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Arashi Tekiatsu
Arashi Tekiatsu
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Waste Not the Mind Empty Waste Not the Mind

Wed Apr 19, 2017 7:50 pm
He couldn't spend all of his time moping, cooped up in the increasingly uncomfortable Palace.  There was still work to do.. missions to run, a village to defend.  Arashi made have made a mistake in rescuing his mother, and in order to rectify it, he needed to learn.  Whether he wanted to or not, he was considered a founder ninja to this village... first promoted Chuunin and Jounin to Hoshi.  There were a lot of holes in the shinobi leadership that were not filled, either due to lack of talent, or lack of bodies.  In addition, there were other features that most major villages had, and his did not.

Like radios.

Arashi had left the Palace and ended up in the library, looking through the collected materials on the history of the shinobi world.  When that didn't help, he looked through the history of weapons and tools.  Finally, though, he settled on a book of sealing.  Taking that book with him, he left the library, headed for the Water Gardens near the training ground, to sit and read.  A book of collected Fuuin knowledge, techniques that have long since been forgotten, and some that were just not as well known.

One caught his attention... one that just didn't sound right, and certainly didn't seem to fit in. A telepathy technique, one that sealed a voice to another mind?  He couldn't wrap his mind around it, but telepathy was something that would have come in very very handy on their mission.

Resolved to do it, Arashi held the large script open, looking over the chakra control and signs to direct it. They seemed relatively easy enough... Tiger, Horse, Serpent, Ram.  In addition, Ram had to start from the chest and move up to the head.  That was the easy part.  Next was imprinting his mind in a seal behind the ear of his teammates.  That right there was the hard part.  Sealing anything never worked out the first time, and he didn't exactly have teammates to test with.  He could try it on himself, but how would he test that?  He needed to find a way to try, to test it.  But first, he needed to be able to move the chakra.  

It was initially unfamiliar.  He was not a genjutsu user, and he usually didn't ultize chakra molding in his head.  At least not directly.  He could break most genjutsus, but to use perception techniques like this?  He looked at the book.  It stated that he should feel a weight on his head, and should be able to perform a seal... that would have to be the first test.  He pulled out some chakra papers, laying them around him, and then stood up.  Nothing like a first go at it, right?  He peered down, and then closed his eyes.  

"Tiger... Serpent... Horse... Ram..." he said, doing the signs as he then tried to move his chakra.  He didn't feel anything, no pressure, no movement, just the familiar spike of molded chakra.  But otherwise, it didn't work?  Arashi looked down at the book again, wondering what he did wrong.  Horse!  He looked back up, and tried it again.

"Tiger... Horse... Serpent... Ram!" he said, feeling more of an internal swirl, and then pushed his hands up to his face.  The chakra was pushed up, feeling his circulation heat up in his face and then his mind.  A weight was felt on his head... just way too light in his opinion.  Holding it still for a moment, he opened his eyes, and reached out for the first paper, leaving a black circle as the seal on the page.  It looked lopsided, not perfect, and a bit faded.  He needed much more practice.  

He relaxed his chakra and released his seal, leaving only the permanent mark on the chakra paper.  Taking a breath, he brought his hands back to his chest, and started the symbols again, this time aiming for the next laying sheet.  That one looked a bit better.  The third attempt was worst, instead burning a hole in the paper.  But the 4th one, that was completely clean, and sharp.  Finally, he had one more.  He did the signs in hand, and reached for the last page, when a shock went through him, and he stopped.  This unfamiliar method of moving chakra had drained him faster than he expected, mostly because his efficiently was so far down.  There was still plenty of chakra in him, but most of that was locked up... against a familiar yet alien presence.

"Ehehehehehehehehe.  Whats the matter, little Arashi?  Run out of reserves?  There are plenty here, if you dare."

A chill went through his body, and suddenly Arashi found himself in the cavern of his soul, facing down the storm cage holding the cloned 8-tails.  The Tekiatsu seal was worn, but holding strong since his last match with the beast within.

"I expected to have more time before you spoke up again.  Leave me alone." he said, turning around.  He was in no mood for this right now.

"I can't remain predictable, you know that.  You really think you can alter your chakra without me noticing? You can't even bring your hands together without alerting me.  I just thought I would be nice this time... you have a lot of chakra here.  Right there, fresh for the taking." Gyuuki said, pointing to the storm seal on the gate.  Arashi turned around, frowning.  

"You don't really expect me to fall for it, do you?" he said, less impressed.

The beast seemed unphased.  "I have to say, this is the most amount of chakra I felt up against this seal... you have a lot here.  I figured it was a reserve... unless you are really this weak."

"Nice try... " Arashi said, raising his hand and clenching it into a fish.  The bars of the cage lit up in bolts of lightning, forcing the 8 tails to back away.  The creature could taunt him all he wanted about him, about his family, about his village.  But it didn't matter.  In the end, Arashi would always win.  He had to.  He held inside him a bomb that could destroy everything he's worked for, and he couldn't afford to lose to it.

Arashi opened his eyes, back in his reality, and did the symbols against, forcing his chakra up and reached out to the last sheet.  Whether due to practice or will, the seal on the paper was perfect.  Crisp and sharp.  Arashi left his hands go and picked up the sheet.  

"I told you, I don't need you.  I'll leave you to suffer in my body as long as I choose." he said, smirking.  That was step one... the hard part was sealing the chakra to create a mental connection.  But he would have to wait for now... he still needed to practice to make sure the seal was perfect.

(w/c: 1152)
Arashi Tekiatsu
Arashi Tekiatsu
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 43000

Waste Not the Mind Empty Re: Waste Not the Mind

Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:20 pm
It was a day later… he had to get the help after all.  But as Arashi took to the field, an early bright morning, he felt better… more ready.  This time, he would be able to get it right.  He would be able to perfect and bring a useful jutsu to Hoshi.  Radios were easy to hide, but not having a radio would be much, much better.

“Ser Arashi!”  

The 4 men of the civilian guard, those now assigned to street duty, were assembled already on the field.  They were told they would be available for a experimental mission for the sake of the village, though Arashi was sure not to tell them exactly what it was for.  It had to be a surprise.  Arashi gave a small smile as he approached.  It was still an annoying title, but it was better than the Prince title he held for so long.  Hell, people even considered him to be related to the ruler of Hoshi (or some other implications… some of which disturbed him).  Ser, while still too formal for him, was a good enough compromise.

Good morning.  I asked you here to try out a new jutsu.  This is a benign technique, like healing.  What it is supposed to do is link up team members for instant communications… it's like radios, but easier to hide and cheaper than buying them.  I know you volunteered, but it's okay if you want to pull out."

There were two who definitely seemed hesitant, and Arashi couldn’t really blame them.  These four were firmly in support of the changes to the village, and supported the shinobi, there was no worry about that.  But for many, even the supporters, chakra and ninja arts were unfamiliar to them.  It was only natural for them to be hesitant.

“Ser, I only want to know two things.  Will it hurt, and is it permanent?”

Arashi took a breath and then smiled, a genuine smile.  “I can safely say no.  It will feel like a cold mark, as if you were getting a tatoo, and then you won’t even notice it there.  And as to your second question, this uses my own chakra, the stuff that flows through ninja.  It is only permanently as long as hold it.  Once I release it, it will vanish.  You’ll know because my chakra feels like clouds, so it will feel wet as it goes away, but thats it.

The four of them looked at each other, as if pondering, and he heard at least one wanting to back away.  So it was a bit of a surprise for him when all 4 turned to him and stated that they were willing.  Of course, they added in a measure of “for the Prince”, but Arashi was willing to just let that one go.

If this works, it will help our guards and ninja protect the village.  If it doesn’t, all you will notice is no difference.” he said, taking off the gloves he had been wearing.  “Alright, go ahead and sit down, I have to do this one at a time.” he instructed, walking around behind them and taking a deep breath.  With only the whip of the air as the sound, he performed the seals again and reached for the first man with an open palm.  Before he could make contact, he stopped, and reconsidered his actions.  He curled in his bottom two fingers, redirecting the chakra to his top two, and lightly pressing behind the ear, like where the radio would be.  Having spent so much time fighting his beast and mastering the technique, when he pulled his hand away the mark was there, clear as day.  Almost immediately, his own mind felt the man’s presence.  

He continued down the line, each time getting a perfect mark, until he finished with the last man.  He then walked around, and nodded to them.

Okay, you probably feel like there are 4 other minds with you, but you will not hear thoughts or anything like that.  This is what we sometimes call a cooperative jutsu, as it requires teamwork.  The reason why you feel each other’s presence is to feel status.  Should a team member be in trouble, you’ll know.  Should one die… you will know that as well… as their presence will suddenly stop.  What the mark will allow you to do is to hear your voices, and those of the others.  This is the closest we have to telepathy.  For example…

Arashi reached up behind him with his two fingers, pushing his own mark behind his ear.

“You can hear me twice, once with your ears, and once with your mind.  That’s only because I am right here.  No matter how far apart we are, we’ll be able to stay in contact.  Go ahead and try it.” he said, letting go of his mark.  The four men looked at each other, and then the one guy who seemed the most hesitant at first reached up and pushed his mark.


All of them has their eye widen in shock, and the others went ahead and tried it themselves.  Soon, they were comfortable with it, it was like using a radio, only without anything weighing on their necks.  Arashi smiled, and nodded.  

Okay, here is the test, I need you four to spread out into the village.  I have left clues around in sacks with my family crest.” he said, holding up the end of his scarf to show them.  "Inside they have clues as to the locations of the other sacks, and together all four of them will give you a specific location.  That location is where I will be.  I will keep in contact to test the range, we will treat this like a mission of sorts.  You get to be ninja for a bit.” he said, getting a laugh from the guys.  Ready to test it in the field, Arashi brought his hands up. 

Good luck… if you lose contact, return to this area.” he said, as he turned white and dissipated into clouds.  

Arashi went as far out as he thought would be the limit, arriving at his lake.  As he sat on the water, he laid back on the surface, listening to the group.

“I’m taking the north.”

“Roger, I’ll get east.”

“I’m already on the way west.”

“Whoops, alright, I got the southern quarter.”

He expected it to take some hours, so before he knew it, his eyes were closing, and he didn’t notice the shadow passing over him.  By the time he noticed it, his eyes shot open to see a large hand slamming down on him.  He had no time to escape and was knocked deep into the water.  Trying to get his bearing, Arashi kicked up, swimming to the surface and then did a jump to get himself out of the water and onto the surface.  He kept his body as still as he could as the lake rose and fell with waves, and he was able to see what hit him.  His eyes widened with shock as Gyuki stood before him, partly submerged but somehow too large for the lake.  


You thought you could divide your chakra attention without me knowing?  That I wouldn’t feel additional seals?  You dare call yourself a fuinjutsu user when you can’t even keep your focus?!” 

Gyuki whipped one of his tentacle tails at him, slamming it into the water where he was just standing.  Arashi had only just barely gotten out of the way.  Activating his abilities, he stayed in the air, trying to keep himself safe.

No, there is no way… I still have you sealed!”  he shouted, doing his best to avoid the physical attacks as the 8 tails proceeded to use his surprise against him.  All he got in response was cruel laughter. 

You have a lot to learn, little jinchuriki… or should I say little Tekiatsu.” he taunted, as he opened his mouth and gathered chakra in a ball in front of him.  Arashi had to think for a moment before he realized what that was, and quickly made the signs for defense.

Water Bullet Jutsu!” he shouted, as the ball shot towards him.  The lake rose up in a column to his defense, firing against the ball, but it was quickly overpowered; the best he could do was deflect it from hitting him.  He swung his head around as the ball shot out towards the surrounding hills, erupting in a flash of light a section of the bordering mountain.  He swung his head around just as another tentacle came down, slamming him into the water and then wrapping around him.  Arashi was pulled back up, sputtering, as he was brought face to face with the giant of a beast.

If you thought you could keep me cooped up within yourself, you thought wrong.  I told you this before.  Now you will pay for your arrogance!

Before the young man could say anything, the tentacle slammed down into the water, with him included.  Arashi coughed, taking in water, and when the tentacle came back up he was hacking away.  He had to get away, he had to be able to get help.  If the 8-tails had broken loose, then everyone was in danger.  He was in danger… he could be dead… Arashi struggled hard against the pure muscle of the beast formerly inside him.  The grip felt tighter, and Gyuki laughed.  

Yes.. squirm little Arashi.  Wear yourself out.  And I’ll grant you the mercy of death before I escape.”

He felt the limb squeeze him tighter, almost crushing him at this point.  He tried to go into his cloud form, but for some reason he remained solid.  He couldn't easily escape.  He gritted his teeth as he tried to think of something, and had a thought.  Arashi closed his eyes, ignoring the pain, and started to channel his chakra through his body, and into his hands…. Into his brace.  He wore it for sentimental reasons, and didn’t actually need it, but in this case.. It could be his saving blow.  The air around him began to glow as he charged his hands, and sparks began to fly.  Before the beast could react, Arashi let loose the chakra he stored in a thunderous explosion.  Gyuki shielded himself, but when he turned back, Arashi was in the air, and his tentacle was smoldering.  


Arashi was breathing a bit heavily, but he needed to get help… so he took off towards the village, trying to escape the clutches of the tailed beast.  Shooting across the lake, at first he didn’t notice anything unusual.  But as he pressed on, the shore seemed farther and farther away.  The hills in the background too, seemed no closer than when he ran.  He stopped, realizing there was something wrong, and turned just as spirit beast bomb hit him in the back, causing a giant explosion.  The young man was ejected from the blast, his smoking body shooting down into the shoreline, despite it being miles away before.  The young man barely moved, feeling the immense amount of pain as he laid open the open ground.  But something was off.  He should be dead.  Not just due to the beast escaping, but due to the bomb hitting him square in the back.  Arashi was starting to understand what was going on.

This.. this isn’t really happening.  This isn’t real.  This is a dream…” he said, slowly getting up.

Gyuki laughed.  “The gears are starting to turn… but this is real, and this isn’t a dream.  You claim you’re smart… you can figure it out.” he said, creating 8 smaller bombs and firing them at Arashi.  He was able to dodge the first two, but the third brushed past him, and the fourth got him square.  He was embedded further into the hillside, and he seemed torn up.  

My… mind… you are taking advantage… of my mind…” he said, pulling himself out, as difficult as it seemed.

Good… you’re starting to get it.”  

Arashi stood up, staring at the mythical monster before him.  “But no… the seal is still up, you can’t escape.  You’re still behind the gate!

You mean that one?

A chill went down his back, and he didn’t want to turn around… but he knew he had to.  Slowly, Arashi turned his head, and saw it… the gate.  It sealed him in alright, but Arashi… he was looking at the other side of the gate.  He was inside Gyuki’s cage.  And completely at his mercy.  

You fool… you walked right in without realizing it.  How can I possibly hold respect for someone who is so easily lead?

Arashi came back around, just as Gyuki’s tentacle grabbed him.  It was brought to the beast’s face, but then.. It vanished.  Arashi himself was on the surface of the lake, a look on his face showing that he was now very serious.  

Because I’m on my own, Gyuki.  Because I have the weight of a dead clan on my shoulders, and because I cannot afford to have their line end with me.” he said, cracking his fists and then making signs.  He brought the half-ram sign to his face, and took a deep breath, blowing out a dense fog from his mouth.  It spread quickly, easily covering the size of the lake and the 8-tails himself.  The oxen-like creature swung his head back and forth, and tried to brush away the fog, but to no avail.  Instead, he tense up, waiting for the oncoming attack.  Out of the fog it came, Arashi leaping into sight and activating a tornado kick.  The attack hit the beast directly on, and he swung back at the young man, but Arashi was already gone.  Before Gyuki had time to breath, Arashi suddenly flashed out, delivering a punch before fading back.

I didn’t ask for this… and I know you didn’t either.” Arashi said, hiding in the fog.  Gyuki looked around, trying to find the source.  

But I had to… to defend what I had left….

You killed my friend, Gyuki.  You took away someone who survived the destruction of my home…” 

It would be easy for me to just hate you, to refer to you as the beast.  To treat you like a monster….”

But so far, I haven’t.  You gave me a name that is not yours, but I decided to use it until you tell me the truth.  I know you are not the real Gyuki, but I know you feel overshadowed by him….

Gyuki was getting annoyed, and fired another volley of spirit bombs.  They burst through the fog, but then the fog itself closed in.  “What is your point little Arashi?

The fog suddenly thinned and faded, and Arashi stood calmly on the water, facing the 8 tails.  Gyuki moved, as if to attack him again, but stopped, almost confused, almost as if he wanted to know the answer.

You’re right, I’m weak.  The only ninja I could turn to doesn’t match my nature.  I’ve learned from her, but there are plenty of things that I just can’t do.  I’m on my own, and frankly, I may need you.  You seem to know a lot about my family… what is it you want?  I want to learn, and instead of constantly fighting you, I want to be able to at least make you comfortable.

Gyuki stopped completely.  This was.. Unexpected.  Arashi didn’t cower, didn’t fight, he spoke firm, admitted that he was right, but that he was needed.  Unlike the last host, there was no rejection.  They were together until death or removal.  Gyuki lowered his hands.  

Honesty is not what I expected.  Not from you, who holds the world on his shoulders.  You have a proud streak, something I used to fight you…. Very well.  I will need to think on this, but if you do anything negative, I’ll know.  But mind my lesson Arashi.  Do not let your focus waver… not because of me, but because you are not free from your past yet….

Ser Arashi?  Which part of the lake are you at?

Arashi woke up, still laying on the surface, with voices in his ears.  He sat up, feeling his wet back, and touched his own mark.  “Sorry, I’m in the middle, I’ll meet you at the pier.” he said, getting up and stretching, before making his way across the surface to the shore, where a small pier was set up.  By the time he reached it, all 4 guys were there waiting for him.  

“My apologies, Ser Arashi.  We tried calling you, but when you didn’t answer, we carried on the mission with just each other.”

Arashi smiled and nodded.  “That is my fault… I fell asleep.  But thank you, all of you.  Even if the range isn’t as big as I hoped, we have good communication.

As the young man released the telepathy jutsu, and the men left, he turned back to the center of the lake.  Free from the past?  It was clear that the 8-tailed beast knew something he didn’t, and that frankly unnerved him.

(W/C: 2864 || Total: 4016)

Claiming: Telepathy Seal, 516 towards next tail.
Madrigal Kaguya
Madrigal Kaguya
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Waste Not the Mind Empty Re: Waste Not the Mind

Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:57 pm
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