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Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:22 pm
Pain surged through Yurei’s eyes, a small trickle of blood running over his cheekbone. The kaleidoscope-like pattern within his eyes shrank, swirling into three tomoe surrounding the pupil. When they, too, sank into the Uchiha’s milky eyes, he clenched his teeth, a sharp agony flashing through them – it was if being stabbed. He winced, wiping the blood from his porcelain face. Esu lay before him, now finally back into the world as most knew it.

Yurei smiled, rubbing the blood between his fingers until it dried as he scratched Esu with the other hand. “Welcome to your new home, buddy,” he chimed with a curl of the mouth. Kneeling, Yurei took one last look at the Great Dane before removing his bandages. The dog had been out since they left Hoshigakure, just now waking up to the world around him. “I’m off to go run some errands,” the Uchiha explained, patting the dog on his head as he rose. Esu’s tail began to wag as if a metronome, keeping the tempo of his ecstatic breathing.

Signing a few handseals, Yurei’s alabaster appearance transformed in a whirl of smoke. His silk-like hair sported a scarlet color, thin and tapered to the sides of his face in long, heavy strands. His porcelain skin became tanned, scarred, and his silvery eyes found an ocean to replicate, an almost-entrancing blue. He’d used the exact disguise before, sheltering himself from the prying eyes of bounty hunters. It was serviceable enough. He’d only hoped Damon was wise enough to do the same.

Kumo was particularly sunny today, paired perfectly with the thin air of the mountains. The weather was mild, cool, a perfect relief from what Yurei was used to. There was little wind to speak of, allowing the village to breathe air not ridden with the stench of the rot while the borders suffered a marinating odor sweltering in the direct sunlight. The streets were lined with people going about their days, most heading for either the marketplace or the many shops on either side of the street.


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Gib Weapons [P] Empty Re: Gib Weapons [P]

Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:48 pm
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