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Mara Asano
Mara Asano
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Ominous Dreams Empty Ominous Dreams

Tue Dec 18, 2018 1:58 am
Storm clouds roared overhead as torrential rain assailed the ground as if to drown it. The scene was almost completely black. No moonlight cut through the violent clouds above. A clap of lightning split the sky, briefly bathing the scene in light.

There were bodies, strewn across the field. More men where fighting across the field. A scorching torrent of fire provided a brief respite from the darkness as one of the wagons caught fire. A man with bright blonde hair was clashing swords with a half dozen opponents, each of them wearing masks. He seemed to outclass them easily, dodging swipes and slashes without interrupting his own. It was incredible to watch his reaction time. One blade was coated in a lightning, slicing through the swords of his assailant. The other seemed coated in flame.

Inches away, a kunai pierced the wagon, with a piece of burning paper attached. There was a cry. "No!"

There was a flurry of motion impossibly fast. The wagon tarp shredded around her. And then there was a deafening boom. Then there was water, so much trapping water. Some huge weight had landed on top of her and she couldn't move. And then it was gone. A strange man in a bird like mask stood above her.  

"Get away from her, Batiko! Or you die here." The voice sounded strained, but so familiar.

The bird man replied. "You are in no shape to threaten me."

And suddenly she was falling. The arm that had held her falling with her. The bird man had struck true though. The blonde man, despite maiming his opponent, had been run through.

The bird man screamed in pain at the loss of his limb. One of his compatriots rushed over, using an advanced medical jutsu to reattach it. But the blonde man wasn't done. Just before the procedure was finished, in a yell of defiant fury, he through his sword at the medical ninja. An impossibly bright flash of lightning felled the masked medic in their tracks. As the rain fell, the blonde man attempted to reach her. But he collapsed short. No...I need to...

A sword impaled him from above and the masked man stood triumphant. "Its over."

"You' for this," the blonde said amid coughs of blood. "And that arm will never be the same. You'll lose it for real some day. And then she'll take your life."

"I doubt that very much," the bird said. "I'll make her think she's one of mine. She'll never have the will to challenge anyone."

The blonde moved as if to retaliate, but another stab ended it. The bird man scooped her out of the mud. "Your clan will never be a threat to me again."

He removed his mask as he cast his memory suppression jutsu. His dark hair matted from the rain. And everything went dark


Mara shot awake in a cold sweat, screaming. Her head hurt as if the very act of seeing that dream had cost her substantial effort. She felt as if she’d used up half her chakra in her sleep. What had she just seen? It was too vivid to be dream, but she'd never seen that scenery in her life. None of that scene had been familiar, except that face at the end. It was younger than she was used to, but it bore a look of malice she'd become far too familiar with. It was undeniably the face of Batiko Asano, her father.

The implications of the scene wasn't lost on her. Whoever the blonde man had been, he'd visibly looked much more like Mara than any member of the family she knew. The same striking blue eyes.

The question was, was any of this real? If it had been a dream, she could explain it away. She'd harbored resentments against her father for years due to the way he'd treated her. This dream could easily be a manifestation of that resentment. A delusion about secret families and her father's evil plot. And her head pain could have just been a headache, causing her to imagine the memory jutsu. But it had been so real. The feelings so visceral. What if it wasn't a dream?

The implications of that chilled her to her bones. But it raised even more questions than it answered. If she wasn't the daughter of Botiko Asano, then who was she? Where had she originally been from? And why had her supposed father raised her as his own?

"Your clan will never be a threat to us again." Was this all just wishful thinking? Was she just projecting her desires to not be part of his lineage? Or was this true. Had her “father” killed her true family and stolen her as a young child? If so, she wondered if her mother was still out there somewhere.

There was also the issue of her stalker. If this dream was real, there was almost no way he wasn’t involved. However, it wasn’t clear what exactly his role could be. Did he work for her, Botiko? Or did he work for who ever she really was related to?

This was all a lot too deal with and she wasn’t going to uncover anything here in Konoha. Whatever this all meant, she’d need to wait until she got home to look into it. It was still very dark outside. She debated for a moment about if she wanted to go back to sleep. The dream experience had been harrowing. However, she ultimately decided it would be worth it. What if she learned more, after all? She couldn’t exactly pass up the opportunity to catch some more details about that scene, and she certainly could use some more rest.

She laid her head back down on the pillow. It took a few minutes, but her mind finally stopped racing. With one last deep breath, she drifted off to sleep, eager to try and find the meaning behind the visions she had scene.

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Ominous Dreams Empty Re: Ominous Dreams

Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:02 am
Approved. (Next time link the jutsu you're training pls)
Mara Asano
Mara Asano
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Ominous Dreams Empty Re: Ominous Dreams

Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:03 am
Yeah. Meant to do it here even. The link function doesn’t always seem to work on my phone.
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