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Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:25 am
It was almost sad, really. Until recently, the little metal box with Hayates amateur fuuinjutsu markings on it had been rather full of ryo from all his missions, and a small celebratory present for making Genin he had saved. Now it sat empty, hinge cocked open, looking used and tossed aside.

I'll fill you up again soon, buddy. With that Chuunin mission money. Hayate promised the inanimate object.

However, the spoils Hayate got from destroying his savings were laid out evenly on his bed, and made a very impressive image. To the left, a full set of padded swordsman armor. Just to the right of that, one of his grandfathers old spatha,now his, polished and in its scabbard. A fuuma shuriken seperated those larger items from piles of kunai, shuriken, pills, scrolls and tags. It was the final inventory he'd do, as they were leaving tomorrow. The notice was sudden, but that was the way of this life he'd chosen. He began the careful work of inspecting each, making sure they were oiled, wrapped, and ready to go as he put everything in its pouch or holder, one by one.

In just a few short days he'd be in another country, facing another village's ninja in potentially deadly combat. It was exactly what he'd been working for, but with how steady and complacent things had been, the thought was bizarre and a little surreal. Perhaps, just a tiny bit, scary.

It wasn't nearly as scary as what he had to do next though. Next, he had arranged through his mother to petition the Seiteki family. And in just an hour or so, he and his parents would be headed over to grandfathers house, to face the relatives. If he could stand this, certainly the chuunin exams would be easy, no?

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The Petition Empty Re: The Petition

Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:28 am
The night was unseasonably warm as the three (Hayate and his parents) walked down the cobbled road, heading towards the head of the families house. There had been some awkward conversation earlier, but they were mostly silent now. He had previously talked to his immediate family about the petition, and after a long conversation they had warily come to an agreement to let him petition, and agree with what the family said.

The Seiteki's had, since older times, held onto an art that had mostly been dropped in other places of the world. Their general proclivities toward both fuuinjutsu arts, as his mom and grandfather exemplified, and extremely physical combat, as he and his grandfather took towards, made it still useful. Many had turned to safer, less damaging means, but here in the heart of Kiri the old blood ran true. The Seitekis kept records of the chakra brands.

The careful shaping of anothers internal energies through a permanent marking, etched into their meridian system with fire and pain and chakra, was not an easy process. And it was not to be undertaken lightly. It didn't just add to your system, it changed it. There were a thousand things that could go wrong and leave you permanently worse off, and even it it went correctly, it was extremely painful and left a permanent scar.

That said, the benefits were significant. Ones chakra could be amplified against itself, or made to hide itsel, your internals systems could be speed up for more energy, speed, or power, or the chakra could even be focused externally to fortify your physical body, depending on the configuration. Each Seiteki Ninja eventually petitioned for at least one, and some whose bodies could handle it had more. His mother had one, on the center of her back, gotten when she was around 20. His Grandfather had three, often regarded as the absolute limit, starting when he was 16 and at various ages afterwards. And now Hayate,nearing the end of 15 years, would be petitioning for his.

When they entered the house, most of the other relatives had already gathered in the main room. The Seitekis were not a large group, two direct families and some individual aunts and uncles, about ten people in total. But they had by now heard of what was going on, how Hayate had been one of the two chosen to travel to the out of town Chuunin exams in the recently conquered Konoha. All were in attendance.

His grandfather and grandmother, as the elders and heads of the clan, stood by the center of the room, while the others were mingled around the edges. The room got quieter as people realized they had arrived, and his parents stayed back by as Hayate was beckoned up by the imposing figure of his grandfather. The man was large, in a tall and broad shouldered way, a muscular way, and in spirit.

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The Petition Empty Re: The Petition

Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:52 am
As was his duty, grandfather explained what they had all heard on these few occasions before. The dangers, the benefits, but all that was really a formality. The real purpose of the meeting was now Hayates to perform: the petition. The reasons why the risk was worth it, and why the right to try it was deserved. Hayate spoke more evenly than he felt. It was indeed an honor to be chosen to represent Kiri externally at such a young age, and so recently into genin rank. But this wasn't as a reward, a gift of power. This was strength he needed to represent his family and his country. Despite not being a bloody mist exam, the village of konoha would no doubt have some who harbored ill will to their conquerors, and there was real danger. He did not request this as a means to gain power, but as a means to accomplish what needed to be accomplished. He was now in a situation where he would represent the strength and will of Kiri and the Seitekis to the ninja world, and in order to do that it was required of him to do what needed to be done.

Hayate left the room so the family could close the doors and discuss it. He went to the kitchen, to grab a quick glass of water and a snack. He knew it wouldn't be immediate, his parents would bring up his age at least, as they had done when it was discussed at home. There would no doubt be argument of if this could be trusted to a genin, and of if his body could handle it, though he was sure his grandfather could vouch for his training there. At least the petition was done. It was out of his hands. Like when he finally decided to sign up for the chuunin exams, he felt a weight lift. He had done what he could. All he could do now was sit, munch away, and wait.

When the door finally slide open, Hayate stood up straight from his stool and headed towards the entryway. The wait felt like hours, though he was sure it was under 20 minutes. He scanned the faces for a sign as he entered, but most were just serious, and the other split between approval and disapproval.

We have decided,” His grandfather began “to grant this petition. Follow me.”

And that was it. This was an event that deserved only seriousness, and neither did he expect nor was there any congratulations or opposition voice as they left the room without saying a word. His grandmother, his parents, and one older uncle well versed in the arts followed, and everyone else stayed behind, the conversation slowly returning as they headed toward the rear of the house.

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The Petition Empty Re: The Petition

Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:13 am
His grandmother disappeared into another room while the rest of the party followed grandfather into his sword room. A small fire, a sharpening stone, various tongs and clamps, and other tools adorned the room. He was not a full smith, but devoted enough to swordsmanship that he had all the tools needed to repair and keep them sharp. He set about stoking the fire as grandmother returned carrying a large scroll. His uncle and grandfather opened and poured over the scroll, while Hayate removed his shirt and stood bare chested in the middle of the room. His knew exactly where this would go, he had seen his grandfathers before. It would be directly over his heart.

His grandfather and uncle took turns inspecting the scroll and Hayates chest, probing in with chakra and referencing again the scroll. He was grateful for their measure twice and cut once attitude. As grandmother made sure the fire grew, Hayate was told to lie down on the floor. Face up. His parents held his shoulders, though the looks in their eyes were painful. He tried not to concentrate on them too much, and was almost grateful when grandfather leaned in to tell him something. “Bite on this”. He said softly, placing a thick rope across Hayate's mouth like a horses bit. As his grandfather brought over the red hot metal implements, putting his left hand on hayates abdomen and steading the brand he wondered how bad could it hurt, really, that he'd have to.....


Hayate's back arched against the pain involuntarily, though his parents grip and grandfathers push held him firm so the brand didn't move. The rope he was biting on muffled most of the yowl and prevented him from grinding his teeth to dust, but the worst was the strong smell of burnt flesh. There were legitimate tears in his, and his parents eyes, as the brand held for a second, chakra follow thing heat, then two, everything molding together, reforming, and then it was removed. Hayate didn't feel it removed, even though he saw it, as the red hot burn stayed with him. His straining muscles collapsed against the floor. The pain, the relief, and the changes inside of him were too much. His head rolled to the side as he drifted out of consciousness on the floor, head in his mothers lap.

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The Petition Empty Re: The Petition

Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:33 am
He woke up in the guest bed, a cool damp towel on his head. It couldn't have been much later, but he felt ravenously hungry. He tried to sit up, but he winced at the soreness and fresh pain of his brand. A large wad of bandage and tape now covered his left pectoral region. He parents, grandparents, and uncle, surrounding the bed, looked at him with relief, urging him to stay and rest.

Keep it dry and clean for two days, and you'll find your body will account for it rather quickly. Though you may be rather hungry”. His grandmother gave him instructions as she held out a plate with a steamed buns. He greedily accepted them with his right hand. “Your body now wants this change, and wont fight it. You'll be right as rain well before your tournament. Now stay a while. Lets visit. We almost never get to see the whole family anymore.”

They stayed for a while, chatting and eating, about the future and past as families do until rather late. Hayate only felt a dull ache by the time they went to leave – his grandmother was right about the adjustment. He certainly wouldn't want to fight anyone tomorrow, but he reckoned travel would be no problem at all.

He couldn't say that it was one of his favorite days ever, but it was one Hayate would not soon forget.

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Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:40 pm
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