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Akane Learns Some Taijutsu Empty Akane Learns Some Taijutsu

Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:05 pm
Akane was frustrated with herself. She was in the process of tying her hair into a ponytail as it was another day of her daily training that she wanted to partake heavily in. This was specifically because she felt she wasn't as strong as she oughta have been and she needed to change that incredibly fast. It was upon this decision that she would do mainly physical exercise today rather than focus on things that needed chakra in order for her to do. She had been studying up on the histories of great ninja who came before her and stumbled upon certain ninja who were cursed with the disability of not being able to produce chakra but made up for such disadvantages by training their bodies in the art of taijutsu to the point where they could keep up with those that utilized such power. Of course she felt that she was also a bit of a slouch when it came to her ninjutsu as well which pushed her to wanting to improve herself in all her own categories. She would learn from what she had read about the ninja that only knew taijutsu at their respective times and try to add their moves into her arsenal today, and possibly the next several days, in order to grow her powers and body accordingly.

She would also try to learn a couple of techniques that would be able to serve her greatly in the long road she had to becoming stronger as she had also learned of two techniques that would help possibly bring battles to an end quickly and one jutsu that could also help utilize the fire within her into more of a deadlier weapon then just fireballs. She smiled wide as she felt that she was going to grow so much stronger thanks to this as she cracked her knuckles and looked over to the two fuma shuriken she had just purchased yesterday. It was time for her day of training and she was ready for anything that would come her way and challenge her. The challenge would only serve to strengthen her greatly and she was ready for it. She picked up the two large shuriken, their weight nearly toppling her over and giving her the idea they would make great weights for exercise, as she placed and tied them onto her back before going to her door and exiting to the outdoors.

The sun shone brightly on top of her as she looked up into the sky and breathed in the fresh air as she decided she'd leave her jacket behind and she took it off and threw it back into her home before turning around and stretching her body out, the shuriken on her back reminding her of the day and abuse she was about to go through, as she readjusted them on her back and started hopping along the roofs of the nearby buildings towards the village gate. She made it to the gate as she ran up the wall that connected to it and jumped over it to have a great view of the village from up high for a moment. She took in the beauty of the village as it was showing itself to look so small yet peaceful as she fell down behind the other side of the wall and she began to run down the wall before hopping safely into the trees before hopping along the branches to the training field. She was pleased to find that, even with the added weight of the huge shurikens hanging on her back, she was still considerably quite fast as she hopped from branch to branch towards her destination.

She landed in the middle of the field as she looked around to see the field was the same as it always was which gave her a sense of pleasing calm and determination which made her want to work harder for today. She thus decided to go ahead and warm up her body as she took off her backpack containing the fuma shuriken and went over to the tree in order to lay it beside the trunk as she hopped in place and began to inhale and exhale deep breaths. She stretched her arms out and began to stretch her legs out as she felt that the best thing for her to go for now was a bit of cardio as she started to take off around the field and ran along the grass and water of the river in a light jog. She went around the field, kicking her legs up high and making certain her breathing was regulated and as calm as she could make it, as she would often look around for some sort of distraction that would take her concentration and put it into something she could daydream about to possibly keep her going even when on the verge of being tired.

After a while of running she felt it time to run a little faster and kick it up a gear so that she'd add a bit more of a work out to her cardio and possibly strengthen her legs up a bit. She started to run with about 3/4 of her maximum speed so that she'd warm up just a bit more for a little bit before going all in. Even so she was running faster than what she used to run at as she took off around the field and smiled at her seemingly fast progress. Once she felt her legs were good to go she kicked it into high gear and took off around the field even faster as she tried to keep her speed up for as long as she could. She ended up running at such a speed around the field for the next 10 minutes before finally feeling she'd had enough and she stopped and collapsed next to the river to rest and relax in order to prepare for her next objective in her training.

She got onto her hands afterwards as she began to push her body up and down, pumping her arms in order to strengthen them and get ready for some training as she panted and kept herself from tiring as quickly as she could. She was able in completing 20 before she started to feel an incredible deficit to her stamina as she could feel the strength in her arms draining to where she felt she wasn't going to be able to continue with them for much longer as she got to 25. She panted, her strength leaving her more and more and more, as she tried to keep her breathing steady and her motions smooth while keeping her mind focused on her objectives. She would learn much in the way of Taijutsu and Ninjutsu today as she had wanted to develop her powers to keep herself sharp and ready to take to the battlefield. She thus kept up her pace, her focus intense on doing just one more over and over again before she was able to make it to 30 push ups. Upon her final push up she was able to draw as much willpower into her body and arms as she pushed herself up to where her arms were outstretched and burning as she screamed and collapsed onto her stomach as she spent the last of her willpower to get her exercise done.

She laid in the grass for a little bit, placing a hand on the ground in order to flip herself over onto her back in order to look up to the sky, as her arms laid splayed out before her and she breathed in the fresh oxygen of the air as though it was the most precious resource in the world. She could feel her arms pound from their physical abuses they were put through as they begged her to continue relaxing until they could become all better. She looked into the sky while watching the clouds roll on by from up high as she saw the shadow of one covering the sun rolling over her and providing a cool and temporary blanket over her as she smiled and relaxed even more. After a good little while of her laying their and taking a short break she felt that it was high time for her to get started in training the moves and techniques that she was planning to achieve as she got up to her feet and began stretching her legs out as the first move that she planned to achieve would be utilizing her legs mainly.
The move that she had planned and was ready to learn was the Leaf Rising Wind which was a move where the user simply kicks their opponent high into the air. When she was reading this she had the thought that it was simply just what it had stated: a kick. However doing further research into the matter proved differently as she found out that it not only kicks the opponent in the air but it can be used to make a person go faster as well as increase their power into their taijutsu as well. This definitely struck at her interests as she had learned that, utilizing this technique, would allow the user to be able to open themselves up to even more techniques such as the next taijutsu move she wished to learn today as well: Dancing Leaf Shadow. With that move she could be able to keep herself in line with her opponent and open them up for attacks. This also intrigued her as she wanted to be able to be able to exploit as many moves against her opponents as possible. She would utilize the move to be able to come up with an attack that she could utilize to it's fullest. She had a technique well in mind that the previous two techniques were used to initiate but it would be difficult for her to integrate everything into one technique.

The first thing, however, was implementing the technique that was Leaf Rising Wind. She looked around and tried to find a target she could use in order to get the best effect of the move out as she cracked her knuckles upon seeing a log that was laying nearby. She smiled as she walked over to it and picked it up as she remarked at how light it felt due to her many days of strenuous training. She smiled at this as she looked upward and decided to throw the log high into the air as she was able to chuck the large piece of wood high in the sky. She prepared herself as she could see it coming down as she closed her eyes and envisioned it coming down as though it was an attack from an enemy. Once she envisioned this she opened her eyes, the crimson glow of her Sharingan making it's way into the light, as she smirked at how she could see the slow trajectory of the log falling. Seeing this she got her body into a bit of a downward twirl as her hand hit the ground while she thrust her leg into the air and the descending log was met with a hard kick right underneath it.

She watched as the log was once again tossed high in the sky, this time even higher as she watched with a look of awe at how effective the kick had been, as she watched the movement of the log soaring with her special eyes. It was here she decided that she'd practice the Leaf Dancing Shadow as she brought her foot back down and underneath her as she got on all fours only to immediately jump and follow the log as she disappeared in a blur and reappeared beneath the log while facing it. She closed her eyes as she could feel the shadow of the log hitting her body and feel the energy and presence of the wood as she started to envision the log as a leaf dancing in the wind. She thus kept her body in line with it as she kept her body still before the log and her began to fall back down to the ground. She corrected her body's balance as she deftly landed on her feet and the log landed in front of her with a clattering thud.
She panted softly at how much effort that took out of her as her stamina was close to running out but she wanted to push through her tiredness in order to develop her powers and strength in being able to use the final part of the three part technique of hers. She thus began to gather her resolve and strength as she went over to the log and picked it up again as she became ready to give it another throw. She thought she'd try to get her legs ready as she decided to do a couple of squats with the log on her shoulders in order to get her legs to stretch and get more warmed up then before. After making certain she was ready she took the log off her shoulders and put it down in order to give herself a couple of experimental hops. She was happy to find that her legs felt lighter than before thanks to that small exercise as she picked the log back up and threw it up into the air again.

She watched with her Sharingan as the log came tumbling down with speed asshe again twirled her way down to the ground before bringing her leg quickly up and catching the underside of the log with the sole of her foot. She watched the log get propelled back into the air as she spun around back down to all fours and looked up to the sky where the log was before jumping right after it. She once again flew along with it right underneath as she kept her balance focused on the log and made certain she wouldn't get out of line of it's trajectory. She smiled satisfyingly as she fell back to the ground along with the log before allowing her body to move back in place and landing daintily on her feet once again as the log clattered onto the ground in front of her. Feeling she had been able to perform the jutsu successfully she allowed her Sharingan to revert back to her normal eyes as she stood up and went to her usual tree to rest and take a break.

She pulled out a small cup of noodles and rice she had brought with her in order to enjoy a small lunch. She would eat while watching the wind softly blow past her as she relaxed and allowed her chakra within her to replenish along with her stamina. She could feel the food she was taking in work it's magic in not only filling her up but also in helping her grow happy along with feeling like she was going to become incredibly successful in her outing as a ninja. She continued eating so that she could have the energy to continue. The thoughts of her family and the feelings of her emotions were the only things that kept her going these days and she wanted to grow more and more each day. She decided that since she was able to get the Dancing Leaf Shadow down she'd go ahead and learn the third part of the technique soon as she was done eating which caused her to eat faster as she was in a great mood and was also eager to get started.

She finished eating after what felt like, to her at least, an eternity as she placed the cup down on the ground and got up to walk back to the trusty log the forest was so kind to provide to her for her training today. She picked it back up in her hands as she did some curls with it in order to get back to being used to it's weight before she went over to the center of the field once more in order to look up to the sky. She decided she'd give the log a good throw this time as she wanted more time for planning to go into the third technique she wanted to learn: Lion's Frenzy. She breathed a deep breath in and exhaled a deep sigh out as she closed her eyes for a moment and opened them back up to show her Sharingan once again before she looked at her feet and did a couple of experiment hops. She was delighted she could get some decent air even while holding the large log above her as this revelation excited her greatly. Upon seeing this she decided not to waste any more time as she gazed up to the sky once again and chucked the log up as hard as she could.
She saw the thing fly high into the sky for a third and what she hoped would be the final time as she kept track of it's trajectory with her special eyes. She saw it coming down in a slow descent as she cracked her neck and knuckles before twirling down slow to the ground and bringing her leg up just as the log was about to hit the ground. The strength in her leg and the near perfect timing of the connection between the log and the sole of her foot made the log soar even higher than it did the previous two times as she saw this and hopped up after it before getting back into her all fours stance. She ascended to it so rapidly that it looked as though she had vanished as she reappeared underneath the log with her eyes closed and her concentration focused on the target above her. She formed one of her hands into a half Tiger seal before bringing the tips of her index and middle finger up to meet the back of the log as she took another deep breath and commenced with the technique.

She then twirled herself until she was up above the log and was spinning rapidly before bringing the underside of her forearm down on top of the log and making it descend rapidly to the ground while she followed spinning yet again in a circle. She then brought her fist down onto the log as her fist cracked against the hard wood of the log and she winced at the pain but continued with her pressure. After twirling once more and getting into the proper position, also seeing that her and the log was close to reaching the ground, she brought her leg and foot down hard onto the log just as it hit the ground in order to deliver a devastating blow. "Lion's Frenzy!" Her leg bounced off of the wood as she was propelled off and her leg felt hurt over it being brought down upon such a hard surface. She couldn't help but curse at herself, her weakness being made very apparent, as she lied on the ground and brought her hands together to form the necessary hand seals to commence her medical jutsu. She was relieved as she saw her hands glow a soft green around them as she brought her hand over her leg and healed it of the pain. It almost felt as though it was on the verge of breaking due to the log which made her even angrier and upset at herself as she finished healing her leg and got to her feet.
She didn't know whether or not to go again or if it was a good idea if she called it a day and came back tomorrow. Ultimately with the way her leg was feeling and the loss of stamina she felt inside herself she thus felt it was a better idea to sleep on it and cool off before coming back to the field tomorrow and having a fresh start. She picked up her things beside the tree and made her way to the village as she looked at her hands and frowned at how weak she still was. She would continue to work herself stronger, of course, but some impatient part of her wanted that strength and power as soon as possible so much she could taste it. As she made it to her home she collapsed onto her bed, her anger keeping her awake before finally her eyes closed into a slumber, as she fell asleep and didn't worry about anything until the next day.

The next day...

Akane awoke to the sound of the birds chirping outside of the window as shewoke up and stretched her body out in order to shake the kinks out and allow herself to wake up fully. She got to her feet in order to test her leg out to see if it was feeling better and sighed with relief as it felt fully healed and ready for more action. She felt that she was going to be able to do a lot more today as she smiled to herself and put her training clothes on as she went to her kitchen to prepare her food. She sat at her table, having herself a big bowl of cereal, as she ate it in and could feel the energy flowing through into her as she felt ready to go and she walked out of her house. She could see the storm clouds rolling through the sky, a little rain falling and glistening the streets, as she jumped up onto the rooftops and made her way back to the training field once more for another huge day of training.

As she traveled through the forest towards the training field she began to test her leg even further as she brought it around to kick each tree trunk with her leg and then jump to the next trunk in order to do the same thing. She would continue with this motion, her breathing regulated to the physical training and her strength being brought more and more to the surface, as her leg grew tired and stiff from these actions. She stopped after hitting a few more trunks and jumped up into a tree in order to relax and rest on top of it so that she could cool herself down and become relaxed enough to be able to continue where she left off upon reaching the field. She rubbed her legs with her hands covered in healing chakra again as she felt the tiny pellets of rain hit her every now and then and bring her back to reality whenever she was lost in thought. After a while of resting she got back to her feet and hopped from branch to branch on her way to the field as she felt that the rain would actually be a welcome touch for her training session today.

It wasn't long before she finally reached the field and landed on her feet a bit of a ways from the center of the field as she got immediately on her hands and began doing a set of push ups to start her day off right. She was feeling even stronger and more motivated to get her work done today as she was able to do even more push ups than what she was used to. She was able to push her way up to 50 before she felt her stamina was drained thus causing her to collapse onto her chest and make her take some breaths in in order to keep herself awake. She laid there for a few minutes, contemplating on what she would work on next, as she got on her knees and panted while stretching out her arms in order to loosen her muscles and get them ready for more. Afterwards she got onto her feet and began to hop and jog in place as she felt that it was now once again necessary to run around the field again and get her stamina ready for more hard training.

She took off around the field, her legs churning and allowing her to run as fast and as long as possible, as she panted and kept her pace up even as her breathing quickened and her stamina began to drain. She ran around the field while keeping her breathing as steady as she possibly could so that she wouldn't wind up falling and collapsing on the ground too soon. She ran along the rock cliff wall that was next to the river as she tried to get her chakra involved by way of putting it through her feet and keeping everything in motion inside her. After a while of jogging she began to give her speed as boost as she placed the remainder of her stamina into one last push so that her legs would strengthen up a bit. She would continue this process for several more minutes, her legs churning as much of their strength into the effort as possible, as she stopped next to the edge of the river and bent over with her hands on her knees as she took in as many breaths as she could.

Upon finishing with her breathing and resting she stood back up to her full height as she wiped the sweat she was developing on her forehead and in her hair as she would wipe stray strands of her hair out of her eyes. She tied her hair into a ponytail, as she had forgotten and failed to do that morning, as she walked back over to the tree she used to rest at and sat by it's trunk to look up at the sky. The rain was starting to really come down upon the field as she focused her mind on the rain and allowed her mind to relax so that she could have happy thoughts as well as the mindset to continue with her training today. She picked up a rock which was lying next to her and tossed it at the river as it skipped for a little bit before stopping and sinking to the bottom as she watched. She couldn't help but smile at the rock as she could remember she had the same sinking feeling inside her after yesterday's training by the fact that she had hurt herself from training instead of feeling any stronger as she was supposed to. She knew today would be different however as she nodded to herself and got back up in order to continue the day.

She thus got back up to her feet as she hopped over to the training logs and decided she'd spend a few minutes in training her limbs to withstand physical abuse as she began punching and kicking at multiple logs at once. She would use her flexibility and acrobatics to extend her legs into various positions that would allow her to his multiple targets at once as she would utilize her legs mainly to kick at two logs while then jumping off in order to kick out at the third. She would continue training and contorting her body this way in order to help make it grow in terms of speed and grace and power as she could feel her body warming up and becoming looser all over which was great as she knew she would need to be as flexible and as strong as possible in order to be effective with her taijutsu. Keeping that thought in her mind she would continue with her training until she finally felt tired from all her efforts and she would deliver one final kick to a log before jumping off from it and landing in the middle of the field.

She landed right next to the lone log which she had left on the field, hoping that it'd be there for her when she got back as she knew ninja liked to come here often in order to train, as she smiled at seeing it still right where she left it and stood up while picking it up with her in order to get used to picking it up again. She could feel the strength in her arms had increased a bit since yesterday as the log felt even lighter today than yesterday. This led her to curl it a bit to test that certain theory out and was pleased to see that such curious thoughts were indeed correct. She laid it back down as she decided that she pump herself up before trying the techniques she intended to learn out as she slapped her face with both hands and hopped in place. She had then remembered that she had brought a jump rope with her as she went to the tree in order to search her pack and pulled out the rope in question. She nodded before walking back over and began to do some training skips with the rope.
She would hop along in the middle of the field as she made certain not to trip herself with the rope and keep herself hopping even as she began to feel her legs growing tired. She would often do double hops with the rope, her arms twirling the rope furiously in order to get it to more fast enough for her to be able to accomplish her double hops, as she panted from such efforts and grew even more tired more faster. This made her happy, though, as she could tell she was growing stronger from it all and couldn't help but continue with the skipping as she wanted nothing more than to gain strength faster. She would keep this up for several minutes before she would begin to feel her legs start to hurt as she kept on skipping in place for such a long time. It wasn't much longer before she stopped with the skipping and the rope indeed, in the end, tripped her and she collapsed to the ground and got on her hands and knees.

She panted and laid on the ground, trying to get oxygen to regulate throughout her body as much as she possibly could, as she took in deep breaths and could feel her body regulating itself to the oxygen she took in. She slowly got up onto her feet as she rubbed her neck and cracked her knuckles as she got up to her full height and thought of what she'd do next. She didn't feel quite ready to try out the log one more time so she felt that it'd be safe for her to get one more bit of exercise in as she walked over to a tree and thought she'd try doing some pull ups this time in order to see how many she could do. She'd never done pull ups before and she was curious, as strong as she was now, to see how many she could accomplish and do and see if she could get any stronger from it. She thus began to do some practice squats in order to make certain her legs didn't miss out as she then hopped up high and grabbed a strong and sturdy branch before pulling herself up and down.

She kept a smooth and slow motion throughout the entire exercise as she was excited and pleased to learn that she could accomplish many more pull ups then she thought she could as she continued to pull through them slowly and steadily. She was able to count her way to 30 before she started to feel a little tense in her arms as they were starting to slowly lose their grip and strength and stamina. She closed her eyes, gritting her teeth, as she was able to crank herself up to 40 and was on the verge of getting to 50 before she felt that she wouldn't be able to make it. She thus put in all the effort to make it as she knew that no success came without hardship as she kept herself pushing and pulling no matter what she felt was stopping her. She continued to pull herself through everything as she went and made it to 50 before she let go of the branch and fell onto her feet in front of the tree. She landed mainly on her feet instead of her arms as she could feel them locking up and she felt pain coming from them which she knew she would feel in the morning but this made her happy as she knew that it was all going to be better in the end.

After resting for a little bit she got back up onto her feet and walked back over to the log as she felt finally ready to commence with the technique now as she lifted it back up and glanced upwards to the sky. She then gripped the log hard as she got her arms ready and she chucked the log upwards high into the sky as she once more activated her crimson Sharingan to come out. She watched the log come down slowly and steadily with her eyes as she twirled her way to the ground and stuck her leg up high to catch the log as it soared up even higher and she followed suit by once more getting on all fours and jumping after it as she floated beneath it with carefully and accurately. She closed her eyes, her hand forming the half Tiger seal as she placed the tips of her fingers on the underside of the log, as she prepared herself for another try at the Lion's Frenzy. She opened them back up as she went and commenced the jutsu.

She twirled her way to around the top of the log as she once again brought her forearm down onto the top of the log and propelling it down to the ground. After she continued to push her momentum in order to keep spinning before she dove her fist down towards the log as it connected and cracked the log's surface. This surprised her as before she had felt pain the last time she had done this yesterday and was pleased to find it didn't hurt this time. Confidence renewed she spun her body around one more time as her and the log came closer and closer to the ground as she brought the underside of her leg down and crashed it into the wood of the log. "Frenzy of Lions!" She watched as her foot cracked and went through the log as it broke it in half due to her strength as she bounded off of the log and bounced back onto her feet.

She felt excited at herself at her accomplishment as she looked at her hands and felt that she was finally stronger and felt that she was now someone to be recognized as she looked at the log and couldn't help but giggle at what she had done. Of course she knew she had a bit of a ways to go but she knew that with her continued efforts she'd be able to make it to where she planned to get in no time. This made her happy as she walked over to her tree as she picked her pack up and wiped the sweat from her brow once more. She walked to the exit of the field and walked through the threshold as she walked through the forest toward the village. Thoughts of her increasing her strength more and more made her smile to herself once again as she kept her Sharingan activated in order to acclimate and get more accustomed to it as she had planned to work on it's effectiveness next time. She smiled as she deactivated it after some time having it up and she made it back into her village. She walked back to her house, unlocking her door and placing her pack down, as she went to the bathroom and took a shower. She was going to enjoy the remainder of her day and she was ready for whatever it would bring.

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