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Princess Love
Princess Love
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The force in us (yen, love) - Page 4 Empty Re: The force in us (yen, love)

Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:35 am
Love nodded to the Aburame when he repeated her choices back to her and then the silence of concentration reclaimed the air. she was busy trying to learn a new chakra nature and he was busy thinking of ways to make a substantial meal from her ingredient selection. Rather than get the meal started the sage decided to give her a new way to flex her muscles so to speak. The male had been nodding at her progress and she supposed that he felt it was time for her to step it up a bit. Her brow popped up when Yen used the words "in depth", sure she'd been working at for a while now but a low ranked jutsu should be better practice right? Maybe his bugs could sense something that not even Love herself could but she was fairly certain anything "in depth" required previous knowledge of the capability. Chakra natures weren't like jutsu, everyone could learn those unless of course there were extenuating circumstances and even then it's still easier to figure out which specialties are or aren't for you. Aside from that though hearing him call her "lovely" was a bit surprising, she'd used her own term of endearment for him shortly before. So it was more his choice of word that caught her off guard, not that she minded though, the man definitely felt like family.

She could tell by his tone though that a demonstration was about to happen, forming a single tiger hand seal a dense fog would envelop the pair. She could barely see her hands that were just a few inches away although she was still able to make out details of Yen's appearance the colors of the area around him were distorted. However, it wouldn't last for much longer, the small male ended the jutsu after he finished talking. His explanation of the application of this technique was rather obvious but it didn't hurt to hear it, it's easy to forget about the little guys when you start learning bigger and better things. Love would certainly benefit from having this technique in her arsenal and would get to it after one last look at the progress in her hands. Maybe it was ninja magic, maybe she just needed to be surrounded by water, maybe there was some kind of fourth wall countdown or maybe she just needed a simple distraction. Who knows but what Love knew was that she would be spending her next days reading up on and practicing water techniques. Showing Yen her hands she'd play with the water, forming a ball in each hand then splitting them to make more before finally combining them into one long string going from palm to palm.

Once she had his approval she'd let the fluid drop to the ground as she stood up, wiping her hands off as she does so. She'd then take a few moments to stretch with a slight boost of energy the red haired girl would form the tiger seal and just as it happened when the Aburame did it the two ninja were surrounded by thick mist. Returning her hand to normal she gave the jutsu a few seconds "unassisted", to see if it would actually hold up. Although it was self-sustaining Love noticed that it wasn't as thick as when Yen cast it naturally she ended the jutsu and gathered more chakra before making a second attempt. And in this case, the second time was the charm the Hyuuga also felt more comfortable doing it that time, Love felt that she could even make it thicker. Canceling the jutsu a second time Love was now ready to eat and training could wait.

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The force in us (yen, love) - Page 4 Empty Re: The force in us (yen, love)

Sat Jun 08, 2019 5:58 am
Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
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The force in us (yen, love) - Page 4 Empty Re: The force in us (yen, love)

Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:01 am
Ahhh wonderfully done.

Unlike many students love soaked up yen's knowledge like a sponge. The one true feature of a shinobi that mattered was their ability to silently adapt and learn. Granted he was certain that love understood the significance of this silent adaptation she utilized. Her attempts also spoke as well within the same volumes of her learning.

First attempt requires more focus and trust in chakra... but i see you got that.

Yen thought as before he would kindly critique love had hit the jutsu just right. On her second go. Her adaptation to water has most defiantly shown the marks of one prepared for the bigger and better stuff. Still he had a meal to set up, and with the simple smile and  an beckoning  of his hands. He spoke up.

"Well you have met, and did great. For that I will of course set  up your meal for tonight. Now go rest up a bit and leave your meal to me love."

Yen stated as she had his blessing to leave. Now alone yen gazed once at the area. Spring was coming to a close, and summer was right at the door. With so many fun little events such as the first summer as both a new kage, and deputy kage was in the works. Yen thought of a good idea. A village potluck to celebrate summer.

Sometimes a good way to kick off the middle of the year is a show of home filled traditions. The various works and grind of shinobi work was tiring, and a good shot of moral makes it so that the people may actually do well in the end. That, amd it was an good way to go, and include all forms of the village. Builders, chefs, craftsmen/womem, and vendors. All which play the part admiralbly.

Howevwe, all of that was on tje back burmer for the man leaving the trainong grounflds. Humming an joyful tune yen proceeded home to set up an marvelous dinner for his student. Arrivimg home the aburame proceeded to cut and prepare tne veggitables. As love did ask for a meal. Nothing was going to hold back the aburame from picking up the pace a little for his student.



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Duncan Crawford
Duncan Crawford
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The force in us (yen, love) - Page 4 Empty Re: The force in us (yen, love)

Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:48 am
Posting on the wrong account. tsk tsk 
Stamped for Yen.
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