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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: To Kill a Killer (solo/nk) Empty Flash Back: To Kill a Killer (solo/nk)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:13 am
Chuta needed to practice. He needed to get some of this hate out. The death of his uncle was starting to drive him crazy. The person that did was crazed, and he barely survived the attack. If he wasn't strong enough then, he might now be strong enough now.

The air burned his lungs as he breathed. The run was already three miles and he could feel it. He needed to get to seven and then run back. The distance to the store and back again, he wasn't going to buy anything, he wasn't going to carry anything back. He used the shop as a reference point.

Tee burning in his longs grew deeper and more painful. He slowed his breath and held it in for a moment, then he released and breathed out. The pain in his right side went away. Then it came back. when he breathed in. It was a normal sharp pain. He always got it when he ran but right now, his frustration was getting to him. Calm down the dragon said within him, You need to be stronger and Chuta agreed.

He was a mile further now. His mind was starting to calm. The pain in his side was subsiding. The frustration n his head wasn't as bad. The dragon didn't speak again, that part of him that had to be better than everyone else. The part that was good, but evil at the same time. He wasn't sure how to describe it, a type of chaos that plagued him.

Chuta continued. When he got to the store he turned around and headed back. Though the path was a little different. Behind the store was a wooded space that had a trail, it headed back towards the apartment. Wait, he wasn't staying in the apartment any more. He couldn't, though the hotel was only a few blocks from there.

The run back was a little more interesting. Going through the woods he could hear to birds and animals moving around. He could hear deer playing, at least that is what he thought he could hear, they might have been mice playing, birds moving, other animals nesting.

Near by was a bog. Chuta could smell it. Rank with the smell of sulfur. There might have been crocodiles or other animals near by.

When he was home, the hotel that he was staying at, he ran up the stairs, all three flights, and barged through the door. His vision was going bright. He couldnt see anything. Hitting the wall was nothing like it used to be for him. Now it was just proof that he skipped breakfast. His blood sugar was low. He needed something. After puking into the toilet he went into the living room.

On the walls were pictures of Konoha. The city was shown at street level in each of them with pictures of people. Some were of groups, others suspects that Chuta thought could have killed his uncle. The last few days he had been busy gathering information. Spying on some people, going through trash, through mail. He knew that it could be considered questionable what he was doing. He didn't care.

A few people had records of being incarcerated, others were put into mental institutions, some very recently. He needed more information. He needed to get to those hospitals and look into some of their files. He had to be sure before he killed someone. The dragon in him, it told him to kill, but also to be sure. He had a feeling it would tear him apart from the inside if he killed someone innocent.

Chuta turned on a light that in the corner of the room. The only furniture in the room was a bed, a chair, a table, a dresser, and TV. The TV, he hasn't turned it on in days. Chuta was too busy running around looking at suspects. He asked himself if he was loosing it. But he shrugged it off. Him asking the question was enough proof for him that he wasn't.

The Konoha ninja were investigating the crime as well. When Chuta brought them the information they said they would, "take it under advisement" whatever that meant. He knew this was only one thing on the pile of many. He would find and kill this person himself.

Breaking into a secured hospital for the mentally ill, it might look a little crazy on the outside, but Chuta knew he could do it, knew that he needed to get the information. He sat there that night, planning it all out. Entering the building and getting around would be the most difficult. Getting on the computer and finding the information, that would be easy. He might be able to ask, though he'd need to come up with the perfect excuse.


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Flash Back: To Kill a Killer (solo/nk) Empty Re: Flash Back: To Kill a Killer (solo/nk)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:53 am
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