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Akane Trains Again (Day 3) Empty Akane Trains Again (Day 3)

Fri Jun 01, 2018 11:15 pm
Akane woke up in her bed, feeling a bit sore from all the training she had done the day previously, as she stretched under the sheets and felt she needed a really hot soak in the shower in order to get herself prepared for yet another day of hard training. She slowly crawled her way out of the bed as she stood up and stretched towards the ceiling in an attempt to get her muscles in check and make her able to move a little bit easier. It wasn't working, though, as she could feel she was becoming a lot more locked up in her body. She thus knew she needed to go to the bathroom in order to have any hope of getting better. She walked over to her washing machine and took her clothes out to transfer them into the dryer as she cut it on and allowed her clothes to dry. She then walked towards the bathroom and cut the shower on as she waited for the water to heat up as she took off her nightwear and moved about while feeling her bones slowly ache and creak. She needed this as she stepped into the steamy shower and started to scrub herself and felt immediate relief washing over her.

She sighed in the shower as she guided the soap along her body and felt herself becoming cleaner and cleaner which brought a smile upon her face. As she scrubbed her mind raced with the possibilities of what she was going to do for the day as she knew it was going to involve yet even more training on her part. She wasn't certain exactly what all she was going to do for the day but she had the plans to make certain that she accomplished a lot as she knew that the Chuunin exams were closing in fast on her and she thus needed to get down to business. She couldn't help but feel nervous as there were quite a few strong ninja who had signed up for the exams, one of which she had had a run in with in the past, as she knew it wasn't going to be the least bit easy for her to walk out of whatever they'd be doing with a promotion. She washed herself clean as she thought this, scrubbing everywhere she could, before turning the nob and thus turning the water off as she grabbed a towel and wiped herself dry.

She made certain to get every last drop of water off her body before she wrapped her towel around her as she stepped into her bedroom and looked through her dresser to find some training clothes to wear for the day. She found some shorts and a light shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back of it as she went to remove the towel and put all her clothes on. As she did thoughts of what all she'd have to do and how to best prepare for the exams for the days to come as she shifted the shirt over her torso and she thus began to put on her shoes. Afterwards she went over to her full length mirror, making certain that there wasn't an overabundance of wrinkles in her clothes and also that her hair was not in a mess, as she combed it to shape more to her liking. After she was thus done with all her preparations to actually get out of her house she went to the front door, unlocked and opened it, and stepped outside while locking it back behind her.

She looked up to the sky, relieved to see that it was cloudy as it meant that the sun wouldn't be bearing down upon her for the entire day, as she hopped up onto her home's roof and looked around at the village. She then looked at her body and was blown away at the results her training had brought upon her during her days of constant training. She had lost weight and seemed to be gaining muscle as well as she felt strength coursing through her body and felt as though her legs were capable of running faster then she'd ever been able to run before. She looked at her hands, seeing that there were scars from when she had punched logs and trees and her own clones multiple times as she thought she was going to have to get back to training once again. She sighed at this thought as she started to hop along the rooftops towards the village gates as she brought her hands together and formed the ram seal as she focused her chakra into her feet and started to run even faster as she used her body flicker technique. She made it to the gates in no time as she looked at the nearby trees that created a path to the training field as she hopped up on a branch and began to hop along the other branches towards the field.

She thus ran along the branches, picking her legs up sharply and quickly in order to make certain everything remains well thought out, as she panted from the warm up she was putting her body through. By the time she made it to the end of the tree branches and made it to the training field as she landed on the wide open terrain of the field and stretched out on the ground as she cracked her knuckles and made certain to shake all the kinks out of her legs and body. During stretching she began to feel as though her muscles were overly stretching themselves while she felt herself growing nervous for a day of training and felt as though she could feel herself growing a bit more flexible and ready to roll as she stood up straight and began to hop in place while feeling her mind open up a bit and her muscles popping in place. She smirked and hopped in place while looking to see what she would be doing for the beginnings of her training session. She thought she'd go for some basic exercises as she looked up to the tree and she hopped up to grab a branch with her hands.

She began to do her usual amount of pull ups in order to warm up for what she had planned to do as she pulled herself up and down to the rhythm she had going inside her head. This simple action had gotten to be easier for her thanks to her constant usage of it as she could certainly feel her strength continuously growing as she couldn't help but feel she was truly growing stronger and stronger day by day. She would continue to do pull ups until she felt her arms and shoulders grew tired which surprisingly didn't come until much later and after a lot of pull ups. She would then drop down only to do push ups as she felt the millisecond relief her arms gained from her dropping off the branch only to feel the pain of exercise once again as she did push up after push up in order to get her arms as strong as possible for what she was about to do next.

She hopped up back to her feet using only her arms as she started to hop in place and took in deep breaths as she felt it was a good time to go for a run. She thus began to slowly jog around the field, kicking her knees up in order to make it more of a challenge, as she felt her muscle loosening and becoming more stretched out in order to provide her with the proper warm up for when she would decide to kick up her speed a bit. Once she felt properly ready to give her best efforts into her run she started to get faster as she ran across the river, using her chakra and giving it a bit of a workout as well, as she would pant and breathe as controlled as she could. She could feel her legs getting tired a bit but she knew she could do more as she kicked it up a notch again and ran faster. She kicked up dust with her speed as she became a blur and ran laps around the field at top speed for as long as she was able.

She stopped after a few minutes due to feeling tired and properly wormed up as she began to hop up and down while taking in deep breaths as she shook out her arms while feeling her muscles slowly growing looser and more ready to go then before. She stretched her arms as she stopped hopping and looked around the field to look for something else related to menial exercise to do. She looked at the nearby logs as she felt it was time to get her taijutsu up once again. She thus hopped over and began to chop attacks with her fists and feet at the wooden logs that she had used multiple times before. She was very familiar with the processes as she would use her flexibility to land attacks from all around her body and would also use acrobatics to stand herself on her hands at certain points as she continued to attack with most of all her strength. She would use her advanced taijutsu to hit the logs and then kick off of them to use her momentum to hit them again at certain times as she continued doing this practice for a few more minutes before she became tired and kicked herself away from the logs in order to catch herself a bit of a break.

She would perform a quick backflip upon hopping back as, once her feet touched the ground, she would thus hop up high into the air while gathering her chakra into her gut and forming the tiger seal as she took in a deep breath and took aim at the water beneath her as she blew out hard and a giant ball of flames came out of her mouth and flew towards the water as heat surrounded her from all sides. The ball flew towards the water slowly as the water formed waves and ripples due to the heat and the power contained within the fireball as, upon hitting the water, the water ate the fire slowly as the flames dispersed along it and quickly died away. She watched from above as the heat of the flames were still able to reach her as she fell onto the surface of the water and quickly directed her chakra into the soles of her feet as she crouched low and rested on her legs to watch the water seemingly eat the ball of fire into their cooling embrace.

She watched as the flames were completely swallowed into the water as she quickly hopped over onto land and sat down to allow herself some rest as she brought her hands together and began to meditate and accumulate her chakra once again. She would allow her chakra to flow within her, feeling the cool shade of the clouds floating softly above her cool her off and lessen the amount of sweat falling down along her forehead, as she tried to calm herself of her panting from all the work she had put her body through thus far. She kept her eyes close as she could feel the chakra within her slow and travel through her body more easily, thanks to her advanced control over it, as she could feel herself becoming more calm as the chakra flashed along her body. She felt the influx of her chakra bulge out of her as she opened her eyes and the crimson hue of her Sharingan shone brightly in the place of her irises. She stood up as she had the feeling it was time for some more training with her shadow clone once again as she took in a deep breath and formed the clone seal as, in a puff of smoke, a clone formed alongside her and hopped a bit away from her only to place itself into a stance.

She herself got into a low and aggressive stance as her eyes kept track of everything around her and took in the surroundings of their soon to be battlefield. She was familiar with the training field, thanks to her many exploits upon it, and thus she felt that that would give her an edge while, sadly, it would provide her clone with an edge as well. The clone took out a kunai and hopped over the river in order to reach the other side as she got into a stance while getting ready to charge at the original Akane. Akane, in turn, got out a kunai herself as she gathered strength into her legs so that she, too, was ready to charge forth and take her clone on. She and the clone thus charged forth, their charges causing small ripples in the water and cracks in the ground to form, as the two approached each other with kunais raised and chakras flowing at maximum.

The two clashed in the center of the river, kunai steel clashing upon kunai steel, as the two looked into each other's eyes. The shockwave of the clash was enough to make the water move out from the two as their eyes slowly began to change from their normal black irises to crimson. Black tomoe patterns circled within both of their eyes, three in total, as the two began to see everything around them in a different clarity. Akane smiled, her clone smirking and ready to go, as the two kicked away from each other before tossing kunais towards the other only to have them clash together in midair. She caught the river with her feet before quickly charging forward and catching the kunai in the air, placing it in her pouch, as she directed a punch towards the clone's face only to have the clone see what was coming and duck out of the way as it was still flying back. The clone directed a knee to Akane's stomach as Akane, too, could see that coming and stopped herself short to catch the knee and using the momentum to toss the clone away.

She hopped after the clone, her strength allowing her to propel herself quickly in order to fly next to the clone, as she directed her knee straight into the stomach as the clone directed a punch straight to Akane's face. The two were then launched away from each other as Akane focused her chakra and began to take a deep breath while forming the tiger seal and aiming at her clone. After taking her deep breath she let out her breath as a giant ball of the hottest flames she could produce fired out from her mouth and flew towards the clone. Upon seeing the fire ball aimed directly at it the clone landed on it's feet and formed a tiger seal as well while taking in a breath and letting it loose. A second ball of fire was added into the equation as it flew towards the first as the two collided in air and exploded with a bright flash as the two were blinded from the heat and light. Akane, the entire time, tried to keep her eyes on the clone with her Sharingan as she fell back down to the ground and landed a few meters away from the clone as she prepared herself for her biggest test yet. She was going to try and make the biggest fire style jutsu she could.

She jumped back from the clone in order to give herself some more space apart from it as she formed the tiger seal in order to gather even more chakra into her body as she landed and felt herself ready to let loose. She smiled as she felt her chakra was ready to go as she slowly formed the Horse seal and her chakra flexed as though it had exploded within her. She took in a mighty and really deep breath as she smirked and let out a breath and was greeted by a straight and quick line of fire coming from her lips. Her Sharingan watched the flames slowly fire out in a fine line that slowly expanded bigger and bigger and bigger before finally it reached an apex and Akane was blown away. At the apex the flames suddenly burst high and wide, taking up the Uchiha's entire field of vision, as she watched the flames dance to her command.

The clone gave off shock as she watched the massive wall close in on her. Feeling that action needed to be taken the clone then formed the Tiger seal herself before forming Horse and taking in a breath. The clone then blew out a wall of flames herself, not as powerful and devastating as the original's was, as the two had a battle of both fire styles and the clone was obviously losing. Akane blew harder as the flame grew even bigger as the clone was very worried as it stopped blowing and hopped high into the air in order to avoid the incoming flame. She luckily was able to hop over it as the wall passed her and she formed the Tiger seal to take advantage of Akane's guard being open thanks to the jutsu and it fired a fire ball straight at Akane. Akane saw this as she stopped the jutsu and began to run under the ball's arch as she hopped after the clone with a kunai ready and the two clashed once again in midair. The two looked at each other through their crimson eyes as they jumped away from each other onto the top of the nearby cliff.

They landed a ways apart from each other as Akane dashed forth in a blur and directed her left fist into the clone's stomach before grabbing a kunai in her other hand and directed it to the clone's arm as she was able to slash a small cut along the clone's arm. She didn't stop there as she directed a kick to the clone which caused it to stagger back a bit as she did a side hop while grabbing two handfuls of shuriken in between her fingers and tossed them at the clone as they stuck into it. She didn't stop there as she formed the clone seal once again and landed on her feet just as a second clone showed itself and began to toss even more shuriken at the clone as Akane held herself behind her newly made clone and formed the Tiger seal. She took a short breath as she blew out towards the clone and a stream of fire flew out of her mouth to surround the clone and eat her whole in the flames. The clone stood no chance as it dispersed instantly into smoke and was nowhere to be seen. She took in a deep breath as her other clone disappeared after a while and Akane ended up collapsing onto the ground, panting, as she looked up at the cloudy sky.

She would rest there for a bit, allowing the muscles within her body a chance to rest, while she took in deep breath after deep breath in order to get her mind in order and ready for the next stage of her training. She would continue to train her body physically with her shadow clones but for now she felt it was time to get things going in order to get her chakra attuned to what she needed it to be with next. She thus struggled to sit up with her legs crossed as she brought her hands together and closed her eyes to allow her chakra to relax. She could feel the cool of the clouds and the soft breeze which flowed around her body as she tried to channel her control of her chakra in a way that everything flowed naturally and easily through her. She took in steady breaths and kept her body still as much as she could as she felt the wind start to incapsulate her body in a way it looked as though she had been absorbing it.

She continued to take in deep and slow and steady breaths as her body seemed to absorb the wind nature within itself as she could feel her plans for what she was wishing to achieve running smoothly. She smirked as she could feel her chakra complying to her will and taking in the wind into her body as she felt a slight coolness from it all and could feel her body being provided more energy for her to be able to work with. She took in a deep breath and thus opened her eyes as she could feel part of what she had been after completed and she couldn't wait to get done with her other plans so that she could be able to continue with this training. She thus got up to her feet, a new bounce in her step as she looked around the top of the cliff and thus brought her hands up to once again form the clone seal as, in another familiar poof of smoke a shadow clone appeared beside her and was already ready to go.

She took in another deep breath before hopping quickly back away from the clone but was greeted by the clone being behind her trying to deliver a swift kick right to the back of her head. Her Sharingan was able to pick up on the attack in the nick of time as she quickly ducked and brought a punch around to catch the clone square in the gut as the force of the punch was enough to make the clone get launched far away from her. She saw this opportunity to follow through with her attacks as she quickly jumped over to the clone, her legs pumping her forward in order to keep her at top speed, as she brought her own kick around to greet the clone in the face as the clone was smart enough to bring it's arms up and catch Akane's kick before it did max damage. The clone was launched further as Akane caught the ground with her feet and formed the Horse and Tiger seals before taking in a deep breath and blowing outwards to cause a huge wall of fire to billow out of her mouth. The clone saw this and flipped around in order to land clean before the fire could catch her as it, to, formed the Horse and Tiger seals in order to spit out an equal sized wall of flames to catch it with.

The two thus commenced in a clash of epic fire proportions as the two struggled between their large fire styles for dominance. The clone quickly tore away from the wall after getting her bearings and then hopped over the large wall before getting a few shuriken out of her weapon's pouch and tossing a few towards Akane hoping that she'd be too open to react. Akane did react by quickly tearing away from her own wall before running away quickly from the shuriken  and tossed a couple of her own at the clone as the shuriken clashed in the air and fell to the ground in a clatter. She watched as the clone fell down a few meters away from Akane as she got out some more shuriken and readied herself for what was coming next as she could see her clone going for a bunch more shuriken. The clone would then swipe her hand forward, a few shuriken releasing themselves from her hand, as she would take another swipe in order to release a few more shuriken. Akane followed suit as she threw a few shuriken of herself in order to catch the oncoming shuriken as the two would continue to throw more and more shuriken at each other.

The two would thus use their advanced eyes as the shuriken to their RT would slow down to the point where the two could see each shuriken coming their way and be able to aim precisely where they needed to aim in order to be able to thwart the shuriken making their way to each other's bodies. To the two Uchiha it was as though the shuriken were moving in slow motion so that they could see everything that was going on. To the outside world, however, there movements were complete blurs as shuriken after shuriken after shuriken hit each other in the air and clattered uselessly on the ground at the two's feet as Akane and her clone tried to search for openings that the other wouldn't be able to see yet was having no success. Their eyes were proving to be too advanced as the two eventually gave up as Akane stopped tossing shuriken and charged at the clone with kunai raised just as her clone got the same idea and charged in, as well.

The two would once more clash as the clash would cause the kunais to form sparks as the two girls would look into each others eyes. The two would stand there for a couple minutes, trying to get an upper hand over one another, before hopping back and tossing the kunai at each other only for the kunais to clash in midair a ways away from them. Akane landed first and drew out another kunai from her pouch before coming after the clone as the clone saw her coming and jumped high up into the air away from Akane so that she wouldn't get hit. Akane noticed as her eyes followed her clone as she noticed the clone bringing her hands up and forming the tiger seal in order to blow out a large ball of fire towards Akane. Akane watched as the ball of fire floated down slowly to her as she took note of it and began to run to the side in order to avoid the impending explosion that was going to come once the large ball of fire hit the ground where she had been. Once out of the way she would use her speed to quickly jump to where her clone was as she directed a flying light kick at the clone in the gut.

She was able to catch the clone in her gut as she took the kunai she was still holding in her hand and quickly began to slash at the clone before twisting around, catching the clone with a spinning kick upwards, still twisting as she did so, as her twisting upwards caused her to gain enough momentum in order to deliver an even harder kick at the clone which sent it flying down to the ground as she landed a ways away with her kunai still up and ready for more. The clone was slow at the uptake of what was happening but was able to quickly twist her body so that she was able to land on her feet and be ready for more herself. The clone healed her cuts with her basic medical ninjutsu knowledge as she kept a close eye on Akane in order to make certain no surprises came her way. Akane saw the caution in her clones eyes as she got ready to charge forth again to get some more hits in as she cracked her knuckles and quickly dashed forth towards her clone.

The two would meet in the air as Akane tried to deliver a kick to the clone's side yet was met with the clone getting it's arms up just in time to catch the kick as it was flung across the air to the ground as she rolled and caught herself with her feet before standing up and beginning to gather her chakra into her fist. Akane saw her getting her fist ready as she came down from her position in the air and landed while getting her own chakra into her fist in order to prepare for a massive punch. She looked ahead of her at the clone as she cracked her knuckles and got ready to charge forth towards the clone with fist drawn and ready to punch. She knew the results would most possibly destroy the clone and the surrounding area but she had to make certain what she did would be the last attack for the session. It was upon the clone making the first move and charging towards Akane as she rushed forward towards the clone and thrust her fist forward as soon as the two met in the middle. The two fists collided in the air as Akane winced from the pain.

The resulting shockwave of the two fists colliding was immense as the ground cracked and the air was filled with dust as the two struggled for dominance over the other. The two fists, with chakra flowing into each of them in order to give themselves more strength, The two stood there as the shockwaves that formed over their fists continued to branch and spread as Akane gritted her teeth in order to get her fist extra leverage over her clone. The clone tried her hardest as well as the two continued to get closer and closer to each other before the force of their punches became too much as the two were blown back from the pressure. Akane rolled along the ground, the power proving too great for her, as she tumbled across the ground and hopped up using her arms as she landed onto her feet and grabbed the ground, fingers sinking into the ground and pulling against the stone, as she was able to catch herself from moving too far before she managed to stop. The clone was able to do the same as it looked bruised and bloody from the shock before she got to her feet as well.

Akane charged forth and was in the midst of bringing her elbow forth into the clone's stomach before twirling her kunai with her index finger as she grabbed the hilt with the blade poking out in reverse before bringing it around and slashing the clone. She would continue to give the clone random kicks all over the body while punching in some places as the clone was fast enough to block most of the attacks before Akane delivered a surprising punch to the clone's midsection to the point where she was stunned as Akane quickly did a hopping backflip over the clone while forming the Tiger seal and directing a fireball directly down and behind the clone's head. The clone felt the heat and used her reflexes to move out of the way as quickly as she could as the ball of fire hit the ground right where the clone had been and the impending explosion hit the clone with such a force that she ended up flying away farther than she did moving as she rolled along the ground in order to take care of any flames that ended up getting on her.

Akane landed on the ground by the scorched ground where her fireball had hit as she took in another deep breath and prepared herself for some more fighting as she smirked and stretched her back and legs as she knew she would need to go faster if she wanted to be able to hit her clone. She had learned of a technique which could aid her in being able to go faster though it required a certain affinity to wind in order for her to be able to bring it forth. She smiled as she could feel the flames of her natural affinity melding within her with a new affinity as she continued to take in deep breaths and concentrate on the chakra within her. She could feel something trying to connect within her. She couldn't tell if this was the wind affinity she was trying to go for or not but she knew it felt different then what she had felt ever before. She thought she'd go ahead and try to do what she had set out to do as she began taking in deep breaths in order to get the jutsu started up. She continued taking in deep breaths, trying to take deeper breaths with each rep, as she clapped her hands together and took one long breath.

She felt the breath she took enter her whole system as she could feel power flooding into her as she could also feel her legs seeming to grow a bit faster too. Her senses also seemed more sharpened as she cracked her neck and could feel her muscles seeming to respond a lot more looser than before. She could feel, though, that the amount of chakra it was taking for her to do this was proving to be taxing as her stamina was leaving her more and more. She had to get things done now before too much wound up leaving her. She smirked as the clone looked at her with a new sense of confusion and caution as she got out a kunai and prepared herself. She wasn't prepared enough as, in a flash, Akane was right behind her directing a kick directly towards her face. The clone was stunned but not still as she got an arm up to catch the kick just in the nick of time. The strength of the kick was enough to cause the clone to fly back and away from Akane as she rolled along the ground onto her feet.

Akane was amazed herself how much faster she had grown as she then noticed her red skin and jumped up in shock. She didn't like the fact that the jutsu seemed to take away her natural skin color but she was willing to get over it for the sake of being able to become just a bit stronger from it. She thus got into a stance as she took in another deep breath and, to the clone, seemed to disappear from where she had been standing. The clone quickly ducked out of instinct just in time as the kick sailed over her head and left a trail of wind from it's sheer power. She then used her hands and feet in order to jump quickly into the air as high as she could in order to get away from the original Akane as she became shocked to see Akane already above her and delivering a downward ax kick right on top of the clone's head. The clone was launched downward to the ground as she grunted from the pain and reached her hands out in order to catch herself before the landing proved to be too painful.

Akane landed beside the clone as she directed strong kick to the clone's face as the clone's Sharingan helped her see it coming and she moved back away while backflipping in order to get some space between herself and Akane. Using her hands she pushed off the ground as hard as possible in order to move into the air as she began forming the hand seal Tiger before directing a fire ball directly at Akane. Akane could see the jutsu coming, thanks to her Sharingan, as she quickly formed the Tiger seal herself and took in a breath in order to blow out an even bigger ball of fire than she had ever before. The sheer magnitude of power that was within the fire ball quickly ate in the smaller fire ball heading it's way as the clone, too, was taken in by the ball of fire as it exploded upon doing so and upon it completely disappearing within the air the clone was gone. Akane smiled upon seeing this as she relaxed and could feel the energy that had welled up within her died away slowly. She panted as she felt her knees crumple and she fell onto her knees. In order to give herself a bit more rest she then allowed her Sharingan to go away to conserve the remainder of her energy.

She rested her back in the grass as small plumes of smoke floated upwards to the sky from the fire scorched patches of earth that were strewn along the ground. She took in fresh breaths of air as she could feel the relaxing breezes of the air caress her skin and relax her as she watched as the sun began to set in the horizon all while she took in more and more breaths of fresh air in order to get her bearings. She slowly got up off of her back in order to come to a sitting position with her legs crossed as she looked at her hands and noticed the bruises that were on her knuckles as she massaged her hands and could feel the cool time of night slowly creeping in upon her. She smirked as this would possibly help her feel rested more quickly so that she could train some more as she brought her hands together and meditated for a time.

She would continue to meditate as the sun continued to set over the horizon and the sky blackened due to night falling over the training fields. She smiled wide and couldn't help but feel proud of herself. The level of chakra she had been able to train herself up with felt amazing as she opened her eyes and massaged her neck in order to get her muscles relaxed up a little bit more. She didn't know what to do next though she knew that she couldn't end her training here as she felt it was time to learn another jutsu. A powerful one, too, that she had read about during the times of old. She had never been able to see the jutsu in action but from everything she had heard about it it was known for being a really good one as one could scar mountains and the Earth with it with ease with enough chakra. She had read, though, that she needed materials in order to do it as the training required one to get a rubber ball and a balloon. She would need to do a little bit of shopping in order to get those but it was nothing a quick visit back to the village wouldn't fix.

She thus brought her hands together as she clapped her hands to wipe them clean and ran out of the training field making her way back to the village and, more specifically, a general store. She hopped up on the trees and started hopping from branch to branch in order to get to the leaf gates as fast as she could. She wanted to get in as much training as she could before getting a break in shopping for more training items. She made it to the gates in record time as she walked along the streets towards the shop she needed to go to in order to get everything that she was in need of. She looked around for the right shop to go to as she had wanted to get a good deal on all of her necessary items along with other items, as she saw her favorite store was open and she walked inside to look around. She noticed rubber balls and balloons right off the bat and got a few bags of them before taking them to the counter, paying for them, and exiting the store.

She walked along the streets with her items, trying to think about how she was going to use the items to learn the jutsu she had in her mind, as she walked back through the gates of the village and looked at the road towards the training field. She took in a deep breath as she looked up to the sky and saw that night had fully set in as the moon shone down brightly on the road and trees below it. It was pretty to her as she walked along the road to the training field and noticed the moon shining through the leaves of each trees. She looked around and took in the sights as she began to jog to the field so that she could get her training done and out of the way. She didn't know if she was going to go ahead and get the jutsu down today as she had heard that it took weeks, months, or even years in order to get the jutsu she needed. She made it to the threshold of the training field as she set her items down of the grass near the trees and sat down to meditate again.

She would meditate as long as it took in order to get her chakra in order and straightened and warmed up for she knew it was going to take quite a lot of chakra in order to get everything she had planned in order. She sat and felt the two natures of wind and fire rage against each other as she could feel the nature of her fire growing stronger within her thanks to the wind nature melding with it. She had learned that her upcoming jutsu to learn was one that didn't really use the any elemental chakra nature in order to use it but she had heard that there was an element used in order to form upgraded versions of the jutsu. The wind element in particular as she focused on the wind nature within her in order to get it stronger as well as she opened her eyes after several minutes of meditation and got up to her feet while taking a look at the nearby items and opened up the pouch. She pulled out a balloon and goes to the river in order to fill it up with water.

She took her water filled balloon as she tried to focus her chakra into it as a sphere as the balloon nearly instantly popped due to her chakra control not being as good as she originally had thought. She looked at this spectacle in surprise as she reached down in order to pull out another balloon and fill it with water as the balloon filled up to a handful sized balloon and brought her fingers around the balloon and began to focus her chakra again into it while this time putting emphasis in the rotation being more inwards instead of outwards as she felt a little bit more success in her rotation before the balloon once more popped with the water within splashing all along her arm and clothes. While there was clear improvement from where she had started out with it was still a bit over too quick in her opinion as she reached down in order to pull out another balloon and fill it up with water from the river. She then held the sphere within her palm as she started to once again pour chakra into the balloon.

She'd follow this pattern over and over again as she could feel her chakra slowly draining away more and more before she was panting from the lack of chakra that was remaining in her system. She wasn't exactly surprised as she had used a lot of chakra prior to doing this as she thought she'd have to get things settled before she ended up passing out in the middle of the field. Akane thus gave out a long sigh as she picked her supplies up and walked off the field through the threshold and along the road back to the village. She was feeling tired as she knew she was going to pass out soon. She looked up to the sky and saw the moon slowly creeping higher and higher into the sky through the leaves of the trees. It really was beautiful this time of night as she walked up to the village gates and the moon shone it's light on the bright street of Konoha. She had been feeling a bit hungry as she walked through the gates and thought about whether or not she wanted to eat at a restaurant or make something at home. She decided she'd simply cook something as she wasn't in the proper mindset nor hygiene in order to be in a building with other people.

She thus walked back home and unlocked her door as she entered inside her home to find that the moonlight outside was shining through the blinds of her windows and casting a blue light across the whole room. She locked the door behind her as she walked over to her refrigerator and pulled out one of her leftover ramen dishes as she began to boil some water up on the over and she walked over to the washing machine and put in her dirty clothes into the washer and started it up as she filled it up with soap. Afterwards she went to her bed and sat on the edge while getting one of her books and started to read while the water on the stove boiled. Once the pot on the stove started to boil over and steam came up from the pot she got up off the bed, took the pot off the stove, and poured it into the bowl of ramen in order to let it sit there and cook the ramen for her to enjoy later.

After a few minutes of waiting she took out a pair of chopsticks and got her bowl as she sat at her table and started to blow into her noodles and eat one chop stick full at a time. The noodles were well cooked and moist as they were, even as leftovers, they were still extremely good as though she had just cooked them herself. She ate the noodles as she could feel herself feeling a little better and she read her book as she ate in order to help pass the time while thinking about how much of a good day of training she had had for the day. Upon finishing her bowl she threw away the Styrofoam bowl that the ramen she had eaten from away and walked over to her bathroom in order to turn the shower on and get all the gunk from the training field off of her. She sighed as she knew the moment she woke up in the morning she'd be going through yet another day of training as she wanted to be as prepared enough for the upcoming Chuunin exams possible. She finished showering as she stepped out of the shower and put on her robe in order to provide herself warmth and went over to the bed and laid inside.

She would lay within her bed, waiting for the sleep to come to her eyes, as she stared up to the ceiling and closed her eyes in order to feel the chakra within her once more. She was so thrilled she had been able to take in a new chakra nature as she felt that it was only going to help her grow even stronger at the end of it all. She felt sleep slowly take her out of it as the moonlight outside spread along her room and covered everything within in a large and pretty shadow while she breathed slowly and peacefully. The stars outside twinkled in the night sky as smoke from the training field was still travelling upwards into the night sky from her many fire jutsus she had used against her clone and otherwise. The wind from outside would gently help it along as rocks also were tumbling from the craters of the fire balls. Things would continue this way throughout the night as Akane continued to sleep peacefully.


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