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Also Gin Kouen
Also Gin Kouen
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Fri Nov 24, 2017 9:47 am
(Meant to be open to the first person who replies, so anyone can join. But I would VERY much prefer someone who's really active. Feel free to just drop the reply but after the next person posts it's just them and I.)

“You can’t do anything right can you?” His father would ask as he sucker punched the sixteen year old directly in the chest. The blow would knock the breath clean out of Gin as his widened in pain and shock as the man slammed against the wall after the initial punch. “You didn’t make it as the top student, and you keep trying to become the strongest. As far as I’m concerned you failed in school and you’ll fail as a shinobi. Maybe you’ll be killed on a mission and save me the trouble.” He would say, a cruel edge to his voice before he spat in the teen’s face before letting him drop, rather roughly to the ground. He’d proceed to walk away, going upstairs to do.. Whatever the hell he wanted to do. It wasn’t like Gin was going to stop him. The silver haired young man would take a few minutes to get his breathing under control once more, taking the time to make sure he was okay before trying to stand and silently walking out of the house to go to a nearby training ground to begin his training as a newly instated genin of Hoshigakure no Sato.

He passed by quite a few people as he walked, smiling politely as he fought to forget what he had just gone through at home. He had to act like nothing was wrong. As if everything was fine, otherwise things would become too troublesome. At least the day itself was pretty. The sun was shining high in the sky and white clouds dotted the great expanse of blue, lazily trailing along without a care in the world. Of course, living in a city that was located in the desert caused it to be rather hot. But that never really seemed to bother the silver haired genin. So he moved toward the nearest training ground with the intent to learn anything that might be useful. He intended to focus more on his fire element than anything else today as he felt it would be the most beneficial for him to learn a few jutsu of the element he was naturally. Maybe he could learn a new one to work his elemental chakra while he was at it or something.

Arriving at the training grounds the boy would crack his neck idly and begin to focus the chakra for a technique that was something he learned in the academy. He wanted to test it out to make sure he still had it down as he felt the technique itself was a good basis for other fire based techniques. So, forming the half tiger seal Gin would take in a deep breath before expelling a concentrated stream of fire out, only going about three meters out long and three meters wide at the end. Getting thinner and thinner the closer it got the it’s point of origin. ‘Nice to see I still have that one down.’ He thought to himself before beginning to work on molding his chakra different for the jutsu, intending to increase it’s power by a significant margin by the time he left that day.

WC: 527
Rosa Akari
Rosa Akari
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:21 am
“Mmnnn…” A soft voice murmured, stirring awake as the sun’s rays made it through the crevices in her closed curtains. The young woman sat up in her bed, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and stretching her toned body, her mind clearing from the faint clutches of remaining slumber. She got up and began her daily routine, preparing for the day to come. The pinkette planned on getting a lot of training done, wanting to get stronger for several reasons, such as going on higher ranked missions, ranking up to Chuunin quicker, and to follow in her father’s footsteps, keeping the Akari Ideology alive through her actions.

With her teeth cleaned, hair brushed, and garments on, Rosa packed her things for the day in a black backpack; two water bottles and three books she checked out from the Hoshigakure Library. She slung her backpack over her white jacketed body, her red cape sticking to her frame as her backpack rested on her back. With that, she locked the door to her small, two bedroom apartment and made her way to the training grounds, her usual spot to train in. The roads were noisy as people roamed around, doing their daily shopping or running errands, while the young Genin avoided bumping into anyone as she crossed the street.

Her long legs made quick work of her travel, and she soon arrived to her destination. There were a few other shinobi seizing the beautiful, albeit hot, day, pushing their bodies and minds to the limit under the clear blue sky.

She found a spot nestled slightly away from the other shinobi, wanting to practice jutsu in peace, the only noise coming from the birds singing in the trees nearby. The spot she found was near a large boulder, perfect for setting her belongings down against while she could sit upon the rock and scan the books she brought for useful jutsu to learn. About the time she reached the rock and sat down, pulling out a blue covered book about lightning ninjutsu, a young man came into her view, cracking his neck as he prepared to train.

She ignored the silvered haired man and his poor choice of warm clothing, her focus intent on learning rather than some stranger. Rosa was reading about a lightning style jutsu, called Electromagnetic Murder, when a stream of fire, roughly three meters wide and three meters in length, was expelled into the area. The flames licked at the air, heating up anything in sight. Rosa had not witnessed a fire chakra jutsu yet in her ninja career, and her interest was piqued by his jutsu, although she wouldn't admit it. Rosa quickly went back to her reading, averting her eyes from staring at the man’s jutsu longer than necessary, she didn't want to seem interested enough to speak with him.

If she wasn't interrupted from her reading, she would look at the book for a couple of seconds after witnessing the man’s jutsu, before setting it down, turning to face the open area behind her rock (placing the man to her back at this point) to not endanger anyone, and performing the boar, ram, snake, horse, and dragon handsigns. Then she focused her lightning chakra to her palms, feeling the surge of electricity course through her veins until it reached her hands. From her palms, she sent out a small surge of lightning that reached four meters in length, rippling through the air as it zapped nothing, not even a fly had been in its target zone.

She was testing out the range and effects of the jutsu before she added too much power to the technique, not wanting to have a backlash from the jutsu that caused the injury of another training shinobi.

(WC: 633)
Also Gin Kouen
Also Gin Kouen
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:37 pm
Gin hadn’t actually noticed the pink haired girl when he started his own training. Which made him sigh at his own obliviousness as he had been so focused on making sure he was in a good place ninjutsu wise that he failed to take note of his surroundings. For christ’s sake he was LITERALLY playing with fire. He shook his head at the situation, he was a fool. He’d simply have to work on it to become stronger and more attentive. It was at this moment that Gin would turn to look at the girl as she had turned her back on him to practice a jutsu on a boulder. He could see the movement of her shoulders as she flipped through some hand seals and then watched her turn into a sith lor...I mean shoot lightning out of her hands for about four feet. It was an impressive site to be certain but he had an odd feeling that she wasn’t done yet. Besides, there was also the fact that she had inadvertently one upped him in ninjutsu at that moment. As the technique she had used was just a little longer in distance than his own.

Having a bit of a competitive nature he decided to try to see if he could match it. He reach deep down inside of his reserves, focusing on the fire chakra that he was so very much in tune with. This was his element, he might learn earth, or some other one day to help him. But Fire would always be his favorite. He simply knew it, after all how could it not? The element had literally been with him since the start after all. He felt the chakra rise up and begin to churn inside of him, a small flame slowly starting to rise an incomprehensible inferno. Before the power slowly went away outside of his will. He would blink a few times before realizing that he simply didn’t have the mastery over his element yet to truly try what he was going to do. He sighed in mild disappointment at this before shrugging it off. The only thing he could do was work on it until he could right?

He’d settle for a technique he read about in an old book of his old man’s, the thought of the man bringing flashes of pain into his abdomen, making him wince. He’d shake his head at the phantom pain. Sure, his stomach was sore as hell from the beating he had received. But that didn’t mean he could the man get into his head when he wasn’t around. He had far more self control than that. He slowly flipped through the tiger seal for the technique before realizing that this one wouldn’t really work without someone to try it with. He sighed at that as the only person around was the pink haired girl. He didn’t want to bug her as she didn’t seem to want to be bothered, but he needed someone. I mean it wasn’t like he could ask his dad. Shrugging to himself he’d slowly walk over to the girl, making sure to announce his presence before getting into striking range. After all, surprising shinobi was a fairly stupid thing to do when most of them could rip your throat out with their bare hands. “Good morning miss..” He would start sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head as he made eye contact. Provided she turned around of course.

“I’m sorry for bothering your training, my name is Gin and I was wanting to practice a jutsu, but it kind of requires someone to practice it on..I promise It’s not a fire jutsu..nor will it hurt you. It should just keep you from moving for a moment.” He would explain quickly, not wanting the girl to assume he was trying to hurt her or something like that. After all the first impression she would have was of his willingness to practice fire jutsu around people without checking his damn surroundings. “It’s called Temporary Paralysis, and if you have the strength you can easily just force yourself out of it with no issues. I just need to make sure I have the technique down. Would you mind?” He would ask finally “I’ll help you with something if you want..If I even can, it’s the least I could do.” He would explain with a small shrug with a polite and carefree smile.

If the girl said yes Gin would nod his head and simply perform the Tiger seal while bringing his chakra to bear. He would force the chakra onto the girl, attempting to use the pressure it brought forth to stop the physical movements of the girl before him. Of course the power of the technique was only ten, as he didn’t have the chakra power to truly make it stronger yet. But he could at least find out if he had performed the technique right. He would release the pressure after a moment or two to allow her to tell him if he had performed the technique properly or not. Or she could probably just move when she felt like it. But either way Gin would stop focusing on the technique before nodding his head with a small smile. “Great, if there anything I can help you with as well?” He’d ask in curiosity, wanting to offer his assistance should she require it.

If the girl were to say no however he would simply shrug with a smile and nod. “That’s alright, I understand, sorry to bother you!.” He would say politely before turning to go find another random genin or practicing shinobi to practice with before moving up to a brown haired teenager about his age with green eyes practicing with a sword. The boy’s muscle frame was fairly weak and he was probably working on his conditioning to be able to handle the blade better in the future. “Hello, my name’s Gin, I was hoping I could use you to practice my technique so that I can make sure I have it down. It won’t hurt you.” He would say. “Sure no problem, the names Kabe.” The fellow practicing shinobi would say. Gin would nod his head before focusing on the tiger seal again and forcing his chakra to stop the boy’s movements. Sure enough the chakra pressure would cause him to freeze up entirely, becoming completely unable to move.

Gin would once again remove the pressure and Kabe would shakily nod his head and give him a thumbs up before turning and walking away. “Ninjutsu users..freaks..” He would say. Gin would narrow his eyes at that before sighing and shrugging. The bastard probably wouldn’t last long if those were his thoughts. Oh well, if the guy didn’t want to open himself to all aspects of shinobi life than that was his problem, not Gin’s. At this point to silver haired genin would move back over to the place he was at before. Why would he move back there when now there was a nice open spot that ass Kabe left behind that was farther away from the girl you might ask? Plot reasons of course. With that technique out of the way he would start to work on his chakra, focusing it, bringing it out and letting it fade back down. He’d focus on shaping it within himself, augmenting his normal chakra with fire to bring out the elements true potential.

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Temp Paralysis
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Mid thread claiming the above to teach her in this thread please <3

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Rosa Akari
Rosa Akari
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:07 am
After her first attempt at the electromagnetic murder jutsu, having reached a mere four meters with a small jolt of lightning chakra, she attempted the technique a second time, performing the boar, ram, snake, horse, and dragon handsigns. She charged her lightning chakra to her hands, feeling the warmth of her chakra enter her palms, and she maneuvered the lightning chakra outward, the stream of chakra shoot outing again four meters in front of her, the power roughly the same as it was the first time. Rosa had figured it would take a bit of practice to get the jutsu down pat, it was a medium ranked technique after all. But she had a feeling it would be mastered by the end of the day with how her training was already going.

It was then that she felt a presence coming closer to her, causing her to immediately turn on her heels, staring at the silver haired man as he greeted her rather nervously while rubbing the back of his head. She stared at him with an un-nerving blank face, awaiting his explanation for bothering her training. He better hope it was a good reason, and not some stupid one like asking her to teach him jutsu or go on a date with him. Trivial things mattered not to the Akari.

The boy, Gin he said, wanted her assistance in performing a new technique, one that would make her unable to move for a few moments. Rosa narrowed her eyes slightly at the man, cautious of his true intentions. What if he wanted to immobilize her to steal her belongings while she couldn’t move, or knock her unconscious and sell her to some missing-nin? But then again, she could use the boy to her advantage as well, getting free knowledge out of him and possibly learning of a mysterious and new technique.

Rosa gave a slight shrug of her shoulders, answering Gin in a bare voice, a pitch normal for a lady her age, “My name is Rosa, and I will assist you with this technique, Gin.” She was a woman of few words, and even fewer visible emotions. Stone cold to everyone, her icy heart unwillingly to melt for anyone.

She watched with her aqua eyes as he performed the tiger hand sign and tried to force his chakra upon her, obviously the idea behind the jutsu to get the opponent to stop moving. For a second or two she felt as if she couldn’t move, her body stuck in place as she tried to resist him. But then she was able to move freely, before he even seemed to release the jutsu. Rosa guessed it was due to her being stronger than the technique, a fortunate thing for herself.

“Your jutsu, at first I felt constricted and unable to move, but as I was trying to resist it, I could feel myself begin to move again. I think you were able to perform the technique properly.” She began, keeping her words as curt as possible while still answering the questions asked. “Regarding what you can help me with...why not show me how to perform that technique, the Temporary Paralysis one?” She patiently waited for his response, figuring he would be alright with showing her the rather simple looking steps for the technique considering he was the one to offer her aid and he had performed the technique on her after all.

(WC: 574)
(TWC: 1,207)
Sakana Meijin
Sakana Meijin
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:19 pm
Approved Gin
Also Gin Kouen
Also Gin Kouen
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Mon Dec 04, 2017 8:46 am
‘So she wants to learn the technique as well huh? Well fair enough.’ He thought to himself as some random ass genin across the way stared at him for some odd reason. Seriously it was getting creepy. But soon enough the brown haired scrub would shrug and go back to swinging his metal death razor around. Gin would offer a kind smile and nod his head toward the girl whom he now knew as Rosa. “Well Miss Rosa, I do believe this is the start of a beeeeautiful friendship.” He would say before chuckling softly. “If I got the technique so easily then you shouldn’t have any issue at all with it. It’s obviously called the Temporary Paralysis Technique, as you said. The execution is remarkably simple. Perform the Tiger seal.” He would say, unconsciously forming the seal himself as he said it. “While focusing your chakra on the target. Focus is completely surrounding the target. Due to how widespread the chakra has to be the technique itself isn’t very powerful. But you’ll probably easily paralyze me with no issue. I just started my training as a” He would explain with a sheepish grin and an embarrassed scratch of the back of his head.

While she worked on that he would of course not stop training himself. How could he ever hope to catch up to the stronger shinobi of the village if he stopped? He couldn’t practice many fire techniques while looking directly AT her though so he’d simply have to practice the only one he had read about that would allow such a thing. The Inner Flame, it was a simple technique that the user used to warm themselves up when they were cold. Useful for the chilly desert nights for example. He would keep his eyes open, paying attention to Rosa in case she needed a pointer or something while within he would gather his still woefully untapped fire chakra. He would begin to slowly bring it out, churn it and cause it to flow through his body. A warming sensation would begin to appear and he would smile softly as he managed to complete the technique on the first try. Of course this was an E rank technique, it was supposed to incredibly simple to learn after all. Still, the minor accomplishment felt nice.

It would all lead to new ways to mold his chakra after all. That’s what the E ranks were for. To help him get used to how he needed to mold his chakra in certain ways to get certain effects. The list of one’s possibilities with chakra was simply infinite. Provided one had the proper foundation to expand upon later on. This thought process would take him toward his element again. The fire element was truly a powerful element. It represented passion, anger, and power. There was a damn good reason people referred to ‘The Fire of One’s Soul’ it meant the power, the livelihood, the passion within oneself. He could confidently say that the element he was born with was amongst the most powerful. Provided one learned how to handle it properly, guide it thoroughly. One had to know how to hold the flame back from incinerating your comrades. When to bear the flame against their enemies. As well as how to show its power as a deterrent to other foes. It was like walking on a razor’s edge. Something that he was confident he could handle with ease. After all, he was still a kid, and what kid wasn’t overconfident in their own abilities?

WC: 595
TWC: 868
(Restarted TWC to account for unclaimed words)

Jutsu demonstrated this post Inner Flame 
Rosa Akari
Rosa Akari
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:53 am
It seemed this man was under the wrong impression. He thought they were friends. What a disgusting title to be with someone. Gin had just used her to train a technique, and that automatically warranted her being his friend? Rosa wanted to set the kid straight on that one, however she wasn’t one for openly expressing her feelings, and thus she remained silent to his remark instead. Silence did speak louder than words. Likewise, despite his feelings of “friendship” being unrequited, she didn’t want to openly insult him by blatantly stating they were not friends nor was she ever planning on being his “friend”. As human nature would have it, he would feel offended and hurt by her words, and storm off in a foul mood at her rejection. Or he would start bad-mouthing her, calling her all kinds of names for being uninterested in his friendship. She knew far too well how it would play out, having experienced such annoyances many a times before. Humans can’t handle rejection well, the young kunoichi came to realize at a young age.

Her attention shifted from her thoughts to the man explaining the technique, this time in more detail to aid her in practicing it. He noted she should learn it with ease if he was able to, a curious statement for someone who knows nothing of her capabilities except for the singular jutsu she was performing preciously. The silver haired teen then went on to repeat the name of the jutsu, a step unnecessary due to her having just said it aloud, but she kept her blunt comments to herself as she followed his instructions and held up the tiger hand sign. Her eyes trailed to his hand as he mimicked his own words, the tiger seal being performed by himself as if he were going to demonstrate the technique again. The jutsu, Temporary Paralysis, did seem quite easy to the Akari, for the caster only had to focus on the target and the surrounding area as their chakra spread out around them. It seemed the main point of the jutsu was to have one’s chakra surround the area and then catch the target in the technique. The mechanics were fairly easy to understand, and Rosa agreed with Gin that it shouldn’t take her long to perform, and master.

The boy in front of her seemed to embarrass easily, or had a constant itch, as he continuously scratched the back of his head, a timid grin etched across his visage. Rosa thought he was quite the peculiar fellow, from his mannerisms to the way he dressed, as she had noted formerly. Her own attire did get warm sometimes, but with a good portion of her skin being exposed she often cooled off as fast as she warmed up. Plus she always had ice cold water with her to keep her from getting overheated or dehydrated, so it didn’t matter if her clothes were a little too much in the weather now and again.

She focused on Gin, as he would be her target, and felt her chakra flow through her body, the lightning affinity within her craving to shock the boy in front of her. The time was not right, however, and she willed her chakra to empty into the open area surrounding the two shinobi, encompassing them in a small circle. Her chakra, she noted, wasn’t nearly as strong as she figured it needed to be for the technique, so she decided to shape more chakra into the area. It wasn’t enough for him to feel without a sensory technique, but Rosa figured it would be sufficient for the jutsu. This took but a few mere seconds of course, and she doubted Gin would even notice as he seemed to be focusing intently on something else.

With his mind seemingly in a daze or daydreaming, she thought it would be a perfect time to attempt the jutsu on him, stopping his movements if she performed it correctly (and if he didn’t have enough strength to break free from it, she recalled from his earlier comments). She focused the chakra that surrounded them onto Gin, wondering briefly if he would feel the same “forced upon” feeling as she had felt when his chakra forced its way onto her. Should she successfully ensnare the Genin, she would wait about ten seconds before releasing the technique, giving him ample time to break free if he was able to. If he broke free, she would release the tiger hand seal the moment he did, as he jutsu would no longer be active.

Then she would begin to speak, unless Gin spoke up sooner than herself, “Thank you, Gin.” Her short reply was meant to offer gratitude, not insult the man with her lack of emotion. Although one could easily misunderstand the meanings and depth of her words if they didn’t discern from the beginning of their encounter that she was an indifferent woman. Rosa would respond accordingly to whatever Gin said, if he were to say anything, but she had nothing else to say to the man unless he inquired from her, and even then her reply would be straight to the punch. He had done nothing to warrant any other kind of reaction from the pinkette thus far.

However, if she were to fail in paralyzing him momentarily, she would attempt the technique again, probably while vaguely listening to any advice he offered her. Getting help from others wasn’t a favored option in training, Rosa being a bit too stubborn in wanting to do everything on her own, but she did know when to give in and allow someone to aid her. Sometimes others gave wise advice, but a majority of the time they said rather foolish, unrealistic ideas. While listening to what he had to say, if he said anything, Rosa would bring her hands into the tiger hand seal once more, focusing on gathering her chakra and expelling it out towards him and the surrounding area, adding any advice he might have given her to her attempt.

(WC: 1,018)
(TWC: 2,225)
Also Gin Kouen
Also Gin Kouen
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Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,) Empty Re: Beginnings (Open to first reply only, NK,)

Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:55 am
As Gin would finish his next technique, granted the pink haired girl before him couldn’t have known that he had been practicing another. He would suddenly become overrun with the feeling of paralysis. ‘I see she’s gotten it quickly, as I expected.’ He’d think to himself. His lips tried to move into a small grin but even that wasn’t possible at the moment. ‘My god, how do people deal with being like this? It’s horrible!’ He’d proceed to think while the technique was still holding him completely still. To be unable to even do the tiniest of movements? He couldn’t blink, grin, twitch, or even breathe because of the paralysis. He’d wait for her to cease using the technique on her own. Which would occur after about ten second. “Apparently, one needs to be physically stronger than the technique itself in order to be able to break it’s hold. Guess we know who’d win in an arm wrestling contest neh?” He’d say with a small chuckle. “Good job on getting the technique down so quickly. I’m sure you can see the usefulness of it so I won’t waste your time or mine explaining them. I however have kept you from your personal training long enough I think so I will bid you adieu Rosa-San.” He would say with a polite inclination of his head. At this point the silver haired genin would turn toward the spot in the field he had been in before and begin to focus on his fire chakra once again. 

He could feel it’s power rolling within, like a sea of flames waiting to be unleashed upon the forces of the world. He thought about how quickly his fellow teenager had gotten the technique down. Even if he did it just as quickly, she had at least been able to break out of it. He however, could not. He would simply have to fix that wouldn’t he? He needed to gain strength, quickly too, or else the shinobi would swallow him up whole. He might not even survive. Then of course there was his father. His ribs were still fairly sore from the man’s beating earlier that day. Lord knows if he didn’t keep trying to prove to his father that he could be powerful he might never be able to stop his father’s constant ire. At these thoughts a determination began to spawn in him. The embers had been there all along, now he simply had the fuel for the flames. Seeing another shinobi starting out, or at least he assumed she was anyway, make such good progress at the same rate spurned him on. He felt a deep desire to prove to himself and everyone around him that he was someone to take notice of. Is this type of thinking useful for a shinobi? Not exactly, but he intended to bring his enemies to their knees, before burning them to ash. Subtlety was not a requirement for such fighting. 

Slowly he’d feel his strength rise up more. He’d reach deep down, bringing his fire chakra to bear. Already feeling as if he had more control than he had before. He felt great, absolutely on top of the world and nothing would bring this high down from him now. Chakra exploded around him in blue and orange hues as his natural chakra, the blue, and the fire chakra, the red, poured out of his system. His senses exploded with feelings as he, for a brief moment, felt everything and everyone around him as his chakra touched it. Then just as it had appeared the chakra soon returned to the silver haired genin. His hands would go into his pockets and one could noticeably feel a stronger intensity from his chakra now. Almost as if it had augmented somehow. Or he had been holding back and released the restraints. His eyes held a new light as his power in the fire element matured and it was obvious he had somehow gotten more powerful. 

As the chakra in the area slowly died down Gin would notice a few of the people in the area glaring at him. The closest person glaring, would be the person mentioned in a previous post, Kabe. The green eyed sword wielder would come over and shove Gin back roughly. “What the hell do you think you’re doin? You’re makin all of us look bad. Just because the pretty girl gave you her attention doesn’t give you the right to show off.” He would say, sneering at Gin with hate filled eyes. Or was it.. Jealousy? Gin couldn’t be sure. He would however be momentarily taken aback by the boys accusation and cock his head curiously to the side in confusion. “Wait..You’re jealous? Of what? I just asked her to help me out with a technique and she asked to learn it in return.. I don’t see what the problem is..” He would say in confusion. His hands would be out of his pocket by now, his hands resting near his weapons pouches. It appeared he would have to be prepared for some rude idiot making an ass of himself. ‘Great, if she didn’t hear all of that then she’ll think that I’m the one that started this somehow I’m sure of it. Oh well, I’ll just have to deal with it.’ He thought before sighing and shrugging his shoulders at the boy. A carefree grin would appear on his face as he spoke his next words. “I will say this though. If you’re jealous, stop acting like a bitch and do something about it. Glaring at me won’t get you anywhere.” He’d say, his grin never leaving his face. 

The fire in his eyes however would be much more focused. ‘Get him angry, if he attacks he’ll make mistakes. Big one..’ He thought to himself as he egged on the other guys fury. The boy had been holding his sword the entire time and he was just waiting for an excuse to swing it at Gin. The silver haired genin could’ve done damn near anything at all and Kabe would have probably tried to swing at him. At least this way Gin could control things his way. As the words of the fire user finally settled on the sword user’s ears a blush would adorn his face and a look of pure rage would settle. “I’ll kill you!” He yelled as he lifted his sword for a heavy overhead swing. Intent on killing the silver haired genin before his true career could even begin. But suddenly, and without warning Gin’s eyes narrowed dangerously. He felt a great heat flare up in his chest as anger overcame him. All the years of abuse by his father finally had an outlet he could release it upon. 

Sidestepping the swing, causing the taller boy to over extend harshly, to the point of almost falling forward due to the weight of his own sword. Gin would plant a solid punch upon the boy’s temple, knocking him out cold before turning towards the rest of the guys staring at him in hatred. They moved together now, congregating into a largish group of about five or six boys all about his age. Some of them were sneaking looks at the pinkette and Gin was confused. “Seriously..I didn’t even fucking do anything..” He would say out loud before sighing and nodding his head at the boys. “Well, if you’re going to do this then get it over with. I want to get back to my actual training.” He would say with a hardened edge to his voice. It was a voice of pent up anger and aggression. The voice of someone who had too much to prove. 

It was the voice of someone who wouldn’t let them leave this field walking if they attacked him outside of a spar. 

With those facts now firmly in the mind of you dear reader. The boys would rush Gin, two at a time, trying to maneuver around him to gang up on him and potentially kill the hazel eyed boy who had literally just asked a girl for help with a tech and taught it to her in return. The passive aggression in teenage boys am I right? With the boys beginning their violent, jealousy filled charge Gin would reach into his pouch and pull out a kunai knife. As the first boy came at him with a fist raised for a knock out punch, Gin would shift to the outside of the punch, using his own hand to maneuver the arm. This would put Gin to the boys left with a hand on the boys arm. This would also put the second boy that came with him on the other side, temporarily protecting him from the guys charge. Gin would then take the kunai and plunge it deeply into the shoulder of the guy whose arm he was now holding. Puncturing the deltoid and causing all hopeful movement in the boy’s arm to be shot to hell. He’d then shove the knife victim at the second boy. Causing them both to fall on the ground and the first boy to pass out from pain. 

The second boy would shove the dead weight of the first boy off of him to see Gin holding the tiger sign and a gout of fire coming out of his mouth. The boy’s screams could be heard throughout the field as Gin’s fire, aimed for the legs to prevent the boy from moving with them, also harshly burned the groin. He would be fine, but he certainly would be thinking with the head in the uppermost part of his body for a while now. The second and third boys would hesitate when they saw how harshly he was willing to deal with them. They didn’t expect such retaliation from a fresh genin. Steeling their nerves they ran forward to try to kill Gin themselves, while the fifth boy stood back, watching with fear alight in his eyes. The third boy would reach him and as he stepped in to go for a punch, namely, the moment the boy committed his weight to the foot, Gin would throw his kunai at the back foot. The razor sharp knife would puncture into the appendage and the resulting scream would resound loudly through the clearing again. Before Gin cut it off with a sharp crack across the temple. 

The fourth boy would now engage the fire user. His cries of rage echoing through the surrounding field. He’d have pulled out a kunai as he ran over and now swung it viciously for Gin’s neck. The defending genin would simply use his arm to block the swing at the wrist. The force of the blow having no power behind it due to the lack of energy in the body. Expelling your breath in a scream of rage does that folks. At that point Gin would crack this boy across the jaw with all of his strength. Breaking it immediately and causing the victim to pass out before he even hit the ground. At this point Gin would turn toward the fifth boy and raise an eyebrow. He was surrounding by five unconscious or maimed genin now. Most unconscious but one spasming in pain. “Are you going to charge too or are you the only member of your group that isn’t a hot head?” He would ask with a raised brow. His voice still maintaining the hardened edge it had before. 

Eyes widening in newfound fear the boy would turn tail and run. “While you’re running, go get help for these fools. I’m not doing it.” Gin would call after the boy before turning and moving toward the other end of the grounds. He’d shortly find a tree to lean his arm against and he’d breathe deeply as he calmed himself down. “What...was that?” He would ask himself as the aggression slowly disappeared from him. It was as if he enjoyed what he had just done to those boys. As if he had gleefully reveled in their pain. But he knew that wasn’t the case. Now however he began to worry about what he could become if such things became commonplace. Could he even approach Rosa again in the future if they ran into each other ago? Was it his fault this happened? Did they have a real, legitimate reason to attack him? He just didn’t know, but soon he’d calm himself down to come back to these questions later. Deciding instead of the take some time and get back to focusing on his fire chakra and how to truly bring out it’s potential. For if he could tap deeper and deeper into it, he felt he could truly become unrivaled in power. 

WC: 2141
TWC: 3000

Words reserved: 1500 for jutsu linked in last post and the fourth level of Meijin. Achievable at the same time the above jutsu is approved.

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Also Gin Kouen
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Gonna go ahead and do a midthread for 15 stats 

the jutsu listed (Inner Flame) 500/500
Meijin fourth level (1000/1000)
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