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Stat Page : Seiichi Kittaru
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Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 11000

[Land of Fangs] Laid to Rest (Mission / E Rank)  Empty [Land of Fangs] Laid to Rest (Mission / E Rank)

Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:33 pm

Seiichi was so tired of walking up and down hills. He was enjoying the steady walk now through the valley of two large peaks. It was rumored that one was of the mountains was named, "They High Demon". The cliff that was out of his view was a special site for mass suicide. That was just the rumor though, he didn't put much stock in it. Death was only a passage way, rough though it may seem, it was an inevitable part of the circle of life. People must die in order to move onto something more special. Some call it heaven, others dreaded a hell, either way it would be peaceful. Not having to live up to standards, finally giving the maker his dues, peace was hidden in there somehow.

He would gladly push people from that cliff, bring their tortured lives to an end and show. If only he could show them how easy it was, how simple crossing over truly was.

His train of thought was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a town that was ahead of him. Coming around a turn brought many new things into view suddenly. The town was small and buzzing, though people were busy for all the wrong reasons. "More like the right ones." He thought as he pushed further into the town.

Paying more attention he gathered rumors from around town. Sitting in the local bar he learned that someone had died. The bartender was complying he had to be open. After a shot or two he moved to another location, the local market. Someone named, Ikitaru died. He was a well known servant of the area, reportedly saved many lives with his skill in medicine. As he continued to walk through one person even stopped and asked if he would help set up for the ceremony later that evening. He simply declined and kept walking.

People crying over someone passing on was not something he was going to concern himself with. They should be having a party, not spending their time mourning. Though he could use this time to his advantage. If everyone was going to be at the funeral later, he could go house to house and have his way with their belongings. And he did just that.

When it was evening he went from one hut to another and took everything that was of value. Rings, jewels, necklaces, or anything else. Jewels were going to be a thing of dreams here, the only stuff he found were some old books, a gold ring or two, and one diamond ring that was beat up. Maybe it belonged to an elderly person, or someone who this dead guy was going to meet, he had forgotten his name.

Shoving the stuff into his pockets he exited the last house and headed out of town. It was only a few minutes till he was out of town, the village only a vague memory. He looked at his new belongings and thought what he could get for them on the black market. Rings and diamonds could only be worth so much, but things like books, you could charge whatever people would pay for them.

That night he spent on the road. Camping was the normal thing, off the road about a half hour walk, it seemed far enough away that he wouldn't be bothered by anyone. He set up the usual niceties, a campfire, his bedroll, a rat he caught rummaging though his things. It was the life. Maybe not the life he would have wanted, but there was no sense in worrying about that now.

The next morning he found the road and kept walking. Maku always had him running around the world doing one mission or another. There wasn't anything he could do but do what he was told for now. There wasn't anything he wanted to do really. Maku wasn't a bad boss, he was strange at times, but who wasn't? With all of the scars that ran through Seiichi he realized he wasn't someone to judge.

As he walked a man on the side of the road stopped him. It was still early, he was surprised there was anyone awake. The sun was just now peaking up over the mountain tops of the fang country.

"Sir, Sir!" He stopped Seiichi.
"...Yes?" He said.
"You look like a tough fella, could you help me out?" The man asked.
Seiichi started to walk. He had to get back to the restaurant, he had a feeling Maku was waiting for him.
"I'll pay you.." The old man said to Seiichi's back. The words stopped him in his tracks.
"How much are we talking... and, and what do you need?"
"Well, there are some people that come around here and steal from me now and again. Having a big fella like you around would deter them for sure." He said. "I'll pay you... 500 ryo? Thats about 62 ryo an hour. You can't pass that up..?" The old man said smiling. He knew he was right. Maku wouldn't have thought to ever pay him that much an hour.
"Sure." Seiichi answered and walked back to the man's concession stand.

It was an old looking shake like structure on wheels. He apparently was selling cabbages, the next thing Seiichi would know he'd find himself in the Rock country if bad luck. He shrugged off the thought and took a seat. He wondered how business was for the man. Spending days on the road and not seeing many people the man couldn't be making a killing. Though he was paying Seiichi a bunch of money.

For a moment he contemplated robing the man. Having that much money to spare, but it was only for a moment. This man was able to find a good way to make a living, there was no reason to rob from him, he wasn't disrespecting death like the other folks, though he had no doubt he would later. He could learn a better way before then. Seiichi shrugged.

Sadly nothing happened that day. The man gave him the money he was due and he was sent on his way. No one tried to rob the man or due him any harm. Seiichi wondered if it had to do with the death of the guy in the other town. It was possible. He smiled at the thought of death bring happiness to the living.


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+1000 Ryo // +2 AP
[Claiming 2 Stats (+2 Stamina) // 1000/1000 Sphere of Lightning / (929+75) 1004/2000 Chakra Infusion]
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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[Land of Fangs] Laid to Rest (Mission / E Rank)  Empty Re: [Land of Fangs] Laid to Rest (Mission / E Rank)

Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:40 am
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