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Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima) - Page 2 Empty Re: Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima)

Sun May 06, 2018 11:02 pm
The boy did not resist as she dragged him through the town to the sushi bar. Upon arriving, he asked a dumb question, only for Kari to realize that she never told him where they were going. She nodded her head and started to walk in.
"Yes, do you want to sit at the bar or at a table?"

Kari stopped and turned around realizing that she was moving too fast. The boy followed but he still could change his mind. Also, he had to pick a table or agree to sit at the bar. Kari did not mind either though she could get a better look at his face if they sat at a table. So maybe a table for 2 was better. As Kari waited for an answer, a waiter appeared.

"Welcome to Nami's, My name is Kimimo. Are you two sitting together?"
Kari turned to the woman unsure what to do. She could say yes and force the boy to eat with her but then he might hold that against her and not smile. If she remained quiet the boy could decline and leave but if he did not, she would have a better chance of getting what she wanted. Ultimately Kari decided to remain quiet. The waiter never really looked at her seeing that the boy was taller and older. Maybe she thought they were siblings? This even gave her an idea though she decided to save it for later.

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Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima) - Page 2 Empty Re: Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima)

Thu May 24, 2018 9:32 pm
Kari really hoped the monk ninja would respond but his silence was not mixing well with Kari's. So the girl spoke up stating the two would eat together at the bar. It seemed like a smart idea. They could be right next to each other and Kari could get a better look at his smile without appearing to be staring at him. Then again, it probably would be normal to look at him if they were sitting at the table and that would give her the best view. Maybe her choice was not as logical as she originally planned out. Sadly, it was too late to change. They had menus in front of them while sitting alone at the bar.

Kari would order a chicken bento box with seaweed salad. It was her go to dish and it did not cost a lot. The chicken was always juicy, and the Nami's special dipping sauce added to the flavor perfectly. Kari peeked at the monk but he did not really smile much. The whole event was very quiet. Neither of them spoke much of a word and Kari could not think of anything to say. The boy was just so focused on his meal. Suddenly someone walked up to him and whispered something in his ear. This triggered him to apologize and leave. Kari did not protest, silently finishing her plate. He left a generous tip along with the money for his meal. Now Kari was alone. Her mission failed and she could not fine any more subjects to draw. This ultimately led her to going home.

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Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima) - Page 2 Empty Re: Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima)

Thu May 24, 2018 9:40 pm
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Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima) - Page 2 Empty Re: Why Is There No Team Star? (Private, NK, Chima)

Thu May 24, 2018 9:55 pm
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