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Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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Comrade In Arms Empty Comrade In Arms

Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:46 pm
Who would have ever thought that one day Kisuke would become a teacher. A fucking sensei. "Sensei Kisuke... Kisuke Sensei... hmmm." The Uchiha thought to himself, trying to see how it would sound. In all honesty, he did not like the way his name sounded with that title. Partly because he did not see himself worthy of being a teacher to others. Who was he to be someone else's teacher? Only a year ago he was a Genin and since then he had not changed much for he had taken the entire year off to do nothing. Chuunin Kisuke was no better than Genin Kisuke. Therefore why was he even allowed to lead a Genin squad? Was it because the village wanted to force him back onto his feet by giving him responsibilities? Or was it because the village had been so decimated after Kiri's assault that they had no one else to lead the next generation of shinobi? Whatever the case, the Uchiha now found himself being assigned a squad of Genin to lead, a moment he thought would never actually happen. Not because it was something he was looking forward to and hoped it happened, but because he never saw himself as the type of person who could lead a squad. He was not the leader type. What was he suppose to do? He had so much to learn himself yet now he was tasked with teaching others. What role models did he have to look up to? Konoha never had a stable Kage, both of his parents were gone and he was the eldest child in his family. 

He did once have a sensei though and her name was Ayumi. She was unorthodox in her methods and an odd person, but his former sensei nonetheless and thus where he would draw his inspiration from. Therefore, on this cold day with snow flakes lightly descending from the heavens, Kisuke found himself at the exact location where he first met his Genin squad. "Kotsuzui and.... Jin?" He thought to himself, not being able to remember the name of his deceased teammate. It was only four years ago that he sat here with them, Genin as green as summer grass. Now he sat here, awaiting his own team. It was a rooftop balcony to a tea shop. The balcony was shadowed by a roof as to protect its customers and the red cushioned couches which they were seated upon from the snow. But there were no windows or walls on the oval balcony, save those that led to the interior of the shop. Kisuke sat on a cushioned chair, facing the exterior of the balcony which contained a booth that was lined with a vacant couch, soon to be filled by his team.

So he waited, his breath visible as a cloud of smoke with every exhale. On the table in between where he was seated and the couch ahead of him was a table that contained a tray holding a kettle of steamy green tea with four cups already filled to the rim. With his red hair tied back into a pony tail and his leather jacket zipped up to his neck, he lazily sat in his chair with a cigarette perched in between two of his fingers, his arm resting on the armrest of his chair. Smoke slowly fizzled from the tip of the cigarette and wound its way into the air before being blown away by a cool winter breeze. It was now only a matter of time before the Sensei met his students.
Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Mon Jan 14, 2019 5:58 pm
The day had come for Minato to finally and formally meet his team. He had been on a mission with his cousin Fukuro so it's not like it would be like the first day of school. But this time Minato would be joined by his team leader: Uchiha Kisuke. 
Fukuro and Minato had met him when they were about to take a look at the Chuunin Exam battles, there they had asked if Kisuke would be willing to overlook their training and to become their leader. Reason for that was that he was a Chuunin so he would be strong enough to help the two cousins improve their skills. But for Minato, the most important reason was the fact that Kisuke shared the same blood as him, the blood of an Uchiha. And they decided that it was best for members of the Uchiha to stick together in these times.

They agreed to meet at a local tea shop. On his way over Minato began thinking what kind of sensei Kisuke would be. When you'd see him, you wouldn't really take him for a sensei. He was more an intimidating kind of guy. "I wonder what kind of sensei he'll be", Minato thought to himself.
Slow but steady he had almost reached his destination, so he had some time left to try and come up with what it would be like, being part of a team. He had worked together with others before, but it would be different when you are in a team. You're supposed to take care of each other and work together to reach your goals. 
"I hope it will all turn out for the best"

Minato had arrived at the tea shop, heading to the balcony he could see the red haired team leader blowing out some smoke. Seems like he was the first one of the Genin to arrive. Heading over to the couch he greeted Kisuke.

"Yo, Kisuke sensei"

(WC: 325)
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Thu Jan 24, 2019 10:28 am
The day was a cold one, gray and soft clouds filled with perspiration hanging in the air, as the streets were trailed with snow save a few footprints from children having snowball fights. One child, covered in his usual dark jacket yet with it's hood down walked along the street in the direction of a familiar tea shop he often passed without much thought. A small sigh couldn't help but escape his lips as he wished he could join other kids in on the fun with their made up wars of water and ice but unfortunately duty was calling and he'd been told he was to be assigned to another team due to his current one being a bit on hiatus. What was worse was that there was supposed to be a Chuunin with the task of leading said team and that Chuunin happened to be someone he knew very well. Such thoughts would cause his mind to cloud up as he blinked a few times and he heard a voice in his mind. "Let me handle this."

His eyes instantly shifted from their usual color to take in a more crimson hue as he would roll his neck to stretch out a few muscles and bones before putting on a smile and hopping up to the rooftop to meet good old Kisuke Uchiha and... Recognizing the other person who had beat him there Higuto took on his usual kind demeanor as he addressed Minato.

"Why it's good to see you again, Minato. How's your sword play coming along?"

He would have his hands in his pockets and remain standing, attention away from Kisuke, as he seemed genuinely interested in how Minato was.

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Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:26 pm
The first of the three Genin to arrive was Minato, a fellow Uchiha he had previously met while the Chuunin Exams were taking place. As he walked around and took his seat across the table in front of Kisuke, the red headed Uchiha would casually nod before greeting his fellow brethren. "Kisuke Sensei hmmm." He thought to himself after hearing Minato greet him, the sound of his name prefixing the word sensei sounding quite odd to his ears. "Hey, looks like you became a fucking Genin after all. Congratulations." The last time he had encountered the Uchiha of the same age, Minato had yet to graduate from the academy yet. It was good to see he was making progress, unlike Kisuke who had been stagnant for the past year due to his hiatus.

Comfortably sitting in his lone chair, Kisuke was unable to make small talk for a second member of his team arrived, a member he was also familiar with. His jet black eyes would watch the Aburame pounce up onto the balcony from bellow, now standing behind the couch Minato was seated on. Higuto, the very same Kisuke had duked it out with in the training grounds at the request of Kinzoku. A pretty talented kid. It was odd to be his sensei when they were practically both at the same level skill wise. The only thing that currently separated the two of them was their rank. However rank was only a formality and as much as he was going to be their leader, he would also be their teammate. "Higuto, you may take a seat." Motioning his right hand to the seat next to Minato, Kisuke would finish "There's tea on the table if you'd like any." Higuto mentioned something about Minato's sword play which intrigued the Uchiha, however he would wait for the third and final teammate to arrive before starting any meaty discussions.

That person finally arrived when a young kunoichi made her way to their table. “You must be Kozachi.” The only member of the group Kisuke had not previously met and an Uchiha as well. A team with three Uchiha, he wondered if they would be diverse in their skills and techniques enough to be a diverse team. “Welcome, you may also take a seat and have some tea if you wish.”

Whether Higuto and Kozachi took a seat or not, as long as they were gathered around the same table Kisuke would move on. “Well everyone, this is our team. I’ve read all of your files but for those who dont know each other or me, how about we get the formalities out of the way and start of with some introductions?” Leaning forward in his seat and resting his elbows and top of his knees with intertwined hands, Kisuke would continue “My name is Kisuke Uchiha and I’m going to be your Chuunin team leader. You can refer to me just as Kisuke, Sensei, Sensei Kisuke, whatever works for you, I couldnt care less. I specialize in the use of Genjutsu and some Ninjutsu and have Fire and Earth as my chakra natures. I'm also capable of summoning through a Dragon contract I acquired. I obviously dont need to explain to the three of you what Uchiha's are capable of. You guys are going to be the first team I’m leading but when I was a Genin I was part of two or three teams myself so this isnt my first rodeo when it comes to being in a squad.” With the death and retireing of several teammates, Kisuke had been part of a few teams, teams that had missing members replaced with younger, inexperienced teammates. Therefore he was not a total stranger to leading others either. “How about you go next Minato.”
Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:55 pm
Minato was able to have some small talk with Kisuke since he was the first of the three Genin to arrive. During their talk the red haired Uchiha congratulated his student for graduating the Academy and on to becoming a Genin. For once it was nice to receive some praise from someone other than his parents. It felt good to be complimented by his new sensei. 
"Thank you sensei, I promise to keep working hard so I won't disappoint you."

Before the two Uchiha were able to continue their small talk they could notice the presence of a third person. When looking back, Minato could see to his surprise it was none other than Higuto who he had shared some time with while training his swordplay. Enlightened with the fact that he would form a team with Higuto he decided to greet his friend. 
"I'm glad we can meet again Higuto, as for how my swordplay is coming along, I still have a long way to go if I want to become as good as you. But now that we're on the same team, it might give me the opportunity to improve even more."

Now they only had to wait for the third and last member of the team to arrive. Having no clue of who it could be, Minato decided to welcome them with open arms as they would have to spend a lot of time together. In the meantime Kisuke had offered them some tea, of which Minato never had any of before.

Suddenly they were joined by their final teammate, a young kunoichi it seemed. When she made her way over, Minato could hear Kisuke address her as Kozachi before offering her a seat and some tea as well. With the arrival of Kozachi the team was now complete. 

Kisuke decided to take the floor now that everyone had arrived. He suggested they got the formalities out of the way and to begin the introductions, starting with himself. Sipping from his tea, Minato paid close attention as this was an opportunity to get to know his sensei some more. Most of the information he already knew from before, but this time Kisuke would also mention he specialised in Genjutsu with a little bit Ninjutsu as well. As his chakra natures he possessed both Fire and Earth. To top it off he even was capable of summoning through a Dragon contract he acquired. The read haired sensei finished with suggesting for Minato to go next. Thanking his sensei he stood up to begin introducing himself.

"My name is Uchiha Minato, I specialise in Ninjutsu with the Lightning Element as my affinity. My likes consist of practising and learning new skills, trying to improve as much as possible. I also enjoy relaxing while enjoying the beautiful Konoha weather and to spend time with my family and friends. About my dislikes I can be short: an enemy of Konoha is an enemy of mine. For my dreams and hopes I aspire to become one of the most versatile Shinobi our village ever had and to bring my clan back to where we belong.
I hope we will all get along great."

Minato took his seat back as he finished his introduction, curious as who would be going next.

(WC: 548, TWC: 873)
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:44 am
Higuto watched the young genin Uchiha talk of his swordplay just as a somewhat familiar face appeared before the three. He hadn't been told exactly who all he was going to be in a formation with in terms of the team but he couldn't help but softly smirk as he thought to himself. 'Well this is certain to be interesting. Being the lone tiger out of a pack of lions.' The whole team, barring himself, would be composed of mainly Uchiha! Kisuke who he had had a "spar" with before and had been introduced to a fair number of his capabilities, Minato who was still in training yet held great potential within him, and Kozai who Higuto had never met before yet saw a great deal of in one of his previous Chuunin Exams. 'I wonder how this arrangement shall go. Here, kid, you can have the wheel for a little bit.'

Higuto's eyes closed, the pupils reverting back from crimson to their original color, as Higuto blinked them open just as Kisuke suggested he sit down. 'Dammit. Stop doing that! I can handle myself!' He would take Kisuke's suggestion as he sat beside Minato and smiled kindly.

"You'll get your sword skills up in no time. You have the talent. You just need to discover it."

He would keep quiet throughout Kisuke's introduction and his self assessment as he though back to their spar with each other and how intense it was getting before it was stopped. Kisuke had even gone so far as to summon the dragon he had just mentioned which left Higuto wondering how he'd have proceeded after that. The order of introduction would soon turn to Minato as he explained his own desires and goals as well as his talents. Of course Higuto knew some of what Minato could do, lightning style and swordplay included, but he hadn't been granted the opportunity to see all of what he was capable of yet knew it was only a matter of time. After Minato finished Higuto chuckled.

"Well said, Minato. I look forward to working with you. As for me my name is Higuto Aburame. Like Kisuke this is also not my first outing with a squad so I can promise you that I'll use whatever experience I have to the fullest to make certain we never fail. As for my capabilities I am skilled in mostly Ninjutsu though I have an interest in improving my sword usage as well as Genjutsu capabilities. I know basic medical jutsu, basic Fuinjutsu, and basic Taijutsu. Ninjutsu wise I have access to a wide variety in the elements of both water and lightning to the point I've succeeded in combining the two elements to have access to a special element known as Storm release. I'll admit I still have a few kinks to work out with that. I can only pull off one jutsu under such an element. As far as dreams or goals go I've been adamant in attaining further strength to better myself and one day grow up to be a ninja worthy of his gifts and use said gifts to turn the world for the better. That's my dream whereas my goal for right now is simply to become a Chuunin. I suspect that by the time I do so I'll have enough experience under my belt to help aspiring ninja succeed in their goals and dreams along with me... Forgive me if I rambled a bit too much. It's nice to see and meet you all again."

Taking a breath he poured himself a cup of tea and waited patiently for someone else to speak as he sipped.
Uchiha Kisuke
Uchiha Kisuke
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:47 pm
From his seated position Kisuke would give a little nod to Minato as he thanked him. "Don't worry about disappointing me." He would respond. "Don't disappoint yourself. Just make sure that who you are today is better than the prick you were yesterday." Kisuke did not want Minato as a student to worry about his view of him as a sensei. The most important thing he had to focus on was making sure that he was improving, that he was striving towards a greater image of himself. However, in order to achieve that greater self he needed a goal, he needed a ceiling that he set for himself. In due time, Kisuke would find out what that was.

After Minato and Higuto finished their small talk and Kisuke introduced himself, the red headed Uchiha would lean forward to grab his cup of tea while the other Uchiha in the group began to introduce himself. Kisuke methodically brought the tea cup to his lips and lightly sipped from him, his unwavering attention never leaving Minato while he spoke about his specialties, his dislikes and his dreams. After he finished speaking, the teen leader would put his cup back down onto the table and slouch into his chair once more. He had a few questions for Minato after hearing him speak, however he would momentarily archive those questions in his mind as he turned his attention towards the Aburame he once sparred with. Placing his hands together before his slouched chest and intertwining his fingers, Kisuke listened intently while Higuto explained his history, capabilities, achievements and his aspirations. 

Kisuke would shake his head as Higuto asked for forgiveness, feeling that he rambled on. "Dont sweat it. Creating an element of your own is pretty fucking impressive and worth the rambling. It's also good that you have a goal in mind and intermediate steps to achieve that goal. Too often people set goals that are too grand for them and they inevitably fall flat on their face in failure. Now.." He paused, shifting his vision back and forth between the two Genin seated before him. "I have some questions for you cunts based off of what I just heard." Locking his eyes with Minato, Kisuke would continue "For you. An enemy of Konoha is an enemy of yours you say. As it should be, however do you consider Kiri an enemy of Konoha?" Kiri was now the rulers of Konoha, the village of leaf now only a vassal state for the conquerors. Their Hokage served Kiri just as they served the Hokage. So was Kiri their enemy, or their leaders? "Also... you say you want to bring the Uchiha 'back to where we belong'. Where exactly is that, where do we belong?" As an Uchiha himself, one with his own views as to where he thought the clan should be, he wondered what Minato's view on the matter was. 

Turning his stern yet relaxed gaze towards Higuto, Kisuke would pose the Aburame a question before pausing to listen to the responses of his students. "You're immediate goal is simply to become a Chuunin right? That's something where in your case, I feel you will obtain in no fucking time. So I want to know more about your dream. You want to change and affect the world for the better. What does that mean? How do you intend to better the world?"

Glancing between the two of them, Kisuke would add on "If you want, you can answer the question I posed to the other person for yourself as well." If Higuto wanted he could answer the question about Kiri being an enemy or not and Minato could answer the question he asked the Aburame about how would he make the world a better place. It was up to them, but for now he would wait and listen, expecting them to answer the questions he asked them individually.
Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:39 pm
Carefully listening to Higuto as it was now his turn to introduce himself, Minato was paying close attention as he wanted to get to know his teammate better. Concentrating on his explanation he would find out that, just like himself, Higuto had access to both the Lightning and Water Element. He was even able to attain an Advanced Element, something called Storm Release.
As far as his goals or dreams went he wanted to improve himself, aiming to become a Chuunin. Both worthy and admirable goals, something Minato could agree on. The moment Higuto had finished he sat down while he took a small sip from his tea. Soon after Kisuke had shared his thoughts about what his two Genin said, the red haired Uchiha locked eyes with Minato.

It seemed that he had some questions based off of what he just heard and he decided to start with Minato. His sensei wanted to know how he felt about Kiri since he had mentioned that an enemy of Konoha was also an enemy of his. Now that Konohagakure no Sato was living under the rule of Kiri and the Hokage was loyal to them it left Minato under the impression that his village was divided into those that hated Kiri and those who were sympathizing with them. Now that he started thinking about it, he felt that he understood both sides.
Those who hated them had the right to as Kiri came and conquered their village and in doing so killed their comrades, so no one would blame them for the hate they felt. 
Those who sympathized with them weren't in the wrong either. If they fought back, chances were they would have been killed as well. They probably figured not to bite the hand that fed them. True, being the vassal state of their invadors Konoha became more safe as they were protected by the Mizukage. 
But that wasn't the question. The question was how Minato felt about them, were they his enemies or his leaders?

"It's true that under their rule we have known peaceful times and if we cooperated we would get to know no harm. But no matter how you look at it they still murdered some of our own. And when they decided that it wasn't enough, they just took two of our strongest shinobi with them. Still, being put into this position we were left with two choices. We either did nothing and accepted our fate, or we refused it and use this as an opportunity to grow stronger and rise above ourselves. I want to believe I went with the second option.
So you could say that I'm thankful for them being an enemy. Change is necessary, standing still just means you're going backwards."

He hoped that he had made himself clear, he felt no hate nor sympathy for Kiri. But he was grateful for the fact that they pushed him to become a stronger and better version of himself. 
There would be a temporary silence, followed by a second question coming from Kisuke. He wanted Minato to explain what he meant by bringing back the Uchiha where they belonged. The young Uchiha indeed claimed the wish for his clan to be respected and acknowledged like they once were.

"We are the Uchiha. Hearing our name should put fear and respect into the hearts of those who oppose us. We weren't made to serve, we were destined to lead. Once upon a time our clan stood at the top, a place we rightfully belong to. People should remember how strong we are and how much stronger we will become. As we bring our clan back to where it belongs we will also make our village stronger as it will need our power in doing so."
He might have overreacted a bit, of course he didn't want people to be afraid every time they would see him. But he felt that his clan deserved the respect they once had.

Next up was Higuto. Minato wondered what question their sensei would have got in store for the Aburame. Higuto said he wanted to change the world for the better. What did he mean by that? How did he intend to better the world? Kisuke would add that both Genin could answer each other's questions as well.
The young Uchiha started to think about how he would try and change the world for the better. He knew he wanted to have some kind of impact, as he would start with his clan and later his village. And who knew where his journey would end?

"I believe that if you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. Nothing will change if you aren't able to change yourself. Focus on getting stronger, help each other surpass their limits, work together to shake things up. That's how I would start. But I can't do it on my own, that's where each and every one of you come in. With you and your powers by my side I'm sure it will be a great adventure, one where we don't know where it will take us."

Minato had the feeling he did well to answer all of the questions he got asked by Kisuke, now it was time to sit back and listen to what Higuto would say and how their response would affect their sensei Kisuke.

(WC: 900, TWC: 1773)
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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Comrade In Arms Empty Re: Comrade In Arms

Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:52 am
Higuto sipped on his own cup of tea as he listened to the... somewhat of praises he spoke in regards to both Minato's and Higuto's goals before calling the both of them "cunts". Instantly something within Higuto's mind stirred in anger as Higuto kept it down. 'The hell? Who the fuck does he think he is?' Higuto kept his composure, not knowing exactly what a cunt was, as the voice within him chuckled. 'That's something not meant for you to know for a while.' He shrugged and sighed at that as he listened to Kisuke ask Minato a few questions while Minato answered.  Before long it would be time for Higuto's turn to answer Kisuke's upcoming questions as he thought about his answer for a moment.

"This was something I once pointed out as my will of fire when I was taking my Genin exam. My proctor, at the time, just so happened to be the Mizukage Xyxer Gyojin. I told him that my 'will of fire' would be to provide protection for citizens and guidance towards peace to my allies in order to better maintain my 'village' and ensure it's stability. But I also pointed out to him that, to me, my 'village' isn't only comprised of where I was born and raised which was the Leaf. The term 'village' to me is defined as a place that is more known as 'home'. And my 'home' isn't simply constricted to my village but to the world as a whole. After all we get our food from it, it provides us the oxygen to live, and it is the place that nurtures us at birth while providing warm places to rest when we expire. So it comes as a natural feeling to me to want to make it a world better to live in. A place where people can live without fear but in peace, form bonds with each other, guide young ninja to grow strong and healthy to protect what's precious to them so they may pass such teaching to their children and their children's children. And I seek for this to be a change in all villages and not just my own. And to achieve such a lofty dream power, experience, and wisdom will be necessary. Power, wisdom, and experience usually associated with a kage which is the rank I am ultimately wanting to achieve so that such a dream can be easier to attain."

He looked to Kisuke upon saying this.

"To you this may be something too big for anyone to achieve. I will work hard to make certain I don't 'fall flat on my face in failure'."

He then turned to Minato and recalled what he said about Kiri.

"And I view Kiri as an enemy myself though a necessary one. Their invasion was a wake up call to us in terms of where we stand in power. I believe it necessary we take advantage of that wake up call and use it as fuel for our individual growths and teamwork. I don't like the idea of staying in their shadow for too long."

He would take another sip of tea to clear his throat as he waited and listened for what the others had to say.
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