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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Laid to Rest [E Rank] Empty Laid to Rest [E Rank]

Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:24 am
Laid to Rest

During his peculiar time within the land of shadows, Katsuragi seemed to grab the attention of quite a few shadowy figures himself. First of them being the Alpha dogs of the shadow lands, a pack of ravenous beasts who follow a lone hound with even greater hunger than their own. Katsuragi, fortunately managed to seal a deal with them, now binding his life to their will in order to gain the aid of them, despite the obvious power struggle between them. The other bit of trouble? Katsuragi was now seen aiding an elder priest who was charged with dealing with a burial of a body. However, what the public didn't know, was this casket had for two.

Katsuragi hauled an effigy down the long dark corridors of the church. The wooden wagon he used seemed as if it was ready to break at any given moment. Nevertheless, he made it to his destination. An old man dressed with a dark brown hooded robbed, loomed over the wide stone table. His eyes more focused on the blade aside on the stone table. Katsuragi stopped as soon as he reached the table, looking towards the man who would show him what needs to be done. Katsuragi seemed eager to help the old man, which was unusually out of character for a man like himself. The reason why, was because the old priest was connected with one of the biggest crime families on the westside of the map. Getting in good with him would provide a good connect for the two. Katsuragi thought a little about his partner in crime, wondering what he would be up to right about now.

"Alright, place the body on the table, young man. Remember, its cold." The priest words echoed within the stone lined room. Katsuragi, doing as he was told, placed the body up onto the stone table. "Alright OG, where the casket at man.", the priest, grabbed the knife slowly up off the table, handing it to Katsuragi with the hilt pointed towards him. "We must first place this pendant within the body, for safe keeping." The priest took out a small silver pendant, and also handed it over to Katsuragi. "How up, why we down that?"

"Im not going to get into too much detail..., its really none of your business. What we do, how we stay in business, the two of us..., let an old man like myself pass a bit of wisdom on to you young man. The less questions you ask, the more likely you'll get more jobs from us. Nosey types aren't that welcome in our line of work", after that, the priest causally made his way upwards towards the grand hall to prepare the mass. "I expect you to be down with that by the time I return", he looks over to the black wooden casket set aside with another body inside. Kasturagi mutter to himself expressing his usual frustration, but did his job. He made an incision along the Doral posterior of the shoulder, and slipped the small piece of evidence into the body, and did an ok job sowing it back up. After that, the body was placed in the hidden compartment of the rather large casket, and made preparations to have i9t bared off site when the time came.

Moment later, after the casket was buried, the evidence no longer a problem for now, he collected his small pay check and made his way back his room at the Inn. It would seem his time was not over in these lands just yet. "Fuck..., what a day."

(( Total Word Count: 601/500 Ryo, 1 Stat and, 1AP. 601 words towards This.))
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Laid to Rest [E Rank] Empty Re: Laid to Rest [E Rank]

Wed Jan 22, 2020 10:08 am
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