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Just another day.(open to 1 other) In progress. Empty Just another day.(open to 1 other) awaiting approv

Sat May 18, 2019 6:39 pm
Artimus stood there in the middle of the forest staring at what appeared to be a tree, Dark optics suddenly changed the color of blood as a singular tomoe appeared within his pupil. The tomoe swirled around his iris and settled as his vision bagain to change as he began to see the massess of charka gathered within the tree he smiled as he watched the flow of energy within the living tree. Artimus suddenly moved his arm forth gracefully with speed an force, his hand released the kunai that slid from the sleeve of the wrapping he wore on his torso. The force of the moment sending the kunai flying through the air towards the tree. With a thud the kunai struck a small rope that held down a banch trap that was to send 3 kunai at himself as he trained his optic ability. Snapping from the kunai striking the rope the trap was then set off, three kunai where sent flying towards Artimus from the trap he had set to test himself. Artimus watched the beginning movements of the flying kunai knifes. It seemed to him as if the kunai were moving slower that and he could see where the kunai would end up. After observing the knifes he smiled and turned his head s few degrees left as the first kunai moved inches from his face, sailing past his flesh and continuing past him. The next kunai was quickly stanched from the air and held within his left hand. With the final kunai driving at him at a fast pace he swung out with his left hand kunai blocking the final kunai and sending it into the earth a foot infront of his standing postion. He then began to spin slow at first then increasing his speed he outreach his arm releasing the kunai out of his hand and sensing it soaring towards the next trap he had set up for himself. The kunai struck the thin rope holding back the sling trap, once released it sent two Windmill shuriken towards his form. Artimus Actived his new optic ability as a Second Tomoe awakened from which two now stood across his irises. With this optic ability he could predict by the moments of the in flight weapons where they would strike him at if he remained in his current position. Artimus noticed the kunai a foot in front of himself and used his foot to kick it up into his right hand. Having the kunai in hand, he readied himself as the two shurikens flew to meet his body. With a swift leap he Vaulted onto the first star pushing it down with his weigh sending it into the ground where it would skid until it stopped. The second shuriken flying vertically towards him was stopped as he side stepped catching it within it's middle as he pivoted on his feet while still holding a spinning shuriken. Tossing the shuriken into a tree he sighed to himself as he deactivated his Sharingun and began to walk silently into the village. Humming a tune to himself as he walked along a pathway towards the village. His optics alert and wandering like that of a wild animal waiting to be pounced upon at any giving moment. He then caught movement from corner of his eye, then within that instance he heard a foot step somewhere on the opposite side of his position. He thought to himself ( Ambush it seems, How many it appears that it is a squad because he assumed that if there was indeed two shinobi he actively targeted. Then why wouldn't they be moving forward on a mission which involved a squad of about 4 or a 4 man cell. Halting his movements he smiled and called out towards the squad. " You can come out now I know your there". Stepping out of the brush from every direction stood four shinobi, There headbands your etched out and marked up. Artimus knew from studies that what he was witnessing were known as Missing Ninja. He smiled and softly asked, " What is it that you want from me?" The leader who was once a Ex Hoshi shinobi smiled at him and said. "My boy I know who you are.. you see i saw your transcripts and I know Your a Uchiha... Your how old now?.. About awaked those Magical eyes yet?.. The Ex-Hoshi ninja laughed as he pulled a knife from his Combat vest. And at that moment Artimus reacted, Pulling Three smoke bombs with his left hand he through his arm is a wide horizonal arc. Releasing the bombs in a space around himself as to gain coverage, the bombs exploded around him and as that happened he grasped three kunai that he had fixed with small mirrors from behind his back and threw them low as so they would land at the feet of the three other ninja excluding the Ex-Hoshi ninja. At the angle that the kunai was thrown the mirror would land at an angle as to cast the reflection of the ninjas face to Artimus. As the smoke cleared the Ninja looked at the flying kunai coming in low to the ground. Reflecting light into their faces, temporarily blinded Artimus ran low to the ground at the Ninja to his right. Tossing another smoke bomb at the face of the Ninja, Artimus slid along the ground and cut the ninjas behind the knee severing the muscle tissue that connected the system that allowed the ninjas leg to function. As the Ninja kneeled Artimus buried a kunai into his throat. Then rolling backwards quickly he tumbled onto his feet sliding to a stop. A split second later a ninja was stabbing at him with a kunai, Artimus Sharingun catching the predictable movements as he dodged and weaved through the barrage of strikes and stabs. Artimus seeing an opportunity to break away from the attacks grasped the ninjas arm that was striking at him and through his legs around the ninjas arm and began to pull the Ninja onto the ground. With Artimus's leg closed on the ninjas neck an with a pull snapped the ninjas spine. As another ninja stabbed at Artimus, the body of the Ninja with a snapped neck took the blow meant for Artimus as he trusted a kunai deep into the grinning ninjas skull. Standing up from the ground Artimus stared at the Ex-Hoshi shinobi with eyes of crimson blood twin tomoes swimming around his irises. Suddenly frowning the Hoshi ninja turned and was suddenly gone. Artimus Uchiha frowned at this as he began to walk back to the village. Artimus approached the food district as his stomach began to growl like a hungry beast of sorts. Such a growl the common people frowned upon him. As he stumbled into a little area filled with the smell of wonderful cooking smells that only seemed to create of more powerful sound from his rather empty stomach. Finding a seat was no issue since most people only seemed to be working or something to that extent. Looking upon the menu that hung on a wooden little dragon that hung above the shops front window. Reading the menu from the little wooden dragon statue thing he realized that everything on the menu was rather expensive, much more than he had at the moment. But.. The smells were such a wonder of deliciousness, spices and brothe filled the air around him. His mouth salivating over the simple smell of the food around himself. A kind faced man appeared in the window and looked down frowning at what he saw sitting on his bench. Man: What do you want kid? Artimus smiled at him and pointed at the option on the menu twice. "Fried rice and a bowl of ramen." The man grunted and asked him if he had money, eyeing artimus's clothing choice.. which was rags. The man turned and entered the back of the stall Artimus assumed to it was to make the food. [(1345) wc towards Clone and Transformation jutsu..

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Just another day.(open to 1 other) In progress. Empty Re: Just another day.(open to 1 other) In progress.

Sat May 18, 2019 6:41 pm
My work was spaced very nicely for some reason after I pasted it looked like this....
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Just another day.(open to 1 other) In progress. Empty Re: Just another day.(open to 1 other) In progress.

Sun May 19, 2019 8:37 pm
Adding Transformation, Clone,and Sub Jutsu.
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