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Cleaning House Empty Cleaning House

Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:37 pm
Nobunaga stood upon the top of the vacant Kage's tower, the highest point of the village where upon he could scan and analyze the entire village. The night sky light up the entire hidden village with the moon the shone down with silver rights of light unhindered by any clouds. At this height, a heft wind was sweeping over the village, whipping Nobunaga's cloak back and forth behind him, thus clearly revealing the dark purple black armor Nobunaga sported and the large great sword hooked on his back. Crouching with his knees up his torso and his arms hanging out before him, the brute of a man with eyes closed appeared to be asleep but in reality was on high alert. He could feel and sense all the chakra signatures in the surrounding area, reaching out and sensing where they were. His trained, enhanced senses could hear the faint, distant sounds and noises riding along with the wind, smell the scent of both the rot from all the way outside the village and the mead being made from within. He was the big brother of this lawless village. All of his senses were watching over the village for he was going to become the law. He was going to be the order and justice that they needed, but not that they deserved. This place was a cesspool of a place, filth and garbage were best used to describe this retched village Nobunaga not had to call home. Criminals and thugs ruled the streets, death at every corner, shinobi who abused their power and laughed at the suffering of those who were beneath them and less powerful. No, no longer would this be the case. If Nobunaga would going to call this place his home, things would change. He would be the one to change them.

This was his first night here, therefore no one knew of him. No one knew his name, who he was, where he came from, or what he was capable of. However they would all come to know what he was capable of. Very very soon. Nobunaga would take matters into his own hands. He was not one of filth who lived here and he would not live among them and not do anything about their criminal, ruthless acts. If Nobunaga had learnt anything other than this place was a shit hole, it was that there were still good people here. People who had no where else to go and therefore had to endure and suffer through this horrible place and the evil that it breed. These people had become Nobunaga's people and he would not allow him people to endure such suffering. No more.

The ominous, watchful guarding's eyes would jolt open. The night had just become, and Nobunaga would bring a world of pain upon those who would otherwise inflict the same suffering upon those who could not defend themselves. Nobunaga's ears got the feint sound of glass shattering. Judging by how loud the sounds once and the direction it come from, Nobunaga was able to judge where in the village it was coming from. Although this was his first night here, he had spent the entire day traveling through the village, memorizing its streets, its ally ways, its architecture and village layout, everything he saw was imprinted into his mind. He had not had the time to explore the entire village for it was still a vast place, but he knew enough of it to know where the sound had come from and it came from one of the market districts. Like a dart in the night sky, Nobunagan bolted off the tip of the Kage's tower, soaring through the cool air. The demon had found its prey.

Elegantly landing on the road that faced the music shop being broken into, Nobunaga would rise from his crouched position to his full height. The brute of a man clad in his armor made him appear even bigger than he already was.  Crossing his arms along the cold breast plate of his clan armor, Nobunag a came before three individuals, one standing guard beside a cart and the other two coming and going from the shop, placing the musical instruments from the store within the wheel. They're chakra signatures were small and weak, indicating that there were nothing more than thugs and criminals. Nobunaga grunted ins disgust. This village was littered with scum like this. It was as if these low life, poor excuses for humans flocked to Kumo like flies congregated around shit. The grunt Nobunaga made grabbed the attention of the only one outside who was suppose to be guarding the cart but was totally unaware of Nobunaga's presence. 

"Hey, boys! We got company out here." The one guy standing outside proceeded to place himself inbetween Nobunaga and the cart full of goods. "Someone come to take our goods?" One of the grunts shouted from the inside as the two of them proceeded to step outside. "Those do not belong to you." Responded Nobunaga bluntly, all the while remaining unmoving and unwavering in his fierce stare. Cackling like hyenas, Nobunaga stoic showed no signs of any emotions despite already being irritated. "Whats it to you punk, you cant defend your wares it dont belong to you. It belongs to who can take it and that means it belong to us. Law of the land." "Now fuck off before you get hurt." Spat another one, the three of them now huddled together in front of their cart of stolen musical instruments. Well, not stolen yet, for Nobunaga was here. 

It appeared that none of them were even slightly intimidated by the size of Nobunaga, the armor he wore nor the giant word strapped to his back. Perhaps they were not use to being confronted by the shinobi of the village for they too were corrupt and therefore they had no idea what it felt like or looked like to be opposed. They would however, soon find out what it meant to be opposed by a far greater force. 

Judging by their meager chakra signatures, their old dirty clothes, the odor coming off their skin and out of their mouths and the cheap katana's each of them sported, these were simple thugs that possessed just enough skill to bully those without any. It was disgusting to know that people with such little skill could go so unopposed by those who were suppose to protect this place. Was there no integrity in being a Kumo nin? Nobunaga could not read or predict his own future, but for the foreseeable future he was going to be one of these Kumo nin and as long as he was here these thugs and shit heads would not go unanswered. He would answer the call. Things were going to change, starting right here, right now.
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Mon Dec 25, 2017 1:58 pm
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Mon Dec 25, 2017 2:42 pm
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