 2 Empty Re: Bottoms up! (Kaito)

Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:56 pm
Approved exit to both
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