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Nekrun Uzumaki
Nekrun Uzumaki
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 3610

Nekrun's "Training" (private) Empty Nekrun's "Training" (private)

Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:33 am
Nekrun would wake up happily on the floor with a bottle of sake in his hand to look around the room his head throbbing in pain as he slowly opened his eyes to what looked like a figure in a black cloak standing there before it suddenly dissipated after Nekrun quickly blinked, Nekrun just passed it off as another side effect like the headache. Nekrun would start to remember the night before, he had hung out with some old friends and caught up with them. It was a fun filled night for Nekrun without any sadness involved, so once Nekrun got home he celebrated the fun night with a small bottle of Sake. Now he was hating himself for drinking the small bottle as he wasn't ready for that much sake yet, his head felt like it was going to explode. He sat up to look around so he could make sure that he wasn't only just seeing things and that there wasn't anyone, or anything there. Once Nekrun was satisfied with himself knowing that no one was there he got up and threw the bottle in the trash. He would stretch himself out before dropping to the floor hitting his face on the hard wood floor to wake himself up. He suddenly felt a rush of energy as he hit the floor, he suddenly jumped up and was awake enough to start the day. He would be dressed in his normal attire seeing as he never took it off. He would grab his scythe from beside the door and put it back on his back as he left the house making sure he also had all of his ninja tools. Nekrun would open the door and see the same black figure around a corner in the distance before hearing a whisper in his ear from a old mans voice "better check on your parents..." the voice would trail off quickly as Nekrun turned to look at who was whispering, but nobody was there. When Nekrun looked back to see the black figure it was just suddenly gone. He would make his way to the corner and look around but it was still super early in the morning and nobody else was up yet. Next he remembered what the voice had told him, "check your parents" was all he could gather from the voice. Nekrun would break into the fastest he could go running straight into his house to find that no one answered when he yelled to see if anyone was actually there. The air was cold and there was a odd erie vibe to the house. Nekrun would walk up the stairs to see all the doors were shut except for his parents room, suddenly the door slammed shut with a loud *bang* Nekrun ran up the stairs and into the room. When he opened the door he was horrified at the sight, his parents lay dead on the floor each killed by a kunai slice to the front of the neck. He would quickly see their window open and the black figure jump out of the window before disappearing for a third time that day. Nekrun still didn't know how he kept disappearing but he would find out soon enough. He would kneel down to look at his parents faces one last time before leaving. Nekrun was suddenly filled with rage as he jumped out the window to follow the figure, which was standing down the street. "meet me in the forest if you want revenge" it was that old voice again that Nekrun would hear before deciding on what the voice said, he finally decided that he would do as the voice said and find him in the forest although this wasn't the best idea seeing as it could be a ambush it was a chance he wanted to take. Nekrun made his way to the forest and once he got there he decided that he would try out a new jutsu that he found. Nekrun would see the figure just standing there deep in the forest Nekrun would make his way there and finally get to the strange figure."Why did you kill them" there was no sadness in his voice only rage at this strange man. The cloaked man didn't speak but instead started running at Nekrun at a immense speed compared to Nekrun of (45 speed), Nekrun would try his new  genjutsu before pointing to the sky and continuing to say the following "If I go down you go down too". Nekrun knew that the giant meteor in the sky wasn't real in fact he couldn't even see it himself but the old man could see it vividly as it came down he slowly started to sweat from the heat he was feeling caused by the genjutsu. Nekrun would take his scythe and cute this mans arms and legs making him unable to move before leaving him there, hopeless. Nekrun would make his way back home and bury his parents in the backyard of his home before getting home and downing a bottle of Sake before going to sleep.

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Nero Yuki
Nero Yuki
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Village : Vagabonds
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Nekrun's "Training" (private) Empty Re: Nekrun's "Training" (private)

Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:59 am
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