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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A vision (P/NK) Empty Flash Back: A vision (P/NK)

Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:47 am
Chuta took a deep breath. This was his third day trying meditation. He was actually starting to feel better. The dragon hasn’t spoken in two days and he was starting to get used to the normal peace within his head. His breathing wasn’t sporadic, he wasn’t thinking about his uncle as much, and he wasn’t thinking about blood.

If those things did happen to jump into his mind he would start to breath like he does with meditation. He found that not using his projection or pendragon type abilities sucked some of the power from the thoughts. But he really wanted to understand, not just kill that part of him. As he got closer to a meditative state he could almost hear the dragons snores, a peaceful buzz in his head, he could listen to it and almost speak with the dragon in a calm manner, without it demanding some crazy persons head.

He wasn’t doing guided meditation anymore. Instead he and a bunch of others were sitting in a circle and just meditating near each other. The sense of calm and stillness that radiated from each of his friends helped Chuta achieve what he wanted. To speak on a human level with the dragon. It was time to wake it up again.

He pictured himself in an open field. Grass was all green, there were no trees or bushes. No towns or cites in view. No people ran around or played. It was empty other than the green grass, the blue sky, wisps of cloud that floated past, and the high noon sun that was beating down.

He took another breath. He could feel the rise and fall of his chest, it broke his concentration every time. He had to hold his breath to make the vision last as long as possible, but didn’t hold it enough that it made him pant when he started to breath again. After a few more minutes it stopped bothering him and he was able to focus again.

He pictured the field, the grass, the sun. Now he pictured the dragon. It was curled into a ball. Snoring and whips of smoke raised from its nostrils. It’s body was long and snake like, its face old and peaceful. It’s color was red. It had gray fins that lines it’s spine. Teeth poked out from it’s mouth, they looked to be the size of Chuta’s body. In all, this creature was as large as a building. As large as one of the hospitals Chuta had visited a few days before.

He wasn’t sure if he should wake it. Now that he pictured the creature, it frightened him. His breath quickened, he tried to slow it and focus. “Green grass, calm sky, bright sun” he thought to himself. “And... and red dragon” he breathed. The dragon was still awake when he calmed his vision again. Curled up into a tight ball, how could he disturb it? It was beautiful and peaceful right now. Plus, would it try to hurt him if he woke it up? “Nah, this thing is part of me. My subconscious even. It won’t hurt me.” Chuta tried to convince himself.

“Hey you!” Chuta yelled. His voice was hesitant for the first syllable but got more confident as the word came out. “Hey! Wake up!” He yelled when the thing didn’t move. Maybe he was like an ant to this guy, maybe his voice was small and hard to hear. On the outside Chuta continued to breath deeply, keeping himself in the vision.

The aging shook slowly. It’s movements were large and like it was moving in water. “Hmmm.” The thing sounded and then let forth a large yawn. It’s teeth were large and shown prominently, all white and clean, even though it’s breath was pushed toward Chuta he couldn’t smell anything but wind. “Hmm” the thing said. It’s sleepy eyes gazed down at Chuta with wonder. “What are you doing here?” It spoke. It’s voice was calm and slow, it had the sound of what he’d imagined, though this dragon was much more ”... tired.” The creature completes his thought. “How can I help you?” It said.

Chuta almost stumbled back. Could this really be the thing that has been causing him all of the issues, a tired old dragon? He looked up at it, “what’s your name?” He asked. It was a simple place, but he had to start somewhere.

“My name? My name is Seiichi.” It said, “Seiichi Mark.” The dragons long body shifted a little and fell a story as it bent it’s face down and close to Chuta’s. “I have been waiting for you.” It spoke. “There is much of our tail that you do not understand or know. We can converse here, but know that my body is limited to the confines of your mind.” It said. “There are aspects of the Pendragon clan you must come to realize.” It’s face backed up and it’s snake like body slid around Chuta in a huge circle. “Things that limit us...” the voice darkened a bit.

“Limits us how?” Chuta asked.

“Your mind limits me. See my color?! I am not red, I am yellow as you are!” The dragons voice got louder, more mean. “We are yellow. Don’t you know these things?” The dragon stood up on two of its massive claws and lunged for Chuta. He held his breath as to feel the impact, a part of his conscious mind was surprised he hadn’t broken the vision, when he opened his eyes the dragon was passing through him. He could feel peace’s if his memory returning, peace’s that he should of had from birth but were lost.

“The battle on the river.” The dragon recalled, “it was great, and the king had won.” It continued. “The battle in the wood” It said again. For each syllable the dragon spoke, images of the battle raged in Chuta’s mind. He could see it. Feel it. Smell the blood in the air. “The battle of the keep” the dragon finished.


“Hey Chuta.” His friend shook him awake. The world around him fell away and he found himself back in the training yard surrounded by his friends. “You coming with, we are going to get some barbecue?” His friend asked. Chuta’s stomach was growling.

“Yeah. I’ll come with you guys.” He got up and brushed off his knees and butt, a small plume of grass fell away and they began to walk back to the busier parts of town.

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A vision (P/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A vision (P/NK)

Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:30 pm
That night chuta tried to meditate again but never got as deep as he had earlier. The vision must have has something to do with being outside in the open, surrounded by so many people and the calm of the situation. He couldn't force this. But he needed to do something. He started to plow through some of the books that his uncle had left him. One was called, "The Dance of the River Glen". It seemed interesting, the cover was all leather bound and there was an engraved picture of a woodland landscape with a river passing through it on the cover.

The book was kind of dry at first, but when it mentioned techniques of the Pendragon Chuta's ears perked up. There were so many books and scrolls his family had that seemed to teach him things. Without them he may have never known about his true origins. Anger about his uncle slid to the side and thankfulness flooded in. If his uncle and father weren't so eager to learn about their past when they were younger, he may have never found out so much now. It was a wonder that they never told him, he had a feeling there were shadows lurking in their pasts, but there was no foreseeable way to tell that now.

Chuta continued to read. The book went on about how Pendragons tended towards specific things. Colors coordinated with skill set, apparently his yellow dragon wasn't lying. He was supposed to be a type of specialist, someone skilled in all the arts and techniques about their clan. Someone who would be thirsting for more. Chuta could feel that inside him. Maybe that is what he hungered. Maybe it wasn't after blood after all, but greatness. Not a greatness given by people, but by learning everything there was an learning it to the best of his abilities. Not just anything but things that pertained specificlly to his Pendragon heritage.

Where would he start? He thought...

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A vision (P/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A vision (P/NK)

Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:36 pm
The barbacue hit the spot. Chuta and his friends are and laughed, it was like things were back to normal. His uncle was still dead, horrible things still happened. He could still picture his uncles casket being lowered into the ground slowly, but he actually started to feel sane. When him and his friends departed he went back to the hotel he was staying at and removed all the pictures and the map of Konoha and removed the string and tacks. Throwing it into the trash and moving on.


Sitting there, Chuta mediated again, the grass under his legs. The wind blowing gently over the grassy field. He could hear children playing in the distance. He was a small park in Konoha, it was near the hotel he was staying at. He couldn’t muster enough courage to go back to his uncles apartment, it was starting to get to the point were he was going to have to pay full price, he was going to have to move out soon. But where he would go he wasn’t sure.

He had a few friends, maybe he could stay with them for a while. Just a few more months. After that he thought he would feel a little better and be able to go and pack up his uncles things. They all sat there like monument, waiting for things to be learned about the old mans past.

Chuta breathed. He pushed the thoughts out of his head and found himself focusing on his breath. The emptying of his lungs, their filling, emptying again. The breathing interrupted his empty mind once in a while, but he was able to focus and soon he found himself back in the open field, standing in front of the yellow dragon that was before him. It’s massive structure reminded Chuta of a building, it’s sides were twice his size, the creatures head was large enough to be a house, it’s teeth looked sharp and big enough to make horses into shish kabob meat. Chuta stumbles back when the thing moved.

“You again” It said. “What more do you want from me?” It’s words came out slow and boomed with each syllable.
“Where did you come from?” Chuta asked.”I know you cane from inside me, but I’ve never seen you before.” He said.
The dragon looked down at him with large eyes that were glowing a deep gold. “I’m inside you. Your ambition. Your dive. Your hate. Your goals. Your values.” The dragon slithered over to Chuta’s right side. It’s body moved with ease, he had never seen anything like it, even in vision it was remarkable to behold. “I am simply a voice to guide you on your journey forward. We will encounter many things, and together, we will achieve them. The deeper you dig, the more you will unlock. So please.. continue.” The dragon lunged at Chuta, it’s mouth wide.

Chuta was shaking. His breath ragged and hard to control. Sweat was heading down his face... “what did I just see..?” He questioned if it was only a vision. More like a nightmare.

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Chuta Pendragon
Chuta Pendragon
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Flash Back: A vision (P/NK) Empty Re: Flash Back: A vision (P/NK)

Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:55 am
Meditation. He didn't think he could do it again. The nightmare before. It was like the dragon was going to eat him. He knew he couldn't he was apart of him, he was him. The dragon simply represented himself, his ambition, it was just amplified a little. The dragon was a thing that seemed to what Chuta was striving for, it hungered for everything, amplified it, drove it to succeeded, though when Chuta was angry it seemed to increase that as well, everything he wanted, it was the downside to his abilities maybe, to this drive.

Chuta was walking.

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