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Life is too short Empty Life is too short

Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:19 am
Yasaki a young man who lived on his own and who hasn't seen his family for sometime. He was a fourteen-year-old Shinobi walking around with no village was dangerous. But Yasaki knew he had to do something for himself and for his family that haven't been around. It would be a tight day, but he couldn't care less because the only thing on his mind was sleeping. He was a fan of the books and was interested in them heavily, seeking knowledge for him it was important. Whilst staying on his comfy white bed, Yasaki would relax his whole body as he would stretch and inspect onto his left. He inspected onto his left and saw his martial arts clothing; it gave him a huge smile. It gave him few flashbacks back as he would train with his uncle when he was a five-year-old, but unfortunately the uncle died to natural causes.  He would get up from his bed, sitting up thinking how grateful he was to even met an uncle like him. He lost his family, but it motivated him to do something with his life. He smiled and got up, Yasaki is standing five feet and nine decided at that moment he would do something beneficial. He wore his martial arts clothing, and it was time to leave. 

Once leaving he closed the door behind him to make sure it was locked correctly. Yasaki wasn't paranoid of anything but the safety for himself mattered to him. He headed to a nearby store where he could check on some stuffs. It was a huge store with a lot of his favorite thing, the food. He was starving and yet didn't have any breakfast. Yasaki tummy would rumble a little knowing the fact that he was starving. But that didn't rush him nor preceded him to get his food quickly. He approached the lady was at the counter, a beautiful lady she was stunning. He looked at her with a flash smile and said. " Ma'am may I order some fresh noodles and water?" She would look at him with a smile and nod to what he said. " Sure!" She would make the young man's food with no hesitation. Once the meal was done and paid for he would take his food and head to a nearby tall lanky tree and would sit next to it. He would place his food right next to him, and took a short nap, closed his eyes and entered a wonderland.

After taking a short nap he got up and sit next to the tree. It was a sunny day where the birds were making noises and the wind blowing lightly. Yasaki couldn't help himself but only to look at the sky and smile whilst daydreaming. He wondered and pondered what he could do next but he took his time. After all gaining knowledge was his favorite thing and learning with patience. He saw a young man passing by right in front of him, and Yasaki instantly took his stance and would charge forward attacking the kid.  But in reality he was in a wonderland where he would be just slapping the clouds. It was hilarious, but who cared? The birds and the animals wouldn't give two problems what Yasaki was doing. Yasaki closed his eyes and re-opened his eyes and he stood up with a shock across his face. "What the.." He would be ashamed but dropped to continue to his nap it would be the best of his life.

He woke up from his nap and decided it was time to go home. Yasaki felt a little different from before, dizzy his head bouncing up and down. it wasn't the same as before as he would touch his face and recall the scar on his face. It gave him goosebumps and tickled him. he would then face behind the tree and place his head on it. Young Yasaki would be dripping some tears whilst starting. " I am not good enough, I am not good enough. Mama wouldn't be proud, wouldn't she?" He would continue to drip some tears as he would continue to cry. "I will try harder and they will deserve me." Yasaki hasn't seen his family for sometime, and it worries him, but he wiped his tears, and knew one thing that he wouldn't die for nothing, and purposes to live this life with a meaning. He would stand, taking a deep breath and sit down opening his food that he didn't eat yet. It was cold but Yasaki couldn't care less than he would continue to eat away. Once he finished his meal, he would sit on the tree knowing that three days have passed and he needed to work on himself personally. He would think, what was the next thing he would be happy knowing it would be martial arts.

Once he got up and prepared himself it was time to leave and head back home. A lot of things was going to wait, and he was delighted. Yasaki left the scene as a with a flash and was heading down straight to home. A wild old man in front of him, he seemed drunk and a little pain in the ass and attacked Yasaki but Yasaki didn't move. The old man stood at and kept hitting Yasaki why wasn't he attacking back maybe he simply didn't care no more. As soon the old man went for straight jab which was dodgy and lack of patience, Yasaki slipped the punch and looked dead into the old man's eyes. " You are a waste of space." He would continue to land a devastating uppercut which flushed knocked out the old man. He hit the floor pretty quickly and Yasaki didn't care no more. He looked at him, whilst the old man was down and kept hitting him with a fury of punches. Yasaki fist would be covered with blood and would wipe it on his face, blood of the old man who thought he could get away. He got up, and walked away, heading to they exhausted the direction of his house.

once he reached his destination, he took off his clothes and dashed it a nearby table. He was semi-naked and would read a random book. It would not be easy, but he sat down and read it through like no man could ever do. He would grab a pen and a paper and write two words. On the note he would write with simple words. "Dear mama everything has been going well recently went to a nearby shop and sat down in a nearby tree I was thinking of you. You are my life and my hero. I forgot to tell you mama I.. I didn't mean to do something.. well you see I was going home and this dirty old man attacked me mama, and I let him beat me. Something wasn't right, so I killed him. It wasn't right, it never wasn't right, and it annoys me still mama." this was the words written in the note letting know his parents he's still active and going strong. He named the chapter yasaki the Man it represented one thing he would be a change man after-all.

He took his book and pen leaving the house and heading to quite place. Nothing beats then the wind buzzing around the area and tumbling with such effect. It was a kind of bird going around dropping its bird poo around the place. But hey that didn't deeply affect yasaki he just wanted to write his favourite book. It was his desire and motivation to do this and to keep it going. He wasn't the best at it but the focus and commitment surely had his eager right set of place. He smiled and knew one thing a mans passion never get defeated by the likes of losers. He was ready to grind and make sure that this book wasn't no like other. He needed a name for the book he would call it dossa. A reference to his last name and last name, he smiled it perfectly make sense. He took his pen and named the book with no hesitation and got to business.

yasaki was delighted and wanted to get this done but he knew time was patient and had to make sure every step was correct no matter what. A wide large smile grew out his face knowing that the moment would be clear. "dossa." He stated in a calm tone where he relaxed. " More like it suits its tone." he said calmly before switching up himself to go and proceed to gather more ink to write on. He balled up his fist and smiled with happiness. And wrote down his few sentences of the book. 'I sleep to live and eat to win and nothing beats a man who is more courage than any other fool out today.' He would giggle to what we stated knowing what the problems has he made. He continued to chuckle lightly and continued to write more. ' The seas are dangerous and drinking is far bad for any man out of the world today' He laughed so hard that fell off his chair and got back up to continue to write more. He kept on going making sure every-word has it's place and every moment that passed by kn-owed its flow. He sighed and took a long deep breath.

He took a small break and took a deep breath whilst drinking his water he remembered what happened few days ago where he accidentally hurt a old man. He didn't intend to but it was the way how the old man did approach him. It annoyed him and matter fact it made him think about him too. But he couldn't careless what it was he only wanted to get the job done. And yasaki officially did it and wanted to go home safe and sound. He smiled with a crisp look and took out the pen and continued to write. This is what he wanted, and so this is what he was going to write. A story about a hero and a villain something he was keen to talk about. He wanted to make this for his mother and father who'm he wanted to show but they ain't around for him no more. He nodded and proceeded to write what he was going to write. 'A man doesn't know what to do when he is approached by many, and he panics so he mistakes and falls'. He finished his chapter and left it by like that and headed out to order some more food. His tummy was rumbling pretty bad. 

After heading out he would make sure he would take a majority of items including his backpack.yasaki was delighted and ready to go out and make history. He needed to make new friends and comrades but as a missing-nin it hurt him a little. Lonely was the way but that didn't even bother him. yasaki was on a mission, self development and greatness. He needed more in life than being told what's good. On his first chapter he wrote a letter to his mama. He loved her but she wasn't around, his golden life. 'Things aren't safe but we are always chasing love mama I love you without a doubt.' Was his words before he left his own apartment heading to the field. He was going to be working on learning something very new to him, something which he never knew about. He headed to the field and packed his bags at the tree. And meditated for few minutes to roll up his mind. And time went on he was ready to give it his all. 

 Yasaki is training and makes two friends where they train and Have a blast together. Talk about goals and what they expect and introduce themselves to each other and have a light spar with each other. It was those days where the sun would be bright and the weather shining across the face of Yasaki A new day meant a new beginning and so on forth to improve on himself drastically.  The weather was stunning and extraordinary where he couldn't believe one thing about it. It amazed and delighted him and his reaction was priceless. The lights in the house were painless as they were not functioning pretty well. It was no sweat as he didn't care but he had one thing in mind; it was a piece of a cake. He laughed with his hilarious imagination and got ready. He looked at himself at the mirror and he was mind-bowed, inspiring and gorgeous kid. He's parents would be proud of him so far, after-all. A ten-year-old kid who doesn't even know what's going, but Yasaki had a lot to prove and a lot to do. And so on forth, Yasaki got ready and packed his backpack with items and his favourite weapon given by his father, the big yasaki . A special weapon passed down from his grandfather, even though its D rank it was the special weapon. A blade that can support Yasaki in all costs whenever he's in trouble. He shook his head and looked at the weapon. It fascinated him at all cost and nodded, packed the blade into his left pocket. Yasaki then left the house heading to a nearby training ground where it be private and easy-going.

Yasaki headed to the field and got started, warmed up and ready. They prepared him to learn and get some new arsenal is his name. In order for him to do that, he must drop his bag to the ground and do a quick warm up. Yasaki did a quick lap around the place and was amazed by he done it. He shadowed-box for two minutes whilst gazing at his movements. He nodded and saw a couple of people passing by and wondered who they were. These young kids who were approaching he concerned him. He was a missing nin after-all and whatever happened, happened. These kids weren't looking for trouble they was looking for friends. But Yasaki didn't see that, each one of them had Kunai on their name's. Yasaki didn't like it and it was an obligation where he wanted answers from them. " Who are you guys and what's your problem?" He would state in a tone of the respectful way. Yasaki would look at each one of them, four people. Two guys and girls both looking mid teens, continuously looking at them, starting waiting for a response.

Something wasn't right as he was looking all them approached with flash intensity, kunai pulled out ready to do damage. He pulled out his lord Yaskai and defended himself with every attack that came by. He was disgusted by their action and wondered why they did it. "What's your concern and why you coming at me?" They all looked at him with a smile, and the leader said. " Oh we are introducing ourselves, name's Dennis. That's Silva, Honey and Kazoo." He pointed with everyone who introduced, it made sense they was a group, but he didn't have any groups, he was a lonely missing nin, a innocent kid at that time but living his tough moments. Yasaki the proceeded to say "Interesting friend but either-way that was kind of really a weird introduction, never expected it though and really it got me. Anyways it's a pleasure to meet you guys name's Yasaki uchiha , I am a nice person and is always here when help is needed. I just stopped by and wanted to train and really never expected to get caught up with this mess, haha. Pleasure to meet you guys." He would say in a large confident tone where he was understandable and nodded looking at each and one and everyone of them with respect.

They would laugh at Yasaki for his long ass introduction, but that didn't assume that he was a joke just a nice guy looking to make friends. " Well Yasaki we are down to make friends and have fun how about a 1v1 with us, ey? Dennis pulled out his hand to shake on Yassaki, which Yasaki accepted and proceeded to accept the 1v1. "Let's go I am ready." He pulled out his hand from pockets and took his stance, smiling at Dennis, notifying he was ready. He made his move attempting to attack Yasaki with a slick taijutsu, but Yasaki used his blade to block the attempt and then slashing the left arm and thought he got him, but it was a substation technique. " I got to say you was slick with that move rushing in knowing the blade would get you, but when you got near you switched yourself, knowing that the blade would hit. Smart move Dennis, I would give you that, but you are too slow." Yasaki appeared behind Dennis and grabbed his arm and stated. " Man, why don't you tell me what's the difference between a shinobi who tries and  a shinobi who doesn't?" He would chuckle and his teammates would also who was watching 8 metre's away. Dennis replied, " well a shinobi who tries, is the one who puts all his efforts no matter what the outcome is, but for you underestimating your opponent is a foolish manner." He would substitute again before Yasaki sent the final blow, nodding to what has happened. " You done me dirty Dennis, I guess we can call it for now, ey?" Dennis would and his friends would come all in a circle, sharing jokes and having fun with Yasaki. "So Yasaki tell me how about you stay with us tonight?" Dennis would say in a happy manner, and as Yasaki would say. " I would be down to stay with you guys." Yasaki smiled, best smile in history nothing much more than him being blessed and honoured.

After the friends sat down with Yasaki talking with him with respect, and knowing each other who they were Yasaki wanted to know why they walking around as a missing nin. He was frustrated and pretty much worried such group who even made it alive. He judged on his ability that he was a young man and was he capable of surviving also? He needed to find out pretty much, but he got his answer by these confused missing nin, and either way they was building a special bond with each other. The guy named Dennis they was building a sort of relationship, even though he loved woman's he thought Dennis as a big brother. Someone who he can look up to either way and be delighted with the outcome. A smile emerged from Yasaki looking amongst the group who all seemed to be blissful. Yes, he just met them but it’s been a day with them and alot more was to come. “ All right guys.” He would state in a calm manner. “Not too safe around here, I guess it's time to leave.” They would nod and it was time to find a perfect place to train, as it was night and few more hours until daylight, the group needed rest either way. 

A good nap the group needed and they got it, some were making huge disappointing snoozes as others were sleeping like a teddy bear.  The morning hit the group, as Yasaki got up the others were down in their own wonderland, dreaming about fishes and cat. “ Up you get, fools.” He would state in a calm voice where it didn’t pretty much make a huge noise. “ Up you get a new day and let’s get some training going guys, it’s about consistency and determination, and we’ve got a long way to go.” He would state calmly. “I’ve been writing alot recently about my family, and yet no news about them, and I must go and see if they’re around or simply a fish meat.” He spoke to himself and as the others watched him by listening to what he said they said.” You’ll find your family, I promise with or without us you will, period.” Yasaki nodded and proceed to go a nearby tree where he would practice his moves, and so would the rest of the group doing their own thing. "Yasaki focus friend we got a long way to go." Dennis would say as he would chuckle a little.

Everything was pretty much going as it was the team were training and everyone was on level terms. Kicking tree’s and slapping palms with all laughing at each other, man it felt like a family for Yasaki. Surely his mother would be proud, most definitely she would and so would a proud papa. The sun was starting to take over as the night flew away, whilst the birds chirping in disguise making little baby noise. “So Dennis tell me what’s your favourite food?” He would say to Dennis, chuckling at him taking the mic. In a flash a bandit and it’s leader came by attacking Klaaz and tony. Both were eliminated and Dennis couldn't believe it. “Why the..” Dennis would cry, hopeless to what has happened falling to his knees. “ Not right now Dennis, it’s either death or live bro.. Get up!” He would say in a fear tone, showing some love towards to him. “ I..I can’t” Dennis got slaughtered right in front Yasaki, didn’t believe it. The leader of bandit spoke. “ Kill this one.” They approached Yasaki slashed every single one of them, and by then he turned the leaders bandit had already walked away. Yasaki would fall into tears and ponder what has happened.

After a tearful Yasaki, he saw one of the bandits alive making a squeaking noise. He would approach the bandit and simply grab him by the throat. “ WHERE THE FUCK IS HE.. WHERE IS HE?!” He would shout at the bandit, spitting at him with full force, letting him know he wasn’t playing. This wasn’t a joke, this was fear, anger and simply hatred. Yasaki waited on for his reply but the bandit was stupid enough to say “Your mama.” Yasaki slashed down his throat, cutting it deeply and letting the blood drip on his hand. He covered his blood on his face, and cried for a while. Another one would be on the ground, lifeless as he would approach it and say. “ Tell me who is he, right now I will let you live.. Please.” the bandit laughed and stated. “ You no match for him he’s simply a powerful monster, hasn’t been defeated and yet has been touched, I promise you won’t do nothing, but really his name is..Fou Future.” Was his last words before he passed out his dying words was the man's name, and stating how strong he was, but Yasaki couldn’t care-less.

He took note and went on to proceed to his friend dead bodies which was sad, but it was reality. Either Way we all was going to die someday, but letting his friends die right in front of him was too much. He couldn’t react because he was shocked, and firstly his best friend Dennis killed right in front of him without a doubt, it triggered him. Dennis talked alot about friendship and it’s definition, but Yasaki finally understood what he meant. He took his body, and digged a hole where he simply buried his body, He went on to proceed and to bury the other bodies. He continued to cry and vowed he will get his revenge, within time and patience he will find the man. He clenched his fist and remembered those days with Dennis he showed him true colours of life, and yet he was gone just like that. He wasn’t a friend, but he was a bond to Yasaki A special special person in his life to truly remember for his rest of his life.

Yasaki was feeling good as for now he wanted to relax and make sure he got his mind together. He chuckled a little when he was alone, and recalled what his best friend told him. It gave a him a little tickle here and there. But it was going to be good, after all he is going to seek on the revenge on the man that murdered his friend. Yasaki wasn’t special or anything but he had to make sure one thing was on his mind, to get better and definitely improve mentally on himself. He chuckled for a while and took a nice greasy nap. It felt good, either-way he was going to prepare himself and needed a good time alone and on himself. After completing his nap he would make sure a small meditation should do the job. Relaxing his mind and body, inhaling in and out making sure every breath counted. He sat down like a monk, a monk who would be focusing on his mind from stress and other type of problem, but Kudo needed it to control his emotions and physically be prepared. Everything was going pretty quick for Yasaki but time was on his side.    

He headed to his room where mostly his items would be packed,his favourite weapon. A weapon passed down from his father, mostly his basic weapon of all time. That didn't matter for know, but understanding this situation for Yasaki he had to make sure at all costs to find how's is his family doing either way he was going to find the man who caused the damage. He went to the kitchen to open up a simple noodle, and would eat all in one go. It was a delighted experience, and moment for Yasaki but knowed he had to get going, and so packed his stuffs and was ready and set to go. He left the house took his backpack, with everything he needed, food, items and his book. A book about a hero and villain placed into his backpack. He nodded with a smile across his face, astonished and blissful. He walked few metres away from the house, daydreaming into wonderland but kept his focus and kept on moving until he find his target. This enemy was going to be in a whole load of trouble, and mostly was going to be destroyed for his actions.

Yasaki was ready and packed up with all his items and was going on a mission, a very hard and dangerous mission where one mistake could cost his life. He needed to hurry and head to the destination. He was walking for sometime and came across ed a old man. " You where you going am afraid you cannot pass without my permission." Yasaki laughed recalling what had happened before. " Don't tell me you are going to stop me from proceeding and leaving with my choice." Yasaki laughed and pulled out his small knife and slashed the throat of the old man. " I ain't playing and I never will you either move or you'll be the victim of my enemy and that's how it is. I don't play nor will I do play you paid the price and you got the result." Yasaki said in a tone of arrogance filled with hatred. He wasn't playing no longer and was on verge on getting the man who did this. He recalled he killed another old man but this time he just didn't care. "Fou Future." he said in a cold tone. " Am coming for you without a doubt and i'll kill you."

He walked away with blood covered on him, he didn't care more-less he was after one man, He approached him with fear in his eye. " Well I must say you did a great job handling this old coward, either way you are next in line for my light work murder." He laughed. " We going to see you killed my friend and family didn't you? You won't be remembered after your name is gone from the woods. After this your mama won't even remember you and then you'll be gone like a winter bread." Yasaki said but this time laughed with arrogance. The man stood there with angry on his face, and approached Yasaki with ease and punched him right in the face sending a huge thud to him flying towards a tree, breaking the tree and flattening Yasaki with ease. " I don't play you say but guess what I played you easy and dominated you with one punch, so kid be respectful or else." Yasaki couldn't believe he was smashed with one punch, and was terrified. " You bastard why.." was his last before passing out reliving this could be the last moment of his death if he doesn't do anything else.

Yasaki couldn't believe it and was shocked, laying down on the ground where he was lifeless. He couldn't believe it had failed what he's objective was. His friend only friend who was there for him, but couldn't even save him one second. It truly was sad and devastating, tears popped from his eyes, looking at the killer. " What's your purpose and why are you doing this to me and my friends.."Yasaki would ask in a tone of sadness. He would reply. " You see when you shinobi ninjas are a missing nin, you become my prey, and you be my target. And when the target gets cached they become my little food to eat. Your friends died, all of them one by one and so you will also, but am letting you live so that next time we meet you are going to be more than you was." He would disappear and leave Yasaki flat, lifeless on the ground, Yasaki couldn't believe it leaving him alive was the worst possible thing to do, Yasaki wanted to die. But no he let him live and gave him a chance to produce what must be done, go and work on himself this wasn't over.

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Life is too short Empty Re: Life is too short

Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:30 am
It would be a rough day wasn’t it Yasaki patched up to what recently happened and needed to go back home and work on himself. Doing not bring his friends, it wasn’t what he expected, but it was part of life. He had to accept it and knew one thing from here and on out. It would be one thing be the king or a loser who will go away, and Yasaki had to make the choice. And he nodded whilst sitting on his sofa, bruised a little it was time to learn a couple more jutsu. He wanted to see his family again and everything that around someone destined him for would drop if he wasn’t very careful enough. A Lot more was to come for Yasaki who was being a hard boy meant more than that, it was about him getting things done quickly and precisely. He could and had the juice to whilst nodding and left.He sighed with relief knowing by the good of all shinobi, he made it alive and was granted a chance to win. He packed his bags, and it was time to leave and learn two jutsu.

Along the way he meant someone who he never even met, a random man who was walking by Yasaki took his stance wondering who this man would be. “Who are you and what’s your purpose.” The old man laughed and stated. “ I am just passing by and doing me and what’s your problem young man.” He would snap at Yasaki letting him know to drop his stance and speak like a man. “Am old I ain’t got nothing, you want something?” Yasaki dropped his stance and looked at the old man with respect. “ You see i'm out here looking for a place to train, and I am eager to learn a lot.”Yasaki would say still looking at the old man. “ I see if you are available I can teach you a very basic ninjutsu something capable of destroying your opponents with the slightest touch meet me at this time and we are good.” Yasaki replied in a tone of respect. " Well for sure I mean if you are alone I wouldn't mind old man. I am really dedicated." Yasaki nodded and both accepted what time to come, either way he was prepared for all outcomes.

The time came for both to sit and see what was going to happen. “ Tell me about yourself, old man.” Yasaki would ask the old man wondering who he was. The old man replied. “ You see I am from the western side of borders, life is or has been tough for me. It hasn’t been the same or never will be. The new-gens have taken over and everything hasn’t been the same. They call me Util, mid 80’s and love fruits.” He would laugh a little looking at Yasaki, smiling. “What about you?” He would ask Yasaki in a respectful way. “Well you see am a 11 year old named Yasaki, and am friends call me Dossa. But I really miss my parents.” He would say looking down at the old man. “ Don’t be too upset young man, you come in life and leave the life just know your purpose and get things done.” He smiled back at Yasaki picking him up and the training was ready to begin and start, Yasaki was excited and delighted and better yet this was it. He motioned him to stand 3 metres away from and told him to watch, this was it.

The old man told him to watch this was going to be something else for Yasaki, existed filled with commitment he was ready. “Alright young man first hold your hands, and slap them.” He would say motioning him to do which he did, and Yasaki did it following his orders. It was more than an order it was a simple one, and Yasaki wasn’t a dumb guy he had a simple one to do and he did it. He nodded and waited for the next instructions. “Alright seconds up shout I love you.” Yasaki looked at him with a confused face, wondering what he was talking about. “Am just joking.” He would say chuckling with a bit of laughter. “I got you didn’t I? Yasaki couldn't resist it but laughed with him and said. “ Yes it was a Good joke and you got me.” Both would trade jokes it turned out to be a different else, like a big brother. " Alright shut up Hidden mist jutsu. It's a effective jutsu where the user is unable to see many things and are blocked by their eyesight, and only special doujutsu known as Sharingan and Byakugan can see through this magic."

After giggled and shared some stories with one and another. Both decided it was time to leave and go. " Yasaki  my time to stay here is limited, and more than likely staying out here means death, And I wish you well from here and out." He would nod and take his leave. Yasaki smiled learning from someone like that surely did make him happy. He was delighted with the results and decided to train it again. He wanted to master the jutsu and made sure it became a better one than he trained as before. As snappy as he was and crazy he was, it was time to take the leave and head right back at home, where he would be taking a short little nap, and surely would be practising the jutsu at-least over seven times more than any-man can do it. With his mouth, looking at the at and taking its best shot. He had everything and all he needed was a good night rest. A new day waited him and he wanted to get the job done without a doubt. Hidden mist jutsu a D rank jutsu and is a confusing jutsu to mankind, a jutsu Yasaki needed. After laying down he would contemplate because he failed and is shed to tears whilst down. He thought he would be done and it was wasn’t it?

He failed didn’t he and yet couldn’t even save his single friend from those attackers. What's the point of living the shin-obi life if you can’t save your best friends.  Yes Yasaki being himself and yet couldn’t even save one friend. Who was he and what was he doing with his life. He thought about his life possible stating friends weren’t meant to be there for him. But tragically letting them die in pain and agony, Yasaki couldn't help it but shake his head. He was better than and he knew that. The pain and agony they was in why couldn’t he simply stepped in and do the job? No, Yasaki was a coward born as one and always been one. It wasn’t easy for sure, but they was his comrades someone special to him. He was disgusted and annoyed with himself as he knew someone like him can do better than anything he can. He shook his head and was in displeased on the situation as he remembered his dying friends word. "Yasaki save us." And yet his dirty ass couldn't was he a little baby crying in his mama's basement, Yasaki couldn't take it no more and fell on to his knees and cried.

He was pain, and the pain was bigger than anything that landed to him, Yasaki had to do something and yet he didn't respond to it. Met the guy who killed him but couldn't even lay a finger at him which was sad. He had to better than he thought, getting up with his two feet and understanding the man who killed his friend is still waiting for him, and Yasaki nodded knowing he will become the man to DE-thrown him at all costs. He kept his word and looked up at the sky and told dennis he would kill the man who did this to him and Yasaki meant it with every word that landed out of his mouth. He wasn't playing he was a serious guy ready to get it done. " Dennis I know you here but I failed you but look I will do my best to find the man who did this and yes he beat me. But I will be back changed into a different man who will avenge your death." His words was cold and so was he and everything that came out was very interesting. 

Yasaki was delighted and mostly prepared for his adventure. He met new people of all kinds in the shinobi world, and lost some but will always find some. He nodded looking at the bright side of the window, shinning like no other and birds chirping away as if it was someones birthday. Yasaki had plans to get up and do something with his life and a lot was going to be waiting for him, either way he was going to become a fine shinobi at all costs. Missing nin didn't even bother him at all, and all he wanted was glory and prize. Yasaki smiled and left the house packing all his time items and then leaving heading to a nearby coffie shop. On there he met some old guy who was just talking all transience and didn't shut up but Yasaki couldn't careless and had his own problems to sort out. He was on a mission to find the man that killed his best friends. The old man at the cafe were annoying and couldn't shut up for a complete sec. Yasaki was best to stay calm and make sure whatever happens to stay at his cool and avoid attention from these.

After sometime understanding the situation he came to conclusion on what must be done. As he was sitting at the bar alone, drinking his coffee he had to make sure one thing must be done, and that was that all these old ass holes looking at kudo were up-to something. All of them staring at him,Yasaki was terrified and mostly worried on why these group of bar mans were staring at Yasaki. He laughed with a chuckle behind it and smiled at them. " You fools have better to do with your life than worrying on what I must be doing?" He would ask in a tone of arrogance, and all of them would look at Yasaki with a disgraceful face. "Who do you think you are talking to us like kid? We ain't your dad where we must feed you, but if you don't give me the respect I need I will take my action." Yasaki raised his eyes a little knowing it was just a game for them and had no intentions to hurt anybody. Yasaki had other plans and they weren't worth his time after-all. He was only ten and couldn't even bother with these old jokes either way.

yasaki was proud with his achievements so far and left the bar once he completed what must be done. He smiled at the old mans at the bar and left with dear respect. He couldn't care less either way as he had other plans than sitting around. He proceeded on and wanted to get some rest at-least from his house after sometime. It was going to be a lot but wanted to rest up his energy either way no matter yet, stronger everyday was his goal. He couldn't stopped thinking of dennis as a lot would be circling his mind. "You didn't deserve this, you shouldn't." Was his words it truly did hurt him. But sitting on his bed he would make every second a tear would drop for his so called friend named dennis. It meant a lot to him and losing someone like him surely hit him hard. Life wasn't fair and Yasaki had seconds to decide if life would be ever the same or else he'll be a stepping stone for himself, and crying for a man that was supposed to die already and he made choice tom morrow was going to be the day  where he will get the job done.

Yasaki began his journey to set out and fulfil his destiny. Yet more was too come as the young man had simple goals, and all of sudden he wanted to know more about his family. He was determined and motivated after all wanted to be a better man and would get his answer either way. So off for a new start he would make sure everything would be set and on target, packing his bags and preparing to head for a new way. Local library to read on some info, as the kid wanted to do more than learning, but to communicate.  Yasaki left the house with ease and headed to a nearby place as he stumbled to a weird guy wondering who he was. “What’s your reason of following me?” He would say in a tone of arrogance. He was worried on why this so call man is on his tale. " I am wondering who do you represent." The old man said in a tone of respect. " I am Yasaki from the Uchiha clan a noble clan which is respected. What about you?" He would ask calmly, waiting for the olds man response what was there more to say.

He proceeded to talk to this man, he was very charismatic and charming. But Yasaki wanted to know who he was and why was he on his tail. Mostly why ask for his name when you don’t even know him, possible wants to make friends? Maybe if he was going to then at least polite. “ So what’s alright with you?” Yasaki asked on what was the old man upto? He replied. “ You see I am also a Uchia and know about it and really I was there when it all happened and former. I love talking to kids like you who are the next gen, and yes you make me proud. Your father before was a great person and I had respect for such human being and yet I am to say he was a great shinobi.” he replied to Kudo with dear respect. “ I see but you being Uchiha means nothing to me and more likely you are going to have my respect taken away from you.” Yasaki walked and turned back.”I live at this address come by and we’ll talk.” Yasaki gave him a piece of paper of a house number and Yasaki disappeared away from the man.

He decided to head to the field where it was calm and quite somewhere he could work on himself and on his jutsus. It was going to be a day of excitement what was Yasaki going to do. He smiled and continued to do what was going to happen. He started to kick tree lightly and focusing on himself making sure every hit meant with a meaning. He nodded and smiled, and yet continued to produce what must be done. He was almost there and was close to do it. " I will not fail and I will succeed."  Yasaki meant his words without a doubt was looking to be a champion and have that champion mind-set at all costs. It makes him unique and stands out beyond the crud and Yasaki loves being himself and Yasaki couldn't wait until he completed his task. Alot more was to come and Yasaki was ready to stand out at all costs, whilst ready mostly preparing to send a large wave at the tree, as the wind blew it started to get heavier and heavier this was a moment for Yasaki to remember and yes he was going to make history again without a doubt.

After sometime exchanging his jutsu it was all set and it was time to learn it and master. He was going for water clone a high level ninjutsu used and is very effective. He would run into a tree and make sure every part of himself would kick it. He would scream as loud as he can making sure every breath would turn out to be impossible. He smiled like no other has smiled, and turned on his intentions to try and do it. And time was ticking for Yasaki to try and master the impossible. Water clone was a superb jutsu to learn and had alot to come in and out. He wasn't a high level guy but understood one thing, keeping his calm and making sure that every action of his was beneficial and useful. Yasaki wasn't a special guy nor a hot headed kid but one thing was first, being him is always the best possible he can do. And yet along way to go. Kudo sometime trying to get water clone in space, but really it was taking the god damn time. He had other plans and other things to go with and yet patience was catching him up.

He was smashing it after few more seconds, he was going to be doing it without a doubt. Yasaki smiled with a pretty face and delighted. Alot more was too come and Yasaki did a great job by mastering water clone ninjutsu. It was pretty much the hardest thing to ever do but he managed to fight through it and smash it. Yasaki  saw a lot of things around was hungry, and yet needed to go home since he was hungry. The tummy began to rumble, and he was starving and didn't eat for sometime. He left the arena and went home, taking his bags and his items. It was a long day pretty much and he had a lot of optional, Yasaki ordered a coffee when he entered a nearby shop. Something like that could make him awake as long as he can. A bartender wanted to know where he was from and asked him. " So where you from young man?" He asked Yasaki in a tone of respect and honour. " Yasaki replied also in a tone respect. " Well finished training that's the first thing, and also heading here to buy some fine coffee." Both would nod and Yasaki would head home.
 It was about time a lot of things was going to change, and mostly him understanding what must be done. he was a shinobi of his village, and mostly someone who was part of it. he had plans and future but that didn't mean he was going to go away. he was going to be make sure he would take part in every ritual at all costs. As an uchiha he was deadly, a smart and clever guy who didn't let words get to him. A strong shinobi who lived a sad life and with that becoming who he wants to come.

As time passes by the uchiha grows to be strong and mentally improves himself gradually with that. he couldn't let others decide for his future. I destined him for greatness. with that a fourth year old man had a lot in common, meeting his family, and mostly becoming who he wants to become. No matter what the situation would be he would do it. a hot-headed fury grumpy shinobi, but that didn't change who he was. with a nod to himself he loved his life at all costs. it was only some things bothering him that all.

with a slight nod in his bed, mourning his life this wasn't he who wanted to be. just a shinobi trying to find his way of life. life where he and his family can live with all possible. no matter what the situation of every way. a lot was going on and I needed plenty from the uchiha. with the flowers swinging and the life flying mostly in circles. I destined him to make or be himself. he lost his father, mother and himself. being a dude who lost his parents at a young age. he would find an away.

yasaki grew up a tough life of hatred, vengeance and no love. he misses his parents as mostly everyone would he was going to live his life. he was hungry for greatness; he had a lot of things in mind, taking over becoming hogokage. something wasn't going on and a lot was going to happen, with him eating the couple of burgers things wasn't the same. yet a lot would change, with that the family looking for a place to change and that he wouldn't allow such thing in this world, greatness. 

with some things in mind a lot was going to happen with his parents gone and himself in a nature of going berserzerk things wasn't the same as always with his hands raised and mostly him being himself a lot was going to change. he was down for in his world where he would not be seen. it was sad mostly no one realised him as he was a lost puppy in a dead end. life was going berserk and nothing wasn't left for him. he was a shinobi ready to live the next life, mostly and with that he would simply sleep.

it wasn't the same wans't it the uchiha nodding away as it was it's final moment. he rushed himself as he looked upon the sky thinking about life and had a lot to think about. he was smart mostly with many things to go for. he was delighted and likely to fish out the hatred against the villergers who were against him. he was a shinobi of his village, and yes he wouldn't allow himself to be disgraced by the likes of these villergers in his village. he was a uchiha a speical bond uchiha who simply had one goal and that was to understnad his purpose.

he was called upon his actions as he had a lot to do for himself and his action for his family, and mostly for what he did. a young shinobi was attacked by some bullies and yasaki was ordered to capture these bullies and punish them for their actions. he was a against their thoughts but was willing to support them all the way, because that was him afterall. it made perfect pitch sense what it was. these bullies weren't bulling the kid they was simply showing him the way, the mission wasn't correct it was misguided.

the uchiha was upset to what was expected and nodded with what sent, no proof as the uchiha smiled, he laughed with passion as  a lot was going on, and h eundestood his life was precious and that he was going to get the job done no matter what. he was destined with passion, and only had a thing to do. with his eyes twrlining into the world of mangekyou. he had dreams to becme himself, and mostly changing his nation to greater, and seek power mostly becoming a one for him and in order to be great, learn from the great.

he wasn't appart from getting what he wanted, he was close mostly looking for greatness. with that he had a lot to look out for. with a smiple nod he would head home doing what most shinobi would do, sleep. he couldn't because alot was going down throughout his mind and had a lot to think about. being a uchiha made him become who he wanted to come. he was having probs with his life and wouldn't allow himself to be added with it. a shinobi who had one goal, dream and one determination to follow,that was yasaki uchiha.

with the time going by and lots of things just following by he had choices to make of his life, either become the suger of life or become the tea of life. he had plans mostly for himself to become what he must be come. yasaki had one dream and goal and that to become the man to serve for his village, the man to be for his village and mostly becoming the man to support the village when things happen. he was a uchiha built with fire in his eyes, and as his eyes activated it was the colorful eyes of the mangekyou sharingan.

With time passing quickly like it has dependably been, uchiha would get ready for himself no matter what his snapshots of life. Where he would permit himself not to get diverted, in light of the fact that that is his identity and wouldn't enable others to reveal to him his identity. he was resolved, and regardless of no matter what to discover his child. he didn't much try visiting his child's birthday, would he say he was a bum all things considered? no chance he wasn't him being him was his identity. What's more, that was that with his pen from his left side and right book to his left side he was prepared. it was where he begun to ponder himself more than others. it made him his identity not what others were making of him. while as yet remaining in his bed he was not roused to not escape his bed as he was essentially an elderly person who couldn't have cared less. he had different plans and a greater amount of things he needed to do. he was a Uchiha and expected to discover a friend to recount to his accounts with. it was a sort of disappointing he didn't have anybody despite the fact that he was forlorn, yet he acknowledged it. 

as a Uchiha he grew up with despise and needing to retribution his folks yet he comprehended whoever did was simply one more individual who had nothing to do with their life. he completely overlooked the circumstance and did what he should do. to search out and guarantee what others do that is understanding himself for the most part and getting to be who he needs to turn into? he looked himself at the mirror and thought what the heck was he doing, ladies' was his sort for what reason didn't he go out and search for a few or was he a lethargic person who surrendered existence doubtlessly. 

with the Uchiha enchanted with what he got he would get up from his bed where he would go ground floor do the characteristic things. making some espresso and being a brilliant individual. it was a warm minute where he would enable himself to drink the espresso. it felt extraordinary like no different as his emotions included. with figments flying by the Uchiha was lost by what was going on and only confounded he was on his toes arranged no matter what. he was, all things considered, a man who was searching for some route throughout everyday life. 

as he made himself an espresso, it was only a figment he was in and  got him upon it pondering his family, companions and generally the friends and family. he had a child six-year-old which he didn't get the chance to see and pretty frequently was gotten upon by it. he was a strong person and figured out how to not give his emotions a chance to get to him. he was keen additionally and had a great deal of heart with ability. the uchiha was tasting without end his espresso and basically couldn't have cared less no more. as he would set down on the bed, resting. 

with developments taking a break simply coursing through and his age was drawing nearer by nearer. he just couldn't have cared less no more, remaining in his bed as though it was his last minutes, the uchiha was in a condition of stress. he himself was responsible for this and nobody was going to help him yet he, and all things considered, he remained in his bed where he would wander off in fantasy land about his life. with taking tastes of his tea he was in a minute where life was started to despise him.
with developments taking a break simply coursing through and his age was drawing nearer by nearer. he just couldn't have cared less no more, remaining in his bed as though it was his last minutes, the uchiha was in a condition of stress. he himself was responsible for this and nobody was going to help him yet he, and all things considered, he remained in his bed where he would wander off in fantasy land about his life. with taking tastes of his tea he was in a minute where life was started to despise him.

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