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A Little Light Sparring (P) Empty A Little Light Sparring (P)

Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:37 am
Vergil awoke slowly from his bed, a feeling of tiredness still rushing it's way along his body, as he sat along the edge of the bed and rubbed his eyes slowly to try and get them to see straight. He looked up out of his bedroom window and could see that clouds were covering the whole sky and sun as he thought about hw truly poetic such a setting for him was. All he'd been feeling in him was a cloudy negativity within his heart due to the events of what had happened to him a few days prior. He got up out of his bed as he made his way over into his bathroom and turning the shower on before stepping inside the hot waters that rained down upon him. He washed himself slowly, his sleepiness getting the best of his energy, as he could feel the heat trying it's best to pull his energy out from within his body. He took in deep breaths as this happened and tried to wash his body with a bit more of an energetic type of sense as he turned the shower off and stepped out to dry his body. He grabbed one of his towels and wiped his hair and torso before he heard a knock at his front door. He wasn't expecting any visitors so upon hearing the knock Vergil dried himself quickly off before rushing to his room and putting standard clothes on before making his way to the door.

Upon opening he was greeted by a familiar face, or mask in this case, as he saw that it was a person in the same attire Saori was when he first met her. He instantly made to close the door but a hand stopped him from doing so as she poked her head in through the crack. "Wait! Please! I really need to talk to you!" Vergil didn't want to hear any of it as he shook his head. "I have nothing to discuss with you. I was perfectly fine with my life before I met you and you ripped my whole world apart. Go away." She would remain adamant, however, as she pushed against the door with all her strength. "I know you don't like me but if I hadn't your mother would have died sad and you'd have never gotten your closure! Please give me a chance to speak and if you don't like what I have to say you'll never have to see me again!" Sighing to himself after hearing her speak her piece he released the pressure he had on the door as she barreled in past him and nearly tripped onto the floor.

Closing the door behind her he watched her with impatience as she stood up straight and took her mask off so that she could look him eye to eye. "Speak then. Don't take too long. I intend to go out and train today." She took a moment to compose herself before speaking in a calm voice. "As you already know I owed my life to your family, your mother especially, due to them saving my life when I was in the most dire of states. Now they're both gone and that leaves you so..." Vergil could see where this was going as he shook his head. ""You're right. They're both gone which means you no longer have any obligation to my family. I had nothing to do with your "dire life crisis" so therefore your debts are paid." He would make to open the door to ask her to leave once more but she stopped him by zooming past him and standing in the way of the door. Her face had turned to one of sternness and concern as Vergil had to remind himself that she was still the faster of the two of them.

"I tried to tell you this before but you ran out before I got the chance to completely talk about it: Your mother gave me a specific order before her death that, upon her death, I was to watch over you. I've already been doing that for years and, after careful analysis of your work ethic and capabilities, I think you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. So I took the liberty of changing the parameters of her request." Vergil was surprised to hear this from her as she continued with a look of determination. "I instead intend to help you out and take some slack off you. Being trained within the Anbu I'm well versed in suiting the needs of whoever my boss is. I can do as much as cook, clean, even help you train if you wish... That's why I'm here. I want to help you in making your life a bit easier by any means that you see fit. I can guarantee you my services in such matters are top notch compared to what anyone else could do."

Vergil was deep in thought as she spoke. On the one side this was something that could prove to be very beneficial for him if he accepted. He was in the midst of training what little he could for the upcoming Chuunin exams and he had to also take care of missions which didn't leave him with much in the way of luxury in keeping his house clean or getting in a proper meal. Even if he wasn't really feeling like befriending this person who had kidnapped him just so he could watch his mom die he couldn't deny that she was skillful and truthful in what she spoke. She'd no doubt make for an excellent training partner as he was going to need every little bit of help he could get to get to the level of strength he intended to be at by the fateful Chuunin exam day. Taking that into account she could also prove useful in watching over the house as he went out on missions which made the deal all the more better looking by the second. Thus taking a deep breath before sighing out he would look her in the eye before nodding slightly.

"Fine. I cannot deny that my parents wouldn't have chosen you to serve if you didn't have your qualities that made you worth such a role. And you did take care of my mother for a long time. Do what you wish for the day. I'm going out to train." She would smile to Vergil's words as he made his way back to his room in order to put his training gear on as she made her way to the kitchen. When he had gotten his gear on he made his way down to the front door as she came out of the kitchen quickly with two sacks of food wrapped in plastic. "Before we go out, sir, I thought I'd make us some lunch during our training. It's just a couple of sandwiches but I'm sure they'll be able to help keep our energy up." Vergil looked at the wrapped sandwiches and then looked to her as he opened the door. "Thank you. Let's get going. We're burning daylight." She would put her mask on before setting out with him as he closed the door behind him and looked back to see she was already gone.

It never stopped impressing him just how fast she could move as he made his way through the gates to see that the guards were on high alert once again just as they were last time. He wondered if Saori had anything to do with their caution as he made his way down the familiar road that headed straight to the training field. The leaves from the surrounding trees fell in their usual pattern and covered the road to provide Vergil's boots with a crunch as he walked over each of them through the woods. His mind wandered over what he was going to train for while on the training field as he walked through the usual gated threshold onto the field and looked around to see that Saori was already there and in a completely different attire as she looked just like any Jounin you may have passed by on the street. She had a leaf headband around her forehead and her hair was tied into a ponytail as she looked over to the training field entrance to see Vergil entering before a smile developed on her face and she smacked her fist into the palm of her hand.

"Alright! Where should we begin first?" Vergil walked over to the large tree as he put the sword he had brought with him down along it's trunk before making his way over to her. "You wouldn't happen to know why the guards over at the village gates are on high alert, would you? They were acting the same way when I had first met you. I'm guessing that's not a coincidence?" She giggled nervously as she scratched the back of her head in nervous embarrassment. "Yeah. I kinda had to knock a few heads in order to be able to get in and out of the village without letting anyone know who I was. I just recently was able to get this outfit from a contact of mine in the village so I shouldn't have any problem getting in and out now. I made certain not to hurt them. I've always had a knack for Genjutsu so the only thing that was affected within them was their minds." Vergil sighed at that confession as he stretched his limbs out and felt an idea pop into his mind upon hearing the word "Genjutsu".

"Ok then. I want to start with the Genjutsu you used on me with the Sharingan. I'm not all that adept with Genjutsu, mind you, so it might take me a while to learn." She shrugged after hearing that, rubbing her eyes a bit, before looking up and showing her Sharingan. "It's not all that complex. Genjutsu by itself is easy to use as a weapon. The Sharingan makes that weapon even easier to wield. It can affect the minds of all who become trapped inside to the point where I could either make you see hallucinations to even making you feel pain mentally while physically you're not experiencing anything at all. It's quite the powerful tool for an Uchiha so all you have to do is learn how it's done and you can utilize it for your own Genjutsu purposes. I can tell that your more savvy to weapons and Taijutsu so let's see what you can do so far. Activate your Sharingan and concentrate your chakra into your eyes. Afterwards command your chakra to do to me what you want it to and I'll experience it. It's as easy as that."

Taking a moment to take in a breath upon her saying this he would blink a few times before his Sharingan came into the light and he tried to concentrate his chakra into his eyes as he was told. It was rather an easy thing to do as he had to do that every time he activated the Sharingan and tried to picture his opponent seeing a stag roaming around in the forest just beyond the gates. He saw her look over to the woods for a bit then turn back to look into his eyes before turning back to what she was looking at before smiling. "Is that deer yours?" He would look over to what she was looking at but wouldn't see anything before turning back to see she was looking happily to a certain spot seemingly close by. "I guess it must be because I can't see anything." She giggled and nodded as Vergil relaxed his chakra and allowed his Sharingan to disappear. She would also let her Sharingan down before taking in a deep breath and stretching her limbs out and jumping up and down beside Vergil.

"So? Now that you know how best to use your Sharingan for Genjutsu you want to have a spar and get some training in for other techniques? I'm sure there are a few things I could teach you. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to learn a fire style jutsu or two. Do you know how to make a fireball?" Vergil nodded as she looked around the field before looking back to him. "What do you know so far?" Vergil watched her walk around the field for a bit before answering. "The fireball technique and the phoenix flower technique." She nodded with a smile as she walked onto the surface of the river's water and looked back over to him. "Ok. Then how about I teach you how to do the exploding flame shot technique while you learn your own moves with your sword? From what I've gathered you're a very quick learner, after all, so how about we have a little fun and spar for a bit?" Vergil shrugged and nodded as he walked over to her and stepped onto the surface of the river as she brought up her hands to form some hand seals before holding out her hand, palm up, to focus her fire chakra into it in front of him.

A ball of fire would appear in her hand as Vergil remembered reading about it in an encyclopedia he had bought at the shop a while back. The ball of fire acted as a cluster of powerful and destructive chakra as she allowed it to extinguish before stepping back and away from Vergil. "Alright! You now know how it's done. Just to let you know you can either hold the fire or shoot it from your mouth. How about you learn how to wield it on the go and fight me? It's a good way of seeing where you are compared to ninja of a higher class than you, after all, so show me what you're made of and we'll see how much more you have to learn." She would assume a stance as Vergil took in a breath and did his own few stretches throughout his body in order to get it ready for the oncoming battle. She watched him do this patiently as the waters that ran beneath her started to warp around her body as she called forth her chakra in order to get it warmed up.

Taking into account just how fast she was he had no doubt that, if she was serious, she could put him down in an instant. To go up against a Anbu was a step up from what he was used to, to be sure, but this was meant to only be a spar and nothing else. They both understood that the two of them were to walk off the field by the end of it all and not be carried out. Thus taking this to heart he would get down into a stance as he could see the water splitting up and separating by the sheer magnitude of her chakra as he felt like a child about to take on a lion, for a moment, before he allowed his own chakra to focus and the water around him swirled and exploded outwards. He could tell just from looking at the formations in the water flowing off of both their feet and aura that the water was reacting to his lightning nature while the water seemed to respond more in a way it would if a sword was cutting through the surface. This was a common thing seen from those whose main element was with wind as the two looked at each other for a moment, their normal eyes not yet utilizing the power of the Sharingan, as he took in a deep breath and closed his eyes to focus.

He would take his time to allow his body to acclimate to his surroundings as he could feel his strength begin to rise with his every breath. Taking in the time to look open his eyes and get a good look at his surroundings he could see everything moving slower than normal as he looked in front of him to his target and diverted every ounce of his strength into his legs. If he was to prove that he could hold his own against her he was going to have to show that his speed compared to hers wasn't something to scoff at as he got low into his stance, watching her prepare for him by getting low herself, before using his strength to propel himself forth at full speed. He was satisfied by this move as he saw a look of surprise come into her eyes as he circled around her and looked to deliver a punch to the back of her head.

She was able to see it coming, however, as she turned her head to the side to allow the fist to pass right by her face before bending downwards and directing a leg up in order to direct a strong kick up to his gut. He brought his forearms up to catch the kick as he was surprised by the level of force behind it and was propelled upwards into the air. Upon looking down to see where she was he could see she was gone as he looked around all over the ground for her before noticing a shadow that wasn't his near him. He looked above him to see her directing a heel downwards towards his head as he flipped over and caught her leg with his hands and flipped and threw her back down to the ground before bringing up his hands in order to form the same hand seals she had showed him not too long ago before taking a shallow breath and blowing outwards to blow a small ball of flames down to where she was.

The small and explosive ball would travel downwards towards her as she landed on the river right where she was and formed a few hand seals as the water around her swirled and floated upward in order to surround her not unlike a barrier. The fire hit the water and exploded in a remarkable fashion but when the smoke cleared she was still surrounded by water completely unharmed. He would watch her form a couple more hand seals before directing her hands up as swirls of water would shoot out from the barrier up towards him quickly. He would from his hand seals once more, this time different ones, before taking in a mighty breath and blowing out with force as, this time, a large ball of fire would erupt from his mouth and float down towards her as the water pellets would evaporate due to the power and heat coming off from the fireball. She would end up having to hop out of the way from her position as the barrier dropped back into the river and the ball of fire hit the water, sinking into the cool river and causing bubbles to form from the intense heat coming off of it, before the whole ball exploded outwards and ultimately didn't affect Saori at all.

Vergil landed on his feet a little bit away, flipping back towards the tree as he reached for the sword in it's sheath sitting at the base of the trunk and brought it around to hold in his left hand as he usually did. She saw this and immediately grew cautious as she was aware of just how skilled with a blade Vergil was and he could see the caution in her eyes as he stepped forward out from under the shade of the tree. He would stop just about ten meters away from her as she was still standing atop the water and he could see that her skin had taken a bit of a shinier wet like sheen to it as he could tell she was probably using some kind of technique to draw forth the water around her and cover herself up with it. He had heard of certain techniques that utilized the elements in such ways that the user could increase their physical or even mental qualities and he didn't know to be sure what water could do to improve someone's stability. What was really confusing him, however, was why she had been focusing mainly on water and not what Vergil surmised to be her bread and butter element which was wind. He wasn't really one to talk since he hadn't used lightning at all but he felt it was a good time to possibly get in a bit of practice.

After a while of posing up to each other, both of them getting into stances ready for the next attack to come towards either one of them, as Vergil pulled his sword from his sheath and cracked his neck before focusing strength into his legs and rushing forward once more. Saori was ready for him this time, however, as she formed a hand seal and swiped her hand sideways as Vergil activated his Sharingan to see the air around her hand sharpen before a huge amount of wind came rushing towards him and he had to duck in order to get out of the way. He watched the wind pass him from above as he continued his quick dash towards Saori as she got out a kunai in order to catch Vergil's incoming sword swing as his strength proved enough to make her skid along the surface as he could see her grit her teeth to try and push back against his strength.

This was a satisfying surprise to him as he could tell he was able to push her back with his strength and he quickly pulled away his blade from hers before swinging his legs around while using his chakra to make his body surf around her so that he'd be positioned behind her once again. Taking his blade he would swing it from his position horizontally towards her head as she quickly brought her arms up and caught the blade as he could now see her own Sharingan was activated. Now things were going to get intense as he was able to see that she could keep up with him even without her Sharingan activated. Now that they were shining brightly he knew things were about to get a whole lot more difficult for him as he flipped back and away from her as she got up from her position and turned to face him while shaking her arms and taking in a few breaths.

"Well color me impressed. I don't know how you got so much faster and stronger all of a sudden but I must say it's not an unpleasant surprise. I don't know what the mistress was talking about when she mentioned how worried about you she was. You've proven yourself more than strong enough to be able to hold your own if you're able to give me trouble physically." She put her kunai back into her pouch behind her belt before bringing her hands up and forming a few hand seals while watching Vergil closely. "But let's see how you handle my speed in Ninjutsu. I don't like to brag but apart from my Genjutsu skills I've always been told I have quite the knack for chakra control in physical jutsu. Hope you don't get caught in this!" Vergil didn't know what she meant by that other than the possibility of a big jutsu coming though he got into a defensive stance all the same as, by watching her hand seals closely with his Sharingan, he was able to tell that what was coming was going to be a fire style jutsu as she took a very deep breath and blew out with force.

Suddenly Vergil's entire vision became surrounded in flames as the fire she blew out from her mouth spread in order to form a large wall in front of him quickly making it's way towards him! In shock from the size of the flames and the deadly heat coming from them he would focus all his strength into his legs once more as he hopped up and over the flames while getting out a few kunai from his pouch. Flipping in the air as the flames passed safely under him he would toss two kunai her way, a shiny wire tied to the ends of each one, as Saori would stop blowing and hop away from him. Luckily Vergil had been aiming at the ground beside her as she kunai sank into the ground and he pulled at the connected wires as he was propelled towards the ground and near her position. This would surprise her as she smirked and readied her hands to form seals again as this time she formed different and numerous hand seals quickly as water around her started to rotate as he landed on the ground. From out of the water a large dragon like creature would form as it shot up and out towards Vergil as he picked up his kunai and hopped out of the way just as the dragon slammed into the ground right where he was and the splash was powerful enough to force him back farther than he intended to go.

He flipped over onto his feet, taking in a few breaths in order to ready himself, before he could feel his inner strength slowly dwindling due to the technique he had been using in order to keep his speed and strength up was draining out of him. He saw things starting to speed up to his reaction speed as she formed two quick hand seals and blew out a large fireball coming towards him. He felt he had no choice now but to use a technique he'd been practicing in secret as he focused the lightning nature within him outwards in all directions as the ball of fire passed over him. Saori looked worried, her Sharingan looking all around the fireball to see if Vergil had gotten out of the way anywhere, as she began to rush towards the fireball but was halted by it suddenly exploding into a blaze of hot embers that floated in the wind. Smoke surrounded the area that it had exploded upon as she headed inside to look for Vergil while coughing and calling out his name.

She was surprised to see Vergil's crouched and unharmed form but was also surprised to see that, surrounding his body in a sphere like shape, was a ball of pure lightning that looked as though it had just barely kept back and away from Vergil the power of the fireball's explosion. She watched as the lightning slowly vanished and he shakily got up to his feet and formed a few hand seals as green chakra flowed through his hands and he brought one of his hands to his forearm as a burn had formed along the skin's surface and she made her way to him. "Ok. I think that's enough training for one day. We should get you home and get that burn checked out." Vergil took in a breath and nodded as he made his way out of the smoldering and small crater that was surrounding him as they went to the trunk and she picked up her wrapped plastic sandwiches and unwrapped one for him.

"Here. Eating will get your strength back up and help you get to the village a lot easier." She smiled as he took the sandwich from her and she saw that the burn had been healed mostly away as she gave an impressed look. "Very nice healing, by the way. Come on! Let's get you home." She stood beside him closely as they made their way off of the training field, Vergil remaining silent as he ate the entire journey back to the village gates, as they passed the familiar trees and crunchy leaves as they looked up and saw that the sky was still very cloudy as they were happy that their training session didn't have to be on a super hot day as the days were usually being. As they made their way past the gates Vergil saw that no ninja guarding the gate was in any hurry to try and stop Saori from entering as she smirked and had a little smug self celebration as they both made their way along the streets towards Vergil's home. The smells of restaurants cooking up their special dishes filled the air from all around them and supplied their noses with the most delicious of smells.

As Vergil entered his home through the front door Saori closely entered and made her way into the kitchen before coming back out with a water bottle and asked Vergil to take a seat in his chair. She would then form her own medical hand seals and her hands became shrouded in a deep green aura before she began to run her hands all along the burn as Vergil drank the bottle of water thirstily and was impressed just how much Saori could do. Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, medical jutsu, multiple elements under her belt, and the Mangekyo Sharingan at her beck and call made her a highly capable ninja he was beginning to see why she was able to acquire a rank within the Leaf's hardcore Anbu members. Taking a moment to relax as he could feel his arm getting much better he looked down to find the burn completely gone as she took her hands away and allowed her chakra to withdraw. She smiled to him before getting up and making her way to the kitchen as he could hear the sink running as dishes were being moved around. He could only guess she was washing dishes as he shrugged and laid back in his chair in order to allow his body rest as he enjoyed his water bottle. It had been another successful day of training and he could only hope that the next day would be successful as well.


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Mon Oct 07, 2019 12:45 am
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