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A Senju's Training (Day 1) Empty A Senju's Training (Day 1)

Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:06 pm
The day was like any other day to the world. The morning sun was rising over the hills and through the trees as it shined on many villages and shined bright through many a villagers home. It provided heat for the earth and light for the plants and trees all within the span of it's slow and steady crawl high into the sky. Nearby the light of the sun spanned it's way into the village Hidden in the Leaves, revealing the beginnings of a bustling street with children steadily coming out of their homes and making their way to the academy to start an either fun day of learning or a hard day of work, as the light heated the insides of homes and shined through people's windows. The many shops of the Leaf were open and helped people with their problems and needs as well as the many restaurants who were serving breakfast to people starved and ready to acquire the energies needed for such a day. All the while the sun steadily rose higher and higher as a way of letting even the day itself know that it was time to wake up and get some things done. The sun alerted no one more so of this fact then Shotomoru Senju.

The sun crept it's way through the window blinds Shoto had set up as even the tiny rays of light were able to pass through a tiny crack of the blinds and shined on his eyes specifically as he dreamed. He began to stir to this, the light proving to be a major nuisance, as his eyes opened and shielded his eyes from the light before turning away from the light and resting his head on the pillow in while taking it and putting it on the top of his head to serve as a shield. He snoozed underneath the pillow, until he realized he was losing oxygen this way as he surrendered and took the pillow off in order to sit up in his bed. He stretched his arms up high in the air, trying to get the sleep out of his body but failing miserably, as he grabbed the back of his neck and rubbed and massaged it as he felt the muscles and tendons within stretch and snap satisfyingly. He sighed as he took the covers off of him and moved his legs over to the side of his bed as he stood up and looked around his shabby and dimly lit room as he decided he'd start his day off right and wake up to a hot shower.

He walked over to his dryer as he saw the clothes that he had washed earlier on during the week was still inside as he cursed to himself. 'Damn.' He thought as he set to folding his clothes. 'I forgot to fold the clothes. Well now I'm going to have to settle for... whew. Lucky break. They aren't wrinkly.' He smiled as he continued to fold his shirts and pants as he didn't want to walk out without looking a little stylish at least. He left the folded clothes on the dryer for later as he went into his bathroom and cut the shower on to allow it to warm up. As he waited for that he went to his stove in order to get himself a teapot that he filled with water as he set it on one of the stove tops and turned on the heat. By the time he got out of his shower things would be nice and ready for him to make a nice pot of tea. To that thought he removed his nightwear and walked over into the bathroom just as the shower had grown hot enough to begin to steam up the room. Without delay he stepped into the shower while grabbing a loofah and soap.

He scrubbed his body in order to get his brain to wake up as best he could. The how water steamed and warmed up the room as he massaged his muscles in order to relax himself. He sighed, cleaning himself and waking up thanks to the heat of the water as he planned his strategy for the day of training he was wanting to put himself through. He had set it as his goal to learn a lot of jutsu and gain as much strength as he could within the span of a week as he had been extremely lax in his efforts of training lately and thus he needed to get himself some much needed working out and exercise so that he'd be able to perform at the capacity that he deserved to run at. He was holding the name of Senju within him, after all, and by default that made him one of the most known and stronger ninja of the village. But as he was now there was no way he'd be considered such so he finished with his shower and turned off the water as he stepped out to dry off.

He toweled and dried himself off as he wrapped the towel around his waist and was rewarded with the sound of his tea pot whistling and signaling that his water was hot and ready. He got one of his mugs as he put a bag of tea inside and carefully poured the water into the mug and stirred it up in order to get it properly warmed up as the water began to slowly become a soft brown. He crushed himself a few sugar cubes before pouring the sugar into the liquid and stirring it in as he carefully brought the mug to his lips and took a sip to be rewarded with the sweet test of freshly brewed tea. He smiled and went to his table as he sat down and just lost himself in the darkness of his house and let his mind wander as though he was within meditation. He closed his eyes and took another sip of tea as, after a few minutes, he noticed he had finished his drink and set the mug aside. It was time. Time to get out and get to work.

He went to his folded clothes as he fluffed himself out a T-shirt along with his jacket as he placed them over himself and then did the same for his pants. It was a good feeling to be able to place clean clothes over him once again even if he was only going to wind up getting them musty smelling and sweat and dirt covered once again. He rubbed the annoying crick he had in his neck out before he went to his bed and made it quickly so that it would be prepared for him after he was done with his training. He looked to the closed window and thought about whether or not to open up the window so that the draft of the outside would help cool the room once he got back. He shrugged as he went over to it and opened up the blinds and unclasped the window as he pulled it up and open as the light breeze of the outdoors made it's way into the room. Shoto gave a sigh as he walked over to his door and pulled on his shoes. He went outside through his door and sucked in a deep breath of fresh air before jumping onto a nearby rooftop and looking around his village.

He couldn't help but feel a deep twinge of guilt at how the village was taken over by way of invaders entering and taking it all over. He felt disgusted at himself for not being there to be able to defend it himself as he let out another sigh as he closed his eyes and allowed the subtle and gentle wind blow and relax him. He remembered the stories that he used to read about Hashirama Senju and his many exploits that everyone seemed to consider as godly amongst ninja. He wanted to be just like Hashirama in that regard as he was wanting to be strong enough to defend anything and everything. But the way that the past Hokage did things gave Shoto pause as he wanted to be able to defend the village differently from the way Hashirama did. He wanted to protect the village even better than he did. For that to come true however it would take time, focus, determination, courage, blood, sweat, and tears. And speaking of the last three it was time to make those now as he hopped to the next rooftop and then the next few while making his way to the village gate.

He couldn't understand it but there was something within him that told him he was in need of learning to crawl before he could learn to walk and therefore it would have been advisable for him to learn some more earth style jutsu so that he'd get to be able to have better control of situations in battles. After all most battles that ninjas engaged in were usually going to be over a large body of land and therefore rock and earth. Therefore it was prudent that he learned quickly to be able to have better control over the land because having control over the battlefield meant possible control over the entire battle. He landed on the street as he decided upon this and he thus walked the rest of the way to the village gate as he passed over the threshold and looked to the trees of the forest as he walked along the street toward the field. His mind reeled with which jutsu to learn first as he then thought that it was more prudent to first be able to have someone to practice his skills against. He wasn't going to lie. He didn't have many friends so he thought he might go ahead and learn the jutsu he had been trying to learn for quite some time first: Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu.

He made it onto the field, the hot and heavy sun bearing down upon the ground, as he thought of where the best place to start would be. Well, first things first, he knew that his body was very rusty in regards to strength and conditioning so he felt the best place to start was to get to some physical exercise. He took off his jacket as he went to one of the training logs that were nearby so as to keep it from getting dirty. He then went to the middle of the field as he began to do a set of warm up stretches so that he could get them warmed up for what was about to be an incredible amount of stress and training. He thus got down on his hands as he began to do a series of warm up push ups. They would be the starting blocks for his torment of the day.

He pushed himself up and down as he kept his focus and thinking solely on his objective of making himself stronger and therefore gaining more power. He could feel within him, however, that he was taking steps in the right direction as he could feel deep down happiness in the fact that he was going to be wiping away the many days of rust that he no doubt had sustained from his many days off of training. He smiled as he continued his push ups, feeling his arms beginning to grow tired though properly warmed up, as he hopped onto his feet and began to do some jumping jacks as he panted and got his legs also warmed up for exercise. He knew that he'd be needing to grow in many different aspects, most of which he knew needed a lot of specific work, as he had been taught many things about what was important to a ninja's training in the academy. He looked at the field as a whole before he got down on his hands and set himself a goal as he took off and began to run laps around the field.

Shoto ran around the field, his arms pumping along his sides and helping him stay in cadence with his breathing, as he jogged at an even pace around the field for as long as he could before it was time to get moving. He ran along the river that ran through the field, giving his chakra practice as well as getting more strength within his legs and feet, as he would gradually pick up his speed and get faster and faster. His arms started to trail behind him as he picked up his feet more quickly and started running at maximum speed. He cursed himself for being so slow and he knew he needed more if he was ever going to be considered a strong ninja. Seemingly everyone in the village could run circles around him at his current level and he needed to pick up the pace of his training if he wanted to get anywhere. He thus kept up the pace as he started to feel the burn of running nonstop hit his body. He didn't allow it to falter him, though, as he pushed through the pain and pulled out 20 laps around the field after a few minutes.

Upon doing so he ran off the field and ran deep into the forests of konoha as he believed that it was truly time for him to get in some real training with his jutsu prowess and thus he began to concentrate on the latent chakra within himself and drew out the energies necessary to commence a wood style technique. He decided that he was going to try and see if he couldn't make himself a wood clone to practice and train with, a way of growing twice as fast as he thus brought his hands together after gathering up a majority of chakra, and formed the snake seal. He could feel his chakra, the little amount he had within him, slowly draining as he focused and his sage cells activated as his hair turned to a bright white and his tattoo also took on a reddish hue as he began to feel his chakra branch out through the ground around him as he took in a deep breath and focused. "Wood Style: Nativity of a Sea of Trees!

All around Shoto trees began to sprout as they came up from the ground small at first though slowly took up more and more of the forests space at the command of Shoto's chakra. He focused a bit more of his chakra into the ground as a large trunk sprouted from the ground for his feet to catch and lifted him high into the air as his trees all around him grew with him. He smiled at this, seeing the ground become further and further away, as he looked on to see himself reaching 20 meters high before he felt the limits of the jutsu were reached and he stopped using his chakra and the new forest of trees stopped growing as well and all was silent. He sighed as he got on his knees, the trunk of the tree proving to be sturdy and strong against his weight as he looked at his work and saw branches of trees he made surrounding the other trees of the forest, sharp branches coming from his own trees that could stab through him if so inclined, as he chuckled at his work and sat down to give himself and chance to relax and meditate to gather his chakra back.

He sat on the stump, bringing his eyes to a close and his fists together, as he sat and relaxed so that he could gather up his chakra and stamina for the next thing that he was about to do: creating a perfect replica of himself using nothing but the wood that surrounded him. He knew doing such would take even more chakra out of him as the clone was meant to be something that split it's stamina, chakra, strength, even health amongst it or others created and such power would require a huge undertaking of chakra which he made certain he was also going to get as high as he could in the days to come. He sat down along the trunk, his chakra slowly gathering it's strength under the help of his meditation, as he could feel that he had enough to give the jutsu a try and he thought that he might as well go ahead and give it a shot to see what happened. He opened his eyes and got back on his feet, the sun above shining through the leaves of his newly made trees, as he formed the Tiger, Dog, and Snake seals all while directing his chakra into the trunk he stood upon. "Wood Style: Wood Clone Jutsu!"

Slowly he watched as a point in the trunk, a point which his chakra specifically was attaching to, grow up from the wood and rise like a deformed hill on a plains. He focused his chakra even more as the hill took form and slowly molded itself from the wood into that of the silhouette of a human and he smiled as he saw that it was actually working. He focused still harder as the wood slowly was replaced by what looked like flesh and clothing and hair as more and more humanistic aspects took form from the wood before Shoto was looking at what looked to be a standing sleeping variation of himself. The clone looked just like him and as he focused the last little bit of his chakra into it the clone stood up straight and opened it's eyes to reveal the last bit of 'wood' that had made it disappear to be replaced by irises as they took on the same color that Shoto's did. Shoto sighed, bringing his hands down as he looked upon his replica, and chuckled to his success before falling on his butt and sitting on the trunk that continued to hold him up.

The clone seemed to take on all the aspects that he held, even his white hair, glasses, and tattoo, as he watched the clone hold up his fingers and chuckles while giving him a greeting salute. "Yo." Shoto shook his head as he got up to his feet with his hands in pockets as he stared at the clone and nodded to it. He could tell that the two of them were connected in their minds and the clone knew exactly what Shoto was thinking as it nodded and hopped on over to another nearby branch that was a few meters away from where Shoto was as the two looked at each other from atop their respective platforms. The two then slowly got into a stance, Shoto bringing his feet out and his hand up in front of his face in order to give it a better guard while keeping his other hand low to his gut ready to deliver a blow, as the clone even took Shoto's same stance. The two were truly knowing what the other one was thinking so Shoto closed off their connections with each other as he didn't want any cheating to happen from what was certain to come.

Shoto than launched himself towards his doppelganger, his creation also doing the same at exactly the same time, as the two brought one of their hands up while forming the half tiger seal and their other hands went to get kunai, as the two clashed into each other in the air and their kunais created sparks between the two before they hopped off of each other and landed on the ground below. As soon as Shoto landed he descended into the earth using his Hiding Like a Mole technique as the clone jumped up and landed on the trunk of a tree as not to be detected. He kept his attention on the ground below him, the clone's feet using a fine control of chakra to create a suction for it to stand upon, as he focused on the ground that was in front of it instead of the ground behind it. That proved a mistake as Shoto slowly ascended from the ground directly behind the clone and jumped up in order to get close as he let loose a kunai towards it.

The clone could hear the whoosh of the kunai leaving hands with Shoto as it turned to see it coming at him from the side as it formed the Snake seal and a branch came off the tree he was attached to and extended it's way into the hole of the kunai before using it's skill with the tree branch to spin the kunai and toss it back. Shoto watched this action as he formed the Snake seal himself and a large branch extended out of one of his freshly made trees and he hopped off it to catch his kunai and clash with the clone again. The clone had other plans as it hopped off the trunk in order to avoid him as it ran up a nearby tree to get to the top. Shoto landed on the tree the clone had hopped off of, his feet glowing softly with his own chakra, as he began to run as fast as he could up that tree to follow the clone. As soon as the two reached the top they stood apart from each other on the top of their respective trees.

Shoto was the first to charge again, his feet churning as he hopped from treetop to treetop, before coming over and delivering a kick to the clone's side. It was ready however as he caught the kick with his arm and repelled Shoto so that it could follow with a kunai aimed at Shoto's cheek. With his own kunai Shoto deflected the blow and went for a gut punch as the clone jumped out of the way and jumped back as he began running around Shoto as Shoto followed suit and ran around the trees, making certain his feet was touching all the treetops so as to not fall like an idiot, as he ran around the field and immediately jumped at each other, their fists drawn back and ready to attack before they both landed a blow on each other's cheek. Shoto was repelled back from the blow, his clone repelled as well, as they both had to take steps back in order to regain their headings before they would both go back into things and just rely on their taijutsu in order to get things going. They both used expert ninja technique and skill in their punches and kicks as blow after blow after blow was either landed or repelled.

Shoto was getting tired but he could tell so, too, was his clone as he landed a punch that stunned his clone for a bit and then he decided to take things back to the ground as he drew his hands over his head and brought them down upon the clone hard. The clone had gotten his hands up just in time but it wound up falling down from the force as he broke through multiple branches before reaching down to the ground and smashing into the earth. Shoto was falling with it as he saw the smoke billowing from the crater that the clone had formed as Shoto then noticed that the clone was nowhere to be seen as he knew that the clone had used the Hiding Like a Mole technique. Shoto brought his hands up to form the Snake seal as a branch came to his rescue and caught him as he landed on the branch and watched out for the clone. He didn't have to wait long as he had done the smart thing for the clone was suddenly upon Shoto from behind him with a kunai as Shoto turned and caught it full force with his own.

He jumped up and away from his tree to get away from the clone as he put his kunai away and formed the Snake seal once more as he started run along appearing branch after appearing branch in order to get away. He looked back to see his clone following using his own custom made branches as he chuckled. This was proving to be fun for him. It had been a long time since he had a fun spar and this was proving to be a fun one. Even if it was against a clone, a variant of himself that contained all the strength and weaknesses that he held, it was still coming to be quite the fun match for him. He felt that it would be more fun if they had a bit more of a better place to fight if he could just figure out... Wait. He certainly did know of a way. He hopped high into the air as he brought up his hands and started to form seals as he descended down to the ground.

He formed the seals of Ram, Dog, Hare, then Rat as he brought his hands up and down upon reaching the ground as the earth moved under his command and walls slowly started to form all around the two as his clone took the hint and stopped short. Shoto was focusing his chakra on the walls as he slowly caused them all to grow taller and surround the two in an arena like area where everywhere they looked there was a wall blocking towering over them. Shoto shifted his hands as he wiped them across the ground and everything suddenly shifted as the surrounding trees began to slowly disappear as the earth shifted and swallowed them into the ensuing dust. Everything shifted as everything that was within the stone ring was ensnared by an ensuing fissure in the ground as the clone jumped out of harms way and landed on one of the walls as it watched what was happening and agreed to the situation at hand. It then smiled as it was ready for all that was about to come. If it took everything he had he would do everything to make his original stronger. It thus smiled and hopped off as soon as he saw the ground's transformation complete and hopped off the wall to stand a bit away from Shoto.

Shoto stood up as he looked at his clone and cracked his knuckles before drawing out yet another kunai and smiled as he knew that it was going to be interesting now. He watched his clone do the same before reaching low to the ground, placing a palm on it, before putting chakra into it's feet and suddenly charging to it's left so fast Shoto couldn't even see it. Shoto smirked and kept his guard up as he watched as the clone reappeared beside him and brought it's kunai down upon him as Shoto got his up in time to catch it before his clone used the momentum to flip in the air and land beside him while drawing a kick to Shoto's sternum that sent him flying. Shoto dug his hands into the ground as he did back flips in order to gain some space before getting on his feet again and looking up to see the clone's fist inches away from his face. He couldn't believe what he was seeing as the clone suddenly seemed to be much faster then before as he was just fast enough to move his face out of the way of the fist.

He jumped to the side and did a few more flips out of the way as he focused chakra into his feet as well and began to run towards the clone as the clone did the same. He smirked as he brought his hand over and delivered a punch to the clone's forearm as the clone tried to deliver an uppercut which Shoto deftly dodged back and out of the way of. The two of them then went into taijutsu combat as they both tried to get an advantage over the other by controlling their speeds and strengths and chakra limits in order to be able to put up a much longer fight against each other then intended. Shoto dodged a blow and would counter with his own only for that to be caught and shoved aside in order to open Shoto up for an attack of it's own as Shoto would need to use his flexibility in order to get out of the way. This fight grew only more and more intense, the sage cells within both clone and original's bodies to adjust and evolve to allow them to keep going, as Shoto couldn't help but get into it.

He threw a punch to the clone's face, causing it to stumble, as he used the momentum to turn and catch it's stomach with a kick which repelled it away from him. He then got low to the ground, charging strength into his legs and chakra into his feet, as he dashed forth as fast as his legs could carry him as he soon was travelling at speeds his clone was displaying as he panted from being tired of everything that was happening as he had to come up with a way to keep going since the fight was only getting more fun as he met the clone in the center of the ring and delivered a punch from the right straight to it's face which caused it to fly through the air again as he ran after it once more and churned his feet in order to make himself as fast as possible in order to keep up. The clone could see Shoto's intention as he whapped it's hand out and caught himself from travelling too far as he too charged it's chakra into it's feet as well and charging forth towards Shoto as the two met again with their forearms raised and clashed.

They shook each other off as Shoto flipped away along with the clone and they ran at each other once again. Fists and feet flew as the two clashed with each other over and over again before hopping back and using their chakra to try and get more of an upper hand. The two then brought both of their hands together as they formed the Snake seal and focused both of their chakra and efforts into the entirety of the ground around them. Shoto gritted his teeth, trying to summon up as much chakra as he could, as his clone did the same and they felt their chakras latch. "Wood Style: Nativity of a Sea of Trees: Forest Emergence!" The ground split as trees began to surface and rise up while carrying the two with them as they soared higher and higher into the air while taking covering the entire field in newly grown trees and branches. Shoto smiled at his work as he rode the tree upward before both of them came to a halt and glared at each other with a passion for battle.

"I'd say we're both plenty warmed up, wouldn't you say, me?" Shoto joked as he stood tall on top of his respective trunk of wood while the other couldn't help but chuckle. "Warmed up? If I didn't know any better I'd say we're getting to the climax. There's no way you still have chakra to spare." Shoto cracked his knuckles and shrugged to that comment as he then rubbed his shoulder and twisted it around to get it loose. "You know me so well... Then how about we go out with a bang?" A branch had formed along Shoto's branch that was sharp enough to be used as a sword as he kicked it with the back of his heel, breaking it from the branch and flipping it into the air, as he caught it and brought it beside him ready for battle. The clone smirked as it reached down and got a branch from it's own stump to bring it out in front of him and point it over to Shoto. They were both about to practice their sword play and Shoto hoped he'd do well enough to not get stabbed.

The two got low on their trunks, branch swords held out from them ready to strike, as Shoto looked at his clone and was focusing more chakra into his feet. He could see the clone was doing the same as he saw the chakra flow to the soles of the clone's shoes and the two were primed and ready to charge after each other. Shoto closed his eyes as he tried to focus on the chakra within him to see how much he had left within him as he could feel just a little tiny bit of it all left as he tried to come up with plans of how best to utilize what little bit of chakra he had left within him. He ultimately couldn't come up with much for his remaining chakra as he knew that the majority of the fight was going to rely solely on their taijutsu skills from here on out. He thus took in a deep breath as he looked across from him and saw his clone also look across to him as he felt the two of them were ready. He thus took a deep breath and jumped forward after his clone as strong as his legs could muster.

The clone had taken a leap itself at approximately the same time he did as the two brought their swords together in the air, Shoto attacking from up above and his clone swinging from below to guard, as the two clashed and glared at each other as they hovered for a moment in the air. They both then caught each other's feet as they launched back from each other and started to run along separate tree trunks as they both got shuriken out from their weapon pouches and started tossing one after another towards each other. The two's shuriken hit each other in the air one after another as they clattered around the air and flew to stick in other branches and tree trunks as Shoto had to hop to avoid a ricochet from taking his foot. Once their shuriken was exhausted the two readied their hand made wooden swords once again before hopping of their trunks and flying toward each other once again as Shoto felt it was time to put an end to things. He didn't have much left in him.

He thus brought his sword down to his waist side as he readied for a side swing while the clone was bringing it's sword down from above upon him. Shoto closed his eyes as he focused the last of his chakra into his hands and arms in order to get the most strength out of his swing and ultimately take out his clone before he had a chance of recovery. Once the two were upon each other Shoto could feel the wind of the clone's blade coming down upon him from above as Shoto didn't even open his eyes but shifted his body to the right as the sword strike missed him. Shoto opened his eyes, catching the hilt of his blade and swinging it outwards as though taking it out from a scabbard, as he put all his strength into the swing and caught the clone along the right side of it's gut. The clone was surprised as Shoto smiled, knowing that he had won, as he put more strength into the swing in order to complete it as he watched the sword pass through the clone and slice it clean in half.

The two halves of Shoto's clone slowly began to turn back into the wood it was born from as it's skin was replaced by bark and even the clothes were transmuted to wood as the two halves clattered on the ground and Shoto landed next to the two halves to look down upon the two. His clone was such an awesome opponent but the fact that it took another variation of himself to give him such a thrill and not another ninja was disturbing to him. Maybe it was prudent he try to get over his own personal feelings so as to train with other people so as to meet stronger people and become stronger with the help of those who could wipe the floor with him. It was the only way he felt he'd truly get stronger but the clone served to be a suitable challenge for him for now at least. He dropped the branch sword he had used as he cracked his neck and rubbed it while allowing the sage cells within him to relax and his hair and tattoo reverted back to their original colors as he felt that today was a resounding success of a training session. He looked at the surrounding walls and trees that had been created due to their efforts and he began to hop up the branches in order to hop over the surrounding walls and make his way to the field to pick his jacket back up.

He made it to the field after a while of trekking as he picked the jacket back up and put it on before sighing softly and looking up to the sky to see the sun slowly being washed over by a cloud as he looked to the water and walked over to the nearby water in order to get himself a little bit of a sip and also splash a bit in his face. He dipped his hands into the liquid as he sipped it's cool and refreshing taste into his system before taking another dip and bringing it up quickly in order to take the splash to cool his head and cheeks off. He shook his head in order to get any residual droplets of water and sweat from his face as he took a breath in and got back up to his feet before looking at his reflection and thinking tomorrow he'd try and come back to try out some water style jutsu training next.

Taking that thought into his mind Shoto turned away and walked off the field as he took note of where he had made his makeshift arena as he would definitely be putting it to good use later on throughout his days of training. He walked through the trees as the leaves above him protected him from the rays of the sun as he walked and took notice of everything around him. He might not have been a very sociable fellow but this place, nature and all it's beauty, was indeed where he felt truly at peace with himself. He thus walked the remainder of the way as he made it to the gates of the village and looked up to see some guards on patrol as he didn't recognize anyone but one of them as the other seemed to be... different. He shook the memory out of his head as he continued along his boring way and looked around at the bustling streets of the village as he caught a glimpse of all the nearby shops being busier then they once were and he thought he might stop and pick up something to eat before turning in for the day.

He thus stopped by a BBQ shop and entered to get himself some pulled pork as he sat at a booth alone and cooked the meat in front of him with the shop's grill that was custom built inside the table for customers. He would use chopsticks to pick up and dip pieces of pork in BBQ before placing the pieces of delicious meat into his mouth and savoring the taste. He felt himself being slowly rejuvenated due to this as he felt that his hard day of work actually paid off for him. He checked his money pouch to see that he had a pretty good chunk of change within him and he smiled and finished his meal before leaving a tip on the table and getting up to walk to the register lady behind the counter. He gave them the money to pay for the meal as they gave him a bit of change before he walked out of the shop and looked up to the stone monument that towered high over the mansion and he scoffed. He would get to where he desired and give them what he felt they deserved.

He walked through the streets as he made his way to his small home that stood alone in a more urban part of the village as he unlocked his door and walked inside to kick his shoes off and collapse onto his bed. He slowly took his clothes off as he got back up after a bit of rest and put them in his wash as he put some cleaning product into the machine and cut it on as he heard the satisfying sound of his clothes slowly being washed. He thus hopped into his bed and looked up at the ceiling as his mind began to wander on what he was going to do for tomorrow onward in terms of his training as he was running his mind through many different techniques and skills that he had heard about that he'd taken an interest in and was wanting to learn soon for himself and his skillset. A few more earth styles along with a few water styles and he'd be good to go for a while at least until he got promoted. These thoughts occupied his mind as his eyes slowly began to get heavy before they fully closed on him and he fell into a deep slumber that was filled with his usual night terrors of the day that changed him forever.


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