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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Stat Page : The father,
The son,
The daughter
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 155

Scrapman -- E-Rank Mission Empty Scrapman -- E-Rank Mission

Sun Sep 29, 2019 8:50 am
The mission was simple: clean up the training grounds. The blacksmith had been the one posting the notice which Kaito promptly took, it seemed like easy work to clean the grounds. Once he made it to the blacksmith to get more details, he was given a pair of thick gloves with which to collect the scrap; they came with a return notice. The blacksmith, a burly man, made sure to underline the need to collect every piece of scrap from every training ground, as well as replace the dilapidated and broken targets and dummies. The grounds had the scrap depositories and closets with dummies and targets, just needed someone dedicated to keeping the grounds usable. 

Kaito took off, the thick gloves tightly held in his grip. As he made it to the first ground, he looked around for scrap, and realized most of it was beyond the target dummies. “Bloody animals…” he thought, immediately disgusted at people who refused to pick up after themselves like regular humans. Moreso because they were supposed to be a ninja, and held to a different standard than a regular village person. As he picked up handfuls of kunai coated in dirt and fungi, he figured he’d have to come up with a new system to pick all the stuff from the back of the dummies, so he just started hurling the damaged gear in the general direction of the scraping area, making sure it was empty lest he hit some young poor soul with rusty broken gear. “Would probably teach them not to leave their broken stuff on the ground.”

The only thing he couldn’t throw was the wire, which he had no clue how it got there. Did someone deliberately came here just to dump the used wire? 

When he got back to the scrap area, he had to once again pick up the trashed gear and place it on the big containers that would later be collected; he made sure to crouch, pick up the scrap, and skillfully arc it through the air to land on the scrap bin, rather than bending downward and collecting the stuff from the floor. He wasn’t a young genin anymore, he had to care about how he operated his body. 

Soon after, he made his way to the dummies and targets; whichever had too many chips, or was deteriorating, molding and just in poor condition in general, he unscrewed from the ground barriers, lifted it, and carried it to the trash. He would then take a brand new one, carry it all the way to the post, place it carefully and screw it into the ground barriers to secure it tightly. The target boards had demarcated circles but no paint to them, possibly to prevent chipping of the paint. Kaito went to the storage, took small, fresh buckets of paint, and carefully circle the brushes through the inside of the demarcated circles. He hung a few notices on the painted targets warning of fresh paint. Looking around the park, he felt he made a difference, even though only the targets and dummies were new. 

As he made his way through other parks, he met academy students and genin alike, and he asked them to be mindful of utilizing the training grounds, and respecting not only themselves, but their fellow ninja who wished to use the grounds safely, and of course, the villagers and blacksmiths who produced and utilized the materials they used to train. Most of the academy students were very receptive to the message, some of the genin twisted their noses at him as though they didn’t respect him since he didn’t look like much of a ninja. Nonetheless, Kaito cleared each and every park, and at the end of the day, collected his reward.

TWC: 630
Claiming: 500Ryo from mission, 100Ryo genin salary, 3 Stamina stats
Okuyama Sorai
Okuyama Sorai
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Scrapman -- E-Rank Mission Empty Re: Scrapman -- E-Rank Mission

Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:00 am
Approved, but for missions you only gain stats at 400 WC per stat. Unfortunately this means you only gain 1 stat. However, E-rank missions award 1 bonus AP, so there's a small consolation prize.

Also, if you could put the mission specs into a spoiler from now on that would be great.
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