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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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The mind is so important. (Yen, hig) - Page 3 Empty Re: The mind is so important. (Yen, hig)

Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:16 am
The clone merely walked forward as it was borrowing part of yens reserves for the moment then the mist thinned a bit. The clone observing quietly as it now stood 5 meters away from the aburame. Watching as higuto was on his knees apparently gripping the dirt in pain. As the mist yen used faded away clearing up all vision.

The clone then observed that higuto's eyes changed color apparently. In its mind it was merely some kind of take over.

First orokana and some rock. Now higuto and i assume that locket of his.... great.

The clone thought glumly as to play the part the clone began to weave a single handseal (ram) at a speed of. This would not if formed draw forth a jutsu or really anything. Playing more on lines to draw higuto's attention to intercept the clone.

Because while this is done the real yen would be moving underground at 40 speed. To the spot between higuto and his clone underneath higuto by with a 2 .5 meter distance between his clone and higuto. As yen would be now 2 meters underground. Able to sense higuto's exact location due to using hiding like mole. And thanks to his enhanced senses from body of yin. 
  And with the clone taking up higuto's attention that would make this easy as higuto would be kneeling on the ground and regardless of his motions. Yen would specifically target him.  

The aburame would simply make his actions with a single tiger handseal at a speed of 92. This initiating the temporary paralysis technique. Thus freezing higuto in place. Unless his strength stat was somehow higher then the power.(Power: 55, base 10, scaling+10, skill+10, body of yin: +25)

Using the oppertunity to create such an sneak attack yen would upon the jutsu being completed he would act As should higuto somehow end up behind the clone, he would still be within the 5 meter radius range of yen. 

Traveling underground behind higuto ( should higuto have moved,) Or if higuto was stunned in place. Yen would manuver behind the aburame underground, and emerge on the surface behind higuto. Ending the hiding like mole, And at speed of 92 yen would rest his right hand on the back of higuto's neck touching higuto's of his spine.  with his hand resting on the back of the now paralyzed aburame. Bluish greenish hue would form from  yens hand as it would also paralyze higuto with the body pathway derangement technique. ( power:100, ( 50 base, +50 from scaling) 

This,will effectively physically lock higuto down several moments (basically 4 posts)   sending the aburame to the ground. in which the shadow clone. Should higuto had decided to attack. Wouldve already have dispersed. But if not the clone would disperse still transferimg the memories and chakra back to yen.

"Well you are right, but you had your turn at the start. As i said from the beginning. Always be on  your guard." 

With thoes words yens display of power would surface pulsatimg through the area momentarially as it would be a laughing wall cackling through the area with profound sense of mirth. As if higuto's efforts were in vain. A wall large as the aburames status. Much higher and indomidable to the geninn. Almost like a peasent standing next to a god simply. The gap in power despite what higuto belived was speed. Was a myth. It was almost as if the stars,and the sun was an easier task and possibility to reach. Thus creating a profound effect on the geninn and perhaps knocking him out at the sight of it. If not humbling the geninn. All the words yen simply spoke were truth if the aburame recalled any of them. Perhaps they were now fact to higuto now that he was in yens presence. Or law depending how strong his,will was.  Display of power illuminated stats: 720 ( 325+ item+ body of yin+70 in speed and chakra= 520+ 200 from jouninn rank.)

With the status made yen would simply speak as if it was trivial.

"So who's turn is it again higuto?"


-60 body of yin
-40 body pathway derangement
-20 hiding like mole (ended)
-10 hidden mist (ended)
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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The mind is so important. (Yen, hig) - Page 3 Empty Re: The mind is so important. (Yen, hig)

Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:38 pm
The moment Yen's clone had stopped 5 meters in front of Higuto was the moment Higuto would lunge forth at top speed and try to deliver a punch to Yen's face with his left hand as he would launch himself about five meters past where Yen's clone stood regardless of whether he hit or missed. Dragging his fingers into the ground to stop himself he would then quickly brandish a knife out of his pouch as he stood up straight.


His aura pulsed completely purple with malicious evil as he smirked and looked at his reflection in the kunai knife.

"Would you look at that? The kid really grew up. His power is way stronger than when I was in my prime! It'll be great to putting him to use..."

He would thus then grip his kunai and get himself ready.

"Show yourself, Yensung Aburame. Stop being a coward and face your pupil. I think you'll find I'm more fun!"

He would finish this with a small manic chuckle, smile wide as it can grow, as he got into a stance and prepared for retaliation as two kikaichu would crawl up from his collar and sit on the sides of his temples.

Alister Yama
Alister Yama
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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The mind is so important. (Yen, hig) - Page 3 Empty Re: The mind is so important. (Yen, hig)

Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:36 am
With the mist gone. The clone wouldnt have simply noted the boy with a cock of his head, but well the boy once he moved. To the clone it was as if he had suddenly had his hand cocked back, and the punch came In.  However yens clone would stumple back from the impact. And disperse. Returning the chakra back to yen.

 Meanwhile  as higuto moved a bit and  the real  yen once more manuvered himself underground.  To be 1 meter underneath Higuto.  Meaning that higuto As higuto would by now be making some kind of exclamnation of somekind, about "growing up." But amid his speech  higuto would find himself frozen in place unable to move. As the real yensung underground about 1 meter underneath higuto had already initiated his temporary paralysis. As since his strength stat of 55 was not higher then the power of the paralysis.(55 power) Higuto was stuck momentarially as yens clone dispersed.(Prior meantioned jutsu used and stats.)

Emerging from the earth behind higuto while higuto was still frozen in place.  Yen would simply telepathically summon 50 of his own insects in defense. 25  would crawl down his face in defense of him on the ground. And 25 would emerge on the back of his outstreched hand. Keeping an eye on higuto's limbs for a sudden retaliation of some kind. Yen was infact ready to act accordingly. As the hiding like mole technique ended.  Meanwhile, yens outstreched hand moving at a speed of 92.  would've rest on higuto's lower spine, and a blue hue would form around his hand locking the boy out of moving  due to body pathway derangement. And subduing higuto. (Power:100)

"Yeah you should'nt use such tones in this case. Competetively and only towards a real enemy. Still lets say your best  move was indeed correct."

Yen stated as with the boy down now on the ground.  He simply flexed his own display of power like a simple flash of terror thus instead of the geninn being bold. He would infact know he was out classed by leauges and possibly calm down.

"No need to go and show such a simple aura of malice. In training higuto. Only to an actual enemy can you show malice."

The display of power fizzed out at his final words and yen merely stood there. The insects informing him should any of higutos insects decide to lash back at yen. As they would then act appropriatly.

"Drive is good higuto. But drive without  control of emotions leads to a miscalculation. This is not just anything higuto, but how things work. Still i will say this. You slowed down, but i want you to think about why it is you choose to initiate an attack. Each action you do. From breath to step. Must reach your end goal. Effective combat is awknowledging this and counter acting an opponents next motions."

The aburame head explained in a lecture like manner.

Ap: 1,005

Body pathway (as used previous post and via changed a bit in retaliation)
Body of yin: -25
Hidden mist on cd and done (deductions last post.)
Temporary paralysis tec: -10

(Display of power stats: 720 as per last post)
Higuto Aburame
Higuto Aburame
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The mind is so important. (Yen, hig) - Page 3 Empty Re: The mind is so important. (Yen, hig)

Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:19 pm
Higuto, now hit with the attacks and down, couldn't help but laugh loudly at Yen's lecture as his eyes were wide and his mouth wider in a grin that was sadistic. To Yen this might've been the same Higuto just turned different. He was wrong.

"You fool! In this world it's always been kill or be killed as a motto for all ninja! Why else is their a creed all ninja must follow where we must quell emotion in order to succeed in the mission?! Don't speak to me about who is an enemy and who isn't! As far as I'm concerned everyone is an enemy to crush!!"

Higuto didn't struggle upon saying all this as he would laugh even louder while his aura continued to glow purple with malicious intent. Something that the normal Higuto would never have been able to produce.

"And you can stop addressing me as your precious Higuto. The boy has... stepped out for a moment and has allowed me to take his place. And what a rush it truly is to finally breathe in the air of the living once more!"

He would then take a huge breath as he took in the air surrounding him and let out a sigh of satisfaction as he chuckled.

"My name is Taishiro Nishiki of the Nishiki clan. A clan, no doubt, you might never have heard before as it is a clan that was at the prime of it's existence many years ago. We became extinct a century ago and, as far as I know, I am the longest surviving "member". Though, as far as I'm concerned, I could care less if I am or if they're extinct. All that matters is that I am here, I have attained a young and strong body to now host, and I've never felt more alive!"

The aura would grow just a little bit before shrinking back down to a more normal size as "Taishiro" took in a deep breath.

"Ah, but it seems time for me is almost up. Shame I could only have a few minutes this time and also a shame and pity the boy had to waste so much of his stamina upon my awakening. It's whatever, though. I'll have myself another chance before too long and I hope the boy will have attained a bit more strength before then. That was I can have myself a proper round against the great Yensung Aburame… The backstabbing coward of a Jounin..."

Upon those words being said the aura would disappear in a flash as Higuto fell flat on his face before giving one last laugh.

"Until then..."

And then Higuto would go unconscious, his features returning to that of his innocent usual self, as he laid on the patch of field while the breeze came by to rustle his sweaty hair. His breathing was calm yet weathered from all the stamina he had used up in the battle as he would lay there and sleep from exertion.


(TWC 4,006)

(Claiming mastery of Chidori (25% dis/ 3,000 wc/ No seals) and Temp Paralysis (25% dis/ 750 wc/ No seals). Also learning Spider Web Area at 50% discount from being taught by Yen.)
Alister Yama
Alister Yama
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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The mind is so important. (Yen, hig) - Page 3 Empty Re: The mind is so important. (Yen, hig)

Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:09 am
The random utterings of a possessive. Induvidual. Well dialog was diffrent as yen merely lidtend. He could not help but wonder through the monologe why is it that each student had some malice induced diety, or spirit that was imprinted on their soul?

Still he listend untill he merely heard garble of pointless talking. You know like when you are in a mall but hear all sorts of conversations. Except you cannot conciously pick them all up and instead it sounds like pointless noise. Yeah yen merely did that as he caught its name to say the least before it continued on the usual spew.

Only catching his name and "back stabbing" yen shook his head and gave a sad look at the being now gazing at it.

"The back stabber, is the one who did not depart yet. Be like the ashes of your betheren and fade away"

Yen replied as the being shifted away. 

Its like all nightmeres come true when i train people to be better.... best freind a werewolf, ex student a broken cultist in comiing, now higuto hosting a spirit.... 4 years and it all like this? Madness

Yen thought as he rolled his shoulders and let down the booster possibly higuto took a thing or two from this. Well in that regard anyone could've.  Without losing a beat yen simply activate "body and soul technique" enhancing his strength. And simply carried the boy to his own home. Tossing higuto in a chair and walked back home at least that way higuto could rest somewhat. 

Boy dont got time today to play as spirit detective...

Yen thought as he sat in his arm chair and rocked. The home truely was empty. He still could not get used to it. And it was maddening to an extent. Which in itself was probbably the reason why he was in the mess in the first place.

I need a vacation....

Twc: 5,970 


1450 words to wind release wind glaive.Here

1500 wc to learning deceptive genjutsu(Max stat -25% reduction. Was 2k wc, but -500) Here

3k words to learning  (-25% from max stats puts 4k wc at 3k. -1k words.) Here
Stat Page : Stat Page
Mission Record : Mission Log
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The mind is so important. (Yen, hig) - Page 3 Empty Re: The mind is so important. (Yen, hig)

Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:28 am
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