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Uchiha Sadame
Uchiha Sadame
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The Daily Mill Empty The Daily Mill

Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:19 pm
Mission details here

These Genin missions, as some people liked to call E-rank missions, were certainly no fun, simple boring missions that anybody, even those without an ounce of chakra, could easily perform. But she was going to show the village, and everyone who bothered to know, that Uchiha Sadame was a patient one. The ability to persevere was one of the most important traits of a ninja, according to her grandfather, and while she agreed with him, she hardly saw the purpose of these mundane tasks that were touted as shinobi missions. She figured anyway, that once she had done enough of these missions, she would be able to focus on the cooler ones, without anyone looking at her like she was being impatient or covetous or something.

Today, this mission entailed being a delivery girl. Yes, she was to run all over the village and hand over packages to various venues. It looked like there was a lot of activity going on at Konoha's mills, and since all their hands were on deck, they needed someone to help them with supplies. And that was where she came in. Her grandpa always said that if one looked at the big picture, one would realize that the small players were significant, because they allowed the bigger pieces to focus on more daunting tasks... and in her opinion, get all the glory, while the small ones could only cheer them on in the best case scenario. A fair reward for loyalty, huh?

Such thoughts were eventually cast aside, because they were not helpful to Konoha's identity, and they would only fester feelings of unnecessary chagrin. She would instead focus on the task at hand, and how it could end up being fun in any way possible. So, she had decided to jog while on the mission, so as to deliver the items speedily, and train her stamina. After all, if she was going to be a taijutsu specialist, she needed the stamina to keep up with the rigorous moves involved.

First, she went to the paper mill, bringing them their package from the postal service. Then, she hastened to the grocery store to get some ingredients that would serve as lunch for the workers at the steel mill. And thus she went here and there, her only resting times being the moments she stopped to make a delivery.

"Think of this as training... cardio exercise..."

Sadame willed herself as she trotted down one of Konoha's busy streets, being as careful as possible not to hit anyone. This was her last delivery, and it was a little bit time-sensitive. She could have walked the rest of the way, but she was aware that her client was nervous and impatient, and if she made good time, the client would have little to worry or complain about. In a matter of minutes, a huffing Sadame handed the final package over to the man, who was obviously delighted that it came in earlier than he expected. Once she was done with this, she found the nearest park bench and plopped heavily onto it, winded but pleased with the outcome of the mission. This one was not as bad as some of the others she had completed. And hopefully, future ones would be better.

WC: 545
+1 Chakra
Training towards Dancing Leaf Shadow - 545 + 719 = 1264/1000
The remaining 264 words training towards ???
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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The Daily Mill Empty Re: The Daily Mill

Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:01 pm
Approved and dont forget the Ryo you get to claim
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