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Sarah Uchiha
Sarah Uchiha
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Akane Grows Stronger Empty Akane Grows Stronger

Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:07 pm
Akane Uchiha woke up today with a plan. She had woken up with the plan to do an insane amount of training over the next couple of days being as she was in need of more strength and more power to her capabilities. She had heard so much during her time studying abroad and such, so much so, that she had wanted to take part in gaining that knowledge and making it her own. To this effect she smiled wide as she woke up this morning, looking to get some good training in today, as she hopped out of the bed and hurriedly got her clothes on. She had wanted to get a lot done today, including a new weaponry jutsu she had gotten two Fuma Shuriken specifically for as well as some basic medical ninjutsu for when herself or others she knew were ever injured, as she put on her backpack with the Fuma Shuriken inside as she could tell she could possibly get a great workout while doing menial exercises with them on her back, as she got her shoes on and stretched her neck out and opened her door leading outside. Once she stepped out, upon making certain the door was locked behind her, she took in a breath of fresh air as she stretched her body out and set a foot on her house's railing and hopped up to get to another building's rooftop.

She hopped from rooftop to rooftop while making her way to the village gate as she stopped on top of a rooftop suddenly and felt that she needed food in order to keep herself fed while she trained. She thus hopped off of a roof to land in front of a store as she went inside and bought herself a small sandwich which she placed inside one of her bags. She felt that it'd suffice for the day and she'd make herself something for the training of the next day as she left the store and continued her walk to the village gate. She adjusted the backpack she had carrying her Fuma Shuriken as she passed the threshold of the gate and waved to the ninja who were guarding it. She made her way through the tree condensed forest as she heard the chirpings of the birds and the passing of the insects all while she thought of what all she should do for her training today. She knew she was going to learn a technique she had read about that utilized her two Shuriken to their fullest which was said to take the two shuriken and make it seem as though she had only thrown one while the other looked hidden. This made her think it'd be an incredibly useful technique as she stepped on the field and she took her backpack off.

She looked around the field, her mind wandering over the possibilities of what she was able to accomplish in such a short time thanks to her time here, as she looked at the scorch marks and battle scars ninja before her came here to give it. She was planning on learning a lot, some jutsu which could be classified as the destructive type, within the next couple of days as she walked back to her backpack and took out the sandwich and placed it in a safe place on the ground. She then placed the backpack on her back again as she walked over to the center of the field and got on her hands to commence with some push ups. She commenced herself to following a beat she had within her head to follow, in order to keep herself going and to make certain she didn't make any mistakes, as she could feel the added weight of the Shurikens on her back. She had a feeling their added resistance would help in her endeavors of getting stronger as she kept up her push ups. She could feel the soreness and the tension coming into her arms as she panted and kept up the process for as long as she could. As she did she tried to remember things about her family in order to keep her mood up. The thoughts of her father as he kissed her forehead when she had nightmares and would take off for his work, her mother singing to her in times of sadness and fear, she kept these thoughts within her as she continued her push ups as she tried her best to make herself as strong as she possibly be.

She exhaled softly as she got to her feet upon feeling her arms protesting with her for further exercise as she stretched them out in order to get them a bit well rested before she would continue. She removed the backpack off her back as she placed it on the ground beside her feet as she thought she'd go ahead and try to learn a jutsu she felt she was in need of knowing in case she needed it in the future. She decided she'd try to practice some basic medical jutsu as she focused a little of her chakra into her hands as she brought them up to form the necessary hand seals. She thus formed the Boar, Rat, and Snake seals as her hands suddenly took on a calming green glow about them as she rubbed them over her arms and could feel her chakra breathing along her skin and calming her. She had known that this particular jutsu was, at this level at least, only ever really capable of healing cuts and bruises and she planned to expand her powers of healing to be able to draw out more and heal bones if they were ever to break. She would need to train with the jutsu a bit to do so but she felt it would be possible after a few attempts of her trying to flow more chakra through her hands. She thus cancelled the jutsu as she felt it was now time to learn another jutsu in case she ever needed it for when she was involved in missions where she'd need to be in chilly environments.

She had learned there was a technique, unique to those who knew fire style, that could use the fire chakra element within them and cause it to send a warm feeling throughout a user's entire body in order to keep them warm in wintery conditions. She thought she'd try it out as she brought her hands up to form the Tiger seal as she called upon the chakra she held within her and her chakra responded by swelling up and out within her. She applied her fire element to it as the chakra spread and she was pleased to feel the sensation of her body indeed growing warmer than what it had been previously. She smiled, pleased with her progress in learning yet another technique, as she cancelled the jutsu out in order to bring her body's temperature back to what it was previously. The sun was out, after all, and the day was hot as it shined bright in the sky as the water of the nearby river shone brightly in little valleys and hills of it's waves thanks to it. She smiled to the serenity of it all as she exhaled softly and relaxing her body before beginning to hop in place so that she could get her legs loose and ready for a light jog.

She bent down and put the backpack back over her and onto her back as she thought it would serve as weight for her run as well as she could feel it's weight press down into her shoulders and she could feel her legs having to exert more strength in order for her to bounce. Upon feeling this and satisfied it would indeed help she began to jog in place before getting into a good position and started to slowly jog around the field while keeping her breathing in check as always. She ran lightly around the field as her legs grew more tired more quickly thanks to the Shuriken as she looked at things to take her mind off the efforts she was putting forth and watched the birds in the sky flying past the field and the clouds slowly floating over the sky and over the sun at points in time. It wasn't until a couple minutes later she decided to add a bit more speed to her jog as she began to move into more of a run as she ran around the field and over the water at times. She smiled at how, even though her body was hurting and protesting against her best efforts, she couldn't help but feel she was indeed growing stronger from all this and she continued to run faster and faster in order to get the most out of her legs and into her strength. She was indeed going to need all the extra strength with the Taijutsu regiment that she had planned for later.

She stopped along the edge of the river as she took her backpack and rotated it around the front of her body as she got onto her back and started to do crunches while on the ground. She could feel the added weight of the pack pressing into her chest as the added weight put more pressure and burning into her stomach as she tried her best to press up against it in order to crank out as many crunches as she could. She breathed in and exhaled out upon reaching the peak of each crunch as her focus was entirely on gaining more strength while also trying to burn any of the stubborn belly fat that she had been dealing with for a long time. She wasn't a chubby girl by any standards but she didn't feel as though she had the ideal swimsuit body neither thanks to a little layer of fat that ran along her hips and waist. She kept up the crunches as her determination caused her focus to grow as her stomach was starting to squeeze against her and grow in pain upon every crunch as she willed herself to keep up the pressure in her exercises. She crunched up and took in a breath before laying back down and crunching back slowly up again. She'd take another big one and then lay back down only to get her next crunch, slow and painful and shaky, back up once more. Her brow covered itself in her sweat, her hair in a ponytail yet still frazzled enough to splay along her forehead, as she took some breaths before a big one in order to give it one final push. She'd lay back down and take nearly 30 seconds to sit back up due to how horribly painful the process was and upon finally getting back up to a sitting position her body would give out and she'd collapse on her back and pant for fresh sweet oxygen.

She laid there as she relaxed and took off the pack in order to lay it down beside her just to get it off. She could feel her abs were on fire and so incredibly tensed that her stomach was on the verge of locking up as she thought it could possibly get in the way of her training as she brought her hands up and formed the Boar, Rat, and Snake seals as her hands renewed their green glow and she ran them along her stomach. She felt a more relaxing sensation along her stomach as she panted and started to feel more freedom in her movement before she felt she could fully move again and deactivated the jutsu. She got up to her feet and was amazed at how light her body now felt thanks to taking the weight off as she nodded to her progress and felt it was now time for her to commence with the real training. She thus reached down and grabbed the two shuriken out of her pack as she looked at the two and extended them out into their full four pronged variations.

She looked around, trying to find a target that she could focus her throw on, as she settled on throwing it at one of the training stumps that occupied the field. She closed her eyes, bringing some chakra into them, as she opened them back up to reveal the crimson gaze of her Sharingan as she prepared the technique by placing the two shuriken in one hand. "Demon Wind Shuriken: Windmill of Shadows!" She thus hopped high into the air, her eyes fixated of the stumps, as she twirled in midair in order to get the proper of momentum to throw the two Shuriken before finally releasing them towards her targets. She watched with her eyes as the Shuriken were connected so perfectly that it had looked as though she had only thrown one as they soared through the air towards the stumps. She watched as, upon reaching their targets, the second shuriken seemed to displace itself from the first as the two lodge themselves in two different stumps. She smiled upon seeing that her deceptive technique was a success and she landed on her feet as she closed her eyes and opened them again to reveal her eyes had reverted back to normal.
She went over to the Shuriken sticking out of the logs as she grabbed the two of them and yanked them out of the logs. She smiled as she folded them back to their other settings as she went back over to her backpack and placed them both back into the pack as she felt she wouldn't need them anymore except for regular exercise. She felt that her progress was amazing and that she was doing an incredible job and she wanted to continue with her progress in getting everything she was hoping to get. She felt that this was the perfect time for a break as she picked her pack and carried it to the tree where she had left her sandwich. She then sat at the trunk of the tree as she opened up the bag that the sandwich was protected in as she took it out and took a bite from it with hunger. She smiled wide at the taste as she rested along the trunk of the tree and looked into the sky to really bring about a relaxing feeling inside her. She stretched her body out as she tried to keep herself from falling asleep as she kept eating the sandwich until she was done and tossed the wrapper it came in into the bag to dispose of later.

It was here that her relaxation was interrupted as she could hear screaming inside the woods as her instincts caused her to get up on her feet as she rushed into the woods in order to track where the scream was coming from. She jumped up into the trees as a perch for her to be able to keep more in track of the sound as she looked around and tried to keep herself together. She then heard the sounds of screaming once more as she hopped more along the branches towards it in tracking. She caught up to what was making the sounds as she saw a ninja trying to walk through the woods in order to get to the village as she watched in shock. She landed in front of the ninja, a boy she didn't recognize but was a villager of Hoshigakure. She walked forward as the ninja collapsed upon seeing her and was frantic. "Look out! I'm being tracked! They're coming!" She blinked upon hearing this but was immediately on guard as she heard a light whoosh sound and saw a kunai with a paper bomb tied to it hit the ground. She immediately jumped forth and tackled the hoshi ninja out of the way just as the bomb exploded and narrowly missed the two. She got to her feet just as she heard the boy scream again and holding his ankle. She could only surmise he had broken it and she was going to need to give him medical attention later but she first had to take care of their attackers. She activated her Sharingan and looked up in the trees to see three masked ninja coming down upon them both.

She smiled as they were each clustered together upon them coming upon them all as she brought her hands together and began forming seals. With the formations of Horse and Tiger she began to take a deep breath as her glare focused on her three targets. She could see the three ninja watch what was happening as she could only guess they knew what was coming. Not fast enough she thought as she arched two fingers and placed them over her lips. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" She spat out a large ball of fire big enough to be able to consume the three ninja. The ball continued to pass through the trees, catching them on fire, as the ball zoomed out of the trees into the sky. She watched as three logs fell from where the fire had hit the three ninja as she got a kunai out just in time to guard against a ninja who was coming at her with their own. She kicked them away, her eyes catching the two others going after the hoshi ninja, as she took out two more kunai and jumped into the air while tossing one at the ninja who was wounded. Upon throwing it, the three masked ninja all in attack mode and coming at the two of them, she three her two remaining kunai as they hit the one kunai and bounced off through the air as they all suddenly changed directions and began flying at the three ninja!

Two weren't expecting this as their shoulders were stabbed through and they fell to the ground. The third saw it coming as they deflected the last kunai with their own and rushed towards Akane. She rushed forth with her hands coming up to form more hand seals, Rat with Tiger followed by Dog adding Ox and then Rabbit closing out with Tiger, as she waited until she was near the ninja and hopped off him just as he brought the kunai around to stab her. She took in another deep breath just as she whirled around to face the ninja in midair as she curved her fingers again. "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" She blew out multiple small fire balls at the ninja as they whirled around and watched them incoming. He was able to jump out of the way just as she smirked and blew one more before her feet hit a random tree and she kicked off to zoom at her enemy. He had dodged the last fire ball by jumping straight into the air and didn't notice her coming after her through the air fast. She twirled around and brought the heel of her foot down on the head of the ninja and smacked him down to the ground. With all three of her opponents on the ground and knocked out she landed on the ground beside the hoshi ninja and looked at everything around her to make certain they were safe. Upon establishing that they were each down for the count her eyes reverted back to normal as she rushed over to the Hoshi ninja and looked over his leg to see exactly where the breakage of bone was.

She brought her hands up and formed the necessary hand seals needed to do what she was going for. She formed the seals of Boar and Rat and her hands began to glow green with healing chakra. The chakra within her hands grew larger with power as she applied more chakra to them and she looked over their leg and brought her hands down to it in order to help it mend. "Keep it still. Everything is going to be alright. The pain will be gone before you know it." The ninja took in deep breaths as she focused the healing chakra into the broken ankle as she could see it being mended back in place while she kept her concentration focused on getting it as healed as possible. This caused the ninja to wince in pain as the bone had to snap itself back in place and was mended with her chakra. Upon seeing it snapping back in place she could feel that the bone had fully mended itself as she smiled and allowed the chakra to die down before looking at the hoshi ninja in the eye and nodding to them.

"You're ok now. Here. Give me your hand." She took the ninja's hand as they both stood up to their feet as he tested his leg and nodded as he could feel it was indeed fixed.

"Th-thank you for saving my life, miss. Um... You were amazing. I didn't expect another Hoshi ninja to come to my rescue out here."

"Hoshi? I'm not from Hoshigakure. I'm a Konoha kunoichi." The ninja seemingly suddenly turned skeptical as he shook his head until she reached into her pocket and pulled out her headband which showed the konoha sybol in it's plating. His eyes grew wide as he looked back at her confused as she could tell he was probably wondering why she'd help him. "Who cares if you're a ninja from another village. You're still a person in my eyes who was in trouble. So I don't regret stepping in." She smiled and waved to him as she began to walk away. "Anyway I'm off. Hope you stay out of trouble!" She hopped away and left the ninja to their thoughts as she went back to the training field and stretched her body out. She smiled, happy that she was able to help someone, as she picked her backpack back up and place it around her back. She was ready to pack it up and call it a day as she looked out to the water one last time before walking back into the woods in order to get one last work out in. With the backpack still on her back she leapt up into the trees and hung from a branch as she began to do crunches up to her knees as they hung from the branch.

She instantly began to feel the burn that she had developed within her abs come back with a vengeance as she did this which made her happy as this let her know her efforts were being paid off and she was going to grow stronger by the end of all this. She panted upon each crunch as she was surprised to find that she was able to complete 20 of them before she felt her legs give out and she fell to the ground. She spun around to make certain that she would land on her feet as she panted and adjusted the backpack to fit better on her back. She got up, slowly and shakily, as she decided that she now needed to rest up for the day and continue this tomorrow before things got out of hand for her body. Today she would consider things the warm up round and tomorrow would be the day she came at things with all her focus and effort in order to get the best results possible. She thus went over into the village as she made her way past the village gates and on her way to her house. Upon making it she unlocked the door and stepped into her bedroom to throw the backpack aside and allow her body to fall upon her mattress. Her body relaxed upon feeling the covers and sheets of her bed, her eyes closing and her consciousness fading fast, as she went to sleep for the day to prepare for the next.

(WC 4,034)

(Claiming 20 stats, Inner Flame, Basic Medical Jutsu Levels 1 & 2, and Shadow Shuriken Technique)
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Akane Grows Stronger Empty Re: Akane Grows Stronger

Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:37 pm
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