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Emptiness (Completed) Empty Emptiness (Completed)

Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:52 pm
Training was so boring and repetitive, which made Fenrir especially glad when he discovered something new that he could train.  This was the case with the Snake Summons.  Since signing the contract for the Snakes of Ryuchi Cave, he had gained an ally in his new summon, Kindo.  Along with this, he had researched the subject of the snakes, and found that there were actually a wide variety of Space-Time jutsu that could be used in conjunction with them.  He had known that there were Space-Time techniques that used summons, but it seemed like the snakes had far more than any of the other contract races.  This was especially lucky for Fenrir, as this was the only subsection of jutsu he was actually proficient in, making the pairing of himself with the Snakes a match made in heaven.  Today he intended to train as many of this Space-Time jutsu as he could, intent on not leaving the training grounds until he had done so.  Considering the fact that he had brought no food, and had only eaten a breakfast of cereal, this would not be an overly comfortable experience for him.  Lifting his hand to his mouth, he would bite into the end of his thumb, drawing just enough blood for the summoning technique.  After this, he would slam his hand dramatically on the ground, causing the Seal of Confrontation, as well as a poof of smoke, to appear around him.  When the smoke cleared, Kindo was sitting in front of him, eagerly awaiting an explanation for his summoning.  So, we went from sparring with humans to playing with animals.  What a wonderful step forward in your training.  Fenrir hadn't heard from Red in quite a while, too focused on recent events for his bored mind to manifest itself in such a way.  I think it is a wonderful step, after all, you have summons now, one of the most powerful summons races to ever exist, at that.  The supportive words of Blue did wonders against Red being an asshole, but right now neither had any real effect of Fenrir.  He needed to go back to the level of focus at which they didn't exist, and that required him to train and ignore them.  Looking downward at his purple snake summon, Fenrir answered the question that he was certain the little guy had in his mind.  We're training, nothing special today.  I just need to learn some new jutsu that I'll have access to now with the ability to summon your race.  If not offended, Kindo seemed... disappointed, mostly in the fact that today would be so much more boring than what he had been hoping for when he was summoned.  From what Fenrir had seen, Kindo was most happy when he was fighting, or showing off his ability to do so.  He found this entertaining because Kindo wasn't really much better at fighting than Fenrir, if at all.  This didn't really matter, as Fenrir had enjoyed fighting even when he was a wee academy student, who could barely do damage to a training dummy.  You can still hardly do anything, so not much improvement there.  God it's annoying to have an asshole who can read your thoughts permanently in your head.

Fenrir positioned himself about 20 meters away from a training dummy, with Kindo simply sitting off to the side of the two.  How am I supposed to help you train if I'm all the way over here, away from both you and the target?  This was met with a quick reply, You're a snake, and I would assume you have more knowledge of the jutsu I intend to train, considering they are Snake Summon based techniques.  After a short silence, Kindo pointed out a flaw in Fenrir's reasoning.  If I'm a snake, and do not use jutsu, why would I know anything about jutsu that require you to summon snakes?  I can neither perform jutsu nor summon snakes, so I don't see how I will be useful in this situation.  The genin hadn't really thought about this, and the more he did, the more he understood how it wouldn't really make sense.  Then I guess you can just attack the dummy. 


Fenrir was beginning to grow annoyed with his little summon buddy.  To, uh, simulate a combat situation.  You attack and immobilize, then I use the jutsu on him, okay?  Now attack him.  The purple snake finally acquiesced to Fenrir's request, attacking the dummy with a ferocity rarely seen against inanimate objects.  While the snake wrapped itself around the dummy, moving about it's body and biting in various places, Fenrir tried to remember the hand seals for the first jutsu he planned to learn, Binding Snake Glare Spell.  It had a weird name, and the genin was unsure of what purpose the word "Glare" served.  The jutsu was made to bind and possibly eliminate an opponent, two snakes of large size being summoned through the user's sleeves or arms, then wrapping around the target, squeezing to immobilize and biting to kill or paralyze them.  Now that Fenrir thought about it, this was a pretty scary fucking jutsu.  Two snakes just pop out, grab you, and bite you, and if you aren't tough enough, they can just straight up kill you with their poison.  Noticing that he hadn't moved for awhile, Fenrir returned his attention to reality, noticing that Kendo didn't seem to notice, and was still actively attacking the dummy.  This was also when he realized that the jutsu had no handseals.  Pointing his arms at the dummy, Fenrir focused his chakra into the ends of his sleeves, attempting to make tiny portals through which his snakes might travel through to attack the dummy.  Technically, the jutsu did work, just not quite to the extent that Fenrir had hoped it would.  He had succeeded in making the portals, but rather than summoning two massive human-crushing snakes, all he saw were two small, green snakes, dangling out of his arms like limp noodles.  While absolutely adorable, the small creatures currently flailing, attempting to be ferocious, were not what he needed out of this jutsu.

Impressive technique, I like how the snakes popped out.  Very intimidating.  Fenrir was really not in the mood for Red's insults, and decided to get into another one of his old arguments, like he used to have in Kiri.  You don't even start with that shit, I'd like to see you do any better.  I could completely destroy you, what are you talking about?  If I were you, then by now I would be taking villages alone, not getting beat by a single kunai and summoning garden snakes!  This was a particularly insulting insult, Fenrir almost feeling the pain of his recent injury in his knee once again.  Dick.  Fenrir was defeated, as unfortunately Red made no real mistakes that Fenrir could point out, nor did he have any flaws he could point out physically, as he was merely a voice within Fenrir's head.  Returning his attention to the dummy, the genin noticed that his snake, Kindo, was missing from the dummy he had been so eager to attack only moments before.  Do you always talk to yourself in the presence of others.  Spinning around to confront the snakes, who seemed to have moved whilst Fenrir was distracted by himself, he saw him with his head lifted as high as he could get it, which was most of the way up Fenrir's body.  Normally I avoid it when I'm near people, but with you so distracted by your vicious battle against the training dummy, I felt more comfortable talking to Red.  At this, Kindo either smiled or was annoyed,  Fenrir couldn't tell as he had yet to become accustomed to the facial expressions of snakes.  Is that what you call the voice in your head?  Fenrir was somewhat taken aback by the calmness with which the snake talked about Fenrir's voices, as it was normal for people to just back away slowly when he mentioned them.  Actually, there are two of them, Red and Blue.  Red is an asshole, and Blue is generally okay.  Kindo's smile, as it was now clear by his tone of voice that it was a smile, widened as he replied.  Red and Blue, good to see your insanity is color coded.  With a chuckle, Fenrir noticed the other voice in his head now speaking.  Okay?  So I'm, Oh, Kay.  Great, that's what I always go for.  No, not great, Oooookay.  That's what it is.  This simply caused Fenrir to laugh more,  undoubtedly making Kindo think that his joke had been much funnier than it was.  As the snake became happier, his smile becoming an open-mouthed grin, Fenrir's laughter became louder.  Eventually, he was laughing so hard and with such gusto that he couldn't keep himself standing.  Now laying on his back laughing like a maniac, Fenrir was actually enjoying himself.  All it took was a couple funny statements, and Fenrir was absolutely ecstatic.  As the laughter began to calm down, and Kindo's grin returned to a simple smile, Fenrir looked at the snake as he thought.  It had been too long since he had taken time to enjoy himself, and he decided to go back on his earlier intention of training today to simply enjoy himself.  Maybe he would start with a nice walk.

Where are you going? I thought we were training!  Fenrir had begun walking away from the training grounds, heading towards the more urban areas in the village, looking to simply take in the sights and maybe avoid trying to kill anyone for awhile.  I'm going for a walk, come with.  Kindo quickly caught up to Fenrir, not quite to the relaxed state that Fenrir had slipped into in such a strangely short time.  As they walked, Fenrir looked at his surroundings, not in glances or in any sort of analysis as he usually would, but really just looked at them.  The buildings were all built out of wood, a few had metal supports, but those were few and far between.  Even with the recent battle, the place was more joy-filled than he had ever seen Kiri, and he had never witnessed Kiri defeated.  Then again, tearing another ninja apart was a reward in Kiri rather than a punishment, so maybe they were just made differently.  Now that he thought about it, that was likely why they had won the battle.  While the love and compassion that Leaf ninja felt towards each other did inspire them and cause them to push to the absolute limit in aid of one another, Kirigakure raised it's ninja specifically to kill and destroy, and that kind of training couldn't be beaten by something as silly as "love".  But Fenrir did always feel... empty, deep down inside.  Even with his love of causing pain, it was impossible for such a thing to fill the void he had, but he never was able to figure out what would fill it.  Perhaps that was the point of Konohagakure's love, to fill the void inside.  Maybe fulfillment would be better to have then victory, but unfortunately that was something Fenrir would never find out, unable to find something he felt any form of "love" for.  Suddenly, Fenrir no longer felt like relaxing, and decided to go back to his training.

I thought we were walking, why are we already going back to the training grounds?  Fenrir didn't really feel like answering the snake, so he didn't.  Once more, Kindo would ask him the question.  Why are we already going back to the training ground?  After a few more seconds of silent walking, the snake decided he didn't like being ignored, and became a rather shook little snake.  Launching himself at Fenrir from behind, he wrapped himself around his body, pulling his legs out from under him and holding his arms to his sides on the ground.  Fenrir, as a natural reaction, almost began to scream a litany of curses, but was quickly silenced by the snakes eyes, which were now only inches from his own.  I am a summon, not your mindless slave.  We are allies, not a master and his servant.  Now tell me, what the hell is wrong with you?  This was one of the only humans Kindo had met that he liked, and he didn't like the idea of him becoming worse than he already was.  After a few moments of glaring, Fenrir closed his eyes and sighed, letting his head lay on the ground.  Opening his eyes and raising his head back up, he spoke to his summon.  I'm empty, and when I'm not training or fighting, all I can really think about is how empty I am.  Upon hearing the words, the snake released his summoner, letting him rise back up to his feet and continue his walk to the training grounds.  The snake wasn't sure what to say to that, as he was expecting something much easier for his generally unsociable self to deal with.  The rest of their walk was silent.

Upon arriving at the training grounds, Fenrir threw his arms towards the dummy they had been training with earlier, pushing all of his anger and hatred at it, and achieved far better results than he had gotten earlier, sending two large white snakes, far larger than Kindo, at the dummy.  As they wrapped around the wooden construct, they squeezed it, crushing it into splinters, before being sucked back into the portals at the ends of Fenrir's sleeves.  While he had accomplished his goal, Fenrir felt no joy for it, and simply turned to walk away from the training grounds, desummoning Kindo before he could protest.  He had trained a single jutsu, while he had hoped to train many, but he had also formulated a theory about himself, and intended to test it as soon as possible.  This day was over for his training, and he had a new goal, one that no one could know of until he had accomplished it or died trying.  This new goal would be his purpose, at least until he found the importance of it.  Strange, having an objective but having no idea how to complete it, or even if it mattered.  But really, did anything matter in the end?

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Emptiness (Completed) Empty Re: Emptiness (Completed)

Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:03 pm
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