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Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Brilliant Daybreak [IO,NK,Yen] Empty Re: Brilliant Daybreak [IO,NK,Yen]

Wed Jun 05, 2019 4:47 pm
fickle is the mind. We still to this day lack a true core. An consciousness without direction will only be that. Should it wish to grow or improve. It will need to absorb and of course adapt.

The thoughts of yen were various. Sure times, and responsibilities have changed accordingly, however it did not mean that there was a little time to rest. His body clock had shifted accordingly. From his lazy natural state which would love to lounge in the afternoon sun. To a now more strict early morning and late nights. He really had only enough times to sleep, and ate while on the move.

Times were  once simpler. Leaders rarely had a showing, but then again the raging battlefield only widened as one achieved higher ranks.  The single  tasks of an genin, and now to the mountain of reports to scour over as an jounin placed in the right hand of the kage. The correcting of mistakes in a mission, and and calculating the possibilities, and the failure to suscess chances of  the many teams at work. Including  the proper rating of missions. Many duties was on the aburame's plate.

However, he handled this like he did his insects within his body. They scurried, buzzed, lived, and died in a vicious relentless cycle of life and death. He had long numbed himself from the pain of these close losses, and so his mindset took the duties as the deputy in fhe same way. Gentle, but not afraid to play sacrifices. The bodies of enemies and allies alike were no more diffrent then a bug. Expendable if necessary, but often left to their devices normally.

He slowly traversed the early morning pathway as he ate a sweet bun on the way to the office. The sweet contents were an quiet guilty treat every now and then as his single eye scanned the paper in his hands.  He carried in his off hand an small bag of treats to accompany him during the day at the office. some more hot pastries  sure to go cold  after a few hours.

Hm? another mishap in the field. Perhaps these guys need to return to an work session for improvement. The genin will need an more harsher measure placed on them.... perhaps a week on another team?

The thoughts was accompanied by a slight soft hum of his voice as he glanced ahead. The black rimmed hat spotted an girl sitting on the bench roughly 20 ft in front of him. As he was an caring induvidual yen had a heart to gift an random person.

well then this should be nice for something to eat for her.

Yen thought as he would stop by the bench, and hand the speak as he offered the girl an fresh strawberry jam filled pastery. The scent would be sweet. Just like an fresh baked good that was recently purchased

"You seem up early. Here have one. eat up or it will go cold pretty quick."

Yen offered as he swept an glance over the girl breifly and shot a warm smile. He still took sometime to address people. An mistake that many higher up leaders made in his rise through the ranks. if he could'nt share a small pastry with an genin. Then  how could he expect to be an leader in the village. There were times to be off hand, but working on the ground played an greater role then many will admit.

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Alister Yama
Alister Yama
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Brilliant Daybreak [IO,NK,Yen] Empty Re: Brilliant Daybreak [IO,NK,Yen]

Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:53 am
Yen grinned a little at the girls words. It was an honest assesment of memories. He had been perhaps seen by many at one time. However, the meeting he had to go was urgent. Still he kept in mind the girl wanted cold pasteries, and the complex she lived in.

"Unfortunately i have to get going. But i am yensung aburame. I shall remember to give you a cold pastry next time we meet."

Yens words were soft, but he also kept moving. The flapping of his long black cloak would reveal  the jounin jacket he wore underneath his cloak. The short steps of his disappeared from the bench area where the girl sat. He had to pick up the pace.  The looming size of the hokage building grew steadily larger.
The closer he drew towards the building.

As yen travled through the morning village. He always appreciated the peaceful appearance of the sleeping village. The lights were off, and the sound of an occasional snoring induvidual. It was at least nice to see another face amid the crowd.  Still another morning when he had time to chat.

He would figure a way to even improve the complex's living conditions. As comfort for shinobi in his village was a priority of his. Still  it would be but a fraction for the deputy kage. Reaching the steps yen glanced up at the hokage office.

The hokage probably pulled another allnighter. As long as he gets a few winks of sleep. Or a bit of meditation. It will be a good thing for him. Otherwise i might have to tell him to take a day off, and leave the haggeling to me.

Yen thought as he noted three leaving anbu. Their shifts had changed, and yen smiled softly. As he flicked a few hundred ryo towards the three. The three stared with an look of wonder and surprise, but yen raised a hand, and smiled speaking up.

"Grab yourselves something to eat you three. This week im treating the anbu for your hard work "

The surprise act of generosity from yen was perhaps the greatest shock of all. The three bowed graciously, and dissappeared home. Sweeping by the secutary desk yen slipped the girl an now cool pastery, and headed off upstairs  towards the hokage office.



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Brilliant Daybreak [IO,NK,Yen] Empty Re: Brilliant Daybreak [IO,NK,Yen]

Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:48 pm
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