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Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
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Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea Empty Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea

Wed Nov 15, 2023 10:32 am
Mission Details:

Among these grassy plains under the now violet sky, stood a lone Uchiha. Okisho had finally made it passed the veil. As for the others, no one could be sure. He was currently alone.

He was a pilgrim in this unholy land, his mind weary from the harsh trials and testing hindrances that got him to where he was today. He looks up towards the sky, his mind attempting the process the many images that blanketed the dark violet sky. The phantom like images each had their own particular glow, each trademark hovering above to which they all weaved multiple rainbow silhouettes. Some where familiar, essence of a past, life? No, his dreams had manifested along with others in this ethereal plane. Such nonsense, he would've previously labeled, had not seeing what was above him. He ponders, well rather star gazed at the lit sky, perched upon his personal space. A slight breeze kissed his face in doing so, reminding him that this was real. He had made it here, and yes indeed, he was here on a mission.

The more he tried to recall what was his main purpose here, he just couldn't quite get a fix on it. It was as if his mind had gone through so much stress, it refused to work with it's host. Okisho, still looking upwards towards the lit sky, feels to his surprise a thick furry paw scratch the back of his head. He immediately jumps up from his grassy perch, swing backwards in defense to his new company. He was surprised he managed to nearly escape the clutches of such a predator. But, his efforts were wasted, as there was nobody behind him.

"What's...going on?", he wondered. He scans the area, and when he took inventory of his person, he let out a gasps of horror as to what he had become.

Okisho's form, had changed. His body was replaced with a muscular body of what appeared to be a lion coming in at around 1.2 meters tall; his paws were firmly pressed against the ground due to his new weight. His tails waged back and forth the more he panicked. His breathing now heavier, he pressed his right paw upon his face. He felt, his usual bare face. But, there was more. Although his face still appeared to be human, his new light brown lion mane was braided down to his mid back. His new beastly hairstyle was covered with a head piece of Egyptian origin.

What walks on four in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night? Whelp, Okisho would have the answer soon, otherwise he would be just as dumbfounded as the rest of the poor souls that happened to cross paths with similar creatures of Okisho's new form.

He slinks back in forth, vocally expressing his concerns as to why he was morphed into such a beast. His ramblings were fast but coherent. However, after realizing what he was. Bits and pieces of his past began to seep out. He was here with a team! He stops, and scans the area on all fours up right. He lowers his form to the ground once more, maneuvering through the grassy plains to try and find his missing teammates. Where ever they were...
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Tenshi Uchiha
Tenshi Uchiha
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 77900

Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea Empty Re: Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea

Tue Nov 21, 2023 11:53 pm
Tenshi's eyes slowly opened as he found his surroundings coming to, where in the hell was he and why did everything seem so fuzzy? As Tenshi looked up at the sky, he found that everything was swirling and spinning above him, causing him to lower his gaze to avoid becoming sick at the constant movement. He closed his eyes tightly for a moment to help regain his bearings before reopening them and looking around. Wherever he was, it was most definitely not of his world, or at least he did not think so. It was as if everything around him was constantly changing, attempting to figure out what it was itself. At first he was surrounded by a snowy landscape, where he should have been freezing cold yet felt warm as if it were the middle of summer. Next it changed to the appearance of a dry and barren desert, he felt a trickle of sweat drip down the side of his forehead before it disappeared along with the desert. Next he found himself standing on water, yet he was not using any techniques that would have allowed him to do so.

This watery scenery lasted far longer than the rest, allowing for Tenshi to look around and observe his surroundings. He was quite surprised to find that there was nothing but ocean for as far as the eye could see. Although this startled him, nothing in his wild imagination could have prepared him for what he witnessed next. Staring down at the water below him, Tenshi saw his reflection. Except it was not the normal him, his human life features were replaced with incredible scales and wings that represented a dark black and red dragon. His eyes burned a hot crimson red and yellow, his features were as sharp as the spikes at the top of his newly discovered wings. What in the hell was going on?


Shaking his head quickly, Tenshi quickly looked around as the scenery changed once more, this time to a more normal grassy plain, although the sky continued with its odd shenanigans up above. Deciding that it was time for him to test out his new additions on his back, Tenshi crouched down and stretched out his wings. With all of his strength, he leapt into the air and flapped several times with his wings, allowing him to fly with surprising ease. Letting out a yell of joy, Tenshi allowed himself to circle around several times before resorting to hovering in the air, deciding on which direction he should go for. Choosing one at random, Tenshi took off once more, flying no more than 20m from the ground as he did so.

After a short while, Tenshi spotted a rather unusual looking beast, it had the appearance of a... lion? Albeit a lion with a very odd looking head piece and... human face? Deciding to investigate further, Tenshi approached the beast while remaining in the air. The lion had a face very similar to one of his team mates, and that wasn't all either. It had the chakra signature of that same person, could it possibly be... "Okisho? Is that you? You look rather different... although I guess I can not say much on that matter." He chuckled as he awaited the response from his friend and team mate.

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Himari Hyuuga
Himari Hyuuga
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Chakra: 100
Speed: 150
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Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea Empty Re: Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea

Wed Nov 22, 2023 2:23 pm
While You Read:

Meanwhile, in the aetherial sea knitted together by the infinite expanse of the imagined...

Dreams. What are dreams? Are they really just figments of our imagination, or something more? Past stories tell of dreams coming true, but how could that be? After all, dreams are simply one's mind at work, creating scenarios and events based on what we have seen, heard, and experienced throughout our waking lives. But what if these stories were more than just simple fairy tales? What if dreams truly could come true? And what would happen if they did? Would it be a blessing or a curse? These questions have long plagued the minds of many, yet none have found any answers. However, there is one place where these questions may finally be answered.

A place known as the Dreamscape Sea.

A vast expanse of pure imagination, filled with countless subspaces from the collective minds of millions of dreams and ideas. It is said that within the Dreamscape Sea, anything can become real, and that those who wander its depths risk losing their very selves to the madness of infinite possibilities. However, for some, the Dreamscape Sea is a place of wonder and adventure, where they can explore new worlds and discover secrets long forgotten. But when the veil that distinguishes between the real and unreal dissipates, when otherwise supernatural things that have since been gate-kept for eternity finally have a chance to rend themselves free from the shackles of Man's mind, when dreams are given life... what then?

This is a predicament that presently plagues the denizens of Konohagakure-no-Sato. Where dreams from beyond the rift of those who slumber have set upon them and let loose their nightmares onto the unsuspecting populace. In this story, a team of three set forth to defeat the source of this madness and rid the shinobi world of an otherwise unbeatable threat. How, one may wonder? By directly confronting the origin of this chaos where it resides: within the very Dreamscape Sea that they swim.

In it, a globulous sphere of ambient, lilac light drifts through the boundless sea of dreams and imagination, all cast from reflections in rhombus-shaped, glittering crystals. Its surface ripples with each passing moment. It is a strange sight, indeed, but one that is no less beautiful than any other. The orb's inner light shines brightly as if beckoning all who dare approach to come closer and bask in its radiance. Yet, for all its splendor and wonder, there is something else lurking within the depths of this strange little sphere... something brighter, more hopeful.

The orb's surface ripples once more and approaches one of the aforementioned crystals, a sobering green light pulses from within. The orb's glow intensifies as it nears the crystal, and soon it envelops the entire thing in a blinding flash of light. When the light fades away, a new scene has been painted upon the canvas of reality itself.

A lone figure rests atop a grassy hill overlooking a small village nestled in the valley below. The sun is high in the sky, casting its warm rays down upon the world below. A gentle breeze blows through the air, carrying with it the scent of wildflowers and freshly cut grass. It is a peaceful scene indeed, but one that is not meant to last forever...

The figure shifts slightly, their eyes opening slowly as they gaze out over the landscape before them. Their expression is one of serenity, but there is also an underlying sense of sadness and loneliness within those eyes. They have been here before many times, but never once have they found what they were looking for. They stand up and stretch, letting out a sigh as they do so. They know that this journey will likely end just like all the others: with disappointment and heartache. But still, they must try. They must keep searching, no matter how long it takes or how far they have to go. After all, this is their dream... and dreams are meant to be fulfilled.

"I'm going to find you..." The figure whispers to themselves before turning around and heading down the hill and into the meadow aimlessly in the vain hope that they find that which they seek.

After almost what feels like an eternity, the figure spots something over in the distance. Two entities of unknown origin... or rather, oddly-looking in origin? One of them resembles something foreign they've never seen before. And another, whose appearance looks even stranger, is clad in black with draconian wings as if it were a demon straight from hell. The figure approaches cautiously, their eyes narrowed in suspicion as they try to get a better look at what lies ahead. And when the distance between them, their memories that once lay dormant beneath the subconscious begin to emerge. These... are her friends! And yet, they take upon such ghastly profiles of how she may recall them. Perhaps this is another work of their unconsciousness.

Whenever the duo turns to face the approaching figure, their eyes are met with a sight most unfamiliar to them. Before them stands a young, comely woman with fair, delicate skin and long, dark hair. Her eyes are a featureless white color yet filled with wisdom and compassion. She wears a simple white robe and haori that flows around her like water, accentuating her slender frame and feminine curves. Her presence is calming and soothing, yet there is also an air of mystery about her that cannot be denied. Her feet are bare, and she walks across the grassy field as if she were weightless. The only other thing she wears is a necklace made of what appears to be black velvet as it hugs around the midsection of her neck.

Present Appearance/Corporeal Form:

The woman smiles warmly at the two as she approaches, her voice soft and soothing. "Hello there," She greets them nonchalantly, bowing slightly all the while. "I... am Himari Hyuuga. It's been quite some time since we've last met, hasn't it?"

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TMWC: 2,105/15,500
Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
Stat Page : Okisho's Stat page
Mission Record : Okisho's Mission page
Ninjutsu Default
Wind Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 43050

Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea Empty Re: Dreams and Nightmare's: Into the Sea

Thu Nov 23, 2023 12:55 pm
Scurrying about in a frantic state, he pauses at the site of another approaching from the sky. Even on such as himself, a creature of multiple terrors, was struck in awe as the draconic being apprached him. Dragons? A sudden figure spawned within the mind of Okisho. The site of the demon reminded him of his other teammate, Tenshi. He was affliated with dragons, as per his summoning pact with them he assumed. The vocal confirmation from the aerial creature eased his tense. Finally, he wasn’t alone in this hellscape of a place. He takes sitting postion, resting on his back hind feet.

Taking a unwarrented yawn, he looks back up to Tenshi. “Tenshi!? Finally, I have to admit. I’m a bit at a loss for the moment. HQ didn’t mention anything like this would happen *flaps left front paw*. But! It’s coming back slowly. The trip here must have taken a toll, I feel like my mind was shattered to pieces”, his senses detected another who would approach the duo. He slowly swings his gaze towards the robed figure with discernibg eyes. What else would this strange new world bring to the table? The now jaded sphinx ponders as to what to do, his tail waging in wait.

The mysterious figure was, Himari? He looks down at the bottom of her robes. Was ahe floating? How she sauntered about was questionable, his mind still everywhere, yet managed to refocus on the fact that they were all here together. “Himari! Glad you made it. It’s been sometime indeed.”, he stands on his hind legs, and flaps both his paws upwarfs towards the sky at Tenshi. “That’s Tenshi up there, flying.” Now that team 212 was back together again, Okisho felt more comfrotable with solving how to get out of here.

The ground beneath the the trio shook, an earthquake? Now? Fissures with red light erupting from it spawn a 2 meter tall blood red gem from the ground. It spun as it ascended from the depths below, now hovering a foot from the ground. Its position was 2 meters away. Okisho, perplexed as to the formation of the gem, watches it stop its rotation. The symbol for “1” appears on the gem.

The first round has begun

Noises and such erupt from all fronts. Creatures of all manifestations spawn, making their way towards the group. Each wity origins created from the trio. In Okisho’s case, he discovers the same demonic cats with zombie like features that he saw when all this started. Was the cat a clue? Strange how it would appear once more. He readies himself for battle as the wave of creatures close in on their location.

From beyond the group, a figure within the clouds watches the scene unfold. Things were finally getting ready for the great reveal.
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