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A New Vision [P] Empty A New Vision [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:27 am
OOC Note: I can't post youtube links for 7 days on my Gin account so I'm posting on this one. Sad

The bar was dimly lit almost in a romantic sense. If it hadn't been for the company of mafioso, bandits, thieves, and mercenaries, one almost could've mistaken it for a classy restaurant. Cards, wine, and cash were on every table, each lit up by a few candles as well as the many small candle chandeliers above. The bartender was attending to some patrons sitting on finished wooden stools across a mahogany counter. The color theme was red velvet with secondary colors of ebony and mahogany. The carpet was a lush velvet, and the cushions on every chair were the same. The furniture was constructed of either ebony or mahogany, with some brass facets where needed. Every table was covered with a thick expensive velvet table cloth. Almost no food was being served, but drink was plentiful. The owner ran a tight ship and had high expectations of his customers- no smoking or pets allowed indoors. It was certainly one of the harder requests for them to abide by, but they did so nonetheless because of the reputation of the club. It was one of the finest private establishments in the area, and exclusive membership was given based off a combination of notoriety and coin. Only the best and baddest were allowed into the venue, with the exception of one teenager of course.

Gin had been making some extra money on the side at this club as a musician. He entertained the guests from 9 pm til 2 am as the pianist; the finishing touch on the royal atmosphere. He eavesdropped on any conversation within earshot, always listening for any potential jobs or targets. Unfortunately, tonight he had no such luck. Almost all of the conversation was focused on the ongoing Kage Summit, which bored the young musician. Like almost any other night, Gin received his fair share of complements from the prostitutes and older gentleman, but was seldom tipped. This used to annoy the boy a lot when he was starting out. After all, he didn't fish for any complements and it wasn't what would feed him and his sister. He was just a young and poor musician after all, with few prospects unless he got a big break. He was starting to wish he hadn't left Shima; at least there he could've had some hope as a shinobi. Maybe there was still a chance of him succeeding as one on his own out here, he often thought to himself, he just had to get ahold of the right opportunity.

As the patrons began to leave around closing time and Gin collected his due from the owner, a voice rang out through the twin's head. These voices were commonplace, often telling him to act out in violent ways or trying to affect his psyche to depress him or give him anxiety. He had learned since he was young to ignore them, but it was always getting worse over time. He used the music as a way to drown out the voices. When there was total quiet it was almost unbearable. This particular voice always haunted him, nagging him for his blindness and ignorance. It always seemed to revolve around how Gin was incapable of seeing the voice, and the voice trying to drive him to lash out at the nearest person.

Gin left the club and walked back to his humble apartment nearby, afforded to him graciously by the club owner. It was small and poorly furnished only having 2 twin beds, a desk, 2 chairs, and a small table that he used as both a nightstand and a place to eat most of his meals. There was a small kitchen consisting of a stove, oven, and some cabinets with barely enough counter space to place a tray. Lastly there was a small bathroom with a sink, toilet, and small bathtub/shower that seemed more fit for a 10 year old than a young man or woman. The walls were bare aside from one framed poster showing Gin with his mask on playing his violin with the words "Night Prince IN CONCERT" below. He cringed now at his pseudonym, but 3 years ago he thought it was fitting. It still was fitting in many ways, but it definitely came across as a name only a middle schooler would devise. The only other notable parts of the room were the wide but narrow closet with a mirror attached to one of the two doors, a dusty window with cheap shades, and of course Gin's keyboard and violin case that he kept away from everything else.

Rin was out still, and Gin took that time to unwind. Before he could even get undressed though, the sinister voice returned. "Gin, you can't hide from the truth forever. You know what it is that you're missing. A fundamental part that you've been missing your whole life. Embrace me, embrace the darknessss," the voice hissed in his head. Gin had ignored the voices for almost 15 years now, but something this time around made him question what it was he was missing. Maybe it was the fact that he had made less money than usual that night, or that he was feeling particularly jaded with his lifestyle and really wanted to go somewhere and become something, or maybe it's that he was truly seeking advice and direction from anyone or anything, whatever the source. Regardless of the reason, Gin decided to entertain the voice for once. Being alone made it all the easier to talk aloud and communicate with it. "Ok, I'll entertain you this time. What is it that I'm missing? What is it that I can't see?" Gin asked, somewhat exasperated with the voice's antics.

"Oshishishishiiiii~", the demon snickered, "Everything! I've been with you this whole time, and not once have you ever said my name or even tried to find me, you ungrateful welp. If it weren't for me, you'd be dead.  We NEED each other Gin, all you have to do is embrace the darkness in your heart and that surrounds you..." the forboding voice claimed. At that moment, the lights went out in the apartment and true darkness began to shape and mold its way around the teenage boy. A black shapeless and massless spiritual energy surrounded Gin. It was strange. Despite the circumstances, Gin felt no fear but was completely paralyzed. "Embrace it, huh? I just want to know the truth behind who I am and who you are. I'll let you have your way for that," Gin grinned menacingly. He hadn't felt like this in a very long time. It was a yearning for true freedom and to satisfy a desire to inflict harm. Gin let the darkness surround him in its cocoon. It was cold yet hot at the same time, like frostbyte. Gin welcomed it.

The lights turned back on and the darkness all but vanished for the time being. Gin felt stronger and couldn't even recognize himself when he looked at the closet mirror. His outward appearance remained virtually unchanged aside from his now crimson eyes, but on the inside he found new ambition and lust. An intense ambition for power and total domination somehow presented itself at the forefront of his mind. Suddenly, he felt like he was entitled to rule the world. "So this is it, huh? This is the power of the truth and darkness. How inspiring!" Gin exclaimed, striding over to the keyboard he felt he had to translate his thoughts and newfound power into music. As always, he just put his fingers to the keys and let them fly away without a second thought.

The darkness truly was lovely. His creativity was limitless, and his musicality and intuition seemed to exceed anything he was previously capable of performing. Even though he was exhausted from the day, he couldn't stop himself from playing through the twilight until dawn. Rin never returned that night, but as protective as Gin was of her he knew that she was more than capable of handling herself now. She was almost certainly the stronger of the two after all.

Letting out a substantive yawn, Gin looked at himself in the mirror once more. His eyes continued to have a reddish hue, albeit not glowing and solid like they had earlier.

"I suppose I should explain. That darkness is part of me. As you know I've been with you for almost all of your life. We're effectively symbiotic beings, or two beings in one. Because you exist, I can live, and because I exist you can live. By embracing the darkness you've finally activated your Meigan and have set me more or less free in your subconscious. You'll finally be able to see me in the daytime, but that's only possible because of the Meigan. You should know that you're not the only one to be a host to Yuumei, or my kind; however, I specifically chose you to be my host. I sensed in you extraordinary talent and motivation to live a meaningful life and knew that you would eventually seek the truth and the power that I offer. More importantly, I knew you'd be able to handle my presence. Think of Yuumei as a sentient chakra form, one that exists outside of a human's chakra network. Only a select few can withstand the nature of Yuumei. Welcome to the rest of your life. From here on out, you're in control," the voice trailed off mysteriously.

Unsure of what the demon meant, Gin assumed he wouldn't have to deal with the constant voices echoing in his head or the night terrors. Relieved, Gin finally felt like he could take control of his own destiny. Perhaps now he would be able to find some opportunity to set out on an adventure and bring some meaning to his dull life. Finally undressing himself from the previous day and putting on a more comfortable shirt to sleep in, Gin slipped into bed and fell asleep as the sun rose. The darkness seemingly faded from every corner of the room, but Gin intuitively knew that if he activated his Meigan that he'd be able to see once again. As the demon said: welcome to the rest of your life. Starting tomorrow, Gin would set out on his own to seek opportunity instead of waiting for it to come to him. He was taking charge of his life. He'd leave a note for Rin detailing where he was going and leaving some money for her, though he hoped she would just follow him. Then he'd pack his bags and take his violin- leaving his keyboard as it was too large to carry- and seek out job offers and contracts in the black market. With any hope, he'd find something more interesting than his current lifestyle.

----------- EXIT ------------
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A New Vision [P] Empty Re: A New Vision [P]

Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:44 am
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