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Rei Yamato
Rei Yamato
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A Thief's Ambition Part 1 [Private/ Training] Empty A Thief's Ambition Part 1 [Private/ Training]

Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:21 pm
The Black Market, home to some of the most vile people on the planet. Whats even more scary, is that most of the people preoccupying that are deemed scary, don't even carry a weapon. They have the world all figured out, people are the most dangerous weapons, the most valuable tool man could use. Which goes to prove, people are for sale. People are always for sale. In fact, the really dumb ones end up getting themselves caught up with the wrong people, forcing themselves to work for the devil they weren't to familiar with.

Setsuna is seen walking down the street, the Black Market hasn't moved from it's location in a while, so business was booming for most vendors. His walk was heavy, carrying the questions that weighed so much in problems. What was he to do? The "Employer", really messed him up. Not physically, no, the Employer wanted Setsuna ready to complete this tedious complex task of his. His mind was disjointed on the matter of how Setsuna was going to get this money for him. Yet deep down, he already knew what he had to do. He just didn't to admit it, aloud. He was going to have to continue working for the employer. At this current moment, Setsuna knew he couldn't rob any shinobi out on the road, it would be suicide. A one way trip to a place six feet under. The Employer knew that much, the very thought of it caused Setsuna to grit his teeth in frustration. On top of it all, he couldn't make a move here, not with his henchmen roaming about. In fact, Setsuna came to realize that he may never be able to rob anyone in the Black Market ever again. How else was he going to make money? He continues walking, contemplating on the next move. This wasn't the end, some way some how, Setsuna would figure a way out of this.

As he walked, he came across a vendor selling shinobi scrolls, stolen no doubt Setsuna thought. He made his way over to the stand, eyeing the scrolls, and the vendor. He asked the vendor how much one of the shinobi scrolls cost, five hundred ryo a piece. what made these scrolls cost so damn much he wondered. After hearing his sales pitch, he comes to find that these scrolls belonged to an old Mizukage who became a Missing Nin. Now where did Setsuna hear this story again...?

Setsuna Remembers the Old Vender

That's right, he couldn't help but laugh. What a joke, this vendor wasn't about to get Setsuna like that other sap. It was funny, because Setsuna ended up being a sap to that very said sap, due to the fact that the sap ended up being the Employer. Setsuna however did manage to talk down the vendor to two hundred ryo, and which he made off with the scroll. Yes, Setsuna decided to work for the Employer for now, taking all this as a lesson, but never will this stay the same for the rest of his life. He already suffered a lifetime's worth of tyranny from one kage, he didn't need to suffer from it twice.

Setsuna finally arrived to edge of the Black market, it was empty, quite. A lake was off towards the left of him, twenty meters away, the rest of the ground was covered in cracked tan colored tiles. The origin of this place was a mystery to Setsuna, and probably to the others in the black market. He then pulls out the same shinobi scroll he bought recently, and read away. It had some good jutsu inside it, with surprisingly good detailed instructions on how to use them. He continued reading down the paper, picking out which ones he wanted to learn first. It was a good thing these scrolls belonged to an old Mizukage, or so he was told. Most of the jutsu were of water styles, things he could learn. Setsuna was born with water nature chakra, hence how he was able to learn and master the Hidden mist jutsu. The first jutsu up for learning? It would be none other than the water replacement technique.

This jutsu can help Setsuna get out of tight jams by transporting him out of harm’s way. It was similar to the basic substitution jutsu. But, this could be use in other ways, if one were crafty enough to see it. After reading what must be done, Setsuna placed the scroll back into his pocket, and formed the hands need to activate the jutsu. it was a good thing Setsuna stayed in the shinobi academy long enough to learn all the jutsu hand signs. Otherwise, he would have had to make a second trip back to that knock off vendor. There he stood, his chakra surging within him, as he tried to use this new jutsu. However, this one proved more tricky than he thought. Nothing happened. "Hmm...", he pondered. He reviewed the scroll once more, seeing if he missed anything. After that, he looked onward towards the lake, he walked towards it. He thinks maybe he should be a bit more closer, for the jutsu to work. Even his substitution jutsu wouldn't have worked if he was that far from an object, he thought. Perhaps this was the main problem, the only problem? Once he arrived closer to the lake, now standing less than a meter away, he than weaved the set of hand signs again, which happened to be a few. He focused his chakra towards the water, and instantly it happened, his form seeming collapsed into a pool of water, seeping into the hard tile ground. His new formed rose from the fountain, molding into Setsuna. It really was like the substitution technique, only with a water theme behind it. With that, Setsuna ventured out further past the lake, he wasn't done, he needed to get more stronger, if he were to escape the shadow of the Employer.

[Exit, 1001 words. 5 stats, and learned Water Replacement.]
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A Thief's Ambition Part 1 [Private/ Training] Empty Re: A Thief's Ambition Part 1 [Private/ Training]

Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:57 pm
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