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Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
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The Beginnings (Open to first response only)  Empty The Beginnings (Open to first response only)

Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:53 pm
The day was boring to Kageri thus far. He had ordered special parts to be shipped to his home so he could work on his first combat ready puppet. He’d been working on it for quite a while, meticulously working on the the metal plating, framework, and mechanisms necessary for it. It was going to be his debut. He hoped to demonstrate it in the Chunin exams in a couple of months. However he still needed to get stronger himself before he would be allowed to enter. However, this included not working on his puppets. Which meant he was simply bored. ‘Maybe I can find someone interesting today.’ He would think as he arrived at the local training field and noted that no one was around at the moment. ‘Well, maybe someone will come.’ He would think before he moved and began to go over some of the jutsu he’d memorized earlier that day to learn. It would be a productive day indeed if he could learn all of them before the end of the day. But he’d have to work hard to get that done. ‘If I can just put in the same amount of effort I put into working on my puppets into other jutsu I should be fine..’ He would think before his mind drifted off the his oncoming components. He began to absently think of what they would allow him to do as well as how much word he would have to put into his debut creation. It was something the small white haired teenager was looking forward to immensely. 

The sun was out in full force that day, who would have thought? With it being fire country and all. As such the heat was bearing down the village in full force, already causing the boy to sweat before he’d even begun. ‘Why did I choose to live here again?..’ He thought absently as he shaded his eyes from the sun and glanced up toward it’s general direction in annoyance. ‘Eh, the people are nice.’ He’d think before sighing and getting to work. It was about nine in the morning. So it was already a bit later in the morning. Of course most shinobi live very hectic schedules so it wouldn’t be unreasonable for there to be no one here yet. Or for no one to arrive at all. It was a rather out of the way training ground. A small pond sat on the end, fresh clean water burbling within. It would be a nice place to cool off later if it got too hot during training. Which so far, it was looking like it most definitely would. 

Deciding that he had procrastinated  long enough the teenager would reach down to the ground and get a small handful of dirt before dumping it on his shoulders and clothes. The first technique he intended to learn was called ‘Chakra Cleanse’ and it would be useful in cleaning himself off so that he could look presentable. ‘Useful for if I’m covered in crap from working on my creations.’ He’d think before forming  his hand in to the Tiger seal and proceeding to channel his chakra in a quick burst. Almost ‘flexing it’ for lack of a better term. Immediately the dirt he had just tossed around on his clothes would fly off, dispersing back onto the ground it had come from. ‘Well that was easy, although it was an easy move in general. I should keep working.’ He would think before recollecting his thoughts on what he could learn next. 

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The Beginnings (Open to first response only)  Empty Re: The Beginnings (Open to first response only)

Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:19 am
As crumbles of earth began to fall across Kageri's shoulders, Shinoskay began to come to terms with that he was awake now and he needed to get back to his training. He had been working on getting together tools, optimizing tool placement, and meditating on jutsu and chakra control for the past week. He hadnt been a genin for long but if he was going to find his place in this world then he would need to both become strong and prove himself capable so that the village would trust him. If he wanted to leave as a genin, he would need to take a chuunin with him so maybe if he was a chuuning then he would be allowed to out and do things without any supervision. Makes sense right?

As earth was shunted from the visitors body, oddly colliding with and bouncing across the ground as it fell, Shinoskay would come to realize someone else was in the area this morning. 'Well, it IS crunch time for the chuunin exams', still curious despite presented the valid reason to himself, the earth user would slowly rise from the brush he was sleeping in. It wouldn't take long to triangulate where the noise came from and to coordinate the sound and direction with the presence of the white haired boy... Shinoskay's own black, with silverish white streaks, hair was a mess right now due to having just woken up.

The pleasent sound of the water seemed to call to him while he gathered his thoughts about the boy, there was a strange taste in the oddly angular teenager with slightly slitted eyes and he felt the need to wash his face before getting up and working on todays agenda. He felt that he should work on the puppetry jutsu of Clay Doll and Slicing threads but then again he also felt that it could be more useful to continue meditating on genjutsu so as to broaden his own abilities beyond just physical and construct jutsu. If he had at least one or two useful mental jutsu then he would not only allow himself to be more versatile, but he could also be more capably of exploiting available opponent weaknesses and also able to catch anyone off guard who fell into the notion that all the boy could do was physical jutsu.

His mind continued to muse over the idea of what he should do and the usefulness of each option as his eyes almost blankly stared in the direction of Kageri, he was only vaguely cognitive of the other boys actions and other then them actively moving or speaking, he wouldnt realize or think about there actions too much.

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Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
Rosalyn 'Rose' Uchiha
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The Beginnings (Open to first response only)  Empty Re: The Beginnings (Open to first response only)

Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:51 am
Kageri’s gem like eyes would immediately dart over to the boy who sat up in the brush not far away. ‘Did.. He sleep out here?’ He would think simply before shrugging it off. He wasn’t the type to randomly speak to random people he didn’t know. Unless it was an attractive girl, then he usually couldn’t help himself. ‘So, what technique should I learn next?..’ He would think as he began to consider his options. He would take a deep breath as his mind wandered for a moment, going through options in his head. ‘There’s, Basic Fuinjutsu Locking and Unlocking, A Taijutsu blocking maneuver, Chakra Cleanse, Generic Sealing, Basic Medical Skills, Bitch-Slap No Jutsu, Spider Web Area, Ventriloquism, Mark Seal, The Rope Escape Technique, plus quite a few others I could choose from. I kinda wanna learn them all if I can. Would certainly be interesting to see if I could have such a productive day.’ He’d think as he shrugged and decided to pull out a simple scroll. It didn’t have anything particularly special inside, it was merely the scroll he’d made to make sure he didn’t forget any of the jutsu he had just listed off. He knew there were others. The white haired teen would open the scroll and read through it, before taking out a pen and marking through Chakra Cleanse. ‘Of course, I did just learn the Chakra Cleanse. I suppose reciting my list from memory doesn’t do me any good if I simply recite the ones I’ve already done now does it.’ He’d think to himself before looking through it all and deciding that learning the Fuinjutsu Locking and Unlocking Technique would be useful. ‘I could use it to lock my puppetry workshop. I don’t want others getting into it.’ He’d think before rolling up the scroll after reading the techniques run down.

It was simple enough in execution that he should be able to get it down relatively easily, similar to his last one. Holding the scroll in one hand the pale teen would focus his chakra into his fingertip to suddenly feel it get ‘hotter’ in a sense. Rather than actually heat though it was merely energy coalescing onto the tip of his index finger. Slowly a blue glow would appear at the end of the finger. Resisting the urge to point the finger like a gun at someone and yell ‘Spirit Gun!’ for some reason, the boy would simply trace the simple seal he had seen in the scroll with the index finger. The blue glow would seem to stay behind after he had traced the design. As if he were writing with chakra, which in actuality was exactly what he was doing. Once he finished the scroll would flash a shade of blue, similar to the colour of chakra itself. The flash would only last for a moment. At that point the young white haired boy would try to open the scroll normally. Only he would find he was having little success. ‘Well, I suppose that’s locking down. Now to practice breaking it open.’ He would think before he thought back to recollection of the technique he was intending to learn next.

It was similar in design to the Fuinjutsu Locking technique, but rather than simply focusing on locking the object in question one would focus more on the breaking of the seal itself. ‘A simple enough technique.’ He would think before he focused his chakra once more. The telltale blue glow once more appearing on his finger tip. The familiar ‘heat’ slowly building until it was powerful enough to break through the seal on the scroll. The bow would proceed to trace the seal slowly, making sure the not mess up on a single line. As penmanship for a fuinjutsu user of any worth, even the most basic of ones, was absolutely paramount. The seal would still be perfectly traced in short order. After all it wasn’t like the basic seal it was unlocking was complicated in the least. As he finished tracing the seal the same blue glow as before would lighten up the scroll again and the seal that had been on it would be gone. ‘Simple enough indeed’ He would think as he opened up the scroll like normal. He’d carefully inspect what was written within. Making sure that the chakra he had used to write the seals with hadn’t accidentally messed up any of the writing. He had spent quite a bit of time writing this scroll from books in the library after all. He knew there was a book he could buy on basic shinobi techniques, but he didn’t want to waste the money when it wasn’t required. Better to save every ryo he could find to go toward his puppet components after all.

He’d sigh as he finished this technique. If he kept going at this rate than the possibility of these techniques keeping him busy for the entire day were actually rather slim. ‘I’m sure I can find something else to keep me busy if I finish too early. At the worst case I could just go back to the library and find that book again. It’s not like it was hard to find.’ He would think as he read through the scroll to decide what technique he wanted to learn next. The ever shortening list in his hands would continue to be his guide for the moment. “Ventriloquism would be useful.” He would muse out loud as he began to work on focusing the chakra into his vocal cords in lungs in order to perform the simple trick. This one was a trick that people could do without chakra. So with chakra it should be even easier to perform in his opinion. This technique was simple in application yet had the potential to be infinitely useful if applied right. Being able to make your voice come from any location with a certain radius was incredibly useful for stealth missions and attacks. After all, people generally turned toward the first sound they heard. Also, as a puppet user, it could be even more useful if he made it from his puppet. Especially if he had disguised the puppet as himself or something.

The boy would bring himself back to reality and focus on trying to throw his voice with the help of his chakra. He began to contemplate a target before turning toward where guy that he had seen sit up in the brush earlier. ‘Hey, good a target as any.’ He would think before sending out his voice. The other guy, who seemed to have black hair that was going prematurely grey from his perspective, was 15 meters away. In other words, he was just within range to throw his voice at. Focusing on the area next to the guy he would speak, only no words would come out of his mouth. “Good morning, did you sleep out here?” He would ask simply. He felt the chakra take hold, and heard no noise come from his mouth even though he spoke at a normal volume. This meant the technique had to have taken hold. His voice would project to appearing just to the left of the boy. Whether he had heard the voice or not was the only thing in question at this point.

At this point Kageri would take a moment to reflect on just how outrageously hot it was. ‘Good lord, and there’s a village in the desert? How do they survive?’ He would think as he fanned himself with his shirt momentarily pulling the collar to and from his chest repeatedly to let a little air reach him. ‘Soon I might take a quick dip in that pond. It’s way too hot to train all day without a break. It might also provide a decent enough time filler to let his current list of techniques last him the whole day. Because now that he had finished four of them, he was beginning to wonder just how long it would take him to fully learn all of them. ‘Man, I could probably finish by lunch if I kept my focus on the jutsu list.’ He would think before tuning back into reality and wondering what the other guy was doing in response to his Ventriloquism technique. “Knowing my luck, since he’s in a training ground. He’s a shinobi as well and knows the technique. I half expect him to throw his voice next to me in response.’ He would think before taking a deep breath and rolling his shoulders. If the boy came up to him then he would obviously respond. Or if he simply threw his voice back.

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The Beginnings (Open to first response only)  Empty Re: The Beginnings (Open to first response only)

Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:35 am
The sounds of unfurling scroll and parchment drew the young orphan from his thoughts and back into the moment, once again the sight of the water before him called to him and reminded him how he could still feel the crust on his face and eyes. With one fluid motion he would draw himself forward to roll onto his heels before allowing that momentum to draw him forward for a step or two, and then finally with the same fluid motion he lowered himself down to his knees and a hand.

The water was presently clean, had some algae growing but otherwise was clear looking and smelled clean. Shinoskay scooped a few handful's of it up into his face, "Bwwah," Again, "Bfffuah," he would blow air out to clear his mouth so when he went to breath he wouldnt accidentally inhale water. He didn't just do this to rinse his face, it was also to start acclimating a portion of his head to its temperature before quickly lowering his head into the water and stirring it around a little. Finally he drew his head up, water slowly dribbling off "pppfffff," and then he shook his head almost like a dog would to throw some of the remaining water off.

Finally satisfied with rinsing his head off, he would stand up and look to the other boy training, they seemed caught up in learning how to form the fuuin lock jutsu. It was interesting, and made clear that the other boy was a little more fresh from the academy then Shinoskay was, the method he was using to practice learning and the boy spent a moment watching before he decided it was time for him to practice his own jutsu. With a quick decision he decided that it would be best to learn to formulate Clay dolls, the jutsu could be critical to his fighting method seeing as he uses earth jutsu and hasnt made a puppet as of yet.

One benefit he knew about the jutsu was that since it was made with his chakra, the puppets would respond to his chakra threads better then a normal puppet of the same caliber would. He recalled that the concept of the jutsu was very similar to using Rock Section Cane, chakra precision aiding seals would be formed and then said chakra would be pressed and infused into the earth used for the jutsu to shape it into the desired form. He found it interesting that the hand seals would be different, but he could look into that more on a later day.

The rather angular child would move out, away, from the water for a few meters before deciding on settling on the floor. Looking once more over to the other boy he could see they were onto another jutsu besides the fuuin lock that they had just finished. Shinoskay would slowly form out hand seals of rat, dog, dragon, hare, and then tiger before moving his fingertips down to the slowly so that the gathered and moulded chakra would seep into the soil. From the ground, at his palms, rose earth and clay as if he had taken ahold of puddy and was drawing up like a basketball or something.

Slowly, the earth rose one handfull at a time as chakra gathered and fueled into the soil to direct and grow it into shape. like a developing fetus, it would swell from a ball, to an oval, into an oddly shaped alien form, and then it began to build into a humanoid shape until it lifted itself onto its clawed feet while lowering clawed hands down there sides. two dolls formed, the largest chakra draw he felt yet would leave him and into these two puppets.

Shinoskay would then stand and look over his work, circling around them as he did, there lifeless but otherwise magnificent forms would stand slumped and dormant. He saw that they had a few imperfections but otherwise were pretty close to how he wanted them to form into.

It was about this time that he would hear 'good morning, did you sleep out here' reach out from somewhere nearby. As per his usually, he would half jump with a startle "wha-uh, oh!" and he would then spin around quickly before spotting the boy, not where he heard the sound from. Shinoskay would glance once more to the direction he was sure he had heard the sound before he finally turned and looked once more to the boy "oh, practicing jutsu on me now?"

The young boy briefly contemplated using a genjutsu on the other genin, it would be a good chance to practice after all.

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The Beginnings (Open to first response only)  Empty Re: The Beginnings (Open to first response only)

Mon May 28, 2018 1:29 am
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