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Questions of Peace [IO] Empty Questions of Peace [IO]

Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:27 pm
Yurei’s eyes came to life. The Uchiha woke from his sleep, staring up as the slowly rising sun met the right side of his alabaster face, kissing it in its yellow glow. The Uchiha exhaled from his mouth, closing his eyes once more. The thin boy loathed mornings now. It was a reminder of reality – its hardships. And, despite the young man’s contempt and defiance for the world, he still wished he could return to blissful rest, at least part of him did. The pain was still too great. But Yurei was determined to achieve his new goal – fixing this world. And not through genjutsu.
It was decided. After days of theory and hypothesis, the Uchiha came to the conclusion that a genjutsu-induced unity would not work on everyone, and it was not lasting. Those like Kenshin were proof of such things, and outliers could not be permitted. No, Yurei needed something that had the potential to include everyone. And something to control those who would not submit.
Order – that’s what Yurei wanted. And a loving genjutsu couldn’t provide that for long. No, love created hate. Suffering. That’s what Yurei felt now for this village – the ones that killed Akio.
It was no fault of Kenshin. He was simply a victim of this world – of its oppressive laws. But liberation – that’s what needed to be achieved. And achieve it Yurei would. For Damon. His father. His mother. For Akio.
For himself.
The Uchiha smiled thinly, thinking of the future. His power grew with each passing day, and the rank of Jounin was on the horizon – he knew it. But this village… even with his plans for the future, living here was a hell. Despite not mentioning Akio’s death, Yurei could feel the hatred for shinobi growing. And that hate spawned hate in other shinobi. He had seen the conflicts before, but now they were on the rise. Yurei needed now, more than ever, to create a plan to save this world.
But what?
The Uchiha opened his eyes, turning his head to gaze out the window. Hatred boiled within his gaze, burning in a kindled flame. They mirrored his soul.
Despite this, Yurei could not help but feel a shred of sympathy. His compassion was not lost, but it had merely shifted. The desire for peace was still universal, but it was hard to maintain – especially with this cover-up. However, despite all this time, Yurei had not considered the very nature of this cover-up. It was cruel, filling him with an anger he felt few times before. But surely there was a logical reason for it. The first thought that came to his mind was his Sharingan. Perhaps this village knew of it – perhaps they wanted to prevent his Mangekyou from ever appearing.
The Uchiha tilted his head, gazing onto a book upon his nightstand to his left. The Curse of Hatred. He had read it, finding it an incredible education. That was were the idea of hatred for more hatred had come more, but the book was particularly interested in the Uchiha Clan.
With both the book and his own knowledge, Yurei did instead understand the role loss and other emotions played into the attainment of his sharingan. And with Akio’s death just-so-happening to be associated with two Uchiha…
Yurei pursed his lips. The Mangekyou had granted Damon black fire, and it had granted the both of them with heightened reflexes that they had not noticed before, especially with the three tomoe sharingan. It was more powerful than he had imagined.
But was Hoshigakure fearful of this power? Damon’s jutsu was an anomaly, but a powerful one at that.
Or was it something else?
Yurei glanced up at the head of his bed in thought. What reason would the village have to deny he and Damon the knowledge of their friend’s passing? Did they not trust the two Uchiha?
The alabaster chuunin chuckled, his eyes shaking in their sockets. He felt pressure run through them, and then the wetness of his tears running down his temples. And so, he sat, still, watching the blank ceiling above his head. It was a void of white light. Completely empty. Completely lonesome. The Uchiha shifted his gaze to Esu who sat atop his bed, curled into a ball and asleep. Extending Yurei’s hand, he stroked the dog lightly, resting his head back on the pillow.
Esu opened one of his eyes, studying the sudden feeling across his fur.
“Hey, buddy,” Yurei whispered, smiling. Tears still trickled from the sides of his eyes. Esu pushed his head forward, rubbing his cold nose against Yurei’s hand.
“Don’t get to comfortable as a chuunin. You’re destined for greater things.”
Yurei’s smile contorted. His teeth clenched. He struggled to breathe, trying desperately to only think of that. Breathing.
“I really hope you’re one day able to change this village for the better.”
The Uchiha forced his eyes shut, tears pouring from the cracks. He sheltered his face in his hands, wiping away the flow of tears again and again.
Don’t worry, Akio… I will.
A moment passed, and Esu placed his head on Yurei’s leg, looking up at the hidden face of the young man before him. He extended his paw, scratching at the Uchiha with a silent whine.
Yurei sniffed, wiping what tears remained. “Good boy,” he said, stroking Esu’s head with his pale hands. “Let’s go.”
The Uchiha rose from his bed, stretching. The young man walked forward, passing Damon as he gathered his kimono and gear. With a slow movement, he slid open his door, allowing Esu to walk out of the room and then followed suite. In the hallway, Esu walked for the front door, pawing at it as he waited for Yurei. The shinobi nodded, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” He swifltly put on his sandals and attached his weapons to his belt, including Shinigami, the sword of Komon Hyuuga.
For a moment, Yurei studied the sword, recalling that man. Kumogakure… it had been long since he spoke with Komon. But he did remember discussing the man with Akio. A village without this hatred of shinobi… It was a start.
But much like it did before, the prospect intrigued Yurei – motivated him. But it wasn’t a planned genjutsu, now. It had to be something else.
Yurei stepped outside, allowing Esu to walk out first. He quickly closed the door behind him and began walking onto the streets of Hoshigakure. He sighed, closing his eyes. The sun was bright today, nearly blinding the boy even on its early rise. The Uchiha continued walking however, opening them just barely enough to see Esu at his side.
Despite his loss, Esu was a treasured gift from Akio. Perhaps Damon’s black fire was meant as compensation given that Esu rather disliked the Uchiha, or so it seemed.
Yurei looked up at each of the builds, passing the sand-colored structures of varies shades of tan. Each housed a family, a member of this village, perhaps a few dozen shinobi given the sheer quantity. There were so many people here, so many suffering. Yurei clenched his fist as he walked. Nothing was being done to stop this.
And then he came to it – Akio’s house. Yurei stopped, watching the dark home from the sidewalk. The lights were turned out, and there was an element of cold surrounding the place. Esu broke off from Yurei, walking to the door. He scratched at it, lifting his paw and trying to shove his nose between it and its frame.
“Akio’s not there, Esu.”
The dog sat, turning to face Yurei with his tongue hanging out in a pant. He pawed at the door once more, whining.
“He’s not there, Esu, now come on.”
The dog departed from the door, his head hanging low to the ground. Yurei stared at the house, searching for any signs of life. There were none.
The Uchiha pursed his lips, turning his head from the sight before his eyes began to water once more. The pair continued walking, passing numerous houses as they went. The streets were ghost-like at this hour. No one was awake.
The Uchiha walked as if he were in a trance, mindless. His consciousness resided within his mind, his body simply being told to walk. I’m so sorry, Esu… I failed you too, didn’t I?
Yurei trudged along, finally coming to the center of the village and the marketplace. Despite the ghost-like appearance of the housing district, the market was always alive. There was simply no better way to describe life than this, at least within the confines of the village.
These people… are these the ones I’m trying to save?
Yurei recalled what Damon had said. Deserving. It almost made Yurei give out a cynical chuckle. These people didn’t deserve anything good. They were the reason Akio and so many others were hurt or killed. The Uchiha tightened his hands once more, but released and continued on.
No one here could be punished. Not now, not out of vengeance. But they needed to be controlled. But by what? What could influence the peace he desired?
Yurei continued walking, weaving through the constantly flowing traffic of the marketplace. Using his relatively thin body, the young boy wormed through the stampeding crowd as his nostrils were flooded with the pleasant aromas of ramen and freshly cut fish. But he couldn’t focus on that now, despite not eating. He had to make it to the training grounds.
Training jutsu was one of the best ways for Yurei to get his mind off of things. Delving too deep into his mind gave the young man a headache, the unbearable screaming often too much to handle. Nothing had shattered Yurei like this – not even the death of his father.
And he couldn’t explain why. Perhaps it was because the scenario had happened again, but now, rather than his father, the lie came from something he had dedicated his life to – the village itself. His father was a consequence of that. Both hit him now. It was intensified.
Yurei eventually reached the end of the crowd, breaking free of its flow and intoxicating smells. He continued at his face, now headed for the ghost district. He thought about what he sought to accomplish there beyond simply taking his mind off of things.
The Jounin exams… yes. There was supposedly a tournament coming up, chuunin against chuunin. Yurei needed to prepare for them. He quickly ran through his head the jutsu he knew, but found himself unsatisfied. Too many were genjutsu and few were practical in an offensive sense. Genjutsu worked well for the chuunin exams, but eyeing for jounin was something else entirely.
The boy quickly tried to remember the jutsu he had gathered. Arcing lightning was perhaps one of his favorite jutsu, especially having mastered it. To summon lightning without handseals was truly impressive. Should I learn another lightning jutsu? No, too predictable. I need to think… fire! That’s it! I can better counter jutsu with another strong fire jutsu anyway. All I have now are C ranks, and fireball isn’t going to cut it. Not Phoenix, either.
Yurei entered the shinobi district, noting it’s particularly cold presence. It was cold here, and empty. The Uchiha continued walking, eyeing the academy as he passed it. So many hopefuls there, striving to learn chakra manipulation. The chuunin smiled, watching it as he passed. It brought back memories, particularly with Damon and Akio.
The Uchiha looked down at Akio who returned the look with a dumb smile. Yurei stroked the dog’s head, continuing forward.
Trash had been littered about in the area, but Yurei didn’t have time to pick it up. He had to prepare. He had to grow stronger, stronger than everyone. I won’t let anyone beat me. Not Damon, not the Kage, not anyone. I’m sorry, Damon. You can be the most famous shinobi, but if I have to be the strongest to save this world, I won’t let you surpass me.
Yurei tightened his grip once more, now jogging. His brisk pace shifted, his feet carrying him along as he made his way to the training grounds. Nothing would stop him. Nothing could. He moved as an unstoppable force, determined. It did not stem from arrogance, no, but pure, raw ambition.
Rounding numerous corners, the Uchiha clenched his teeth. His jog became a sprint, and with each building he passed, the faster he got.
Eventually the boy came to a stop, the training grounds just before him. They were completely empty, not a soul in sight. The Uchiha took a deep breath, regaining his composure if only briefly. He reached into his bag, emptying it out onto the sandy terrain bellow. Numerous scrolls fell from the sack, all raveled and tucked with a seal. As Yurei sorted through them, he discovered what he desired, a Katon jutsu, marked with the red symbol on the scroll.
The chuunin quickly uncoiled the scroll, rolling it out as if a messenger. Within the scroll was a jutsu he had never seen before, something truly unique. “Majestic Fire Destruction,” he said to himself, rubbing his fingers across the dry parchment. Fire, the element of rage, of passion. Yurei felt that now. Damon feared it, but now Yurei embraced it.
He had to.
Rat → Ox → Dog → Horse → Monkey → Boar → Tiger. Those were the handseals. Plentiful, to be sure, but the assured destruction that followed was well worth the required signs.
Yurei placed the scroll in the sand below his feet. He took a deep breath, opening his three tomoe sharingan. He could see his chakra accumulating in his lungs. It was hot. The air he exhaled boiled with heat. Quickly, the young man rose his hands to his chest, signing Rat → Ox → Dog → Horse → Monkey → Boar → Tiger. Flame overtook him, channeling within his lungs. Yurei exhaled, unleashing a torrent of fire that expanded outward. Unfortunately, the jutsu was only somewhat bigger than the great fireball jutsu.
Yurei narrowed his eyes, once again accumulating his chakra in his lungs. He breathed rapidly, focusing. The boy concentrated, rising the temperature of the chakra flowing to his chest. One again, he signed the seven handseals. Rat → Ox → Dog → Horse → Monkey → Boar → Tiger. “Majestic Fire Destruction!” he yelled, exhaling. Fire once again erupted from his mouth, now larger than what it had been before. The sand below the heat of the jutsu began to harden and accumulate.
Yurei panted, but quickly recovered. This jutsu was demanding, much more demanding than his c rank jutsu. But the display still wasn’t what the Uchiha desire. Once again, Yurei signed the handseals. Chakra swirled in his chest in a whirlwind of heat. Then, he exhaled.
The display was magnificent. Fire stacked upon fire, expanding outward from the stream and stretching out forty meters in distance and spreading twenty out from the distance. The orange glow reflected off of Yurei’s eyes. That was it. That was his hate. This jutsu showed what he could do.
The Uchiha watched as his fire scorched the sand, reducing much of it to hardened rock and glass. He narrowed his eyes, tightening his grip in his fists. His veins protruded as he watched in anger. Soon, the jutsu fizzled out, leaving a trail of its heat in its wake.
“Again,” Yurei said, his glare now cold.
Rat → Ox → Dog → Horse → Monkey → Boar → Tiger. Yurei popped his neck with a turn of the neck, and unleashed his chakra infused breath, all stemming from his heated lungs. The fire jutsu expanded, firing outward just as it had before at a distance of forty meters.
Again, he used the jutsu. One after another until it was perfect. Yurei closed his eyes, panting. Another offensive jutsu, once that embodied that hate he felt now. It didn’t match Damon’s jutsu, but it was something more expansive than what he had seen before.
Yurei sat, falling to the ground. Esu quickly rushed to his side, using the residual heat from the jutsu as warmth. Night had fallen, and the air had frozen in the wind. Yurei poured with sweat, wiping it with his sleeve. He had practiced the jutsu all day. His chakra was nearly depleted, and his lungs ached from the exposure to so much heat. Yurei swallowed, trying to relieve his thirst to no avail.
After sitting for a moment, Yurei began to cool, then freeze from the sweat. He quickly performed his warming jutsu and stood. Thankfully, it didn’t require much chakra. The boy coughed for a moment, choking. All he could think of right now was a glass of water, but at least the jutsu had been successful. Yurei took another deep breath before walking, Esu by his side. He quickly gathered his scroll, rolled it, and placed it back into his bag.
The Uchiha closed his eyes as he walked, deactivating his sharingan. They ached of dryness, and now his head began to throb just behind is eyes, as if a belt had been tied around his cranium far too tightly.
Yurei rubbed his eye sockets and eyes, trying to relieve the pain. It must have occurred with the overuse of that fire jutsu, but Yurei couldn’t be sure, instead opting to get some rest rather than lingering on it. Were it based on low chakra, some rest would replenish it anyway.
The alabaster chuunin took a large breath and looked up at the sky. It was bright out, the moon reflecting off of his eyes. “Akio’s watching us, Esu,” he said, turning to look down at the dog. “Tell him hello.”
Yurei closed his eyes slowly, thinking of the young man he called friend. “You were right, Akio. This village doesn’t deserve what I want for them. But I’ll achieve it. One way or another. I’ll fix this whole world.”

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Questions of Peace [IO] Empty Re: Questions of Peace [IO]

Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:28 pm
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