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Helping out Granny Sheo Empty Helping out Granny Sheo

Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:54 pm
Clean the Orphanage

It had been a couple of days since his last mission, it had taken a toll on him so he needed a rest. Now that he had, Akarui was up to doing another mission. When he left the house, he didn’t forget to bring his favourite jacket for luck.

The mission board had the usual crowd of Genins or Chuunins alike. If one wanted a higher rank mission than D, they needed to go inside to the mission desk. Akarui wasn’t near ready for a mission like that. So he stuck to the E rank missions first. He liked to do things methodically, start with E rank, clear them before going onto D rank once his experience collects.

Akarui checked the board finding not a big selection of E rank missions. He chose the clean the orphanage and headed straight for it. It wasn’t a long walk as the Hokage building was close to the Orphanage and easy to find.

When he arrived, he was greeted by the sight of young kids playing in the yard. It warmed his heart to see them playing together nicely. They stopped playing when they saw Akarui walking toward them. Some had curious expressions while others had unsure gazes.

“Hey Kids, you look like you’re having fun” Akarui called out while striding forward. They were gazing mostly at the headband around his arm.

“hi mister.” A little girl stepped out from the group. She looked to be 7. Tilting her head she asked, “Are you the Shinobi here to help Granny Sheo clean?”

“That I am. Can you run along and get her?” Akarui asked and the girl nodded and ran off. Not long after a short sweet old nun of the orphanage returned and instructed Akarui on what she needed help with.

Granny Sheo told him that his duties today were to mop the halls, take out the trash and dust the shelves. If he had spare time he could also do some yard work. Akarui got to work straight away on the trash. He had to go around and find every bin to empty. Some of which were hidden in bizarre places. He had suspicions it was done by the kids to irritate the genin doing the missions. He chose however to treat it like a test if he could find them all.

After which he ran around up and down the halls on his hand and a mop rag repeatedly to clean the floor. It had many stains and marks from use all over. One kid even tipped out their drink in front of Akarui but he just smiled and cursed in his heart at the little shit though he let it slide. Then he dusted all the surfaces in the orphanage with a feather duster 

Akarui spent the remainder of the day doing little chores for Granny Sheo. She thanked him sweetly when he finished for the day. He felt more pleased about the mission than he did at the start. Today wasn’t a bad day After all. 

With a smile Akarui made his rounds before going home to clean his own house.

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Helping out Granny Sheo Empty Re: Helping out Granny Sheo

Mon Nov 11, 2019 8:54 pm
This was a really cute thread. I hope you enjoy your future missions in Konoha!

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