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Tue Nov 10, 2020 11:36 pm
‘It has come to my attention that the shinobi world has fallen into an unbalance over the years,
power being usurped so often that stability has evaded us and as the leaders prevailing it is our duty to rectify this oversight. Allow this to be a formal invitation to the leaders of our world to join me in Sunagakure to convene and lay smooth any divisive issues between our nations. Sunagakure is a neutral village and we are tolerant to all walks of life; while within our walls I hope you ensure you remain neutral as well. My shinobi will act as mediators if issues persist to arise but I urge you to inform any and all members of your village who are accompanying you that their actions directly reflect on you and your village.

I am looking forward to this long overdue meeting -
Lord Kazekage’

Kiseragi spent a moment going over the letter in earnest to make sure that he did not miss anything. It would be quite rude of him to not reply to this as a whole. This was important not only for himself, but for the stability of the village as a whole. Taking a pen into his hand he would begin to write a response to the Kazekage's letter.

" Greetings Lord Kazekage. It has been far too long since our villages have been able to sit and talk about the problems that plague our world. Kumogakure has gone through a new shift in powers, but as Raikage I will be joining in this summit. I look forward to meeting with you and the other leaders of the land.

The Juudaime Raikage."

Giving the letter to one of the falcons in the office, he would send the falcon to take the letter directly to the Kazekage.
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