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Ryo : 500

C rank Street Fighters Empty C rank Street Fighters

Wed Jan 01, 2020 4:03 pm

Another day another mission at last as he was getting bored to death. He was assigned to take care of three wannabe thugs. All o his own and he was OK with that. Without a doubt he needed to get stronger and order to go out side of the village. He as open his mind to more ways to advance his craft in every which way. He has decided to learn medical ninjustu as well. This will in fact prolong his war might. Ghost now knows how things will go for him out in the cold world. He knows that there are even stronger ninja out there. He knows how this world is as he tried himself to get stronger and nearly lost his life. That was as crazy as it got. He now knows people are going after other people DNA and even his eyes. This shocked him to the fullest.

But he was ready to do what ever it was he had to do to get more power. Currently he was now studying the tailed beast. These beast were said to be the ultimate power one could obtain. He would until he was ready for such a task he would prey on so called villains and his first task was up. The weaker of the three. He was known as Kenni and he used a iron whip. Fair enough but would it be enough to take on Ghost Byakugan? Clearly not. Seeing as they too are attacking old people and what not. Was this something Ghost could do maybe not. He rather stop a missing ninja. Looking on he would start to follow the boy quickly as the dream team is what they was calling themselves or what not. Ghost would simply smile at them as he saw this.

Ghost would start to trail the poor unfortunately soul. Looking on he would watch as the boy kept beating up people again and again he would do such a thing. The wind would blow as the sun was starting to set. Ghost would look on as his Byakugan was now active and he was in attack mode. Yet he wanted to see how far one could go in this walk of life of theirs. Trailing and trailing him he would smile as his smile would come eventually. He looked on as he saw the poor guy not even knowing he was a hurt man walking. This would cause Ghost to Crack a smile as the boy started to run away from the last scene he attacked a old man at. Soon Ghost would give chase all the while striking the air trying to master his trigram of the one hundred twenty eight. Soon Ghost would start to run after him.

The kid took notice of him being chased after and started to run away from Ghost even faster. What made this even more odd he had an Anbu black opts mask on. This was odd really odd for Ghost to wrap his head around. Wondering why would such a person how such a mask on him? This Ghost would catch up to the boy and damn he was scared of him. Clearly Ghost name was getting out there. Because the young lad said he was the Byakugan user of the cloud village to which Ghost said not a word. Still things were as crazy as it could have been as he started to attack Ghost clearly out of fear. This was easy as he was no where near Ghost in speed. This made it even more so easy to beat him.

He was only waiting for a opening to make his attack. He would swing the iron wire at Ghost trying to hit him. Unfortunately this was not the case as Ghost was just to damn good at this. This also was a clear sign of him needing to do a higher rank mission all of him wanted this. But when will it come he was sure he could handle it o. His own. The fact was he needed a team and his current Tema was off doing there jobs themselves. This is what he was thinking as he was backing away from this little guy. Ghost was truly bored at this fight. He was assigned to the mix of low level missions when he should be doing high level ones. Soon he would put his hands together as needed like Chakra came out. It was a new justu he was trying to learn. Ghost was quick to strike as the poor guy did not know what had hit him. All he could see was the sky up high. As Ghost looked on the first one was now defeated and damn that was bored to him. He was hoping the last one would give him a fight at least. Soon he would tire Kenni up as he left him there to get picked up as if he could move anyhow. Soon he would take his leave as he had no worries about this one Ghost would give a smile as he left in search of the other two. This was going to be easy especially since the sun just went down not many would be stupid enough to stay out at the night in lightening at that. Ghost was just one of a kind to this so called thugs.

Ryo : 500

C rank Street Fighters Empty Re: C rank Street Fighters

Thu Jan 02, 2020 3:12 pm
Ghost would watch the sun set it was beautiful indeed. He loved watching the sun set. It was one of the most beautiful moments of the entire day. He would watch as it slowly would descend into the void of life. This was indeed his most favorite things to do. He was still on his mission yet he would stop to watch this very thing go by. Nothing and I do mean nothing could compare to such a thing. Ghost knew life was ugly but it tried so damn hard not to be and that my friends is what makes life so beautiful. This was indeed something he lived by and he had no regrets about such a thing. He was now hunting a female down this was his next task. She used a shirt bow to attack. He was assured that he would be able to take her. She seem to not use any justu this was a good thing. He would make his way to the east side of the village this time he would watch the girl in action.

Turns out they was more or so street fighters and this was illegal to do. Thus he would have to step in and teach them all a most needed lesson. This is what he was thinking about as he watched the fight go on and on. She was pretty good but she was no match for him to say the least. Her style was so off he could tell what she was going to do next just by watching her do it this was indeed something to be fearful of. But alas he would look on at her and proceed to jump down. He would make himself known as all the people looked around at him. He would smile as he gave them a warning to leave. To which they did do with no hesitation.

Looking on he would watch as the girl now known as New New would take off as well. He would smile at this as he would soon follow her. Slowly but surely he would keep up with her as he made it to her shadow itself. She was now in creep out mode as she saw him. He would look on as she called her self trying to escape unfamiliar with how Ghost even operates. He loves to give chase its what he does best. Not to mention he tend to be a scout at that. So him getting lose by some means was a very hard thing to do. He was  it someone who could be shakes off that easily. This was all apart of the game. But clearly she had other plans as she pulled out her arrow.

Loading up her bow as she was running she wouldn't even think twice. As he was getting closer to her. She would quickly turn around and fire off a shit at him. Nearly hitting him. But unfortunately she had his Byakugan active as she did such a thing. He would quickly dodge each and every one of her arrows with pure eased. It was as if he was looking at them Co e at him in slow motion. Life truly was sad for such a person. But it was OK Ghost knew he was on a timer and her planed on doing the entire new trigram before the days end. Ghost would laugh as he saw her trying to run away again. He was known to toy with his prey but this was getting a little to crazy. He would smile at this as he saw her. She was nearly out of breath yet she kept on running. Not trying to dodge anything not trying to lose any thing.

She would try her best to get away yet she would be no use to do such a thing. He looked on as he saw her trying to get away. He would grow bored of this as he did a hand signed. Soon the most would come about as he saw it form he could tell she was not ready for it and not ready for it at all. Ghost could see everything with in it from the beginning to the very end of it all. She on the other hand was well blind and scared. Soon he would start to use the eight trigram on her. He would strike her and every each way as he did this. She would truly feel the pain of the Byakugan at work. Ghost was not in a playing moved as time itself went still on him but it is what it is. Ghost would smile as he saw this. Looking on he would walk up to the girl as she fell down to the ground. He would be shaking his head in a dissatisfied way.

Truly at a hopeless end as this street fighter was not who she said she was. Ghost would then tie her up as well and waited until she got picked up as he had one more to go. He would then leave this girl as the other ninja came to get her as he took his leave. All was right in his world as the last one was near by and this was a very good thing. He did not have to go look for him and he was happy about that.

Ryo : 500

C rank Street Fighters Empty Re: C rank Street Fighters

Fri Jan 03, 2020 8:57 pm
How most unfortunate as he watched the girl get taking away. He would smile at the very thought of herself calling herself a street fighter. He knew he was in fir a long night as the last one did not even show his face and damn Ghost was mad. Now he really had to go out looking for this man. He was indeed learning how to be more basic in the wait game and damn he hated to wait. Not many people would have been better off round thus time. As Ghost was still hunting down the last one. He would look on as he started his search. This would be not too hard. As he looked on he would soon. See the man right inside his home. Thus was a good thing now that he knew where he was crashing at. Ghost would smile as he would jump on the man house. 

The man in his apartment trying to go to sleep. But little did he know he was going to do way more then sleep. Soon he would knock. On the man door and knocked and then knocked some more. It was fun to do such a thing as he looked on at the man. The man was slow to answer the door but he was well awake by this time. Ghost would look as he open his door. He did not even realize that Ghost had used the body flicker justu on him. He moved so fast that the man lost sight of him. Hell he did not even notice him at the door and this was a very good thing indeed it was. As Ghost was not in his home as the man shut the door. As he turned around he would be in total shock.

As Ghost was there just looking at him. This was all he wanted as the man heart started to race he would rush Ghost at full speed and tries as he might. He would miss every single hit as if he could not land one. Ghost would still be using the body flicker technique on the man. As he was at a lost for words Ghost would then chop him on the back knocking him down. Looking. This guy really wasn't hard to be in fact he was pretty weak. This meant nothing to Ghost however. As he could tell what was going to happen next. Simply moving out of the way Ghost was just to good for the street fighter guy. Or if that is what he is calling himself. He would quickly dealt with as Ghost pretty much one shorted him. How lucky for that guy.

That Ghost was not trying to kill him. But at the same time Ghost just knew he had more things to do today on this day. Ghost would smiled as he used his new justu to end this guy terror on the streets. Ghost was not someone who would easily kneel over either. As the man clearly knew the body flicker moments as well. This was interesting to see and would explain why they called him the phantom. He was indeed a ok fighter to say the least as he looked on Ghost would smile. As it been a good while in him having a good time in a fight. Looking on at the man it was as if time stood still for a few moments as Ghost saw the man now had a sword.

Ghost would soon Tenketsu Needle a new justu he was trying to learn. A certain clan in his name could learn this technique. How foolish was the man as he came at Ghost who was by all means not worried about him at all. Taking down his two fingers he would start to time his attack on the poor guy who did not even know what was about to hit him. As Ghost looked on the guy was starting to become a bit rest or whatever as he was going on and on trying to hit him. But sadly the man could not keep up with Ghost in any way. This was a fact as Ghost himself was starting to get bored of him. Soon he was going to to try and kick Ghost. However that was as stupid as one could get as he used the  Tenketsu Needle on him. Thus hurting him to the point of not being able to get up. This was indeed a good job as Ghost smiled at him.

The man defeat was the sign of his job being done and with good timing as well. He looked on as he knew his date to leave the village for doom day was at hand. He needed to get stronger and fast as he was now nearly done with all the D rank missions in his village. This was crazy but a feat none the less. As he started to notice the sun coming up and realized he took a full twenty four hours to catch up with these three how crazy. But the job said people tend to take weeks so a feat all on its own. To which Ghost waited til the man was picked up as he decided to end the mission. Thinking to himself along the way as he was getting sleepy.

Time and time again he would think to himself about what was to come next for him and how he was to deal with it. But time and time again he knew what to expect he knew what he was going to be doing. He had a plan and that plan was simple that was to capture more power he planned on doing something no one else could do and that was to seal multiple tail beast within himself to say the least. Ghost was full on ready to do such a thing and I at any given time. But to master such a justu control would him him more then just wonders. Ghost would smile as he knew this. He now knows how strong he have become. Deactivating his Byakugan he would look at the rising of the sun. 

Smiling as this was as said before one of his most favorite of things to do. Looking on he would. Start to walk towards the office and thinking long and hard about his next mission. Knowing that he would perform anything he thinks is up his alley. But this mission was only a set up to what they really wanted it to be and that was a bounty hunters mission. This put a smile on his face indeed it did. With all the crime going on out there he wanted to go to such an extreme to get the job done. This would put a smile on his face as he now knows what type of mission he wants to take part of. A bounty hunter life was a crazy one yet it had its perks like being able to part take in the thrill of the kill. Which one in itself will always be. Smiling to himself with a good well done Ghost would make it home and close his eyes. Time to go to sleep for the night.


5 Ap
2000 Ryo plus 250 genin wages

Claiming following justs
Each rank wc has been met

2+ chakra

5+ Speed

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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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C rank Street Fighters Empty Re: C rank Street Fighters

Fri Jan 03, 2020 9:16 pm
Because this is a mission, the wordcount to stat ratio is 400 words/stat rather than 200 words/stat. You may claim 7 stats.
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