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Akane's Shadow Spar Empty Akane's Shadow Spar

Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:19 pm
Akane's eyes opened as she was waking up from a very good dream and slumber as she sat up from her bed and stretched her body while coughing and rubbing her arms from how chilly it was within her home. She got slowly out of bed, blinking her eyes timidly as she tried to get the sleep out of them, as she stood up and rubbed her neck while trying to crack the cricks that were in the muscles of her neck out. She walked over to the cupboards of her kitchen as she looked around her food and silverware while thinking about what to eat for breakfast and what she'd do for the day. She had decided the day prior that she would try to train herself to gain another technique that she was wanting to learn as she couldn't think of where to begin in learning it. She decided she wouldn't worry about it for now and she would go about making her breakfast and making certain that she would have the energy to go for a day of training. She got out a bowl and a clean spoon out of the wash as she grabbed some cereal and poured herself a bowl for the morning.

She took her bowl and sat at her table as she slowly ate the bland cereal and looked out of her window outside as she ate to see the people below walking along the street. She watched the people all walk along the street while her mind began to ponder on how she used to be one of the people below, a civilian with hardly any training of any nature, who would continue to go about their day and do the same boring thing each day. She felt lucky at how she was born an Uchiha as she was essentially destined to become a Kunoichi so that she could be able to grow and do many cool things with other ninja. She could go on missions and train her body to become even stronger as well as hold a power within her that she didn't see many others hold which was her Sharingan ability that she felt that she had been a bit lax with in terms of training. She felt that during her training today she might go ahead and train with the Sharingan active to see what all she could do with it and see if she could possibly get it even stronger than it was.

She finished her bowl of cereal and drank the remaining milk from the bowl as she went to the sink and washed the two dishes off as she put them in the dish washer. She went to the bathroom as she took her nightwear off and turned on the shower as she went to the sink to brush her teeth. She then shut her door as she stepped into the shower and washed her body for the first time that day in order to make certain she would be vitalized and ready to go through a hard day's worth of training and exercise. She was hoping, as she showered, that she'd be able to do the jutsu that she had in mind doing for that day as she was told that it was a B rank jutsu and required a substantial amount of chakra for one to perform. She had learned, however, that the jutsu was very very useful when it came to fighting multiple opponents by yourself and would allow you to turn the tables a bit by creating doppelgangers of yourself that were actually flesh and blood. That jutsu was known as Shadow Clone Jutsu and it was mainly a technique that a great ninja back in the day was able to utilize to the fullest and became the Hokage thanks to that.

She stepped out of the shower as she dried her body and hair off in order to get her clothes on as she stepped out of the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She was happy to see how her weight seemed to have been dropping thanks to her constant training. She picked up her hair pins and ties as she pinned her bangs to stay out of her eyes and tied the back into a ponytail. She nodded as she felt ready for her day as she got her keys and backpack of training equipment as she walked out of the front door and locked it behind her for security. She looked down to the streets at the people once more as she closed her eyes and took deep breaths. She would get stronger. She had to become stronger. Whatever it took in order to be able to protect the one's who were important to her.

She walked along the streets of the village on her way to the Leaf gate as she thought about how to go about getting her Sharingan to go into the next state. She had been able to unlock another variation of the Sharingan thanks to fighting another ninja of her same village but she wasn't sure exactly what had caused it to unlock in the first place as she tried to search within her mind how best to go about getting more strength within her eyes. She thought that she could feel a bit more and more strength flowing into her eyes nearly each time she utilized them as she thought that maybe just simply activating and using the Sharingan may have been what could help bring the third prong of her tomoe out. She would use it while out on the field and training to learn the Shadow Clones for the majority of her time there to see if she could unlock it while out there. She smiled to herself as she stepped out of the village and hopped her way into the forest and in the trees as she started to hop along the numerous branches as she made her way to the field.

Along the way she decided she'd get a head start with her Sharingan usage as she hopped along the branches and closed her eyes for a short while before opening them back up to reveal the Sharingan. She landed in the field, removing her pack from her back and placing it on the trunk of a nearby tree, as she looked around and was amazed at how much clearer her vision was whenever she used the Sharingan. She thought of what she'd do to start her training off right as she felt that maybe she'd start with a bit of chakra training to make certain that she could even accumulate enough to summon forth the amount needed to bring forth her clones. She looked around for a good spot to meditate as she saw a good shady tree and hopped over underneath it as she took a soft breath and, with the Sharingan still active, she sat down with her legs crossed and formed the Tiger seal. She then closed her eyes and began to search within the depths of her psyche for something peaceful to focus on so that her chakra could latch on and grow from her emotions.

Her memories of her father and mother would find their way into her mind as she could feel the happiness of when both of them were alive and there for her to protect her, to nurture her, and to love her as parents she was lucky to have would love their children. She remembered the times when they would have family gatherings, her father alive and well and her mother not ill and happy that her husband was there for her, and how they would often times have picnics outside the village. She remembered the smell of the flowers of the fields she walked upon. She remembered the taste of the food her mother cooked for the family. She remembered the loving voice of her father as he would often tell stories of his exploits in ninja missions. Her mother would often tell her he often exaggerated his stories so that he'd make them seemingly more entertaining then they actually were. She wouldn't care, of course, as she often times enjoyed his stories and was just happy to hear them and take them into her imagination. As she meditated with these thoughts she could feel her chakra expanding and growing it's way outwards and through her chakra network as it snaked it's way through her limbs.

Tears slowly streamed from her eyes from the happy memories as she opened them up to reveal her Sharingan still activated as she slowly got up to her feet and took in a breath as she looked to her hands and brought them together in order to form the clone seal in order to bring forth the Shadow Clone. She could feel her chakra slowly branch itself out and latch onto a section next to her as she tried to bring the clone forth as she saw a small puff of smoke appear next to her. She watched as the puff of smoke slowly disappear and revealed empty space letting her know that she had failed in making the Shadow Clone which made her sigh as she looked out to the nearby river and allowed her chakra to continue to flow as she felt the next best thing for her to do was to do some physical training now. She thus decided she'd do some jogging as she felt it would serve to give her a great warm up for even harder exercises.

She started to slowly jog around the field as she ran across the river while keeping her breathing in check and her Sharingan shining while trying to give it some exercise as well by looking at the birds and watching how slowly they flew in the air and the leaves as they fell to the ground. She would watch her feet next as she could keep track of their trajectory and their every step as she would smile at how special her eyes were. She took her focus off of her feet as she refocused on her efforts in getting the most out of her jog as she tried to get more speed into the jog before she started to go into a light run. She could feel her chakra and stamina slowly being drained due to her using the Sharingan throughout her training exercise which caused her to wonder if this was really helping in getting it to grow and get stronger and more powerful. She panted as she ran for as fast and as long as she could before she stopped beside the river and tried her hardest to catch her breath while leaning her hands over her knees and looking at the ground.

She panted as she sat down in order to rest her legs up as much as she could as she looked out to the river and crawled over in under to plunge her hands into the cool waters as she took a drink. She kept her Sharingan active, despite feeling as though it was a waster of chakra and stamina to keep it up for much longer, as she wanted to truly test it's limits and possibly surpass them. She would need to put in a lot of effort to continue her fighting style however which she was prepared to do but was scared it would take a lot more then what she bargained for out of her. She finished taking a few swigs of water from the river as she was feeling a bit more rested and better thanks to it as she got slowly to her feet and thought she'd go for the shadow clone move again. She thus brought her fingers up and made them into a cross in front of her as she prepared her chakra and called upon it to extend it's reach outwards to branch off of her in a certain spot of grass again.

She focused all of her efforts this time in just making the shadow clone as she closed her eyes and concentrated on mirroring the chakra of her body into that of another. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" She heard the puff of smoke blast it's way a little bit off of where she was as she opened her eyes to watch the smoke billow a bit before slowly evaporating thanks to the wind. She was happy instantly upon seeing another one of her standing right in front of her, nothing looking out of place or anything that would distinguish it as a failure, as she nodded to it and put her hands down to rest. She panted softly as the clone watched and went around to pat her on the back as she recovered and smiled to her. "You ok? Maybe you should give the Sharingan a rest? You look about ready to collapse at any moment." Akane laughed and shook her head as she stood up and hopped in place before turning back to the clone and smiling back. "Nah. I'm fine, no worries. You should know that. You're a part of me. Why don't we have some fun in a spar? Maybe that'll help me out in awakening my Sharingan further?"

The clone giggled and nodded before she leapt back to stand a few meters away from Akane and put her hands up in a defensive stance. Akane herself got into the same stance as she looked at the clone through the crimson irises and tomoes of her Sharingan. She took slow and steady deep breaths as she tried to recover herself in order to be able to compete with the shadow clone as she knew that, even though it had to be as tired as she was, wasn't using Sharingan smartly and would possibly be way faster than her. They continued to stare each other down, conserving each other's stamina and trying to rest themselves to their utmost abilities, as she closed her eyes to slow her mind and prepare it for what was going to be a difficult battle. She could hear the gentle breeze brushing along her ears and the water rushing down it's current as she heard her heart race in order to pump the necessary oxygen through her body all while she kept her feet down to the ground.

She opened her eyes suddenly, Sharingan flashing red with power, as she dashed forth to her clone as they did the same with her and their fists clashed in the center. She pushed the clone's fist back as she moved forth and began to deliver flying fists and feet in order to assault the clone from all sides with expert control of her Taijutsu all while keeping her Sharingan trained on the clone for the attack. The clone was able to catch each blow and counter with it's own as a couple of it's kicks and punches found their marks on her body which caused her to stagger and sometimes fall back onto her back which she used to roll herself back onto her feet and charge back at the clone once again. She would swipe her foot beneath the clone, sweeping her off her feet, before twirling back around and delivering her heel into the clone's stomach to push her away. She watched the clone fly away as she used her legs to propel herself forward after her and was able to get behind her as she got on the ground and directed an upward kick to the clone's head.

She saw the clone fly up to the sky as she let out a deep breath to calm herself before getting low on the ground and propelling herself up into the air after the clone in order to fall in and fly behind her. She was setting up for her Lion's Frenzy technique as she formed the half Tiger seal with her right hand and placed the tips of her index and middle finger along the small of the clone's back. Little did she know the clone had her eyes closed and preparing for what she knew was coming next as Akane spun around and shot out her left forearm at the clone's head. The clone's eyes suddenly shot open as her Sharingan shone through and she bent her body backwards in order to dodge Akane's forearm as she watched the arm whiff past her head all while the clone's body was still turning. The clone had twirled her body around all the way around to where she directed a kick on Akane in order to hit her towards the ground as the clone followed suit with a dive kick straight to her upper back.

Akane crashed to the ground as she had to use her hands to soften the blow as the clone landed next to her and grabbed her shirt while tossing her far away with her strength. Akane was surprised at how strong the clone was, and by extension how strong she was, as she used her hands to flip her body on the ground back onto her feet as she formed the Horse and Tiger seals while calling upon her chakra. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" She blew out a large cone of fire towards the clone as the clone did the same seals and took it's own deep breath. "Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" The clone blew out it's own cone as the two connected in the middle as it suddenly turned into a jutsu clash of hot and fiery proportions. She watched as the fire collided and, from her point of view, she could see that she was being pushed back from the clone as she put forth a bit more chakra into it as she watched her own grow bigger. She watched as her fire cone overtook the clone's as she smiled and blew harder in order to come out on top.

She suddenly watched as her flames blew out past the clash as she wondered if she had won the exchange before watching the clone appear from the side and direct a punch toward her face. She cancelled the jutsu as she ducked and would follow up with an uppercut which the clone would catch with her own arm and fly up into the air. Akane jumped after her as she reached into her bag and got out two kunai which she threw one at the clone as the clone brought up her hands to form the clone seal as it formed another shadow clone! The clone grabbed her and threw her out of the way of the Kunai's trajectory just as the kunai was about to hit her. With her Sharingan keeping track of the Kunai's trajectory Akane then threw her second kunai at the first in a way where the two collided in air and redirected themselves to hit one clone squarely in the calf and another clone, the one that was just made, directly in the heart. That clone disappeared in a puff of smoke as the other clone grunted and pulled the kunai out to toss it back at her.

She caught the kunai using her reflexes as she watched the other kunai slowly falling to the ground as the two of them also fell to the ground with her landing on her feet and the clone landing as well on her feet while directing a healing hand over the wound on her calf in order to scab over the cut. Akane watched the clone heal as she put away her kunai into her pouch as she rubbed her neck and took another deep breath in order to calm herself and her chakra down as the battle between herself and the clone was proving to be quite something and she didn't want it to end too soon. She kept her Sharingan trained on the clone as she had finished with healing and stood back up to direct her own Sharingan at Akane while panting hard from all the chakra that it had spent. Akane got back into a defensive stance, feeling her own stamina at an all time low, as she watched the clone take a deep breath and closing it's own eyes before smiling and opening them back up to shock Akane.

The clone now had an extra notch in it's Sharingan as she had achieved awakening it's third tomoe state as she panted and stood up to look at Akane and nod before charging toward the kunai that fell with the last clone and Akane brought her hands up again. She formed the Rat, Tiger, Dog, Ox, Rabbit, and Tiger seals as she took a deep breath in and jumped high into the air while targeting the clone. "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" She directed multiple little fireballs down towards the clone as she picked up the kunai lying on the ground and watched all the fireballs tumbling down towards her. She then smirked, her improved Sharingan apparently capable of keeping track of all the fireballs, as she then formed the same hand seals and took in a humongous breath. "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" She directed her head towards multiple directions as the small fireballs maneuvered their way around each individual ball of fire and passed by each one towards Akane as she blinked and had to cancel the jutsu to focus on dodging. She watched as the clone had expertly directed her own fireballs to clash with each ball and cancel them out as Akane had to turn her body and fall down to get out of her tight situation.

She landed on her feet and looked up just in time to see the kunai moments away from hitting her as her improved reflexes allowed her to grab the kunai from hitting her in the eye as she took some breaths to calm herself and place the kunai back in her pouch. She saw the clone smirking at it's new abilities as she didn't at all seemed tired anymore as it was known that once an Uchiha has achieved what was known as the mastered state of the Sharingan they didn't expend as much stamina as they usually did. Must be nice, she thought to herself, as she sighed with a huff and got back up to her feet and tried to concentrate on how to properly proceed with her next attack. It was here she suddenly felt a twinge within her as her leg gave out from under her and she again collapsed on the ground while catching herself to try and keep from falling onto her face.

Her stamina was spent more than she thought it was as she could feel her Sharingan draining away at her as the clone watched and collapsed as well as she could feel the loss in stamina herself. It suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke as Akane was forced to release her Sharingan in order to conserve whatever she had left in order to keep from falling flat on the field and waking up who knew however long. She crawled slowly over to the tree, the sun setting in the distance and darkness beginning to fall along the field and the many scorch marks from the two's battle occupying the dirt, as she got underneath the leaves and rested along the trunk while underneath the cool of the shade. She panted while trying to keep herself awake as she felt she was in need of energy of some sort as she reached into her nearby pack and pulled out a nutrition bar and took a few bites while enjoying the sweetness of it. She swallowed and ate as she could feel herself slowly growing a bit better as she was able to gain enough awareness to feel what the clone had experienced in order to awaken her Sharingan into it's third state.

The clone was able to realize that the power within her eyes wasn't one that could be trained through sheer usage but rather through the point of fact in which she couldn't be able to attain that power alone. She remembered the happiness she felt upon being created successfully from her original and how fun of a battle that she was able to have with her as that happiness was able to evolve it's way into her chakra and thus into her eyes. She thus awakened her Sharingan's third tomoe thanks to the happy thoughts of the one who was closest to her achieving one of her goals. She smiled at the clone's thoughts to this as she couldn't help but giggle at the fact that the clone thought so highly of her as she too agreed at how great of a match it was between the two of them. She thus closed her eyes as she tried to imagine what her mother, the one closest to her, would have said to her and how she would've felt if she was there to watch her and wasn't suffering from her coma.

Akane smiled and could feel tears coming down from her eyes once again as she could feel her love for her mother making it's way throughout her body and warming her up as she could feel her eyes sting a bit. She slowly opened them as her Sharingan seemed to activate by itself as she was too deep within her emotions to notice the enhanced vision. All the while her eyes began to undergo their change into the next stage as the two tomoe seemed to shift themselves over slightly to make room for a third and final tomoe to occupy itself in the space between them and create a triangle formation in her eyes. She had done it and she didn't even realize it yet! She closed her eyes in order to wipe the tears out from within them as they had flowed down her cheeks and were dripping from her chin. She continued to sit there as she tried to calm herself down with some deep breaths all the while trying to get her thoughts back to the task that she thought she still had to train to achieve for which was to awaken the Sharingan's next stage.

She thus reopened her eyes with determination, her Sharingan activated without her knowledge, as she slowly sauntered up to her feet and was amazed at how much lighter her body seemed to feel. She chalked it up as just getting a good amount of rest while on that tree as she walked over to the river and went to take a few more gulps of water before continuing her training. She proceeded to get a few sips of water through her hands and splashed a bit of water into her face as she tried to cool herself off before the impending training coming up. She watched as the water slowly calmed itself after she had gotten the desired amount of water out of it as she watched her reflection slowly come into focus on the surface and she noticed her Sharingan was already activated. She found that odd as she hadn't used any of the required chakra in order to get it to come out as she blinked confused from how she didn't seem to be feeling tired from it being out either. That was when it hit her and she looked at her Sharingan a bit closer thanks to the reflection.

She noticed an extra tomoe sitting neatly within the two irises as she gasped and blinked to make certain what she was seeing wasn't an illusion as her mind wasn't playing tricks with her and she could see she did in fact have the third tomoe of her Sharingan activated. She jumped up onto her feet for joy as she suddenly realized that was a mistake from how she was still tired and she fell on her butt from exhaustion. Finally satisfied with her results and feeling that she was ready to take on the world now she got up to her feet and walked over to the tree that held her things as she picked up her pack and placed it on her back. She walked through the exit of the training field as she made her way slowly back to the leaf village with her legs taking everything she had to hold her body up and to keep it moving. She couldn't help but smile however as she was feeling ecstatic off of achieving what she believed to be the final state of the Sharingan as she couldn't help but laugh in excitement and walk through the gates of the village.

She continued to walk along streets of Konoha to her house as she closed her eyes and deactivated her Sharingan as she opened them back up to reveal their normal color. She made it to her house as she reached into her pocket for her keys and unlocked the door in order to enter the quaint and dark little house as she closed the door and locked it behind her. She took off her shoes and kicked them to the side as she walked into her bathroom to catch a quick shower before she would then collapse on the bed and possibly literally die. She giggled at that exaggeration that flowed through her mind as she knew she wasn't going to die as she washed the sweat and dirt she had developed along her body and the mud that had caught itself within her hair as she watched it all flow slowly down the drain. She finished up with her shower as she dried herself off quickly before changing into her nightwear and stumbling over to her bed in order to next fall face first into it. She sighed comfortably as she maneuvered her body around to be fully on top of the bed as the sun outside set over the horizon and the last of her consciousness faded.

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Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:29 pm
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