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Mission Day (P, NK)

Yoi Yuki
Nekrun Uzumaki
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Yoi Yuki
Yoi Yuki
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Mission Day (P, NK) - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Day (P, NK)

Sat Mar 07, 2020 1:33 pm
Yoi checked his watch. He looked back at what was going on. Holy shit! He had to go. It was a close friend of his wedding. Yoi, using some handsigns, showed that he had to go. The Yuki ran off, back to his house to get changed.

WC: 47
TWC: 1037/750 for one mission


3100 ryo
7 AP
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20 AP
Ikari Senju
Ikari Senju
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Mission Day (P, NK) - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Day (P, NK)

Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:26 am
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Mission Day (P, NK) - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Day (P, NK)

Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:17 am
The stage is set for the mission to continue as planned. With his squad mates acting strange, Akarui decided to use his genjutsu release. Perhaps his team mates had done so already and seen something. Not liking to be in the dark, Akarui’s chakra began to surge around his body. As he did, to his surprise there was a bandit directly in front of him! This caused his pupils to restrict rapidly before he quickly but calmly turned away from the man’s location trying to deceive the bandit that he had been found out. Looking at his squad, Akarui decided to take the initiative and take out the man before them all as fast as possible.

Quietly, Chakra began to calmly pour into the tip of his fingers making them as solid as steel and as sharp as a Kunai. Once his hand was surging under the surface with chakra, he then started to surge more chakra into his feet as well. Although Akarui was ready to strike, he stayed his hand for the moment checking the position of the bandit then checked the positions of his team mates as well. Notably, the Shinobi Yoi had left while Akarui had been releasing the genjutsu he was under. This didn’t deter Akarui from the action he was preparing to undertake though. Both Nekrun and Virgil remained behind though.

After checking on them, Akarui immediately let the chakra in his feet surge again allowing Akarui to cover the distance between him and the bandit in a blink of an eye. Once in reach in front of the bandit who’s eyes now bulged at Akarui’s sudden and quick movements, Akarui blazed the chakra coalesced in his hands forming what looked like a spear head as he thrust said hand at the neck of the unprepared bandit delivering a quick strike crushing the windpipe and slicing his arteries causing blood to spray out the neck in the direction the strike followed. Despite trying to not get blood all over himself, Akarui still got a light spray off blood up his arm and across his face in little droplets. Watching the light fade from his advisories eyes and listening to the surprised gurgling emitted from the bandits severed throat and bloodsoaked mouth, Akarui watched the bandit fall back leaving a pool of blood underneath him while he twitched as his final life left him.

‘Odd, how after so many years this scene still doesn’t haunt me.. instead it makes my blood boil and call out for more.. Why do I enjoy this feeling so?’ The thrill of a fight and the death throws off an enemy made Akarui annoy being a Shinobi. That also concerned him a little. Though not enough to change his ways. After checking that the bandit was dead and searching and storing the body in a corpse scroll he was carrying, he found a letter and read it’s contents. On the letter were instructions on who they were meeting with and where. It also had a caution not to be seen and the description of the people he was to meet. The name given didn’t make sense so it looked as though they used a false name for the meeting. Then he turned his face to the now visble section of the correct that had been hidden by genjutsu. It seemed to be a well traveled path if you knew where to look. ”Although we found an enemy at the meeting place, there isn’t a sign of the meeting taking place just yet. For now, we have discovered that our Intel was accurate. This letter also has valuable information regarding the operation they are involved in. I’ll take this body back and report our findings with the letter. Good day gentleman, it was a pleasure to work with you.” Flashing his devilish grin at the rest, Akarui disappeared in a puff of smoke concluding his participation in the mission.

Both missions total WC 1500
16 Strength (1600/1600)
B-rank 7AP
B-rank 7AP
3000 Mission Ryo + 100 Ryo Genin Salary
3000 Mission Ryo + 100 Ryo Genin Salary
+1000 Nukite – Spear Hand (1000/1000)
+500 Taijutsu Style Block (1000/1000)
+138 Leaf Gale (149/500)

Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Mission Day (P, NK) - Page 3 Empty Re: Mission Day (P, NK)

Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:03 pm
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