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Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
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Dreams and Nightmare's for a Duo Empty Dreams and Nightmare's for a Duo

Sun Nov 19, 2023 8:16 pm
Mission Details:

Down a seemingly endless vacuum of ethereal space, A figure was seen plummeting down. Diving head first into the space beyond the rift, along with many other shinobi in their own respective space tunnels, Okisho was traversing the guided mysteries. They had made it, the village finally able to launch a counter attack upon the rift. All in hopes to shut it down once and for all, securing their peace within their own world. Such bravery, from the fist wave. They knew not what awaited them beyond, but yet they pressed on. OKisho could remember the last moments, back in his world. The many, standing in rank in front of the rift, their captains giving them orders before departing. Counter measures were put in place, as well as delivering their metals to their homes after the mission. Not of doubt, no, it was customary for those they deemed heroes within the leaf. Like what was stated before they many squads of of the leaf shinobi left, there was no guarantee of them returning.

As for attire, Okisho is a minimalist, nothing too flashy and void of any logos. He is seen wearing a simple all light grey shirt, and a pair of dark navy-blue slacks which stop at the top of his ankles. A single ninja pouch concealed underneath his black shirt. The pouch his attached to his black leather belt, fastened on the back right side of his waist. His shoes are standard issued shinobi editions, revealing his toes and back ankles. His shinobi headband is tied tight against his forehead, but not so much to cause any discomfort.

"The hum of empty space buffed his from as he descended, the rushing noise of light swirling around him was loud as it was vivid. He would be lying if he said he had his eyes open the entire time. It was terrifying, it was like waling down an empty road with your eyes closed. Yeah, nothing was there, but the thought still occurred. What if? The rainbow funnel, did how ever get narrow after a few moments. Was he getting closer? He activates his sharingan. His iris take on a crimson hue, forming three tomoe like figures in a swirling motion. He looks out to the beyond, vast amounts of steams. All formed out of the essence of chakra. Which meant, could this be controlled? harnessed? His mind ran wild with many theories. One could only hope so, if it followed the basic fundamentals to which he was taught in the shinobi academy.

The end of the tunnel grew brighter, his eyes shut for a moment as it grew to bright to see. As he flew blind, his form lit up like christmas, the light from within emerged with an unyielding surplus. Finally, a loud crash was heard. The boy's body was left unscathed, however, wasn't left unaltered.

As he emerged from the dust debris, it now subsiding from his location. He rises up to the display of flat lands, green stretching outwards to the horizon. Endless in range, but that wasn't all. The land was littered with clocks that somewhat ignored the laws of understanding. Some were floating around, taking refuge in the sky, and some were laid out amongst the land. OKisho rubs his eyes, trying to get a barring of his new setting. It was new, nothing here matched any thing he had seen in the maps back home. This was understandable of course, for he was very far away from home.

In the distance, he could see a streaking comet in the horizon. It was cobalt blue in color, pleasantly complementing the light violet sky. The royal setting was a sight to behold. Okisho told himself, that if he ever made it back,he would have to tell the rest of Team 212 of his adventure here. Truly a sight to behold. But now was the time to get to work, he needed to figure out how to close the rift and get back home.

As he walked forward, his balance was different. He immediately falls over on his left side, he was confused. He was quite certain that he remembered how to walk, ever since he was a child. He looks down to witness the change about him, letting out soft yet sorrow filled moans of realization. For he was quite certain that he was not born with four legs.

His lower half, from the navel down was replaced with the body of a mighty stallion. His new fur pelt dark down in color, his hooves black to complement his new long flowing black hair of a mighty mustang. His torso and up retained his human body. His new height almost 7 feet tall, of course he wouldn't know this from the ground. He stumbles as he tries to get up, his legs kicking in frustration. All he wanted to do was stand, he had no full control over his new body. Tired from the struggling, he rest for a bit to calm his nerves. He breathes in a box cycle, 4 seconds held, exhale. Inhale, 4 seconds held, exhale. A trick he was taught by his father, whenever he experienced times of great difficulty and confusion.

Moment later, he tries again! Tucking in his legs, he rolls over upright, and jolts upward, finally standing on all for legs. "Finally, whew...", he trots around in circles, trying to get the rhythm right, which he did of course. A feeling within him arose, he couldn't explain it. But it was beastly for sure, for the the more he trotted around, the more he simply wanted to run.

He jumps on the back hind legs, kicking his front legs upwards in a cycle motion before slamming down to the ground and taking off in a hasty sprint. The wind felt good on his bare chest, his arms tucked to his sides both in fists. His eyes were surprisingly shut close. All he wanted to feel was the wind against his chest, and the endless horizon. The clocks around him moved out of his way as he ran through. They all however, were pointed to the hour of 3.
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