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Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
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It's party time! (open) (NK)  Empty It's party time! (open) (NK)

Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:11 am
A  house was exploding with jazz music not far from the center of the village. It was a large house, more of a mansion, and people were flooding the place because of the party that was being hosted. This party was in honor of shinobi of Kumokagure. The host, Ryou Yamamoto, was all about having big parties for his thanks. No one really knew if it was just an excuse to have yet another party but no one really cared at the same time because it was still a party.  

Hato Sano, of course, was attending such party. She had her blonde hair up in a breaded bun. Her dress was black, shoulder-less and had a leg slit on her right leg. Her heels were black and strapped. Around her neck was a feathered scarf. After entering the front of the mansion, Hato would head towards the main hall, where the music and drinks were. The stage for the performers was elevated so everyone in the hall could see them play. The bar was a long counter on the right side of the main hall, which connected to the kitchen. People with plates were walking around with drinks filled to the brim. There was also none alcoholic drinks for younger shinobi, which people knew there were lots of. Hell, Hato's sensei is only 14. Insane. Hato grabbed a drink off one of the plates being walked around and started sipping the alcoholic beverage. 

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Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
Ryo : 49700

It's party time! (open) (NK)  Empty Re: It's party time! (open) (NK)

Fri Aug 17, 2018 4:48 pm
The party was a waste of time. No other shinobi of great value showed up. Hato and some lame shinobi no one knew came but no one else. Hato turned to Ryou, "Welp, this party was a waste of time, maybe better luck next time." Hato handed him the drink her had in her hand a took off. It was sad to end a party like that but sometimes you got to tell the host the truth. 


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It's party time! (open) (NK)  Empty Re: It's party time! (open) (NK)

Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:36 pm
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