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To New Beginnings Empty To New Beginnings

Wed Jun 30, 2021 9:07 pm
Typhon sighed and stared up into the cloudy sky. It looked like it would rain this night. It didn't bother him, the rain would actually be comforting. On days like this it was nice to just sit and listen to the falling rain.

It had been 6 months since the night Ty came home and found his father on the floor. He had fallen while walking around and hit his head. Ty still kicked himself for not coming home on time. Who knew how long his dad lay there while he was off talking to some batty old lady. The doctors were able to get him into a stable condition and he mostly just needed to stay in bed. This required Ty to stay with him and take care of his father all day. It meant he needed to take time off as a shinobi and hope his savings would see them through.

In what little downtime he could find it would be spent trying to keep in shape. Once his dad was back on his feet Typhon would be able to go back to work. It was an exciting and scary prospect. Shinobi work was dangerous and risky, but it was basically all he could hope for. He tried to get creative with his training. Swimming through the earth or running body Flicker sprints. Whatever he could to up the intensity in a small amount of time. These months spent taking care of his father made it abundantly clear that he could not make a mistake in the field. He was the only one left to take care of the old man. Dying was not an option.

Watching the other genin spar and hearing about some of the fights at the chunin exams he realized that combat was a clear weakness for him. Try to remedy that, Ty would practice punching and kicking a small tree in his yard. At first each strike would hurt and send a shock through his arm. Now however he felt much more confident.

As the rain began to fall Ty would stand up and go inside to start making dinner. Something easy to make. He would not consider himself a chef in any way, but he knew how to make some simple dishes. As he cut the vegetables he heard a shuffling sound. When he turned around to look he saw his father standing in the kitchen doorway. 

"Dad what are you doing up?" Ty would ask shocked. 

His father sighed and scratched his head, "I feel alright today. Well enough to come see you at least."

Ty smiled. This was the first bit of walking by himself that his father was capable of since the fall. "I'm really glad to hear that dad. I'm making some stew if you wanna talk while I cook." He would suggest.

He helped his dad into a chair at their small table and got back to the task at hand. He started boiling a pot of water while his father helped by peeling potatoes.

"I'm not as good as mom was but I still make stew the way she would." Ty would say, "I don't know what she did different but it never comes out the same."

His dad would laugh, "I'm useless in the kitchen. At least she used to let you help. I tried to just stir a pot one time and ended up burning my arm."

They laughed and traded old stories about Ty's mother until the topic of work came up. His father asked, "You excited to get working again soon?"

Ty explained his apprehensions about leaving his dad behind but the old man just chuckled. "It's sweet of you to worry about me, but out there you gotta think about yourself and your comrades." He got up and put a hand on Ty's shoulder, "on a mission they are your family and getting everyone home safe is number one priority."

It was a nice moment and Typhon loosened up a little. "Do you ever miss being a ninja?" He asked his dad.

"No not really. The only thing I miss about it was watching your mother fight. I was a medic so I didn't do much fighting but Sareena was fierce. Moving around like a maniac and dropping people in the blink of an eye!" The old man sat back down and rested his elbows on his knees, "Oh what a sight she was."

Ty was surprised. His parents never really talked about work, they hoped he would grow up to do something else and didn't want him getting any ideas about heroics. Sadly jobs aren't really looking to hire diseased workers so it's where he ended up regardless.

"You guys never taught me any of the clans techniques or any of that. I'm not sure I know how to handle a fight right now," he admitted. "It worries me."

His dad sat and scratched his greying beard in thought. While he did that Ty finished shoving everything in the pot so he put a lid on it and took a seat across from his dad.

He would finally stop thinking and say,  "I never really learned any Canopic abilities myself but your mother sure did. I don't know the specifics but it was like she could infect people with her fingers. Mask on the whole time and yet people would get sick and keel over just from touching her."

Infect people with her fingers? Ty knew that their sweat could possibly be infectious but not nearly enough to be useful in combat. How would she do it? He started really thinking about it but didn't really understand.

As Ty was lost in thought his dad would slap the table excitedly, "Oh oh I remembered something else. When Sareena would really get going I could swear it looked like her hands were dripping some kind of purple liquid. Never thought to ask about it in case she was sensitive about it or something."

Putting aside his father's incompetence for the moment the purple liquid was a really good hint. If she found a way to combine her sweat with chakra maybe there could be combat applications to it. It was something he would certainly have to try. He seriously doubted enemies would just let him take a deep breathe in their face.

"Thanks dad. I think that helps." Ty would say before changing the subject to something lighter. The two would chat some more until the stew was ready. It ended up tasting a little more like his mom's cooking, maybe because they were talking about her so much.

After helping his father back into bed and shutting out the lights Typhon would go to sleep thinking about all the things they talked about and the sound of the rain on the roof.

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To New Beginnings Empty Re: To New Beginnings

Wed Jun 30, 2021 10:04 pm

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