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Saizou Uchiha
Saizou Uchiha
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Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 13000

Daily Mill(Mission) Empty Daily Mill(Mission)

Wed Feb 05, 2020 9:15 pm
Daily Mill Mission

It was early in the morning just before sunrise and Sai couldnt sleep, he had an important day ahead of him. Today would be his last day doing any E rank missions and he wanted to end them off on a good note. He had been knocking out mission left to right and thought that this one could be the last low rank mission for him. He had not failed a mission yet, and even though this mission was not one of important he still wanted to get it done right. Sai leaned back in his chair while he sipped on his tea and watched the sun rise, he had some time before his mission was to began and he wanted to use this time to get some good relaxation in. Today he would be going around a couple mills around the village to make sure all of the supplies got delivered to the right places.

He didnt know what kind of supplies needed a ninja to deliver them, but when you spend alot of money on something you would hate for a competitor to still it from you. Sai was glad to help though, it would not only put more money in his pocket but he would also be knocking off another mission off his list to complete. As the sun started to peack across the horizon, Sai stood. He wanted to get a good view at such a beautiful part of nature. After a minute or so of watching he sat his tea down and got ready to go. Making sure to take a shower and brush his teeth befor making his way out of the door. Sai had left his home within twenty minutes of getting ready and was ready to knock this mission out.

As he left his home he thought over the mission detail and what he was suppose to do, but remember so much detail was never his strong suit. Luckily for him he kept the mission info. He had to drop off three packages to three different mills around the village."Peace of Cake", Sai thought as he made his way to pick up the the packages. He walked for about fifteen minutes before arriving at the pick up location. Sai went inside and was greeted by someone, who then took him to the packages. Sai took them and left, thanking the person for their help on his way out the door. Sai pulled out the paper one more time to go over the location of the drop off and which one went to wich. 

After looking it over he made his way to the first drop off, making sure to be as careful as possible with the packages. They werent to heavy so Sai could easily move around with them. He thought about opening them to see whats inside but he decided against it. Not long after leaving the pick up place he arrived at his first drop off. Luckily for Sai all the drop off locations were in the same area for the most part. He quikcly was able to make his way over to the second and third drop off locations before making his way to collect his payment for a job well done.

Claims= 1+ Stats, 500 ryo, 1+ap, 544 towards Chidori
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Daily Mill(Mission) Empty Re: Daily Mill(Mission)

Thu Feb 06, 2020 5:23 am
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