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Guiding The Next Gen.(Mission) Empty Guiding The Next Gen.(Mission)

Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:22 pm
Sai woke up early this morning and was eager to start his day. It was going to be a big day for him, he was had got assign a mission at the academy today. Normally he wasent one for helping out around there but today was different. Today he would be picking up three students who plan on becoming shinobi, now Sai wasent to eager about having three kids following him around all day but he thought of the perfect way to use these guys tho the best of their usefulness. Sai walked down towards the academy he could start to see the building in his veiw, it brought back memories of his child hood coming to the academy with his father in the morning. He could almost remember it like it was yesterday, his father was a goofy man so waking up in the house was always great. No matter how bad the day look his father always kept a smile on his face, with a hug to give if needed. Them are some of the days Sai wish he could just return to, days if not having to worry about anything but school. Sai sighed as he snapped back to reality. He was almost at the door when he could nothing but loud talking and kids running around. A smile lit up across his face as he opened up the doors to the academy.

As soon as he opened the door all you could hear was the teacher yelling "Take your seats, one of you instructors for today is here to take you", she paused for a moment, to make sure all of the students were giving her their undivided attention."He is going to introduce himself and then i will tell you who will be going with him". The lady looked at Sai and smiled,"Whenever ur ready their all yours".

Sai returned the smiled and then faced the students."Morning everyone im Saizou Uchiha, Its a gonna be my pleasure working with some of you today, so lets have a great time and try to learn something from each other".Sai said in a friendly tone, while maintain a bright smile on his face hopping to gain a good first impression to the students infront of him As he looked around the classroom he could see nothing but eager looking kids ready to basically have a day of from school. Little did they know though it was about to be a rough day for his group. The teacher stood up back infront of the class now, ready to tell which lucky kids were going to be Sai workout buddies. 

She pointed to the three boys in the front of the class."Goku,Luffy,Ichigo". She said in a sharp tone. The boys who were not to paying to much attention, quickly stopped talking and stood."Yes Sensei", they said quickly. "Today you three will be working with Sai here today and i want you all to be on your best behavior.", The teacher said with authority, you can tell by the look on the kids face she wasent one to be messed with. The three boys began to grab their stuff and get behind Sai."Everyone Ready", Said said. The boys nodded in unison. So off they went, walking down the street towards the training grounds. 

"Where are we going Luffy ask, while putting his arms behind his head. "Just walk, its a free day off from being at school with sensei so enjoy it", Said ichigo in an annoyed tone. Sai  always though childish bickering was pretty hilarious. "Where going to the training grounds to see what you guys are made of, cant have the next generation growing up to be soft ninja now can we ?", Sai said as he turned around to look at the kids before continuing to walk again.

Shortly after arriving at the training, they got straight to it. Sai went over the basic of being a ninja in his eyes, while also giving them some tips from sparring with them. Sai told the kids to play for a second while he figured out what the final training excersize they were going to do. As soon as he figure out a good excersize the sky started to turn black with rain clouds. "Shit, no way i can finish training with these kids in the rain". Sai sighed as he started to feel the cold rain fall down from the sky. "Hey guys, this rain  is about to come down soon lets get out of here.", Sai said as the rain suddenly start to come down in a mild drizzle."Lets grab a quick snack before we go back to the academy, Hows that sound", Sai said as the boys lined up side by side in front of him.

They left the training ground and began to walk down the street, Sai kept his eyes open for a street cart that they could grab a hot snack from. Unfortunately for him there was none in sight, they all seem to be packing up or have packed up and went home for the day. As he was about to give up and just return the kids, he started to smell the thing he been craving.. Food. "Luck is on our side today we might just of found one". Sai picked up his paced as he walked over to the man behind the food cart. "Hey , you open sir. were dying for something hot in this rain".Sai looked at the guy as he moved his wet hair out of his face so hat he could make eye contact with the man."Sorry Sir, we actually turned of our grill 15 minutes ago, these right here are for my dog, i doubt you would want these". The man said with an apologetic tone. "Thanks anyway sir", Sai said as he sadly walked the kids back to the academy and then returned home after another long mission. Atleast he made a small imprint on the future today.


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Guiding The Next Gen.(Mission) Empty Re: Guiding The Next Gen.(Mission)

Mon Jan 20, 2020 9:39 pm
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