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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK) Empty Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:22 pm
All dressed up. Chuta looked in the mirror and tightened his tie. It was all black and matched his black suit. His hair wasn't done, he didn't feel like brushing it, he let it wave every which way. He had scruff under his chin where he hadn't shaved for two days, it was more like hair now. His shoes were black. Everything seemed so dark.

Why was everything black at funerals? It made it so sad and dark, why wouldn't people just remember his uncle like he was, lively and lovable? He was the kind of person that would give hugs to people he didn't know, give money to the people on the street, help the innocent, feed the hungry, if he knew someone needed something, he would take action. People loved Chuta's uncle, and they loved him back.

There was over three hundred that attended that day. Most shook Chuta's hand like he was his sun. It was true, he was the closest thing to a father that Chuta has ever had. He loved him like a father and would avenge him no matter the cost. The man who did this to him, he must die, and suffer, and cry, and be in pain, and. Tears rolled down Chuta's face.

"He was a lovely man. Let us say good by now." The priest said. The casket began to be lowered into the ground. The way down, a hall way that couldn't be followed. He looked at the group of people around of him. Some were crying, others were looking at the grave, Chuta wasn't sure if it was admiration, fear, anger, or grieving in general. He assumed that people went through a bunch of different stages when people died. He only felt one. Anger.

The dragon within him looked at the grave and saw it as a reason to kill. Someone has done something horrible and he needed to punish them. The dragon needed blood. Chuta was going to feed him. Though, he would have to wait till after his uncle was buried.

It seemed cruel, the dragon didn't have feelings, it didn't care. He has been in Chuta for years waiting for something. First, the awakening. Then, the sight. When, projection happened, when he learned it, it was like someone shacked the dragon and said, "Hey you, wake the hell up! Kill everyone." Though, Chuta had a feeling there was a little bit of himself inside the creature. He started to wonder if he was healthy. Just naming the other side of himself, Dragon, the part that wanted to kill every evil person on the planet. The murderer of his uncle to start.

Chuta walked up to the desk of the hospital. It was a large building, the walls were made of brick. The desk was wood and the lady that sat behind it was older. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail that was freckled with brown in an ocean of white. Her eyes were green.

"Hello, how can I help you?" The lady said. She set down a clip board she had been writing on.
"Hello ma'am." Chuta said, "I was wondering if you had information on a patient. It has to do with a death in the family." He said. He wasn't lying.
"What is the name?"
Chuta pulled out a peace of paper. He didn't want to say it aloud. Who knew if someone was listening and their were bound to be video cameras.
"Ah, yes, he is on the second flood, room 298."
"Oh, he's here now?" Chuta was surprised.
"Why yes. He has been here for about a month."
"Never mind." Chuta walked away.

It couldn't have been the man he was looking for. It had been less than a month sense his uncle has died. But he wasn't going to give up so easy, there was more than one person on his list. The next stop was another hospital on the other side of town.

Chuta wondered if he was really planning on killing the guy. Of course you are the dragon said, I need it...

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:15 pm
It was the next day. Chuta was on a run and he could feel the pain in his side subside. It was the normal sharp pain of lactic acid build up in his intercostal space between his ribs. He found that breathing right helped a lot. Breathing in for three seconds, holding it for a moment, then breathing out for two seconds. The pain would disappear after a few miles of running. Around number three he would feel it just a little, but then it would go away till cool down.

It was the last day of the week and he had been running around twelve miles a day since it started. He decided to go the way of the swamp this time. Passing through it he could smell the sulfur, in random parts of the run he could smell death. The smell that animals gave off when they passed away, any animal, especially humans, could tell what it was from a mile away. It was a part of the circle of life.

Chuta felt the ground mush under his feet. The path was beginning to get softer as it neared the water. Cocktails and lilies sprinkled the water, bunches of them grouped as it got closer to the shore. The water was calm, animals could hide there, many and of all kinds. Crocodiles, cranes, though they weren't that special. They weren't anything like summons. He remembered hearing stories about the legendary ninja, they could summon huge creatures. It boggled Chuta's mind, how much chakra it would have to take.

The hiss of a creature caused Chuta to shutter to a stop. It was a crocodile, the large creature blocked his path and hissed at him. It's mouth was wide its tail moved in wide, exaggerated, movements. Chuta looked around slowly. The ground around the trail was patted down and pushed away. He could see that the croc had a nest near by. Chuta backed away slowly. He lifted his arms in a stop motion as if the creature could understand. Luckily it didn't attack. Though, he might be fast enough to get away. Chuta worked his way down the mushy ground and found himself four yards away from the crocodile.

He decided to simply jump up on the tree branches and hop from one to another down the path. He would pass the croc and jump down after being about forty meters away. When jumping he could see the crocs nest. There were a lot of eggs and another animal was coming by. Chuta didn't want to watch. Part of the food chain.

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:01 pm
When he got home he showered, grabbed a thing of raman noodles, added water and threw it into the microwave. Walked over to the wall and took a look. Maps and pictures of people were scattered on it, some were linked together with tacks and yarn, others simply piled on top of another. Writing in large dark letter with a permanent marker was written on some of them, things like, "What time?", "Who does he know?", and "Where did he come from?" where on some of them. It had arrows pointing to pictures of people, a question, was this the guy?

Chuta didn't get a good look at the mans face. He heard his voice, full of anger and hate, it was like he had actually come there to kill Chuta, but got his uncle instead. He tried not to dwell on that, this wasn't his fault, it was this evil in the man he was hunting. Chuta wanted to poke him and see if it could be drained from his body, he wanted to see what color evil was...

Chuta took a marker. Crossing out the picture of the man he was investigating today, the microwave went off. He held a fork in his mouth and grabbed his bowl. It was hot but not hot enough to hurt. He set the bowl down and took a seat. If it was a usual day he might be watching TV, instead he looked at the wall. Pictures of people that he had taken a few days earlier. It had been twelve days, four hours, and thirty minutes since his uncle died.

He gazed the pictures till he fell asleep. This wasn't the first night that he had done it. After eating the raman he would feel it sitting heavy in his belly. He would think of ways to kill the man. How it would be best, the fastest? No... The dragon demanded punishment, not mercy.

Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK)

Mon Sep 16, 2019 11:35 pm
"Hoshi Kega" Chuta said, "this is the guy." He lifted a picture to show the lady at the hospital. "Have you seen him in the last, say twenty days?" He asked, hoping the answer was no.
"Well, yes, he just got out of the hospital." The women said.
"Oh." Chuta sighed.
"He has been in and out for around a month."
"In and out? Do you have those dates?" Chuta asked. If he could compare those dates to the date his uncle died, he maybe able to figure out the culprit's lifestyle. And then he could figure everything else out.
"I can print it out for you." She said, then printed the information and handed it to him. Chuta took the information and shoved it into his pocket. He would take it home and figure out a game plan, figure out if he had finally found his uncles murderer.

His house was full of the pictures. He sat down and compared the information, and posted the picture back up on his wall. He grabbed the marker of his and started to jot down the time frame of that night. He had come home from the mission and found the guy. He spoke a bunch of crazy words and jumpped out the window, but his schedule wasn't what he needed. It was his uncles.

His uncle was working late that day. Stopped at the grocery store and came home. There was a struggle. Patterns on the carpet and blood spatter all indicated a kunai was used. Chuta couldn't look at the pictures of his dead uncle. But the death was supposed to have happened around ten o'clock that night. The body temperature jutsu and special summoned dogs, all the tools they used to search the area. On the paper the woman gave him the times lined up. The man had been out for a day. Mister Hoshi was sent back to the hospital two days later.

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A Day He Wont Forget (Solo/NK)

Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:40 pm
Chuta was on the top of the building across from the hospital. All of the windows were bared up, the glass was thick and hard to get through, the doors were watched by patrolling ninja. Hmm. We can't just kill them all. The dragon said, the part of him that wasn't so tame even found this daunting. We can wait till he escapes again. Then we can take him out. Chuta sighed.

Dark clouds began to roll in from the east, it started to smell like rain on the wind, and before Chuta knew it he was pulling up his hood to keep dry. The storm moved quickly above as he got off the top of the building. Once on the street he started to walk north. There was no reason to walk this way really, he just needed time to think. Time to go over his options.

This man, Mister Kega, why did he kill his uncle? Chuta couldn't help but think it was because of hate for the Pendragon clan, but he couldn't wrap his head around it. Why would anyone hate them? They did nothing but good for the world. Though, war does harm innocent people sometimes... the dragon spoke. But this guy was int he hospital, he was sick, his mind wasn't right, And we... "We aren't going to kill him" Chuta said.

He could feel the weight of the world lifting off of his shoulder, the stress falling away. But he could feel it within himself, the dragon was still thirsty. It still needed blood. The reasoning was enough to keep the dragon quiet, to keep his mind sane.

Chuta would spend the next few days meditating. Getting deeper into his subconious he would learn more about this dragon, what drives it? what are its principles? what is it's purpose?


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